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How to Make Cake Pops | Easy Homemade Cake Pop Recipe

How to Make Cake Pops | Easy Homemade Cake Pop Recipe14 Feb. 2019
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You can find and print the

You can find and print the cake pops recipe here on my website:

Want to learn how to make some of America's favorite restaurant recipes? Check out this recipe resource:

In this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, I will show you how to make cake pops. This homemade cake pop recipe is very easy to make, using very few ingredients. There is something cool about a ball of cake covered in chocolate on top of a lollipop stick. Here is a bit of history about the cake pop. Angie Dudley aka Bakerella, came up with the cake pop in 2008 in Georgia, United States. And so many people are glad she did. Now 11 years later, they can be found at restaurants, supermarkets, and of course there are plenty of at home bakers making these delightful treats. Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, maybe give a bouquet of cake pops! Do you like Starbucks cake pops? Then you have got to make these! They are really easy to make, if I can do it, you can do it, let's get started!

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- 1 cake mix box of your favorite cake (plus necessary ingredients listed on back of box) Or use your favorite homemade cake recipe.

- approx. 1/3 cup of frosting (your favorite kind)

- candiquik:

- candy melts:


- treat sticks:

- styrofoam or cake pop stand:

- bowls

- spoon

- bags

- hand mixer (optional)

- parchment paper

- baking tray or plate

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Comments (100)
T Farris

Can you use cream cheese frosting

Ihi ihi

These are so cool!! Can I use regular American buttercream?

Allison Alvarez

Hi, great video :) I really understand everything?. Can I use swiss meringue frosting instead of buttercream?

eliesa nasufi

Can i now please the reciepe of what kind of cake should i make for the cakepops

Aaliyah Ibeawuchi

They look pretty pretty yummy

Joyce McDaniel

I am subscribed to ur Channel


i’m making these, and I don’t have the candy melts. how do you use chocolate chips instead?


can i dip them in icing instead?


I tried it and it turned out great thank you


Matt needs to have more subscribers! This guy is literally an angel from heaven ??

Pixie River Gaming


Nonna Troth

Thank you so much for sharing your talent! I enjoyed watching you! I will make these pops for Valentine 's Day. Keep it up! Your new fan from the Philippines ????

Sajina Zulfikar

Can I use normal butter cake


thank you for this! my first time making cake pops and they turned out well :) i replaced the frosting with cream cheese frosting and they still tasted good

10-Leen Zarkout

thank you matt turned out good?


Imagine being an adult and being able to go to get these materials yourself and no one will yell at you for making a mess, smh

Lol I want to make these things so badly but I can’t so I’ll subscribe and maybe I will be able to

Jolette Mani

Yesss. Planning doing these for my birthday!

Maria Rocha

Omg this video is just perfect. Got straight to the point.

Kj Kayla Johnson

Every time I make cake pops they always fall off when I dip them in the chocolate. Do you put them in the fridge longer than 10 minutes? Do you let them cool off? What am I doing wrong? ?


I meen


Thank you for making the best and easiest recipe of how to make cake pops for a first-timer.

starstruck 04

i’m so hungry i want a cake pop

Salma s

Cake pop making party oooo yeah ?

Ram NarayanSingh

You had make very tasty thing and decoration in also nice

Rosalinda Cruz

Awesome teacher?

Manisha Panda

Can we use white chocolate instead of that candyquick

megan grenier

A fork works just fine you don’t need a electric mixer. Don’t discriminate against the color of the cake that’s not nice

MY. Food

Thanks so much for your video. Is this coating can lats for how many days

Leanette Erasmus

I was making cake pops today and they were a floppp

Daily Vlogs

New subscriber!!

Liz Licona

Watching this today 12/8/20 and when he said you can eat these with friends and family... it hurt???

mona e

How is it mid falling off ?mine are all falling off lol

Joyce McDaniel

This works so good for me


I just made these and iblove it

Caking It with Emma

Watching in 2021!

david gnananraj

Hey Matt where are you from
I like all your videos it is so good
Thank you for sharing ??!!


Making these with my babies.

