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Cameron Esposito - This Outfit Is For Attracting Women

Cameron Esposito - This Outfit Is For Attracting Women24 Jun. 2019
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#CameronEsposito on optimizing her appearance to attract the ladies and why it's great that people are different.

Cameron Esposito stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2014.

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Comments (100)
Michael Mendez

"I'd probably hit it"
-Theo Von

puton myriotgear

Yes absolutely to all of it thank you


F'in annoying is what you are!

Ja M

This is about as interesting and funny as a straight person talking about being straight and stuff.


You're so unoriginal another lesbian female comic. Start a scissor club already. But stop trying to do comedy, none of you are ever funny.


When she was a teen she scissored with another girl until her Daddy cried.

Kenny Westman

This is all she has


What ? I didn't know Halle Berry and Kevin Beacon have a daughter

Gabriel Torres

Doctor who lol

Skip Skippy

Fuck up who cares

Christiana Blikstad

I think it’s adorable that she laughs at her own jokes. It makes me like comedians more when they can’t help but giggle a little when they’re delivering cause it’s honestly kinda wholesome



von Coconut

Angry, damaged and overcompensating...

MAD Beats

Shes hot!! Too bad for me that she a lesbian

Mandy Carlone

"oF cOuRsE i Am"

Norah K

Wow ? yall are either homophobes, sexist, or just mean

Butt Head

Being a lesbian isn't gonna force me to say this is funny.

Frog Lesbian

" AND ALSO A GIANT LESBIAN" was my mood for a month after I came out.

Shawn Stafford

LMFAO ? Wacamole. Maybe she looks like she's having a bad case of bed head. Didn't have enough time to fix it. LoL

Ash Chaya

She looks like she could be Theo Von's sister.


To be clear: I downvoted this because I expected stand-up and there was no joke, not because she's a lesbian.

Big Gus

I was about to say, “Yes we know you are a lesbian. We can tell by your hair.” Then she admits it. LMAO!!!

Doran Martell

There is this thing that I love masculine looks on women, but lesbians use them as a visual message, so straight women don't use them, so lesbians have monopolized the look and I'll never get to fully appreciate it.

Sargent Savage

Where is comedy

mo arroz

Y'all are playing out the This is a safe space saying smfh



John Visage

Her audience was very kind. Too kind if you ask me. In no way was this close to funny.


I honestly wouldn’t look at her and think, “lesbian”. I love her hair and outfit. As a straight male, I’d love to date a woman as beautiful and edgy as she is. I guess that’s just me. ???

helloday woo

I agree with what she says but its just not funny.

Not Cool



If Abbi Jacobson and Maria Bamford had a baby

Melissa Yes

Ppl with unnecessary comments b like: not 2 b homophobic but :/


Im glad she still thinks being a lesbian is somehow a punchline

Derrick Claar

The outfit is cool and you're rockin the side mullet. Oh, and you're hilarious ?

Peter White

Not really a fan tbh, she was a bit too loud and a good portion of the jokes revolve around "I like women as a woman, isn't that wack???".

It's okay to start with that kind of material to ease in the audience into your stuff but having minutes upon minutes of the same stuff is just bland, as an added bonus it felt like the audience was a bit disconfortable or was it just me?


This is pretty bad dawg, it's a no from me dawg

Jared Mitchell

I didn't think I would like this but I wholeheartedly agree with her. Live and let live.

Rushi B

Just to let you know She's a lesbian

Morph D.

New material You need. Crap this set is. Volume and sexuality doesnt = comedy. Also being tipsy only works for a select few.... Let's hope she atleast got laid

Asholishous Nelson

Holy shit, that outfit thing is really working on me

ciera leal

I look like a lesbian n I get hit on by girls all the time but I'm straight.and a tomboy kinda.

Raul Verduzco

I feel like she just screams a lot and tries to emphasize loudly in her punch lines, but they're not funny. Good try though!

World Recipe of Life



As a lesbian, I highly recommend we start calling ourselves Thunder Cats instead. Much cooler.


Now I want to get a side mullet just so I can steal that Tegan and Sara joke.

K Rod

I'd hit it.

