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Facials Are Only For When Asked

Facials Are Only For When Asked12 Nov. 2014
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Please watch: "The 10

Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU"

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In porn movies, the most important scene is the one that contains the “money shot.” The moviemakers know their viewers want to see the moment of orgasm, and they usually want to see it all over the woman’s back, butt, chest or face. First of all, you should never, ever ejaculate on your partner without giving her prior warning -- especially not on her face, since it could get in her eyes. Not pleasant. Not to mention it takes forever to get it out of her hair, so be considerate and make sure this is a porn move you don't use in real life.

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Comments (2)

there would be no problem if she would just swallow


"Baby batter" XD

Why Men Enjoy Finishing On A Woman's Face

Why Men Enjoy Finishing On A Woman's Face20 Jul. 2018
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Comments (100)
S J Miller

"Almost universal behavior"??? It seems odd at best. There is a proper location for ejaculate. I don't understand the appeal. Odd. Plus there is the possibility of a viral STD infection of her eyes. For example, there are abt 80 varieties of asymptomatic HPV. Not good. I think you have missed the boat with this opinion. Looks degrading to me. ?


Did it really start in porn? I thought Ancient Japan created Bukkake for a village wife that brought shame to her family.

George Spangler

Just tell her it's the best moisturizer, she's believe it ,,lol

Damian Szajnowski

Idk mane, just a theory. The enjoyment and womens' appreciation isn't the main focus of the face scenes.

Meta Ronin

am I the only one who doesnt get this?


I believe swallowing is far more intimate; more wanting and accepting. I've found women believe the same. They "want and treasure" that. Empowering actually

Kantean Nightmare

Public school does not repress sexuality and had rampant teacher sex abuse of students. Repression is pseudo-psychology, the lack of dealing with the world as it is results in these outcomes.


She took all that man juice.

Sunshine lollipops

There are a couple more variables that may ejaculate further light on this matter. One is whether a man prefers to cum on her face while shes positioned underneath him or he’s underneath her. If no preference, it would suggest the ‘sexuality acceptance’ hypothesis. If he wants cum on her face but also her positioned underneath him, this may ALSO suggest the dominance hypothesis. A crucial point to add is that a power dynamic isn’t necessarily about humiliation, and many women enjoy this role of having a clear leader, even request it. The other variable is whether it’s he or she who points the penis on her face. If the man wants to give up control of aiming the penis, it would suggest the ‘sexuality acceptance’ hypothesis. I also don’t think the dominance hypothesis and the sexuality acceptance hypothesis are mutually exclusive


I wonder what people not normally into this channel think about him interviewing himself like that lol


I really dont believe sexuality of women is as accepted as you state it is. Slutshaming comes from somewhere. And women also learn way too late to experiment with themselves.

Aside from that I do agree with the goal of facials is not necessarily the domination or degrading of women. And yes when a women getting aroused is i think the best part of sex.

Gecko Brah

“Precious bodily fluids”. Dr. Strangelove.

Michael Workman

There was a part in the TV series Nip/Tuck, 2003-2010, where the surgeons’s ex wives got together to make a line of skin care products. Their clients raved about it. The secret ingredient came from fertility clinic semen supplies that had past the sell by date.

Tefilo Braga

A bit of a far-fetched theory. I agree more with the commentators that view this a power/dominance game. Not being judgemental, each one should do what they enjoy most, but I actually think that looking deep into your girlfriend's eyes as you orgasm is much sexier than any of this stuff. And, unlike this, it can be reciprocal. This so-called "preference" is so heavily influenced by porn, that it cannot be judged anymore as a true preference in and of itself.


When Alex didn't put certain subjects behind a paywall

Alexander Grace

Attention: I will be changing the name of the channel to ‘Alexander Grace’ in a couple of weeks. It will still be a channel that covers Red Pill topics though I will be varying the format.

From the comments I can see many people think I glossed over the dominance/submissive aspect. I have a full video exploring the psychology of that dynamic coming out in two weeks.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube has demonetised this video. I know it’s a controversial subject and judging by the comments, discussing or analysing this sort of thing makes some people uncomfortable. However, this is why I think it’s an important subject to talk about. To soften the blow of demonetisation, any financial support would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for watching!