Shane Gleason

The reason that why you can hear him smacking his lips because he was probly eating some of that cake.


Hey Matt! I was wondering what temperature I should preheat my oven. Thanks! Love your videos

Life of Mia!

I used this recipe and o.m.g- that’s soooooo good best recipe every 10000000%

Diane Perez

I can do it ,hope so ?

Missan Oshaibi

I tried this and surprised my mo with it she loved it so much (by the way I’m 10)

Libby Custer

Cant wait to make these!! :)


The next time i destroy my cake thats what i will do?


thank you for replying to everyone’s comments! so nice!

Cindy Citrus

I am trying it out soon, I just have to make my cake before I can start on the cake pops. I saw very positive comments so I am defiantly going to try this out. I have been wanting to make Cake Pops for such a long time!!


Yummy ❤️??

vivian delgado


Veronica p Yaris

Hi Matt this is my first time making those cake pops but I had an extra neighbor making them for me it's a lot of hard work I use the candy melt as chocolate there's different kind of colors

Musse Egeh

Its so cool I made it for my daughters birthday I, made 100

לירז גובני

Love ? it waching from Israel


i’m making these!!!

Damsel Ola

I just now watch this video yesterday for a party they loved it thanks

Anaya Sharif

I need help!!! I want to make cake pop. Is it okay if a buy a cake and make them or do I have to bake a cake ?

•hxnny Bee•

Me and my sister want to try them and we did and they fell apart XD (I’m 11)

Roshini Ananthan

How am I supposed to store this ? And if I have to store it outside for how many days it can be outside? Or in the fridge ?

Anand Khalkho

Thanks for the recipe ❤️❤️❤️

lily Roberts

Omg I haven't seen these in years definitely making them tomorrow tyyyy?

Lydia Donahue

I wish I would of found this video before I attempted this. Mine was a cake pop failure.

Camille Santana


Cookies are sooo good Gacha life


Caitlin Mcilwain

Very helpful! Maybe try some recipes for people with allergies because I can not have dairy so it makes it harder to fi d some ingredients. Thx ?

Mike Carey

How can you have 1100 thumbs down? I've made these 4 times a dozen at a time and had good results except the last time. Just an observation, the last time when I put the sticks in I didn't smooth out the chocolate where the stick penetrates. Many of the cake pops fell off when dipping. I'm suggesting when you smooth the chocolate out your also making the point of entry stronger like concrete or adhesive. If that makes ay sense.
Good work Matt. Perhaps if you're Joe

Carol Lopez

Are cake balls suppose to be mushy it cracks when I roll into balls


Tyyyyyyyy this helped

Donovan Maikai

I'm going to try this tomorrow ???


It’s 2021!

Naima Naima

How do i make frosting

Rosemary Ortiz

Instead of using candy melts clay I use chocolates? I couldn’t find any chocolate at my local store ?

Classic Lorelei


Hania Khan

Amzingrespi and teasty beautiful respi bothachi legi

Trisha T

Will be making these soon. Thanks for the helpful tutorial. Q's - How do you store them ? How long can they last ?

Nikola Ginger

I am going to make these!! U nailed this!

Molly Mc

tried making these it was a disaster


I love cake lol

Alivia Rogers

I really hope he washed his hands he like mixed and touched EVERYTHING with his hands?


Hello Matt, we tried to make your cake pops, the cake wouldn’t stick to the stick when u would dip it in the icing, our Wilton icing wasn’t working very well either, Just FYI, Merry Christmas!!! Jocelyn!!! (8-1/2) yrs.

Gwyn Agullo

frosting or icing? can I use chocolate frosting?

Aaliyah Holmes

I love how he got straight to the point‼???? subscriber ?

Avocado Vibez

Yo yes g wys cuz

Davette McBob

Love this so much. Looked up recipes online n looked so difficult especially as they were all talking about using electric things. Thank you !


Can i use chiffon cake?

Seoul -mates

Watching today 30/12/20


Every time I make mine they never stay on the stick.

Juanita Rodríguez Vargas

i have made cakepops before but this was way easier.
you explain really good and they turned out delicious.
Thank You

Matt yeet

It works and it tasted good! IM SUBBING

Ninfaa Lucioo

Did you let the cake cool before mashing it all up ? I’m making cake pops right now ?