Sam Sung

Lesbians and Gays are great for the economy


The Cameron Esposito experience: "3 CIS white males walk into a bar, and persecute me for my sexuality" but it didn't happen and she does that for an entire hour

Aaron's Life

A lesbian, vegan and cross fitter walk into a bar. How do you know?


lime& salt

Not funny but I bet she slays puss?


Painfully unfunny, loud, and cringy.

Schaden Freude

She wears that comb over better than I. Well played.

Sanae Rahaoui

Whyy screaaaming thouuuu


That Whack-a-Mole story tho...


I bet she gets so much poon


wheres the joke again?


Really funny tho hahahaha woooooohooooooo! Being gay is hilarious

David Lucey

I think she’s quite funny
I don’t understand the negative reviews

JaYaR Truth

That "this is how we should treat eachother" story was high key deep... ? Great set too ?


I could have sworns she was Kata Mara from House of Cards!!

David Brewer

I will never get that five and a half minutes of my life back... if comedy stays this way, I may not want it anyway


So where’s the joke ?

Ojisan Kukki

Do gay/lesbian comics have literally nothing else to talk about?

Anderson Ash

There’s a Fun Movie With Cameron and Julia Roberts just waiting to be written.

Pasta •

To long for a lesbian

Ann Archie

Wrong, every jacket's this tiny when I try to put it on.

Stana Milanovich

Thundercats joke did NOT get enough love. I see you! Amazing.

Will I am

Angry and loud is not funny

R. Red

Did she snort a line or something?


She looks ridiculous.


I have a strange feeling she's a lesbian. Dunno why. Just a hunch.

bushido 108

How is this funny..?

CJoseph Ferrerro

Love and let love IMHO. Plus lesbian or not . . .

Thundercat = seXXXy!!!
Stay blessed ?

Alleys Dark and Bright

She is zero degrees from Kevin Bacon.


i just want the straights around to know that they don't have to worry i do in fact tolerate them

الحاجة الزينة

I love how the girl in the front kept checking her ass the whole show, hahaha


She is TERRIBLE. 1000% hack. 1. Yell 2. Repeat things 3. “What am I wearing?! Look at my haircut!” 4. Laugh at your own material
-Literally every time I see her, she blabbers on and on about being a lesbian, like its mind-blowing.

Lou Lou

I AM TEGAN AND SARA! Love the reference!


Speaking to my soul

Ethan Cash

This...uhh....This isn't funny

CrusaderCenty [leba]

Ahmmm i dont get it. ???? Im serious while watching it. People were laughing but i dont. So i guess its funny????


yada yada yada. i'm a lesbian hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Fahad Alghamdi

Why cant women be funny

CD Shawn

That is a Thundercat hairdo


on every lesbian comedian's video I find so many people upset about the comedian being lesbian and I find this hilarious... just enjoy the show and move on with your life. lol.

Neuro September

Omg is that amy ray from indigo girls


Heather Mills

She yells too much couldn’t even listen more than a minute haha ?


Unsubscring from this channel. Not because of Cameron, she's great. But because this "community" seems to be unable to find relatability in experiences that don't affect them which makes for stale and boring comments and pushes for stale and boring content. The only shit y'all find relatable is fat guys or skinny nerdy guys talking about how socially inept they are. And the only way you'll laugh at people that don't resemble you is through self-depricating humour which makes you feel superior. God forbid a woman, much less a lesbian woman, appear confident on stage, let's knock her down a few pegs, put her in her place. The type of attitude only an insecure emasculated loser who has never been in control of anything his entire life would have.

Snarf Johnson

She is brave and beautiful

Miriam W-S

idk why there are so many negative comments, I love cameron esposito and I still find this hilarious even tho I've seen it before

H the guy

gross, not the lesbian stuff... that haircut and the unchecked volume of her voice are gross.

BosnianGames MS

Finally a good female comedian,i don't know what are you guys taking about but for a woman this is really good


Can anyone explain what she meant by guacamole? What other meaning is there besides the Mexican menu?

Nikki Mcdonald

Not funny. I hope she has better material or a back up plan.

Shawn Baker

I’m a straight guy that loves your jokes


If the shirt and tie matched the rest better (or the shirt and tie's colour matched, at least), that outfit would actually look good, yes.

