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What Traits in a Man Turn on Chinese Girls?

What Traits in a Man Turn on Chinese Girls?21 Aug. 2019
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Hey Laowinners!

Attractiveness can be measured, but do Chinese girls like the same thing as girls in the USA, or other countries? I asked my Chinese wife if she found the same physical, psychological, and other traits attractive from a Chinese woman's perspective.

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Comments (100)
oskar recon

i think your misunderstanding the studies factors and dynamics,,. it obviously takes classism out of the equation,. if you were to ask a Chinese person , if you were to not have to think about yadda yada ect. what would you think .. im sure the answer would be different ,. she is "concreted in" on the thought process of class rules all,. that is not the truth , that is induced by the environment


Yes, they like your cash, credit cards, home, car, your pension and the fortune cookie that reads, "you will be coming into big money."

Miodrag Stamenkovic

So basically, if you are rich, nothing else matters. Got ya.


do one for reversed genders :)

Maga Man

That's an easy one: $, $, $, $ ......and.....more $.



poo bum

gosh he looked slightly hurt everytime she not sure !!

M.A.N Plus

This was not helpful

Cool breeze joe

Hey lazy boy did you break your iron!
Sloppy IRON!!


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El Foreigner

The size of your credit

Munashe Mak

white and money

William Egler

That they have money.....




Dude, believe in cupid, not God.

M. M.

So many twisted perspectives on women and love. Women do hope for some amount of security, but to suggest they are all in it for $$$ is sad. Some are, some aren’t. Some men are shallow as well. Buyer beware. Search and choose carefully.


I'll tell you what traits in a man you have to turn on Chinese girls - lying and making up stories about yourself being the hero in China, trying to escape China like you are James Bond 007.

dan fairbanks

so...hypergamy is rampant the world over?

Markus wolfe

Its all abt money its disgusting....

Justin Morgan

Get fit, get money, grow balls and be the leader of every social settings. Girls will fill in her place.

Bertalan Feher

Kpop starts (?) are not men.

Mark Little

C Milk, you married above your station....she is a sweet heart

Mark Griessie

Stop calling people who watch your videos laowyers. Im a grown man ffs. If i watch your video its because im interested in the content. Im not some fan girl


(I was drinking, not drunk while watching this video)
"No~look at those Korean Pop Guy"
Oh God, let me take another sip of whatever I am drinking. lol


Haaaa Chinese stereotype is correct ... borefest is attractive


Let me save you some Time.... the answer is ... MONEY. And that goes for all women around the World.

Paul Wunder

Gao Fu Shuai

Tall, Rich, Handsome.
Simple formula

Greg Cockerill

I have been married to a Chinese woman for 8 years now and together for 10 years and we still have some cultural issues from time to time, but my wife is my dream

Queef Man

7 seconds in and I'm questioning how well I really know myself...

Jovan Dudley


George Sahinidis


mike Prandota

Number 1.... A big fat wallet
Number 2..... Don’t bother to argue as your always wrong
Number 3..... Must love unconditionally
Number 4.... must love Mercedes


4:50 I'm not shaving my Lao Tzu beard for any chick, even though it will thoroughly negate my athletic frame


As they say in China, "No money, no honey!"

John Moyle

I was married for 14 years. I have absolutely no idea what her favourite colour was.
The only reason for this is that I didn’t care.

Honey mon

Whats the outro song?

Antediluvian Clockwork


Momo The Elder

The graphic with the stretched man, builder's body woman's face was brilliant lol

Ayesha Khan

Loved the way you were in this video. Very respectful and chilled out.

Nick Etten

I was in China for work for 12 weeks and couldn’t find any drop dead gorgeous girls. I didn’t see any bubble butts over there the whole trip. Lots of extremely pretty girls though. Vive is super pretty, great personality and smart. I see why you married her.

romeo rozeta

He never asked if Chinese women like black men?

Feras Baswaid

The title shouldn’t be what chinese girl like, but WHAT IS YOUR WIFE LIKE

none of your fucking business

im currently dating a Chinese woman and yes first thing is money then house then car then education but yet she can be broke as fuck and yet we don't expect that shit from them thing is this isn't how real society works

Singu Larity

Women like men out of their league. It’s called hypergamy. Basic human mating principle

Jon Brahms

0:07 - Not very complimentary that he can so easily look like a woman, especially when fishing for compliments from his wife.