I just tried making them but the chocolate got burnt ??‍♀️ but it’s ok I’ll just eat it without chocolate lol

Bhavna Pandey

Thanks for explaining it step by step. I tried it and it was awesome

Khaled Nassef

sounds yummy

Anastasia Ferrante

I really love this so thanks a lot

Ariana Garnica

can use a blender to chop the cake?

Mee Hanan

Hello. I make this but the white chocolate crack.. how to make not crack ? ?

go low


i like to eat candy

Hello! I'm gonna plan to do this on New years. Could I use brownie mix for the cake substitute?

Alyssa Madsen

"Oooooooh yeeaah" ?
No, but seriously, what he does is amazing


Can u use frosting for the outside ?

Varsha Bhikam

This looks relly great .how long does it have to be in the fridge?

Noor Alomrani

I definitely subscribed and liked !!!

saarrah begum

These look so awesome

HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes

HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes12 Mar. 2019
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Simply QuinoaSubscribe 438 721

Today I'm going to show

Today I'm going to show you how to make oatmeal with 6 different variations. These healthy oatmeal recipes are easy, delicious and also great for vegan meal prep! We're going to cook steel cut oats here, but I also share you how to use these oatmeal recipes with any type of oat!




- Instant Pot:

- Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats:

- Gluten-Free Rolled Oats:

- Gluten-Free Instant Oats:


- How to Cook Steel Cut Oats (no instant pot):

- Homemade Peanut Butter:

- Chia Jam:





use code SIMPLYQUINOA and save:















Disclaimer: I partnered with Bob's Red Mill on today's video. I was compensated to create the recipes, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and the companies that make this channel possible!

#steelcutoats #oatmeal #veganbreakfast

Comments (100)
Erim Aslan

Thanks for the 3 rd one, it tastes great

Tiuna Perry

Girlllll ????? I’m About To Start Eating Oatmeal And Needed A Few Ideas Omg THANK YOU, Much Love From This Stoner ?✌?

Elizabeth Z


Joana Ferro

How much is “some water”?

Mari Sleepz

Oatmeal looks thicc asf..oh hell no i do not make my oatmeal tht healthy lol

C h r i s t i n a xoxo

There was no measurements given not that helpful

Fatma Marouf

Im going to try the peanut butter and jams one

Collete Lim

This 6 oat recipes can this fit for dieting?

Kylie Huang

Oh my gosh the peanut butter banana one is SO GOOD!! Tastes like banana bread

Nonoa Sailo

Could be good

Hanan Rizwan

what is wrong quick otemeal?

Yadhu Krishnan

The only recipe i am gonna make from this video is Peanut Butter, Banana and Oats

Karen L

Quarantine has made me search for any little thing that pops in my head I swear lol

Deep saha

Can I use your video for teaching English on instagram?

Katie WiserKrizek

How much liquid do you add to 2 cups of oats when cooking? Thanks!

sophiya 47

I dont want to have oats but I need too,, ????

Garnet Gigi

hello my dear, where can i find those little glass bowls you used to pour syrup? Not the white creamer one but the clear ones, they are like mini size prep bowls for seasonings/ ingredients but yours are smaller than mine and I need that smaller size, haha. :)

odaana anaado


Zach Zwerin

Be careful with the chia seed recipe. Js cuz blenders usually cant reach them to grind them up

surajchennai S

Does adding milk helps to weight loss

{Lexi_does random stuff}

welp when my dad gets home cuz hes an engineer i will make him buy apples for my oatmeal ?

Hope Mopas

I make apple pumpkin spice oat bran cereal. I like the variety you listed though. Thanks!!

Kimberly Rodriguez

Can’t wait to wake up and make oatmeal ughh ?

Hannah Beck

Hey Alyssa! I have cavaties that have fallen out, therefore I have holes in a couple teeth. You have beautiful teeth. Do you have natural tips for enamel rebuilding?

Margie W

Do not have instant pot. Can I cook by rice cooker?