Shadow Pony

Me abriste los ojos, tu canal es una mina de oro, te ganaste un suscriptor y patreon en el futuro.

Mr Nobody

?‍⚕️??? ijs


You are a genius buddy. A melancholy genius I suppose.


unless I'm trying to impregnate a woman, I always finish in her ass....

Michael Thomas

When I was a child, yes, that’s all I wanted to do with every girl I encountered in the sack. Now? Giving her a throat pie is a treat!

Rhys Proudmourne

The first couple minutes acted as if there was no such thing as sexual deviancy. Cause slicing a woman’s skin and having sex with the bloody gash or pedophilia isn’t deviant at all. That beginning was devoid of logic.

Strang 1

OK, if you talked about subjects that didn't make feminists, politicians or simps cringe.
You would be an AWARD winning interviewer commentator.
Keep up the cringe bro.


Take it from a self-identifying male feminist: you're doing god's work. Great video.

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

I've watched a few of your videos, why do I have the urge to ejaculate on YOUR face?


i like to finish while behind a broad ..i pull out and bust i call it "buttering her bisquit"

Lesser Brother

Porn has made us fetishize it

The Immortal

I doubt many guys really care to do that

Donny Domingo

Don't know if you look through comments on old videos, but gonna post one anyway. Totally agree that to most men the pinnacle of female beauty is her face. I honestly never felt it was about humiliation, but I've always had this idea that there was some element of ownership, like in a way the man is marking his territory.

Childfree Single and Atheist

My favorite positions are missionary and 69.

Adwaith Ratnakaran

This is a very important video.

Bill Kane

They all enjoy it, if it's from the "right" guy. Otherwise its gross


I rather enjoy finishing in their ass... seems a waste to use her face.

How bout No ?

It's so interesting that when I've had intimate conversations with feminists, when it comes to the sex act they seem to want the total opposite. Every single one wanted me to use them in the most dirty way possible. Degrading them even.


YouTube should have reacts just like Facebook

Colin Kerr

Interesting. I am sure that for some men it is meant as a degradation. But I can understand what you are saying. I think it is about acceptance. It's hard for a woman to ignore a man when he does that!


So, I actually don't enjoy doing that. Am I weird?

Kledo Muc

Good video. Thanks. Don’t agree in the point of sexual oppression of the Catholic Church and the so called negative effects. Catholic Church has ended incest and placed the family over the simple put in, put out what it has become today. The effects has been security which provided the rise of the IQ and a strong society and stable fertility rates i.e. life and future. Today our societies are dying out so where are the worthy positive effects beside of the short term pleasures of certain individuals?

Sam Streom

Alexander Grace gets interviewed by Grace Alexander


I might wonder whether a man with an STD might infect his partner's eyes. That's something that women think about. And BTW, you need never worry about getting a woman pregnant if YOU are using Vaselgel, a male, ingested contraceptive. I would much rather have it running down my leg. ?

Charley Bates

This is exactly correct, and a good reason why we need to reform sex education to help inform young men to understand there bodies and sexual habits.

Kantean Nightmare

Comes from porn. It's a visual trigger. It's a fetish it's not inherent sexuality I mean it has zero evolutionary value. And depositing bodily fluids onto another person's face is degrading, by definition it's disrespectful. People just justify it like so many other kinks because they enjoy it. If it's your bag, it's your bag but own up to what's really happening.


I love to finish inside, not a fan of comming out of her


when a person spits in another person's face it is regarded by most- if not all- as a sign of disrespect. even when the other person is smiling or laughing it is still considered disrespect. so wouldn't it be still disrespectful for a man to eject penile spit, semen in a woman's face even when she's smiling about it?


If she doesn’t swallow it and lick your stick clean afterwards she doesn’t love you.