Ryan Bliss

She'll always be Ranger Tabes to me...


Chill out, dude.

edit: say 'lesbian' again. Sheesh, ruining fetishes left and right ffs.

The Shadow Priest

What you are, is very gay. And that's ok.
What you aren't, is very funny.

Keith Drummond

This felt more like a class to educate/preach than a standup routine.

Lesbian Ultimate Guide To Better Orgasms! | Arielle Scarcella

Lesbian Ultimate Guide To Better Orgasms! | Arielle Scarcella26 Feb. 2017
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Download the FREE LGBT

Download the FREE LGBT Friendly Eve app to track your period + sex life here: https://go.onelink.me/1405456108?pid=youtube&c=ariellescarcella Jenny Block : http://thejennyblock.com/

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Comments (100)

Jenny from the Block rocks :)

Charles Villarreal

Wow I feel like I've learned so much even though I'm a virgin straight man. Very interesting keep up the good work.

im ian

I hate cheaters there wrong

Hello Dudettes

Your channel is great! Really digging your videos. ?


Right for the sole vaginal simulation. I'm not in though it's appreciable but I need clit stimulation to cum. I love how we women are so different and so every woman is unique.

Aiden Wilson

Sexy bitch

Nes Ordas

Hi ,, im a Lesbian .
Looking for a gurL & a serious reLationship ?☺️❤️

Briahna Norg



بموت رقم خمسه

Jeff Dees

is the sexpert's middle name From The??? ?

michalina jablonska


Cherry Cortes

i like your tattoo


Quick request: Could somebody please go into the captions and approve the script, so Deaf/HoH/Non-Native English speakers can watch this video too? You do this by clicking on the "Settings" icon (the gear-looking thing), then "Subtitles/CC", then "Add Subtitles/CC". It'll then ask you to review the script that has already been typed up and added to the video. If it matches up with what you're hearing, please approve it so more people can enjoy this video! ^_^

Alondra Perez

I'm a virgin and single af why am I watching this ???

jenn fontan

I really loved this video. I hope you have Jenny on alot more. She was super informative and so arent you (as always ??) she is so confident and a great speaker. I would love to meet both of you, i feel like a could talk to you for days??

Rick Tompson

You live in Brooklan N.Y.?
You are to sexy looking, to live there.

Jack Ghosting

Dude antidepressants ruin sex in general because they make you unable to feel anything at least that is what I've come across

Tiana K

If you are a newbie or even think you have some experience, it's always fun to come up with some unexpected ideas when you want to perform a BJ. Search for Jevie Hindlerg's internet site for some techniques which will make his brain increase with satisfaction each and every time.


I’m not gonna lie: I came to this channel bc of Matthew Santoro

Tea Basholli


Lorenzo Hernandez

She's so happy

phei phei

Girl on girl is gonna more orgasm

The Big G

Dat thumbnail


How is this not age restricted

Nicholas Hamilton

. I'm bisexual.and I've been battling that side of me. and I would like to make some LGBT friends including the transgender people. I would like to be friends. I have Snapchat. my name is Nick on Snapchat. I look forward to meeting you. if you want to be friends.

Snowdrop 17

This really helps me and my girlfriend thx

grace sophie

It's Jenny from the block

ابن الدير 『ABN』AlDER


ريمه احمد


Shantorey Wilkins


Faraz Afridi



does anyone know the artist of this


3:41 though

Mhiz Courage

Love this,i really need help i want a female that can satisfy me on bed


What a great channel. As a bi man married to a bi woman we have an interesting time of it.

Pong Trometer

One tongue doesn’t fit all...

Alace Amory

Tantra & Yoga!!


I had just one objetcion, been from mexico i see that straight or lgbttiq most people dont enjoy sex, so listening about toys and ways to get to the orgasm makes fell that you dont necesary need to be lesbian to have that type of experience, i mean this information is valuable for every woman has or hasn´t a male or female companion.

ivy M

The thumbnail ??. That’ll be me & my beloved soon ⭐️⭐️


girrrrl i'm on antidepressants and my girlfriend makes me orgasm like THAT! ?