Nonoa Sailo

Could be good

Carrie T

Blueberry and walnut with honey is good. Banana and peanut taste amazing

Polina Popova

Love oatmeal?thanks for great recipes ??

Denise Brewster

Have oatmeal/? daily


Not to get political or anything, but what the fuck is oatmeal?


when you have a peanut allergy and you can only use two recipes: ? ???

Douglas Grant

Chia seed Jam???? Learn something new everyday!!!!

Rami Yako

Definitely #6 and #4

Eric Buschfort

Pot. 1 cup steel cut oats. 2 cups of water. Pinch of salt. Add raisins. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer for 13 minutes. Stir once or twice during simmer. Pull off heat and let sit for 5 minutes. Bingo.


Yall unironically like this?


Girl you forgot savory oats! Chop up carrot, zucchini, garlic, onion, greens and add broth ?

AK- 47

tHaTs vErY nIcE oAtMeAl, bUt mInE's bEtTeR

Coach JP Madden

".... 2 cups steel cut oats, then Add SOME water..." How hard would it be to state the amount of liquid? Not helpful.

Anna Varghese

I was impressed by the thumbnail ?? really yummy


It looks delicious but are these truly healthy or just really bad ways to make oatmeal in terms of health


Oatmeal in boarding school is a cheat code.

Elizabeth Z

my mom makes steel cut oatmeal in a rice cooker...

Moe Berry

This is a real woman finally she can cook!

Emily Jimenez

I ended up doing banana peanut butter oatmeal, I do want to try that sea salt one ?


How much water and milk did you cook the oats in...

Ronald L Greene

My mother dear use to cook oatmeal and put the leftovers in the icebox.
I NEVER cook oatmeal, because it becomes TOO MUSHY. I soak my oatmeal with purified water. After 5 minutes it's ready to eat. I only add Organic Turmeric, Ashwagandha & Dates [Gaia Golden Milk] with organic sweeteners in a bowl.

Fadwa ibrahim

I tried the peanut butter and banana it was really good i hate oats but this one is actually good


You noticing u don't have a single recipe except for oats and water

Sammy Winters

Why is it always almond milk ? Lol

pallbh Royシ

It's is the most valuable vedio for me ?

ANGEL sharma

I hate oatmeal but ur recepi amzing ?????luv from India

Nicky Delgado

"Raw kA-cow" ?

Bruce Lee

Love your channel but you missed placed the title it’s Different ways to cook oatmeal. You should’ve put different ways to make your oatmeal tasty.


this has been the video ive been looking for all my life. i love oatmeal and now i can try it different ways ?❤️

yashoda k

Good recipe, ingredients must be show in subtitle it helps all
who doesn't follow the accents pl. I hope so???

Vedant Bhoite A-103

A quick recipe if anyone's interested

Add some coffee, cocoa , pb and honey to your Oatmeal
Trust me coffee does wonders

Sass & Delicious


Striking Vines

Oatmeal cookies :

Berry Life

All looks delicious ? I loved the apple and cinnamon one and I will try them all thank you for inspiring me ??

FeBia Ivy

Please slow down

faddy UwU

is it ok to eat it raw cuz i throw up when i tried it

Niki Troy

chocolate coconut looks SO GOOD! i wish i wasn’t allergic to coconut cuz i would totally eat that

「アシュ — イト」Ash Ito

Hey just feel the Apple one is really easy and all the ingredients r simple too! ?

Pravallika Rebellious


do you soak steel cut oats overnight or just rinse and make without soaking?

Izzi. Mp4

I'm watching this while eating an oatmeal :) to see if I can change my toppings further

Kenisha Hammond

Definitely will be trying these recipes. Looks delicious!

Vasundhara joe

Imma try the Choco flavor

Be Red

6:05 why didn‘t you use homemade peanut butter for the pb and banana one

Bilal Demirci

can i take normal milk instead of almond milk? is it a difference?

Dan Lydick

I'm allergic to all nuts =(


Wait "some water and some almond milk" where are the measurements for the water/almond milk for the oatmeal? I'm sorry ik that might be a stupid question but that's why I literally clicked on the video to learn how to make the oatmeal perfectly...ugh.

