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Chart of How Women Rate Men

Chart of How Women Rate Men17 Oct. 2017
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Comments (100)

As a guy, I judge women like this too. I'm actually picker than most women though since I have superior high standards because I carry myself like that and I ain't no hypocritic. Especially if I'm deciding whether she is going to be my potential girlfriend/wife in the future.

Love Incorporated

cheap and proud also ...

Withholding money will tell you if the woman wants you for the wrong reasons. So, even if you have money it's not a bad idea to appear cheap.

Warrick James

All those high scores and he still potentially friend zoned...


Lol @ "Exhibit signs of being a cheap bastard." I spend according to value. No woman is worth the precipitation unless she's my woman.

Kelvin Rice

On point chart analysis breakdown Rom! This is exactly what I've been saying for the longest. Men need to have the whole package and it definitely consist of these things right here! If you want to get the kind of reception you really want from, a positive one, you need to have these attributes on this list in tact! Even though the ratings varies which is good and how it's supposed to be, you still need to be on point with these attributes. These are the actual keys of being successful, being the center of attention and winning with women. When you have these attributes down to a science, you can't lose and you're not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings Unc ROM.

Alonzo Carter

Women get all that and still don't b happy also will cheat

Ray Love Window Cleaning Service

Hey Uncle Rom Great Video Once Again. I admit we as Men come up short in certain areas, I for one need my Teeth fixed and I am getting them done now, cause it s long over due!

Sniper 11 N.D.

Honest it's BS but i can appreciate it. It's more insecurity of a woman.


I will never understand why a woman would friend zone someone they can potentially be with, its like a man being good enough is almost non existent to a female (not all but most).


Its ironic that women don't like to be objectified but here is this woman that created a list on this dude. He got a fair score and still seen as a piece of dick and put in the friendzone... The dating scene is getting more obsolete in 2017.

P Swerve

@Rom Wills Can you post in the description where you found the chart or can anyone post it here Appreciate it.


Hey Uncle Rom, long time. Can this chart conflict with the "list" that a woman has in her mind that a man is "required" to fulfill? or is that chart similar to the list? Does the list thing work for women? You can add that to your video topic list lol.

Zein Albasam

There list I longer than my grocery list and I go shopping once every month ?

Anthony Conant

just focus on improving your health and your wealth. Dont spend your life worrying how women "rate" men. A women will be always searching for a man thats a perfect 10 across the board. Since when have men worried so much about how women see us?


Any woman who thinks "teeth and grill" are synonymous, would be a total waste of any decent man's time.


Rom on the height part of the chart ? I’m a short man at 5,7 and I’ve slade plenty of women , but I understand their ideal concept of this women’s chart , great content ????

G-notes Johnson

Whats crazy is, if im gauging it right. Is that men can have these attributes; and still be in friend zone?


"Exhibits signs of being a cheap bastard" LOL


Another great video Rom. Ever since I came across your channel, it has sparked my interest for learning the game and women. I just purchased Nice Guys and Players, Meeting Attractive Women, and A Players Eyes. Just finished A Players Eyes and currently halfway through Nice Guys and Players. I wish I would've learned these things in my early 20s and teenage years.

Danny G

They forgot to add money to this chart. Women will always flock to the guy with the most money / status. A large enough bank account will net you a 10 on this chart easily regardless of what you look like.


Well, Uncle Rom, it would appear that this is far more complex depending on what that particular woman was looking for in a particular man. It depends on what purpose/role that woman has that man fulfill, doesn't it? Depending on the woman a certain man could be someone she's seen in public with, someone for a discreet liaison, etc... Interesting take.

chris thorns show

So in my opinion regarding this bout that friend zone part I say this women will put a man in the friend zone meaning no ties.. Obligations.. No nothing but why is it when shit go sour that friend position be the number 1 spot cuz she wants to tell you all her bullshit stories cuz you're jus a friend but when she find another boo thang she won't think shit bout you til the cycle repeats itself I'm not your convenience if you understand where I'm going

Christopher Collins

Keep them coming!