Boy, you watch too much porn for virgins. LOL

Christian Hidalgo

seems nasty lol

Dennis Reiss

Thank you so much for this one! I have always been ashamed of this, and you helped me to understand my own sexuality.


My favorite part is when they are sucking me off I grab my dick, pull it out, and slap them with it.

Forevermore Non-Beer-Drinking Joe

Wasting nutrients is a sin.

Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies

I gotta watch this lol

Thomas Hazlewood

I took you seriously until this video...

Dan Strausbaugh

I have never done this and truthfully never would...

Jonathan Blazquez

Hahah I never liked it, but I found strange that some women actually asked me to do it

Jake Pollen

Weird and creepy

Bob Davenport

You mean this is really a thing? I always thought it was just popular in porno movies--not reality. I have zero interest in finishing on a woman's face.

Martha Hubbard


ක්ලෙයාර් සිහිසුන් වී ඇගේ තොල් නිල් පැහැයට හැරෙන විට ඔවුන් ගිලන් රථයක් ඇමතූ නමුත් ඒ වන විට එය ප්‍රමාද වැඩිය


LoL on her face?? I like to keep it in when I make my O-Face.

Malcolm Beckett

If your girlfriend will let you do this then she is open to you and is not ashamed, and shame is not good, I wish I explain in a better way but for me it's about intimacy

edmund blackadder coc

I always tell em it's good for the skin, works for me?


As a woman, I really appreciate that educational interview. It actually surprised me in a positive way and it should be more popular to counteract more toxic explanations like that of men wanting to humiliate women. I don't like semen not because it symbolizes male sexuality but because it is a liquid similar to mucus, puss etc. which are things we are evolutionary wired to be repulsed by in order to prevent catching diseases.

Jon Jon

Mark of a true artist. Signing his perfect piece. She has to have a face worth nutting on. Sadly been decades for me. Hey ho

Brandon Sutherland

Im not sure i can entirely agree.
Not that its meant to be a degrading act toward women, but i do think it is an act of dominance. Marking our territory. When a woman allows this, it shows she respects her man and is willing to let him have his way with her. Men should be dominant toward women. Equality is a lie. Theres no such thing, someone always has the upper hand. And if it isnt the man then he is a beta and will never be respected by his woman. She will never be truely satisfied and she may leave him. I strongly reccomend cumming on her face.


I still think a lot of men do it as “marking”. That’s how I’ve always seen it. It’s ego based and ejaculating on a girls face is guys way of showing to himself proudly that “yeah-I had sex with this girl”. I’m personally not against it- though I prefer it elsewhere because I’m not into getting it up my hair or in my eyes. lol. Thank you for your take on the subject. Id love to hear more topics on specific sexual interests or fetishes. Like why some men won’t perform cunnilingus on a women.


It would be funny to see you ask to some random girls at the beach just to see those lies comming.

Satoshi Nakamoto


The Zha'til


Watch McCloud



Nope, always shoot it up in her as far as possible

Begon Genesis

I can tell this is an old video because home boy is a lot more swole these days

George Ianţa

Sorry dude but you're straw-manning this. In most porn facials the girl doesn't obviously enjoy it. Usually it's messy and awkward if not downright uncomfortable. I think most of the times it is about degrading the woman, dominating her, but so many things they do in porn are exactly about degrading and power. And nowadays it's not at all aimed at just the woman. I think that when facials are about degrading the woman and the woman is just putting up with it for the guy's sake, if not particularly bothered by it but certainly not enjoying it, it is about our frustrations and resentments about women. And that's not to say that having frustrations and resentment about women in these days is unjustified. I think I've listened to too many Patrice podcasts to not know resentment about women when I see it or feel it hehe

Punk Philosopher

All acts and desires and appetites should have boundaries. They aren’t inherently dark or evil, so I agree with that. I disagree where you seem to express that you can do whatever you want with your sexual powers and expressions, and should never feel guilty about it. Guilt is a personal thing. I feel it all the time and if used properly it helps me develop and grow. But I’ve learned that as a man who has procreated, there are definitely boundaries I’ve leaned to draw on sexual expressions. It seems like you are being rather non-relavatistic about this but I could be wrong or misunderstand.