Alicia Spinnet

Me here in Sweden have never heard of quick cooking oats....


2:00 apple cinnamon oatmeal

Eve Horianou

Love oatmeal. These all look so yummy! Have a question though- might be considered a silly question for some. I've never seen 'steel cut' oats here in Greece. How are they different to regular oats?

Angelika Blossfeld

These all look great. I want to try them all. Love the idea of cooking a batch in the Instant pot. How do you re heat this without microwaving it ? Stove top ? Would it dry it out and you have to add more water or almond milk? I don’t always have almond milk because I make my own and that takes planning in advance and it doesn’t keep long

Marsha Miller

I love apple out meal

Hashim alsmael

bruh I eat it right from the bag no wonder why it taste like shit

Sabika Fatima

I hate the texture of oatmeals but i am trying so hardd to like it as its healthy

Malk Avian

ohmy god.. when you mashed the banana, I gasped. THIS IS WHY IM HERE MAN. I'd have never thought of that on my own xDDD

Ayim Bekmyrza

с какао вообще кайф)

Under Bridge

I can already smell it

Julia D

Praise the cultmeal!

Be Red

1:26 why not the quick cooking ones?

Ricardo Leon


Sandeep Yadav

Durba you looked gorgeous ??

mouine mhb

why steel cut oats and not normal oatmeel
is there a diff thoe ??


The apple cinnamon is pretty good! I’m about to try another one. The pb and j is also good. Just tried the chocolate one, it’s also good.


Idk but I like my oatmeal like not mushy like very watery

Kajal Lad

Can I use lemon juice with oats soaked in cow's milk..!?

Marie Massiot

It all looks so good!!!!!! Thanks!

Sean Roche

Make u taller do they

David Ringo

Put instant oats and choice of liquid in bowl. Microwave for 80 seconds. Add in fancy stuff. Eat. Put bowl in dishwasher. Go to work.

Zineb Benbrahim

??? Amazing, Like, ???

gynae surgery

how much water do i put

- M i l k c r e a m -

7:28 Is this just a southern thing or am i just the only one who says it pecans like pe-cawns

J Zee

I like to try those. ?

I just eat my oatmeal with milk and sugar ??

Machelle Butts

What is the measurement of water and milk?

Earthling Ellis

I'd recommend cooking your frozen berries or apples with your oatmeal in the pot/ microwave.
it gives the oatmeal a more intense fruit flavour and the berries/ apples get nice and soft

How To: Frame a 16" O.C. Wall! (Most Common Wood Framing Method)

How To: Frame a 16" O.C. Wall! (Most Common Wood Framing Method)27 May. 2019
1 670 684
MattBangsWoodSubscribe 438 721

In this video, I teach you

In this video, I teach you how to frame a 16" o.c. wall. From bottom plates to top plates, crowning studs and blocking for added rigidity. We go over the stud lengths, block lengths, and methods for nailing it all together. Did I miss anything? If so, share it below!

I want to thank Norske Tools for working with me on this project.

Norske Tools:

Norske IG:

My Instagram:

Subscribe for more awesome carpentry and how-to videos!

#carpenter #framer #construction

Comments (100)
John Deneen

Great job, look at those walls in the background.

Nicola Fachin

They make it look easy its probably not that easy.

Sorel c’est degueulasse

you guys have the slowest way to build

Gabriel Gonzales

El ranchero


Do bv you need a city permit?

Jose Leiva

What size of nail did you used?

Vic Lam

From electrians to plumbers thanks !!!

Vvs Pablooo

First wall?!?!? Im on my 4th ?


Awesome that you advise to think of other trades! I used to be a plumber and lots of the builders in my area couldn't care less about other trades. I would hit nails from time to time. I finally got to the point where I would just check from the top.


So if I make a wall like this all I have to do next is stand it up and nail the plates to the upper and lower studs?

Ian Stuart

I always wait to put my double plate on after I set it in place. Then I overlap the intersecting walls with it

Koverage Contractors

Good info and clear explanation!

