Married man flirting

Lady Gaga Flirting With A Married Man?

Lady Gaga Flirting With A Married Man?23 Jan. 2021
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Lady Gaga Flirting With A

Lady Gaga Flirting With A Married Man?

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Falling In Love With A Married Man | Do's and Don'ts

Falling In Love With A Married Man | Do's and Don'ts19 Feb. 2020
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Falling in love with a

Falling in love with a married man | Do's and Don'tsIn this video, we will talk about the negative aspects of falling in love with a married man.

Also what the high-value thing to do if you find yourself in this situation.


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Priya Malhotra

Nice video ♥️

Marine Mary Behavioral Therapist

Ok I agree. But not all men cheat because their bored. Believe it or not but men cheat for different reasons and one of them is emotional. They feel a void that their wives don’t show them love or affection, etc.

Valli L

I and him had just a casual things and he said he is not married and slowly i got feelings and i revealed it he said he is married were no one even family and friends dono...i could nt stop going to him..whole world feels its a i pretended i did not hear later i realized it is true...he has a kid too ...i am lost..i hate him and still i love him..i know the fact i hv to stay i could not bcoz i am in love..

Juanita Marshall

I love it!! Thanks for the knowledge you really educated me !!???

tellno lies

Don’t date married men get your own man!! Karma

Winnie Tsonie

Very true have saved my life

Maria Ricciutelli

This is very true, keep away from married men.?

Cuarajhy Rojayju

Listen coach? Don’t put the blame on the single women! Put the blame 1000% on the marry man he is the one with the marry contract he is the one who decided to break that contract I can’t blame a third business because my business partner decided to get out of our business contract to invest his money with another business hello!!!

Mike Vasquez

I see allot of judge mental women, I'm a married man and I have worked and have been around many women and they are the major one's engaging in having a "side piece". I'm no Angel I've cheated yes but not to be a dog or hurtful or even selfish... I never hide I'm married from woman eather I'm straight forward. Many would say divorce but come on that's not cool for the kid's, call it what you want. My wife is a very verbally abusive type of woman and don't let it trigger me I just leave but it dose hurt so I do look to share comfort not because my wife's anger but to help get rid of any negative that may be in me because of it! Well judge away if you will but I send nothing but love.

Greta Bereisaite

have you ever been in love with a Married Man and what did you do about it? Follow the link and learn the Games that Men play on Women! Learn how to handle them and have the power in your hands

Paige Heartly

It’s so selfish. And it always back fires in the end. There are so many single men on this planet. Find one of them.

isabel channel

liked and subscribed.Thank u. I need this.


You made a video on falling in love with a married man who isn't your husband? Really? A married man?
Someone was born without morals or conscience, eh?
There is no lower form of deceit. None. Bottom of the barrel. No leg to stand on. Unholy. Faithless. Wart on the ass of society. After I saw the title, didn't even watch. Shouldn't even be a topic.
Pretty much sum it up?

Midn Muse

u GAINED a subscriber! u have a good moral compass??????


I was with a guy 2,5 years.. not living together etc... but ye somehow it developed... we first did talk a lot..t hen it developed to more... we also did talk about.. relationships and he aaalways told me he is single and has no family etc etc... i did even search him online so many times coz.. you know :P dont we all do that ;)
and 2 months ago... whant i never found before.. i found fb profile of a woman with his pics... it turned out he is married 9 years.. together then even mre than 10!!! they have 2 kids.. 4 and 6 years old now....
i confronted him with this... but i hat pics and dates to the events so i wasnt gonna believe lies... but he was telling me they travel!!!! on holiday together!!! just for th ekids!!!! and kiss!? and comment each other how much they love eahc other?! no, am i a fool?! i cut all contacts deleted everything blocked everything.... im out.... he didnt even give me a choise.. he was puting a play to me about being a single man without kids....
if there was anything i saw aout kids.. he would say they are his sisters and the pics are only from when he visits his sisters house at the weekend....

his wife still has no idea about what a husband she has... i wont tell her.. i wont hurt her... nor the kids... small kids involved... i just made him down and... disappeared.. but im so devastated.. feel used and stupid..... damn maaaaan...

Sarjeet Kaur

Thanku so much for saving my life nd also thanku for realising the true value of self love.

Never put your name online

Is there any books on how to break your desires for a married man?

Monique from Plymouth

Many years ago in a restaurant I worked at, a married male chef had a two year love affair with a single female catering manager. She knew he had a wife who just given birth to their daughter... the photos of the newborn and the parents were pinned on the kitchen bulletin board for all to see. It was just sickening. I don't know what the end result of the affair was as both had left the restaurant, but I do know he was very nervous of being seen by anyone of him kissing her in the lips. Given that, I knew if he was ever caught by his wife, he's going to have to face the consequences.

Lady Boston

NO FUCKN WAY.....walk away is the best approach! You deserve a good man you aren't an option.


If he’s married just walk away...if he wants to leave his wife let him do that first. The damage you cause is immense...Immense. My husband has damaged me and our two daughters by sleeping with a much younger woman...34 years younger. I’m struggling to breathe some days...the grief is overwhelming. Why women doe this to each other?

Earth Angel

You leave that married man alone because if not you will be committing adultery!