I think it's the ultimate form of male acceptance. (sexually)


I thought the reason is just porn. Ppl copy what they see. I don't see why this is a thing other than that.

Vasco Ambrosio

thank you for the video, waaaw how did realized this? now thinking, its incredible how accurate this is.

Mona Moore

Why men don't liking licking and finishing on his face?!

Vasco Ambrosio

why you stopped this format?


I have no fantasy or desire or need to do this.


this really speaks to me


Just say her that you have money problems and will need her help, she will leave you fast and without dramas.

Build thy Self

Not degrading but dominating

Edu Sam

For this i thunk it is valuable to highlight what happens in amateur porn.





『A Hideous Cube: Requiem』

Why am I subscribed to this channel?

BadW01f 2

This is hilarious ??

James Calbert

Well I don't think I'll make it a point to spoodge on a womans face to shed my fear of my own sexuality, I do get the point that we need not feel ashamed of our sexuality and it brings up the fact that I need to do some work in that area.

Eliass soderlund

Matter at face.

baby brand

this was a good episode. i have mixed feelings about giving facials and it bothers me that some women come to expect it, or request it because they assume all guys are into it, and, in all honesty, i cannot help to view these women that anticipate the act as lower value, or someone i cannot see myself getting close to. i wouldn't share that info with a girl i haven't slept with yet though, preferring to wait to see what she does. im still on the fence about this. in my youth, when being intimate with my partner for the first time, i would throw her the cum-shot curve ball and say, with urgency, "i'm gonna c**" and see what she does about it. i was a young man i thought when you throw a curveball at a girl that doesn't have enough time to think about it, she'll show you her character in her actions. i was naive.

Rob Kitchen

I have no desire for that.... My load belongs deep inside her... I'm offended by being asked to pull out... I'm really offended when a woman won't swallow.....some Woman get upset if any cum touches any skin and as for cuming on their face... Threaten to call the cops... I wasn't aware that was a crime

Richard Anderson

The scent of a manly emission in her hair or on her face is an indicator to herself and others that she is passionately associated with you. A woman who delights to lick her lips and swallow also, tremendously raises her status and value in my opinion.


this is retarded. this is what i call backwards thinking at its fullest. No one... and I mean no man would prefer this to a natural vaginal orgasm. Yet, somehow...stupid, impressionable young men have been seduced by this ridiculous act and now consider it normal and even preferable to real internal orgasms. Mind you, I say this as a 38 year old male.

Stacy Baldwin

My ex loved it when I shot on her face. Never asked why, I just ran with it

Jo Thomas

Difficult guest bro. You did well.

StarBuck Informa

Cause men want women approval and submission


I still think a lot of men do it as “marking”. That’s how I’ve always seen it. It’s ego based and ejaculating on a girls face is guys way of showing to himself proudly that “yeah-I had sex with this girl”. I’m personally not against it- though I prefer it elsewhere because I’m not into getting it up my hair or in my eyes. lol. Thank you for your take on the subject. Id love to hear more topics on specific sexual interests or fetishes. Like why some men won’t perform cunnilingus on a women.

jim Awesome

I think an agreement should be made to show respect for your partner. What if her sexuality involve putting crap on your face like puke, or feces.


interesting theory, but I think its not telling the whole story.

Erne C.

Bro they have the same hairs style lol

Victor Popov

by far your funniest title

Arias describes her first sexual encounter with Alexander.

Arias describes her first sexual encounter with Alexander.6 Feb. 2013
1 144 255
CNNSubscribe 438 721

Jodi Arias describes her

Jodi Arias describes her first sexual encounter with Travis Alexander and how she was uncomfortable with telling him no.

Comments (100)
Courtney Cormier'


Fuza Kenna

God damn she's a keeper. ?????


Wtf?????? What was the fucking point of that line of questioning??!!!!


3:10.., you stab the guy like 20 times, cut his throat and shoot him in the head.., after that.., whats to hold back? lmfao!!!