Katelyn Wright

Speaking of cycle I don’t have one sometimes I skip a month sometime I’ll have my period for only 3 days that month and sometimes I won’t have it at all.

bloop blop

how come I had never seen a diagram like that in school but saw like 20 of a dick??

Comino Oculto

Best suggestion i can do watch porn ?? im sry i felt like doin that comment..

silver Prime

Whe are you lesbian

Irene James

well I'm a very shy type what could I do

Thatkid Beezy

Your really hot wishing u weren't lesbian

Iris Rodriguez

I’m a gay from Florida, i live in a part of Florida where gay people (recently) couldn’t get there wedding cake because of homophobia .

Little Oreo

I really love the aesthetic visuals throughout this video. Also thx for giving out this info guide. I'm bi and single and those tips are great and helpful. Even if I have a partner I still find this very helpful.

Banane Wane

Thats why I've been able to cum so much easier...

I keep forgetting to take my antidepressants ??

Missdgreat Art

how is it that youtube lets you show boobs and I can't show my nude drawings ???

Messiah E.N.T

T -H-E T-H-U-M-B-N-A-I-L I-S S-U-C-H A-R-T


I hate hate hate your channel. Its always about sex. Are you 16 or something? Make videos about gay love and relationships. Stop trying to shock everyone.

Kirmit Gamez

i love the art in this video so damn much

Nancy Norman

I'm sure your information is correct-- I find most of my past sexual affairs were all satisfying mostly because I was sexually attracted to them-- when I felt that it was easy to orgasm if it was a pick up it didn't matter if I was satisfied as long as the partner was---- when love enters it's always sexual and more meaningful???


The thumbnail photo and other 'trippy' artwork featured during the video was done by superphazed in case anyone was wondering. I think the artist should be mentioned

Tyshawn Mcmillan

I'm having sex right now


im bi so really am curious about how lesbian sex works but im also writing a book where there is a lesbian couple and i want to write them

Sound God

Hey! Im a lesbian but i wanna fill my partner with passion and excitement.....she become so lazy when we start.....nd mostly she prefers to stay with me sticking like glue all the time & sharing all her stuff nd prevent anybody who came closer to me but sometimes she also become too passionate about love making......i want her to be excited on love making time!!!
Please help!!❤️❤️❤️

Miranda Moyer

where did you find those gifs they're beautiful!!

Tony stark

why am i here?

Tracey Lynn

I love my body and being a Post op Lesbian Trans girl, cis woman love my real breasts especially they love to touch them. I love this, and actually invite them to touch my breasts when they ask. Is this ok?

Thanks for wasting your time reading This.

I allready have eve for my period..... i dont have sex..... im 12...

Cactus Skeleton

I’m glad I’m not alone in anti depressants making it super hard to have orgasms... it sucks ?

Idris Subrata

Vidio tdk bermutu

Kayden Goto


Indian lesbian

hi, im.Indian.
any lesbian girl sex me.. please text me in facebook


sara breezy

hey rainbow squad have a wonderful day

Nina Baby

I'm bisexual and I feel like I like girls more but I don't know but these videos are good when I have an organism and I feel like I can pleasure myself better with a finger just saying


okay that bckground music s the soft whispering what song is that


YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Old Blood

Nothing screams more fun than being chained , whipped and being called bitch!!! That's just a casual experience for me :P who needs any stimulation except being dominated!!!! Rawr

Morgan Pandolfo

Cud the problem b the fact that the majority of people with these problems seem to b lesbian fake feminists. Which is Most likely due to the insanity, mentally ill hypocrisy of modern day feminism which is actually oppressing women, along with making women delusionally disturbed & ignorant. So much so that modern feminism is actually destroying women & making women look ritarded.

Rachel Canada

That’s why I got off Prozac!

Spirit Kenshin Himura

Hi beautiful how are you doing text me on Instagram love you keep making videos don't ever give up

Hdhdhdusbeueh Bdjdbdjdbdjdj


Kyle Serpoi

Women can't have sex with each other. This is all considered foreplay

Bernadette Hill

I've never had an orgasm

Tristan Mereles

I'm trans love me

Megan the Wenguin

I have eve it’s great


I'm not even a lesbian and my chances of ever having a girlfriend are low but this info is very useful

Pest Exterminator

Just a straight guy taking tips here

Valent 00

0.00 you shoked me lol?

uoıʇnloʌǝɹǝɥʇsıʞuıdʞɔɐlq :3

Is 3:43 girl and girl ?