Thomas Ralfenson

Woodglut is full of amazing tips. It helped me a lot.

Captain America

Best way to explain I have not seen..Thanks..!!


What size nail are you using?

John Shaw

Natural teacher...great disposition.

Victor Orozco

master builder !

Jamie W. La Croix

Awesome video I agree your work represents who you and your company are, being in the flooring trade for the 40 years you can't hide the mistakes, so much easier to do it right the first time.


Oh no, i don't want an industrial cutter that "blows my mind".

Titan Niki

Great info TY!
If this was an exterior wall placed on Slate would it be the same procedure? Would you place something (material) down 1st for leakage?

Gabriel Gonzales

El ranchero

Janko Martin

Woodglut has very good designs and plans.

Felix Amador

I wish my ex-boss knew this. I left with a few skills but yet I didn't like how they work, which I was discourage to keep working as a framer. Now I'm learning how to install tile. Great video.

Thomas Reed

Your work is your signature. Amen!
This framed wall won’t be seen but knowing that the quality is there is pride in your work.
Great video young man!

C0ntAct HiGh

@8:13 that's an expensive hammer! Lol nice video

George Melero

You got some Talent man thanks for some of the advice I just watch these videos on the weekends and you got some skills kid keep up the good work

Roberto Carlos González Flores

What if it's not flush? How to avoid the hump in the dry-wall?


please work on holding the camera steady. no need to shake or zoom.

Fredy Carranza

I love that type of carpentry I worked on it for a long time doing pure shopping malls and packaging very good work

Greg Flintard

I came for the channel name.


Lot of fakes in San Bernardino to


That’s a fun fact?

Tony T's Lawn & Landscaping service

Love this dude extremely professional

tj m

You have ABSOLUTELY no fucking clue


Nice video. Thanks for sharing


Amazing good job ?? my friend what store did you buy your nail gun we are trying to enclose our patio but I’m kinda scared of using the air compressor

Mikhail Osipchuk

Could you build two wall and connect them

Eric Kaplan

I've watched this damn video so many times

Golden Tiger

Just love the sound of that gun ... pichooo !

John Saunders

Nice job young man. I mean that in the most respectful way. I haven't framed a wall in 30 years and I think that I have just found my refresher!


Hey Man, I want to say thank you. I appreciate your work, it has really help me from going nuts while working from home. I’ve taken many notes reviewing your videos. GB and wish you a great 2021!

Joseph Tammaro

Great video. Thank you Matt.

Max Almonte Photography

Very informative, great explanation will definitely watch a couple of more times to get get familiar with the process.

Dante Vaun

I'm watching this as an architectural drafting student and this is super helpful.

Shantel Fullerton

If you want to do it yourself, just look for Stodoys plans. There is everything you need to do it :)

Robbie Schlerf

i still mark 16 on C i never seen it the other way good to know not saying ima do it but good info to know

Herbert Herbo Moore

Can you do a video framing wall 24" on center?

Fazan Hamrock

Try the best carpenters and woodworkers plans. Woodglut.

Temo Gomez

Awesome job!

Oscar Ruelas

This was awesome. New to all this handy dandy deal and I’m inspired. You earned my sub.

edward John

I thought it was every carpenters sole mission to drive a 16 penny nail exactly through every 2- 9/16" hole I had to drill throughout my 50 years in the trade. Your Dad must be a plumber... ?

sheria mcfadden

Informative video especially for someone who has never done this before. I would like to say there is too much movement in video. It made me feel a bit dizzy.


now I know what happened to Julian Bravo from del Cine Mexicano?

Saint Hall

Great job Matt. I'm going to use this method when I build my office shed fir wifey ?

Scott Krieman

Great video! The framing is my favorite part of building a home.

Bear Lemke

Can .120 nails be used for stud framing?

Kyle Guy2

Anyone know what kind of nailer and nails hes using?



antonio bradiano

just to 16 mark put x then u don`t over think. u wasted all that time extra marking.

Chicha Mendoza


Brent Turner

This was very easy to follow. Well done!

