How to be rough with a girl

How To Be Rough With Girls

How To Be Rough With Girls3 Apr. 2020

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How To Be Rough With Girls · KT Tatara

Live Nude Comedy, Vol. 1

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Released on: 2010-05-03

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What is Rough N' Rowdy? The Crazy History of Boxing's Wildest Nights

What is Rough N' Rowdy? The Crazy History of Boxing's Wildest Nights15 Jul. 2019
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Barstool Sports founder,

Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy, along with Big Cat, Caleb Pressley, and Rone explain what makes Rough N' Rowdy stand out compared to all other boxing leagues.

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katrina Sandoval

The president or whatever of RNR Portnoy looks and acts jewish af!!


GameStop ref lmao

PTB brady

Bum fights got a budget.

Crooksy Collins

Thank the LAWD!! I have found my calling.

Chris Hansen

Hi I’m Miles Brewer and I’ve been a RnR user for 2 years now, I think I need help

bertiod von rastenburger

Fucking mental, wish we had this in England.

Cameron Williams


Bryan Chase

Will RNR return after covid or whenever the fk we get back some sort of normalcy in our lives?

Fa Tee

Imagine if this was mma style. ? I wanna see a sumbitch get thrown.

Jamaal S


Rough N' Rowdy

Don't miss the next Rough N' Rowdy, buy the PPV at

josh staley

It seems like your exploiting country people. Yea we’re are uneducated and we don’t have a lot to look forward to in life but don’t make fun of us when your already making money off of us

Sanka Perera

Where’s the bit that ring girls were making out?

Mizo Zial

love from North East India?? RnR

Randy Farley

Hey man, you just need to snort you a line of METH, or a pain pills and fight your ass off

Quincy Mcclinton

what was that Rona?

Anthony Maurer

You guys come to Wichita ks I'll fight for sure

Joel Shasteen

When you coming to Tampa?


Oh, that is such a great promo! Sums up Rough N' Rowdy exactly!

Alphonse Simon

What the hell did I just watch


I'm so happy I come across this channel, Like I have said before now I know how it works I love it!!!!!!!!!!! If you need a Australia boy to fight please let me in, I will fight in a kangaroo suit just for the people get a good laugh in these bad times we are all going though!! Much respect guys I love it, try to keep it going if you guys can.

John Polson

Upscale version of “bum fights”

Keystone Guardian

Exploiting hillbillies for money wow what a business model.


Where has youtube been hiding this channel from my life. Amazing. Subscribed


The commentary during the fights is some of the best comedy gold you could ask for.

Paul Giamatti

Love the guy intimidating Big Cat

Judge Dredd

It's the greatest show on earth with the fattest assed ring girls it's incredible

Squeaky Reed

Portnoy looks like Mark Zuckerberg and Mike Rowe had a son!

Edit.....and I mean that with all due respect

Gerry Bird

ok all signed up, stupid picture even worse video but definitely looking for a fight. Pick me up Barstool for Fayettville NC. Im right down the road. calling any heavyweight.

Uriel Guerrero

I am a pro boxer but i LOVE this shit hahaha

Michael Otoole

Discussting how much you people take advantage of these people who are uneducated and you making fun of them but I love it!

Charles Reliable

Shut off that fucking music!

SilverBack Gorilla Gang

Commentary and ring girls is why I’m here.


Fuck the military....I'm joining Rough N' Rowdy!

It's Just A Ride

RNR is what happened to the UFC once they watered everything down and brought you fights every Saturday night.

saul ramirez

Y'all need to come to Houston tx man lmao good shit

The City Official

Isn’t it funny how all the people who wore the clothes they wore that day... all have the same style?

gord O

Don’t understand what’s so entertaining with these bottom of the barell events these guys cover, so so so stupid

Logan Sanders

“I hope you don’t beat your son up like you beat him up.”??

Roger L

Dude!! This thing legendary. It's some kind of WWE mixed in with untrained "fighters" getting in real fights while crazy shit happening all around. I already see characters like the milkman and raccoon boy becoming staples of this thing. And of course the hot ring girls getting drunk and adding their flair. This the beginning of something new/sport! And last but not least the commentators are absolutely fucking funny!!

Gerry Bird

hey Silbzy is my boy too. Give the power Ranger another shot at the belt!!

Jack's Blue Plate Family

Ah watch a couple fights. Borring. Not in to special Ed adults acting special.

Jamir Phillips

Rone arches his earbrows

Mr Jones

how did Rone go from battle rap to this? Maybe he loves this shit as much as I do

dick fitzwelliner

This is some of the greatest shut ever. Yall need to load up the gear, raccoon boy, chef, and some other memorable people and hit up the west coast for 6 shows. Would be epic to witness

JON Gearhart

Sign me up promise ya ill knock somebody the fuck out unless you don't wanna see an epic knock out


the guy in the carhartt hat looks like a literal douche applicator

Soupbone 10 olgathecat

Hilarious ?