My vaginal orgasms have absolutely nothing to do with my clit. My clit is not rubbed, the orgasms are entirely different feeling.


Try the womanizer vibrator....Even on antidepressant...OMFG?

Tatyana Pavlova

Please take off your earrings. No offense

giovanni risatti

you are bitch that's all ?

Alysha Cleavin

Great video .thanks i think i am bi and orgASM can be abit hard...sorry accidental caps lock!x W a guy but it's not good ..it's toxic .My lesbian friend woke me up ...i am not me atm. Time to explore my 20''s happy and open.


mamma mia that’s-a spicy thumbnail


Does she have a Lesbian Sex Ed series? If not she should.

Chase Place

Does anyone know if you can still use this app is you don't have periods? I haven't the faintest idea as to when my cycle is / was but I'd like to track my sexual experiences!

Potater Tots


Secret Person

I’m on anti depressants to and I always have to top with a girl.

David n morris morris actor

Finger your self.

Remy Lombaert

Please , read the book of Shere Hite ! You will have a better view of the situation !

Nicole Reed

Your the BOMB ???????? ... wonderful advice



Sarah Swan

Love this video!


wait...Jenny Block. like Jenny from da Block. I'll go home

Mille Liza

I'm a virgin but still gonna watch this.

How Lesbians Have Sex, Explained With Ice Cream Sundaes [LABS]

How Lesbians Have Sex, Explained With Ice Cream Sundaes [LABS]1 Sep. 2016
82 735
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People are constantly

People are constantly asking me, “How do lesbians have sex?” Or, “What defines sex in the lesbian community?!” Or “How do you know if you’ve had sex as a lesbian?”

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Comments (43)
Peb _

I'm really hungry now


would a lesbian have sex with a man if he uses a dildo?

woo 4L

is buzzfeed okay

Rainbow Azumarill


captain america

wtf lol

Gal·la Marquès

Okay who can tell me if scissoring is or is not a thing dude??


when I saw the cover I thought it was an ice cream tutorial

Supreeta Sagere

I'm uncomfortable

Secret Name

I am dumber for watching this.

Bêë - z


Tomas T

Gross, even more it was featured on Design Taxi.

Crazy Mai


Karina Vargas



Ummm this was weird


So... What you're saying is.... Lesbians have sex with ice cream? Gotcha. Thanks, Elite Daily :D

Kenny J

Came hoping for a fist in ice cream. Now I'm just bored.


Well thanks for ruining ice cream for me. Vanilla will never be the same for me.

Jadi and Angie



“I don’t want a dick”
A phrase I live by.

P.M Me Your Portfolio

This shit is so dumb lol


wtf -.-

Tia Nicole

All the pride exiting ?

yiyih sawiyah

My mon:hey eric why am i hearding "sex"
Me:no mom,im just watching ice cream sundae

Alex Burton

Who broke into buzzfeed


Most are virgins. They've never actually had sex.


I would like to eat her (ice-cream)


Don't vote for the cheeto dimwit Trump.


I don't think I'm ever Going to eat ice cream again after watching this ?



MILAN Rashid

is this ad paid by ben & Jerry?

No Name

Just finished ice cream at the same time. Hope my husband finds this comment


Wait... So I am a lesbian myself but I still dont understand, if lesbians like girls, why do they use strap ons?

Zach X

just watch orange is the new black for demonstrations

bob cow

Brb crying

Corey Sanderson

I unsubscribe now. Bye bye.

Frankie Tranese

Thats lit.


ehm okay

Yung Ostrich



alot of people are saying this is weird but it was pretty funny and got the point across but now im hungry. xD

The Vitruvian Man



Why is it sex when it's two women, but foreplay when it's a man and a woman? Surely lesbian sex isn't technically "sex"

Bes Davin

lesbians sex = 2 girls 1 cup video especially when this bitch was eating that chocolate ice cream cone eeeww o.O

Bjj _Legend

Why is this video a thing just go on porn hub