The conversation thing is bullshit to a certain extent. It's the WAY you talk rather than the actual content of the words. Plus if you're a pretty boy women will find the most mundane chit chat fascinating

New Deep

Who made this chart?...a 12 year old middle school girl??

Edward Anderson

chris thorns show The friendzone position is basicaly used for women to get emotional attention and validation from men without ever getting anything out. Its basicallyjust like what females do on instagram as for attention and validation but they dont always get the emotional part whichi s way they do increasingly whorish things on social media to make up for it which they never do .

If men in general understood how valuable non sexual attention or non sexual companionship as bgs puts it was to women. Men would not give it away as mcuh. We have damn near zero discussions about that.

This is why I tell dudes its better many times to pay for it and get a situation where you got a few hicks like that, then go chasing chicks all the time. The very act of chasing women gives them attention and validation so much so that they feelbolk enough to call you a harraser and terrost just for walking up and saying hello.

Karl Marx

Who cares what these used-up cunts want they only bring 1 thing but I should have at least 20 things fuck that weak sauce


Well in all honesty Rom from the looks of the chart and then to see the overall compatibility and the category she put this brother in....SHE'S ONE OF THE DUMB ASSES who will remain single PERIOD!


Facts step your game up . Man you speak to real all the time .

Jervis Horton




Dee Jae

no charcter,no intellegent chart, no job chart, no does he have his own spot, this list is set up for failure

G-notes Johnson

To some extent, men should, use, this for women as well.


Teacher ROM you school us everyday class in session . Thank you .

G-notes Johnson

So i assume conversation part could be character to a degree

Anon amous

Excellent points as always. As Rom says, different women are attracted to different things. He always says that a man must be aware of the women who are checking him out and the one's who are not checking him out. No matter how he looks, there may be some women who are feeling him. Don't overlook the women who are feeling you to go after the "10s" who are not. And, on occasion, don't overlook the 10 who is feeling you by assuming that no 10 would ever feel you. Be aware.

You can change most of the things for which women are looking. You cannot change your height or facial structure (unless you opt for plastic surgery), but you can improve everything else. I did an inventory, primarily for business purposes, a long time ago. I called it my "Serenity Inventory" from the Serenity Prayer: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference." As I began to accept the things that I could not change and to work on the things that I could change, I was shocked at how many things I could change.

For example, I had never been good socially. I couldn't do small talk. I was perfectly relaxed giving a presentation to 100 people, but I was a clam in a group of five people. I took a course in networking and discovered that you could learn to be social and learn to do small talk. A few years after taking the course and practicing in my work life, I was getting ready to go to a party. I suddenly realized that there would be over 100 people at the party and I only knew one person, but I was completely comfortable, because I knew that I would successfully network and make many more contacts. My point is that there is knowledge out there that can change your life. Go find it, learn it, practice it. An excellent place to start is Rom's "Five Steps" video.

Awhol Lotta Whoopass

Definitely an eye opener. Another hidden gem from uncle Rom

King's Son

Even if you're a man who scores pretty high in most of these categories, this list is still disheartening.

chris thorns show

Brother ROM what's good Fam checking this out now....

Here's 1️⃣ of my latest share your thoughts brother

Keenan Davis

My uncle passed from colon cancer its the most deadly cancer amongst men especially black men trust me its no joke veggies and fruits over beef and ham

David Jackson

The Chart that I go off of is the quality of women that I have fucked in my lifetime, so I would have to say im doing pretty good according to what women expect out of a man, according to this chart, so I say that to say im not the best looking guy in the world, but I had sex with some of the baddest women and helped my character and confidence go up, but over time the overall looks go out of the door, women aint never satisfied when it comes to good looking black men, EXAMPLE: There are women breaking up with men over this beard game matters Facebook group lol, shit is crazy lol.

The Youtuber Formely Known As MasterBoris86X

hahahaha! this is laughable!! it's been awhile ROM! seems like youtube is blocking nots of your videos from me. but yeah i see you doing the field masters work!! keep it up!!


This video is low key very important. The advice here is some stuff I haven't heard before like the stuff about bad breath and the idea of total package and accentuating your strengths and mitigating or working on your weaknesses. Very good video.


Typical shallow women....