Adam D.

Chinese have no political correctness whatsoever , they talk shit and offend other ppl without any restraints . Cultural thing or just bad manners .

Headless Chicken

For my wife
- status aka money
- height
- not bald
- non-smoker
- non-drinker
- fit
- relatively quiet aka won't talk back

I only fit maybe 50% of these. But she said she chose me because she saw my photo as a little kid and thought "oh his kids are gonna be good looking"

Hiroshi Nagoya

Hahaha....great video love it. Very interesting; now I know why my Chinese girlfriends would ask me about my income, and my personal assets if I have a house or a car back in the U.S. Hahaha.... too bad I fail in all of them.

Thanks for all that

Its science yo

Better With Rum

'so you like women?' LOL

David Brewer

Western passport?

r.d. laing

in my experience & im 52 ,divorced ,quite happy,never owned a house...Every woman wants a house....they just dont want to pay for it
Another logical observation and lesson learnt is ...why should i look after someone elses daughter ?

Jamal Labarge

I'd recommend - "learn Mandarin". If you can sit with her family, which could become your family, you will have an easier time getting to know them.


Men with dog really... They eat dogs in China... They will only get attracted because they can cook the pets afterwards...

Elizabeth Wang

Not sure if all these traits are true. The top trait for me is men are kind and honest. I assume most people getting married for love.

NewMind Wonders old are you. That white hair is coming on fast!

ty jay

how many men she had sofar?

melody Lover

Love you two!!


What ever happened to the great ancient chinese wisdom, now its like they are getting advice from winnie the pooh

Jamie M

Damn dude that pic of you as a women is the stuff of nightmares! How am I supposed to sleep now? p.s the koreans ladymans are white because of the glutathione injections they take to be more white.


Women all around the world are looking for the same basic traits, if they were raised in a functioning family. A family, where her father was taking responsibilities and loved his children. Its not cultural, it's either evolutionary or individualistic, related to personal preferences of the woman.
What you got from your parents: Decent genetic material for healthy and good looking children. Sufficient good looking to not put them off. Strong enough and aggressive, capable to fight for her, in case physical conflict makes it necessary. Intelligence. Decent performer in bed.
What you learn in childhood: Discipline, Self respect and honor. Keep your word. There are no free lunches. Humor and joy.
What you get in adult life: Money, status, respect from others. Positive life experience.Taking over responsibilities towards others.
To make her fall in love: You have to be strongly attracted to her. Basically revealing, that you are the perfect victim for manipulation, because of you desire.
However, your discipline and principals must not let you to give in to everything she demands. You have to switch from "what is good for me" to "what is good for us in long term". Just make sure, she doesn't have mental issues and you get a long lasting, very happy relationship.

Koneko Yagami

Wow, a lot of angry men in the comments. You don't want a house wife, don't marry one. Your welcome for solving your problem.

Max Logan

@2:02 laowhy86, my friend, plz understand this: Women don't marry guys they truly want. You wanna know why? Because the guy that a woman really wants, doesn't want them. Let's generalize this conversation for a second. Women marry nice beta males providers (keyword: PROVIDERS). Marriage doesn't have anything to do with love. Society's been lying to us about this, for a long time.

Doron Matmor

Funny. Lol:)


The three C's
College education
If you have just cash that is enough.


Well this proves women are the same the world around. Money wins out. Height is important. So I guess I'm out,. Have money but won't disclose it, but don't have height. Not worth looking or trying. MGTOW.

Bernardo Bila

She's so funny ?

Bill Caddell

Attractive traits..?? Men who have mo ey,money,and more money.

George Velden

What was that Chinese expression? In hanzi or pinyin.

Bill Caddell

As long as you are rich, you will be attractive to them. When the money runs out...they run out

Mark Peter

Christ-follower, tall, strong build, charming, good manners, know how to express love (5 Love Languages) and don't believe in superstitions according to Linda Chen's blog, "What Do Chinese Women Look for in a Western Husband."

Adam 86

The image of you on right at 0:08 gives me weird feelings luls.

Steve Spence


amoxford 2

Everybody is special and different ...
We are all snowflakes


They like an honest face, so American Democrats must be very unpopular. Just take a look at their faces and tell me I am wrong.

