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New COVID restrictions are 'hard pill to swallow,' restaurant owner says

New COVID restrictions are 'hard pill to swallow,' restaurant owner says14 Nov. 2020
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New COVID restrictions are

New COVID restrictions are 'hard pill to swallow,' restaurant owner says

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Berise - Hard Drugs

Berise - Hard Drugs12 Nov. 2020

Buy full album including

Buy full album including remixes:

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Songs produced, recorded & mixed by Escape Roots

Mastering by Guido Craveiro

Artwork by Marta Zubieta

Shanti Powa Records


Gotta plant the seeds dem

fi a better conscience,

my generation lost in this drug thing,

we gotta defeat dem,

any addiction,

so much more to see

when you're doing what ya loving,

any where we buy dem,

anywhere we use dem,

but us we consuming,

our body we abusing,

gotta put more trust in

what we truly got man,

what we truly love,

gotta find yourself in that,

trouble come along,

when hard drugs dem a gwaan,

real friends soon are gone,

when there's nothing else around,

we put it up our nose,

inhale it in our lungs,

we crazy man & crazy gal

at Raves we're having fun,

morning come along,

we never stopping man,

as long we got the powder,

we keep the party gwaan,

we never loose the powa

with the Bamba Bamba Bamba

Higher and higher,

lets buy another gram,

but deep inside I know,

that I should be going home,

more Drugs I do desire,

ca me nah wanna stay calm,

but for real I got a fire,

burning bright if I take none,

sick of the fakeness

I break down the gate,

I'm not gonna faint,

rather blazing some haze,

tunes I'll be baking allday,

negative thoughts

me send them away,

gotta be patient

put trust in my way

problems I'm facing

will solve them okay

awake I will stay for real

only will do what I feel

Why supporting the Mafia?

Why supporting the Gangsta?

Somebody gimme an answer,

Babylon game we sponsor,

Why supporting the wrong thing?

Why supporting the gun thing?

In Italy this a no fun thing,

In Italy we are the drug kings,

gotta give hope to the youth dem,

teach dem betta to do than,

taking drugs in a school dem

loose their mind become fools dem,

parents nah know what to do fi dem,

nuttn a that is amusing,

we now gotta raise the standard,

we gotta give dem no chance nah

Wiser and wiser,

be conscious not dumb,

open your eyes up,

life still will be fun,

ca Drugs will make you happy,

but the happiness nah last,

and music take you higher,

dance til the morning comes

#Reggae #Dub

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Thomas Maniacco


Veronika Dalkolmo

immer geile musik von euch
Grüße aus Südtirol

Esther Oberdörfer


Corblin Mark

de la pure bomde

Hard Pill To Swallow (Lyric Video) •Alvar Vacker•

Hard Pill To Swallow (Lyric Video) •Alvar Vacker•16 Jan. 2021
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Huh, this might be my

Huh, this might be my first Alvar video!

Big thanks to Bebe Scorpio for suggesting this video ❤️

All art and music do not belong to me. All rights go to their original owners!

? Music -

? Artist - @that_little_emo_vampire

? Discord link -

Stay safe and stay tuned ?

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Sariah Miraj

A lot of people don't like Alvar but I like him a little bit, I don't know why.

Maggie Larsen

Love it!

Glitter claws

I was watching your videos whaen you posted!?

* RubyGem29 *

This is definitely what Alvar would say to Fitz when the gang was having a Neverseen confrontation.


Idk, but his nose makes me circle back to the 'Flynn Rider wanted' times. lol.

Innana Mamoon

This is so good!

Millicent Smith

Am I the only one who thinks that some lines in this song fit Fitz as well???
"Didn't know how to take it but you always dared."
"And now you try to act like you never cared."
"What happened? How did everything turn so cold?"
"I can laugh about, joke about it, never the same."
"I can't keep pretending it don't cause any pain."
"Early in my life I was put to the test."
There are more, but I'm too tired to write the rest.
Also, I really like Alvar for some reason. Honestly, there's not a single Vacker I don't like. Alden and Della are really kind, Alvar I sympathize with, Fitz is one of my favorite characters, and we all know Biana is a QUEEN. :D

Monica Katreeb

Whoa, you’re so good at picking songs that are perfect!!!??


Reeeeeeeee Alvar

Kawaii Kitty Emie

Eeeeee hiii early this is gonna be a-may-zing!!!


Love the video!

Olivia McCracken

Wow, this fits him so much!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, I despise Brant... (No offense) but awesome!!!

Jennifer Mitchell

I don't know if I'm angry at Alvar or not. I honestly have no idea how I feel about him. Someone please help me. My brain hurts from trying to decide if he's a good guy or a bad guy.

Lillian Condon

Can anyone add me on snap. My username is ..... lilly_rose4096

Madelyn Mug

I am the weirdest person in the world. I honestly still like him a little bit.


This is really cool? The lyrics fit so perfectly it's like the song was made for him!

Hi Google

This is GREAT! The lyrics fit so well!
His cheekbones: ?
The art is still amazing tho!

Marella Redek

Some how this video made me feel way more lesbian

Alaina Gray

Is it bad that he is one of my favorite Vackers? ?