Feels like i'm in class LMAO


Thx for the help uncle Rom

Charles Merchant

This chart says the feeling is mutual. They have no attraction for me and I have none for them.

They want cosmopolitan metrosexuals......and I will never be one.

All parties satisfied.

Jason Montgomery

I don' care what the style is, I ain't wearing scrotum squeezers..


good game uncle Rom.tell the men out there whats the reward for making this list.my answer is you get a larger quantity of women to choose from.

Andre E

I CAN'T WAIT for the men's list of how we rate women...boy oh boy...


This particular female concluded the guy was dick roster and friend zone material. She didn't consider him boyfriend potential. This chart was clearly filled out by a bw lol.
Since men are the buyers. Shouldn't we be more picky? Shouldn't we put females through tests?
Also, isn't it interesting that females are least likely to select males with better/higher character? What does that say about society? What does that say about females (their feelings beings)?

Lightning Rod

Dick Roster ?


I agree with the face. Body, grooming (beard / facial hair), style, and smell goes a long way!

rahkeem the great

Excellent video.


Guys chart.... 1. Is she attractive, 2. What is her character & does she seem to respect herself and others. 3.Does she show some sign of knowing the world around her. 4 Is she willing to grow and expand her mind to try new things. 5. Is she Sane and not crazy.

Darron Brown

So this guys total score is 75. Let’s say total score of 75 makes you SELECT.

I’m gonna think of others scores and their meaning.

slim hustla

Let a man put a chart on rating women the social media Feminists will be outraged and said men are extremely shallow.

Perverted Alchemist

Nothing about sense of humor on the list? They seem to throw that one out a lot, LOL.


The reason he wasn't boyfriend material is because he appeared cheap. Boyfriend = resources

FitLife 120

8:45 brother almost choked on his tongue, I thought we lost ya Rom lol


They go for the best package I'm Craig but I need the best out of women I expect 1 trillion times more then one of these dumb mutant low ranking men in discovering select men and women is my tribe I was illiterate in what I should do for friends I've been hanging around stray cats when I'm a mink silver fox mountain lion it can happen it's been a blessing meeting people on my level heaven nirvana

D. Anderson

GM Brethren! ☕??

Alonzo Carter

Yea what women want is understood,but what they're bringing to the table besides sex and problems

Amari T Ball

Beard deserves a category by itself. Lol

Quincy Neal

money will make all that go out the window

Andre E

One thing that has always been an itch to me is this "swag" component. I get its a reference to confidence, but why not just call it confidence then? Apart of me believes that swag has something a little more to do then just confidence, I can't put my thumb on it but I feel like I'm close. Reason I bring this up is because I've seen women DISMISS certain men who look decent, have their head on straight, not about non sense, and walking his own path..women get intimidated and call that man aggroant just because she feels insecure..


Rom I liked how you broke that list down. Unfortunately that female is a JOKE. Men shouldn't take women like that serious.

BTW y'all brothas should see my list when it comes to evaluating women ??.. I made a video about it on my page "5 Qualities That Make You Wifey Material"


Rom they are copying Tariqs Chart on women this was discussed in like 08 no creativity as usual for black women smh.


Had to KICK that science I see....I like....BREAK IT DOWN..BREAK IT DOWN....hhahahaa....everything youve BEEN saying bruh...see Rom this is why youre the FIELD MASTER...You bring the real and you back it up( from your researching ability, experience and scientific backing)...CONVERSATION is HIGH.....the ability to get'em comfy...6:00 minute mark CRUCIAL!!!!!!... that mouth piece...GIFT OF GAB.....Definitely watch what you eat....never know you might come across that freak who likes to swallow...WWOOOOOOPS>>...hahaahha...FIELD MASTER eatin that FRUIT...hahahaha.. .BLUMPKIN oh yes(BEST NUT EVER)...love that fruit...just in case..HAHAHAHAHA.....she was a biochemist engineer put me onto THE IMPORTANCE of FRUIT...yes and the biggest thing of all is this fellas is there are LOT of NUANCES 16:25 to 18:00 MINUTE MARK....and I like how you CRUSHED and cared about WHO EVER the FUCK CAME AT YOU OUT THEY FACE...YEAH!!...Rom aka FIELD MASTER aka ROMMYO aka the PUNANI SAGE...hahahaha...