"Did he ejaculate?" - "Yes." - "WHERE?!" - "In.. my mouth." ????

William Blair

This must be one of the only court TV trials that caused most of the male viewers to become aroused. Look at them in the court room, they did all need to take a shower, smoke a cigarette followed by a nap before the next session.

Rosemary Duncan

J A would never be embarrassed she is evil

monika monika

Whats the point of asking about oral sex ? Any adult person know whats that. So whats the point of those questions hows that gona help?

Layhla Grace

Her parents are sitting in that courtroom omfg ??‍♀️

何春 he chun

why are they asking these questions?


umm...I feel warm inside.

Diggin the blues with a parrot

Is it true miss arias that you’ve been rogered more times than a policeman’s walkie talkie?

Rebekah kissel

Why is this relevant?

Brian martinez

Just free the damn women


The guy in the blue shirt is like what the hell?.

Roberto Perez

The face of the typer. Jajaja

John Dillermand

3:11 3:17

Manish Kumar

She looks so embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about it all

Chubby Greyhound

Hope the lads in the courtroom had supportive underwear on.

Terry Scarlett

She keeps licking her lips, so she's still not ashamed of what she did..predator

paul mc

I think I swallowed, then we went to sleep, BURRRP! ? Gotta love a psychotic killer that finishes the job.


Can someone tell me why these questions were asked? Why it is relevant to talk about their first sexual encounter, even in an abusive relationship scenario? That does not make sense at all.

F. Lemafa



came here from "bedroom curriculum"

Will Stuart

She looks like she's TRYING to look uncomfortable with this line of questioning, but IMO .... She likely was looking forward to it and had rehearsed what she would say and the manner in which she would say it. All I see here is a Fake-ass , Narcissistic-Psychopath ....vile biatch.

Smith, Travis-David

3:11 her face!


Love Mr Blue Shirt - must be incredibly difficult to keep such a straight face?

Catherine Catherine


James Musk

The Obese scary looking lawyer is obviously a pervert and voyeur ???


Wtf ? that dude was getting of on that. He didn’t ask if she swallowed.


I doubt a virgin would perform oral sex on a slapper. Probably other way round

JC Mills

hottest thing ever all free and legal. youtube should have tacked on ten dollars for this one. especially since it contains religious hypocrite digging his own grave

Heather Lorscheider

I don't even understand why this needs to be talked about. I feel like it's ridiculous

Brian Grogan

Did he ejactulate? And where? No objections? I guess her lawyers were curious. What does this have to do with anything? Never saw this on one episode of Matlock!

Texas Tea

This was a 20 ring circus, damn!!

Luiz Roberto

A man that says he wouldn't hit that is either lying or is gay

Natasya James

She look older and unattractive. That possibly could be the reason why Travis wasnt attracted to her. He didnt want you, Jodi. And you are in prison for a man who "obviously" wasnt into you

Javier Cavazos

Mousy librarian that swallows!! ????

Kathryn Ellicott

Why are these questions necessary?!

Joel Keane

These defence cases are so ridiculous. This is completely pointless. It is her trying to muddy the waters with details of a completely normal sexual relationship. So he came in her mouth? Now, what is a jury meant to do with that information in the context of all the other evidence in this case? It simply confirms that the couple were into hot sex. One jury is unlikely to be surprised by this, let alone 15. And this reaction of surprise is very unlikely to progress to feelings of sympathy with Jodi, let alone 12.

fabian lang

Huh? Its over?

Igit Igit

Pics or it didn't happen


How does jodis ability to suck travis have any true purpose to being proven guilty or not? I’m genuinely curious

Henris Wonders.

Why was her sexual activities and detailed stories seem to be the focus of this case.. everythin was sex this sex tape that... but then asking her to answer details which really shouldnt of been asked.... were did he ejaculate... hmm were do u lay urs out pal. It should of been focused on the how and why she did what she did not her bedroom curriculum as she put it...

Jose Rios

What the fuck? Lol


Nothing but a lieing bitch

Honesty Quality

“”Too much too soon.”” That’s what they all say.