MB Taber

Not being sooooo schmall.

Stanley Sessions

Wow your wife so pretty in basic way. Like the eyes ti be more slanted but still beautiful

M Kelley

I think sexual market value markers are universal. There are some great videos by searching "sexual market value".

SteveBillie Roberts

She is hot ,Very pretty

John Linn

Dude...within the first 30 sec of the video your wife admits the truth. She's Chinese, you're a step up in her family hierarchy ...she'll never leave you so long as you give her more don't fu$k it up

Alexander Lachmann

Make a video about how stereotypes usually have some truth to them, and why we perceive them as weird because we lack context.

Darren Murray

Don’t worry bro, I don’t think that I was my wife’s type either.

Franklin Fraser

lol pearl bush

Ruin Prince

Mr. Krab's voice "Money"


8:10 yeah man with dog is attractive because in China you can always cook yummy dog stew

Divine Angelic

Like clean face no hair on body either


Why do Korean men look like girls




She: says 'package'
He: licks his lips

Jane Chan

i am Chinese, i have to say, appearance is not really important as long as the man is healthy physically and mentally, which means this man does not have disease, and is positive, preferably is of high emotional intelligence & IQ. if a man has these attributes, he cannot be too bad as a bf, right?

Isha Brown

Love you guys making video's together ??

Chi Kung

Vivi is cool Very BASED ; )


Same thing that turns all women on. Money and height, status.

BadBut NotOnDaScene

Money is the first love to the Chinese

D Ha'ton

So your wife is the standard for all Chinese women? The premise is as stupid as it sounds. She speaks for women in Wuhan, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hohhot, not to speak of Singaporean Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, Thai Chinese and Taiwanese. Then there is the richer Chinese girls that won't look at laowais without similar background to them which means, your folks are seriously loaded with the education to match.

I don't know where folks get this silly idea, they find an ordinary Chinese/Asian woman and suddenly, they hold themselves and their ordinary wife up as the spokespeople and starts making blanket statements.

Knock yourself out with this imbecilic gross generalisation. Your wife speaks for them all ...You are a violin, she holds the bow.


She describes hypergamy to a tee.

Ji Miao

kpop Singers like girls, at first I used to think they are girls

Ta H

I think we can't generalize. Our surrounding determine our view on life and relationships.
I was brought up in totalitarian regime and came to US as young adult.
I distinctly remember my shock when I re- read Somerset Maugham's The razors blade in English, 10 years after reading it for the first time in my original language.

The way I related to characters in this book was so drastic from my initial reaction that I literally couldn't read anything for months. I couldn't wrap my head around how it was possible for a person to change SO much!

Where 10 years ago I was outraged by this guy's selfishness... to ask her to give up lavish life and parties, social events and so forth...what an a..hole..yes she was right to leave and marry a guy who was willing to shower her with money, even if it was not her love! Lifestyle was definitely worth it!
Fast firward to me living in different society where I could support myself and my family doing what I loved to do. Different ideas emerged...completely opposite reaction to the same story! - OMG ..give this dumb materialistic shit up! A loft in Paris, wine and free conversations with artists ..what can be better!

A point I am trying to make - we do things to survive. We adopt. If Chinese or Russian or American women acts like money is the most important thing is because it IS at this particular time for her physical survival.
STOP generalizing..things are not that simple.
If you were hungry for a eat and go back to normal. But if you were starved, especially as a child when your views were forming, changing your relationship to food is Very difficult, even if food is in abundance.
Some people were never hungry (metaphorically) some were starved, some were severely deprived.
There is an old saying that person who just ate will never understand a hungry one.
I have seen 'hungry' people of ALL races. So if people from one country are acting in certain way, its not genetic or racial. Its economic. Just like a point you were making in your videos on good samaritan activities in China. People in Taiwan act differently :) That is precisely what I am talking about. Just look at history of how these people had to survive and you will understand why they behave so differently. I know what it means to be afraid and to look another way because its the only way to survive. Fear is what drives it, but that is way too much to cover in one post :)
Sorry for such a long post..if anyone actually made it to this apology:)


"What Traits in a Man Turn on Chinese Girls? "

Answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Justin Morgan

6 figures, 6 inches, 6 horse power, 6 packs, 6 feet tall

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