Hey ROM how about putting a chart together for the brothers....to help out make one of the most important ratings on ATTITUDE please!....that will be my contribution to the list.

Mike Will

Dam her list is longer than mine. No wonder these females get used up and unmarried.

Robster C. Well

I mean I rate girls on looks too. But personality plays a role too. She can be a 10 in looks, but because she smokes, she will lose about 5 points.


Morality, Ambition, Loyalty, Faithfulness all those things they like to talk about men nowadays aren't on this list. Gee I wonder why lmao

Jacob Online

You must be red pill making it that a face is the only thing you cant control but you make it the least important when it's actually the most important because of this reason because you cant change it women want it because everyone can change anything else women want rare things and a hot face is rare

Joe from DC

Gm uncle Rom from cali.
I sent out the chart to couple of my friends. Not afraid to hear their opinions?

skinfan jay

Appreciate you ROM


In this day and age, the way the average woman's mentality is nowadays. Their value have dipped so low in the last 40 years, that the average man could care less what these women value.


I just watched a 40 min video ad for you, man. Now THATS support! Lol Love the content.

Josh Brezzy

Billion dollar game ???


12 years ago it wasn't like that. Now it always been about the bread with some but now it's gotten alil out of hand. Im afraid think how this will effect the black community. Because brothers going get that bread for the Pu..y. The power of the pus..y why dudes get their haircut and try dress fly. Every baller that can afford got get the best ride. "Jay"

Christopher Lefrere

I assume intelligence falls under conversation?

Darth Malice

This dude had all the atributes most women want and he still wasn't boyfriend material
...this tells you that most women don't know what the hell they want...and you wonder why Mgtow is gaining traction these days ...#smashanddash

ManCave Productions

My ex girlfriend says I'm too serious. It's like mf I'm sorry if I'm trying to prepare for law school and obtain knowledge to be a future investor. I have a lot on my mind. I'm in a crucial part of my life and I'm trying to realize my potential. Either keep complaining or leave. But she still sticking around I see. Honestly we just probably aren't compatible. And that's a tough pill to swallow.

Joyce 31202

Never thought about putting this in a chart. So the total is listed in the Boyfriend potential/DR/FZ portion ? And yes the face may be least important but we do look at that too as a part of the total package, it is a part of you.


Would masculine energy be rated under swagger


I noticed from going IG, dating apps, traveling today Vegas, and hearing my friend talk about Florida it all about the money. These young girls all want money. It really got into their heads we suppose to pay. Women have a cashapp name on dating sites. They say send me money to get my attention.


The Dick Roster is funny. Many dudes are on it and don't know that they're on it.


Good chart depending on the females desire to impress the person given the survey .Money cars and cloths is all that sista knows. I think those things can TRUMP that chart ! Quote ? "And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

Darth Malice

Wait wait...I had to come back... this chick had a category for dick roster...who all is on the roster and how many/how do you get on?....this puts things in perspective... Your thinking your #1 meanwhile your really #8 on the dept chart smh...that's why #idontlovethesehoes lol?

Roll Tide World Wide

My woman chart...work...kids....car... weight...mouth... selfish y/n...place...father in her life y/n...hair...type ex boyfriend ...clean house.. tattoos ... cooking...1 hole 2 holes..3 holes ?

FitLife 120

Lol & most these things deteriorate with a age but your integrity/character don't...this is retarded

Jerromi Muckle

All these attributes and you’ll still be in the friend zone. I’m starting to think the key to not being in the FR is aggression. Gotta have that right amount of it


Too knowledgeful for these simps! Appreciate the knowledge frfr keep waking these lames up


"shoes" alone should have its own category.


I like to start out with an expensive meal once, and maybe take them shopping once to give the woman a taste of what life can be like if they act right.


as a jazz head.i love that charles mingus in the background.

Day day Huntington

sounds bout right soon as swagger fall below or switch up 5its a wrap

Goku Black

hate these fuckin bitches



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