Dave Jones

What's Mark Zuckerberg doing here?

Kyle Pirko

8:30 really? You're not gonna see one backflip in the WWE? REALLY?


+1 for the crowd fights .... Also the announcers for this are doing a fantastic job ?... they are nothing short of comic geniuses... Also another +1 for knowing to look for ring talent in W. Virginia ?????


Portnoy Name Meaning. Jewish (from Ukraine and Belarus): occupational name for a tailor from Russian portnoj (an adjective derivative of port 'uncut cloth'). Imagine my shock.

Fredric B

This is so jewish. But extremely entertaining


Rough N' Rowdy is nothing more than boxing for white american people.

brianna bernaola

God bless America and its south states! Thank you!

Yukimasa Heppe

What about the ring guy who nightly considers putting it Alll on The Line!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Henry Etherton

Ref works in Gamestop. .classic. .Raccoon Boy ..My favourite


Gamestop ref ???

Cristian Reyes

There’s a milk man? And he’s a regular?!

Cali Bonez

20 years from now it'll be normal to punch rival fans in the face at random in this event. Game changer. Reminds me when UFC was starting. I said it 2019 July 24

Craig Dutton

I’d rather just punch one of the ring girls lol around the ring

jerry robinson

God Bless this shit

Bobby Saldana

Mind blowing Badass action-love the chicks??

Wayne Lambert

Go to 10.09 to jump the bullshit.

William Schneller

I can just go to walmart and see this, why pay to see two oafs swing wildly when I can just go watch it for free?

MLG Alexx

That gamestop ref is secretly that ref who will knock you tf out.

Aaron Turner

Where do I sign up at?

Eric Akers


bo price

Rone...his grandma’s favorite commentator

Justin Guthrie

Looks like fun


Imagine having an adult sized mouth. portnoy can’t


that Ring girls got me to watch but , this if fckn hilarious stuff ... Next wedding i go to definitely painting my vest on

Madden Matthew

Rone throw a freestyle at them make the interview better

jet set willy

wtf is this an inbred hillbilly show ???

Drew Borboa

Come to California. Ill sign up. Easy Money

Nathaniel Perkins


Gerry Bird

You guys need to hunt down a guy Jake Tubbs. If you can get him to come back to pugilism instead of body building you might have a real champ for RnR. He used to fight in the USFFC.

Harris, Melvin Leroy

I love this show it is awesome and so funny and a bit sad at times also lol.

Mike 649Foxx

Innnnnnnnnteresting.........let’s have a look a few fights then ?

Chase Hudson

so dumbasses get gloves and fight and more dumbasses watch this is what i call entertainment

A _Texan

Why does the one interviewer dress like a pimp?


Yo this is like the best shit around! Right next to neutral droppers!


"Are you aware West Virginia was in the The Union."
Probably not, he's fucking idiot in a Confederate flag hoodie. I'm sure he don't know much...

Jone Veisamasama

"Plans are only plans, till the first hit, and then they are a hope"



Dave AKA Dustin Diamond.

JC Cuby

Zuckerberg finally hit puberty and grew a beard?


Is like to see Hillbilly Ninga whoop some butt on RNR.


This is Punch Out IRL

Brawl For A Cause

One punch, everyone knows the rules


How did someone not create this earlier. It's fucking genius.

Laoagan Lester

It was promoted as a unique boxing flight or unique boxing experience or something but it is practically amateur boxing.



Light Rider

John Snow with green eyes!?


This still exists? Rough and Rowdy 9 never showed up, Barstool shit the bed on it to the point that Portnoy was ripping his own people on social media, people didn't get their money back and there are still no clips. Haven't bought on forever because they fucked up on 7 and didn't give me my money back.

Juicer A

Love it from australia??. Commentating is perfect


0:30 LMFAO???


I fucking love this!!

Rammlied 91

Dumbland never stop to amaze me with its dumbnes

Billy Johnson

Y'all need to come to az!

Randy Farley

It's like a Tuff Man Contest. Everybody gets Crazy)))

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FREE Stuntwoman Workout: Rough Around the Edges8 Apr. 2019
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Lisa Boggs

fantastic workout.

Stephanie antobenedetto

Why no music?

Lexie Somers

AMAZING workout. Y’all are my superheroes! So strong!!! ??


Thekla is so hot.


How many calories can I burn with this workout? I'd like to know :-)


This is my favorite workout! Caitlin dechelle is my hero honestly! She is goals!!!!!