Amber Sarkar

What has that got to do with anything gross disgusting if they were trying to intimidae her they did !!

Мари Мари

Why all these are being questioned at all??????


The old bloke in white shirt glad he got a front row seat - this is hilarious! ???

Valeria Castro

Hes just making sure what she will do to him!!! ?


Haaaa haaa trump

BeShared Rotterdam

I wasn't expecting that TeeeHeeee

Dash Ong

Did you swallow or spit? Not very thorough this lawyer. I demand a re-trial.

Eric Draven Nevermore

How was the jury not facepalming themselves with frustrating cringe?


I am surprised nobody asked for demonstration or reenactment of the scene...

Bobby Phillips

Her parents must have loved hearing "where? " In my mouth" What does that have to do with murder. Every couple would be in trouble at that point. If I was her I would have said to the attorney I take it you have not had too much experience with couples having foreplay have you

paul mc

Hmm, I think I saw the little twins getting pointy! ? ? ?

Jose Dino

None of this is relevant. Nothing more than perverts getting off about sex they wished they had. They still live with their fucking parents. And the piece of shit judge allowing this to happen.

Jason Bladzinski

This girl photographed herself having sex with people and she was uncomfortable in the dark?


3:11 The million dollar question


Did you moan or did you try to be quiet ?

Insert Coins

Whatever bitch you were begging him for it..can see straight through your bull crap.

Monica Marla Rai

Why was the prosecutor asking such questions? Where was he going with those questions?

Ferdinand Bardamu

These hearings sound like an Audible version of a porn video.


I'll be right back...

Richard Clarke

it makes great TV but how is how they met and what they did in any way relevant to what occurred in the guy's house one night a couple of years later ?


That bloke in the blue shirt was really enjoying the story ??

Katie Lister

My God I hope I never end up in court having to talk about that kind of stuff. I would just die of embarrassment!


He didn't ask if she swallowed, idiot!


"Trust me guys, the case can't be completed without me asking these questions."


Lol all Comments are about everyone enjoying the story. But I honestly think she was too ?

Roberto Perez

The face lf the old guy jajajaa

Poonam Bhatia

This woman is TRASH!


“Did he ejeculate “damn and he even asked where mannn whyy

jimeas popoloiv

Man! This better than pornhub, bro!

Andie Torres

What is the reasoning for these questions? lol


I’m annoyed that the case had so much to do with sex instead of just her murdering someone. This is all she wants, to be the center of attention AND to talk about sex. She’s a psychopath and this is her currency

Sammi Conley

Is this the part of the trial where Jodi talks about being embarrassed by her roast beef curtains? I can’t believe this actually went on in court LOL

Kika Naga

My brother is awake after watching this video


The fat guy asking questions had a raging hard on and was obviously a virgin

Mike Solo

She even did the hand motion when she said that she began to recipricate 2:50


Yoooo im dead ? ?

Dustin Wyatt

“If that was a cruel ploy, sign me up for another!”



how are these questions actually relevant to a murder case??!?!! im genuinely curious

Tony Persoage

What the fuck does that have to do with anything


I know she had done one of the most unimaginable crime that person can do in one life but are these question asked by lawyer necessary?? I am amazed with that fucking ugly fatty guy for asking all these question!! Lunatic and desperate lawyer!

izzy bop

The guy in the blue shirt is making me laugh with all of his expressions lol


:50 someone must've said something. She actually looks irritated.


really? too much, too soon? this chick's roast beef curtains say otherwise

Linus Bakoi


Kat Williams

Why were any of those questions necessary?

Sylvester Uchia

What was the purpose of this? ? ?? Nah like I genuinely wanna know, lawyers in the comment section what's happening here? ?

Arcade Collectors Europe

it is clearly visible that she thought she will come through with that story

vers bottom

When you have 3 bangs

josh darius

Those mormons are so religious

s malik

WTF is this even appropriate?

Jeanette Dranichak

Never could understand the point in this story. It's as though they are implying he forced her.


What the fuck is wrong with that guy who asking all this question??