Guillermo Lugo

Just started at a framing company and I’m new to framing and I NEED HELP with terms and things like these video. I’m in the yard for now

Bryan Hatfield

Dumb question alert...doesn't the blocking mess up future plumbing/electric runs?

Adam Gearhart

What size nails are you using with that nail gun for this? Thanks


Thanks for the great explanation. Is the top plate ever longer or shorter to tie into a perpendicular wall?

Stephen Beck

Who needs a nail gun?
One to set, one to sink.
It's always hammer time.

Joseph Tammaro

Can anyone recommend an isolating tool?

Noel Rodriguez

where do I hire you to finish my basement?

Steve Beaulieu

Hey, you dont square your wall before to put the studs ?

Joshua Clad

Thank you for the video. You are true artist.

Tifany Shirley

Warning do not do what this rookie just did major failure end stud not correct top cap put on wrong and don't ever put mid wall blocking all it does is keeps the fire department from putting out the fire below the block only do it if required for code


thank you for sharing this video

Johnson Sathaseevan

Dude! Excellent demonstration.

Дмитрий Немцов

Привет из России! Хотел бы узнать, на видео не видно, у вас пиломатериал с точными размерами пилят, или как у нас, с разбежкой до 5 мм (порой и больше)?

Hedge Core

This man knows what he's doing

Mason Young

You make it look easy brotha

Bobbie Kelsey

Matt do you have a video explaining 24 in on center stud framing?? Thanks.

esteban lopez

Question for you or anyone that can help me, I have to build a 21ft wall, What will be the best option? 3 section of 7ft or 2 og 10.5ft? thanks, Awesome content

Manny Madamba

Matt, that's great Mr. Just a word of advice, always use an ear plug whenever you use any of your power tools. Take it from me. Used power tools in the early days without ear plugs, now I have the HOH (hard of hearing; not a selective hearing). Well done.

Sam Goodwin

Great video. Short sweet and to the point

jay unitedwestand

great video...question, is that a Martinez speed square?

Pierluigi Colotto

Quick easy access to many projects with Woodglut plans.


I would hire you to build my house if I can one day. Good job


You make it look easy. Good job.

jay momo

Excellent video Bro! Easy and straight to point. You made it very simple and easy to understand!

Crazyhands Hands

Always nail up a corner stud for drywall .

Mark Miller

This may be a dumb question but, if you are nailing the second top plate on top of the first, and only nail where there are studs, won't you hit the two nails that are already there? I would think that would cause the nail to fail.

D Davis

Great info, loved the video!

William Rehm

Layout your top plate too for all your ceiling joists. Layout begins at the first sill and carry through to the roof. Doing it makes all the studs line up. If your laying out front and rear walls and joists the rear will be 15-1/4” and go with the roof rafters I’ve the studs and C joists offset. Then the front of the house will be 15-1/4” and back and the offset will allow front and rear joists and c joists to overlap at the center. Another quickie is match your interior walls to the front back and sides in layout. Basically when you look through the stud bays they should all line up from end to end. A lot easier for the other trades to run conduits and ducts etc versus winding through random stud layout even it they’re 16” oc.

Marco Santillan

Thanks so much...

sam lopez

Everything great but the second top plate is ment to tie in all the walls

Christian Vallejo

you should pu a link to the stuff you use and get a partner with the companies I'm pretty sure people will buy it off you. I want that Hitachi battery nail GUN!!!

Jason Clark

Do one on floor joists

Norman Perdomo

You are the best big

Joshua Lugo

Matt! This is a great video, thank you!

ONE Memories

Love your video! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
I like that- your work is your SIGNATURE! That's some quality work right there !
Why does crown already faces up? For strength?

Garr Exuled

Not bad for a kid....... now if we could only teach the damn yankies to sheet the damn walls on the ground before you stand “them” saves heartache later.... no twisting , no outta square ..... no lifting sheets up to install , no scaffolding .......... why do I bother lol

Maricela Valdez


tj m

Only speaking from my experience...

Cahlo C

so in the begining of the video , he goes from 3 plates to 2. so what he does is measure the stud lengths on 1 of the wood to then take the ruler thing to completely draw the line for both ; indicating for the top and bottom plates correct ?