Lionclan Warior

Ok, for some reason I feel a bit sorry for Alvar.
And the worst part is, I KNOW I wouldn't still like him if it weren't for the fact that Fitz was so unrelentingly hateful twords him. Like, yeah, I get that he's a bad guy, but he's still your brother dude! If my sister went to the Neverseen, I don't think I could hate her. I would be desperately trying to get her to turn back to our side. It just disgusts me how he immediately decides that his brother is trash and deserves nothing but hate, and doesn't even TRY to understand why he went to the dark side.
Also, when Alvar regained his memories, I believe that he would have stayed good if not for the fact that Fitz had been so hateful and unforgiving while he had amnesia. I may be wrong, but I think it's possible.


Big thanks to Bebe Scorpio for suggesting this video ❤️

Discord link:

Casey Playz

I swear now I will get nightmares about either Alvar or the rest of the Neverseen, or there main Neverseen sign.


Woot Woot!

Lyn Mzondo

To be honest, I like Alvar more than I like Fitz and I feel bad about it

KotLC 4Ever



I swear I won’t be able to sleep because of the cape-

Kriti Polimera

Wow, that's a cool picture of Alvar, but it just makes hate Alvar more I think... :( Also, I recommend What Makes You Beautiful for like Keefe singing it to Sophie because Sophie doesn't realize how beautiful she is, idk, just thought it was a good idea.

Keefe Fangirl

Edit: Wait nvm someone unliked it for some inconceivable reason

Eva Arnold

I got one it's called Airplanes by B.oB and Hayley Williams for Sokeefe

Livvy Ginny Grey

Eep 14 min agoooo


The very begining of 'kill the director' by The Wombats, fits keefe so well. Please listen to the song and think about it.

Kate Alpha

This is a cool song good job


My emotions with Alvar: ??????


I played this on the piano once


No views



Awesome vid! The lyrics fit perfectly!! ❤️❤️ I feel bad for him still. ? He’s gone through a lot of pain.

StarGacha s

Thinking of him makes me mad... I felt sorry for him before...




i feel kind of sorry for alvar. nobody knows the real reason why he joined the neverseen except for the fact that his siblings were getting more attention.

Summer Wilson


Elene Zanette

I still like alvar even know he’s a bad guy. like if it weren’t for fitz I don’t think he would’ve have gone back to the neverseen after his memories came back

Mango Virginia

Oof Im so late. I was asleep when this was posted lol. Great video as always!

Alaina Gray

Love it ?

Song suggestion: Beloved by Jordan Feliz would be perfect, either for Keefe singing to Sophie, or Keefe singing to himself, or...whoever you think it fits:)

Valerie McMichael

I have a recommendation for Keefe
Just So You Know - by BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT (keefe)
Falling - by BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT (its for just maybe Sokeefe and I GUess Sophitz
Wither Heart -by TryHardNinja for Keefe and his ability the certain ability ya know like the new one I know the name I just don’t want to say it just in case
Cold As Ice -by BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT for Gerthen, Ruy, Brant, Fintan anyone of da bois

Chason Unicorn

A lot of pple are saying they like alvar cause they don’t like fitz, lol. I don’t like alvar but I get why some people do. I feel like the thing with fitz and Alvar is they both had bad reactions dealing with the flaws of their world. Fitz can’t deal with grief well because it’s so uncommon and there aren’t any therapists to help him, alvar doesn’t like all the status the backers have, and rlly just their world in general. Their reactions are bad, but not entirely their fault especially fitz, yes his anger is bad, but he hasn’t grown up knowing that people he love will eventually die, so when Alden breaks, he doesn’t know what to do. Both fitz and alvar are a product of their supposedly perfect world and it’s many flaws so I find it hard to fully hate either of them. ( sorry this is so long and kinda became just a defense of fitz that may or may not make sense lol)

Keefe Fangirl

I have sO mAnY song ideas!!!
-Telepathic by Starset for Keefe
-Such a beautiful day by Ashley Tisdale for Fitz
-You'll be back from Hamilton for Lady Gisela
-Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys for Marella
-Monster and/or Comatose by Skillet for Keefe
-Little do you Know by Alex and Sierra for SoKeefe
-Life is Fun by odd1sout and Boyinaband for Keefe
-Eastside (I can't remember who wrote it) for Keefe
-Breaking me by Topic and... I think it was A-75 or something like that... For Keefe
-House of Memories by Panic! At the disco for Lord Cassius
-High Hopes by Panic! At the disco for Keefe (IT EVEN SAYS "MANIFEST DESTINY" AND "LEGACY" IN THE SAME VERSE!!!"
-Ghost by Alan Walker for Dex
-Kinda think "Unsung Hero" from Candace against the Universe works for Dex, untill "Did I mention he's a platypus..." (Now I have the urge to draw Dex in a platypus suit...)
-Happier by Bastille for Keefe (I have a lot of Keefe-themed stuff in my mind LOL)



Eva Arnold

Sooooooo I just found this song that is just perfect for Tam it's called Lost Boy I was thinking that it was kinda like when before and after he met Sophie and the part about captain hook would kinda refer to the Neverseen



KotLC Edits

Wow this Fitz soo well great job!!!

That pun is so unoriginal!!!

Delphini Aurelia Phoenix


Bebe Scorpio

My question is. Who's the other guy?