FOR MARRIED PEOPLE: The feeling that you get in an affair can NEVER be love. Love comes from God, the same God who designed marriage and commanded us to honor it. I truly believe that God will not contradict Himself and put love in your heart for someone else other than your spouse. The feeling you have for the other person can be LUST, ATTRACTION, ADMIRATION, or any other feeling that satan will USE to destroy your marriage. The devil will make you believe that what you feel for this other person is love when in fact it really ISN'T. This is how satan pushes you to commit a SIN... by breaking the VOW that you made before God. That's the reason he's called a LIAR and a DESTROYER.

Amber Wong

That's really painful,if u want to stop,the best way is to start to know a new one,but that's the problem!how to find this one

Dee D

Desperate isn't as good as the word doormatty

ma.glenda pamon

what a great advice.Thank you so much.

Taryn Wilden

Think about all the hurt and pain you cause the family when you do this.. You are destroying an entire family... Don’t be so selfish!!!


I can’t stop.

3 1/2 years. I suffer

Hlengiwe Mkhabela

Here in Africa we believe somuch in polygamy guys reality is there few guys and many women so we all want to change our surnames shame


Very well said...thank u for your good advice! ❤

Lijun Su

Do: never started anything with a married man at all, you can do better.

Alexander Hayward

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Agnieszka G

Falling in love with married man is a something what Queen never do. I wanna be first. No1. I'm a Queen.
Go to your wife 'cose she is mother of your children. And she deserve for your RESPECT.
Problems in relationship with wife?
Call me when you will be divorced!

nnenna joseph

This video ended up being judgemental

Blue Blaze

If he can do that to his wife, he WILL do that to u

Inn Du

Same condition i dnt know what to do next ??? i m searching all the answers through others word i hope all these words made my mind divert toward him it’s hard but i hv to

Roc Ren

Starts 2:02

Rosie Sale

Real true

Astin Miller

Use his ass for your benefit, ladies! Use him like henthinks he’s using you. Play the game don’t let the game play you.

Shilpi Paul

Hi life is revolving like anthing iam in realtionship with a married man iam married too frm last five years iam in realtionship caz my realtionship with my spouse was not gud but for my kids we decided to be together so much still going on but still we didnt took divorce but the day I met my bf things were chngd he said all truth actually hes educated very loving person but his wife is frm a village he flirts many womens which he told me in two relationships he was serious for three years but he told me everything the day I met him he chngd he said he admires a wife in me what he alwys wanted but of his middle class parents like hes the only son of five sisters he cnt never disrespect his parents in anything but he loves like anthing he gives me everything more then a husband but hes very careful when he reaches home and all but with my mistake his wife got to know something is going with her husband shes not sure but she said to him are you in realtionship but he said no caz he has8years a son hes attached to him he told me icnt leave them if I leave iwill notnstay in india caz iam one man army but he cnt doesnt want to loose me too he cries alottt now situation is this his wife keeps eye on him which getting hurt to him but he said clearly to me shes my responsibility but you are my love he says iam wid you alwys but icnt leave them he said ihave to see them he sees me too but now less when iasked he said we both have to be careful caz he doesnt want to loose me that's why hes doing this showing his wife nothing is in his life hes giving more attention to her like earlier that's hurting me so much hes begging and saying be wid me dont leave me but iam in mess idont what to do he cnt live without me and iam too he says things will be fine soon its hiddenrealtionship we both cnt come in public caz my family his family iknow this he loves me a lott what ishould do he knows this idont ihave gud realtionship with my husband not physically too mentally but hes doing everything with his wife when iwas not there he was very much involved with his wife physically what igot to know when icame he hardly had with her and that thing his wife noticed and said you dont have with me so much hmmmm so iasked him he said idont feel like caz he alwys admires me but now things chng for his married life his son again hes compromising everything to save his married life iam big confused what ishould do if hes going near him its hurting me like anthing plss tell me plsss tell me iam getting in depression he sees me like this he says iam not understanding him pls help.

Khalada Begum

Thank u sister

Heidi Baylor

You aren't in love with a married are lusting for something that you should not be interested in. UNAVAILABLE. You are TOXIC for that person. You are being TOXIC to yourself. Love is understanding this in the first place. All you can do is cause harm by creating a triangle for this person you say you LOVE to work through, in hopes he will choose you. You are selfish. STOP STOP STOP and realize you are not what he needs. He is not what you need. If you really LOVE yourself, you will walk away and recognize you need to find an available partner. Good grief. I know what you are can fix him, he will love YOU now. NO NO NO. He doesn't love himself if he chooses you. Ask yourself this. If you were married and another woman fell "in love" with your husband would you want that woman to encourage your husband to cheat? Husbands and wives need to fully comprehend this. Husbands turn to your wife and wives turn toward your husband and if you as an individual do not honor their union how will you ever expect to have trust and understanding in your own marriage partner to do the same?


U hve fallen in love with married men can see depression pain in ur eyes YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE BY LOUISE L HAY IS BESTEST READ IT

Abroken Heart

It's really difficult to talk to a woman that is in this situation. When you try to warn and give advice, it doesn't help. She is totally into him, he's the best thing that ever happened to her, she never felt this kind of connection before. Then she basically tells you, I'm a grown woman, I know what I'm doing, I don't need your advice. It's really sad. I know someone that met a man online, he is not only married, but he lives in a different country. She traveled to see him and stayed with him for 2 days in a private cottage which looked as if it was in the middle of no where. Now she's back home and he acts as if he has no intention of leaving his wife and family. Still she don't see the big mistake she's making nor can she see the heartbreak coming.

Cathy Martin

What if they lied to you and said they were a widower..two days after your mom died! He knows how you feel because of your loss and cries with you! Them you find out what a liar he is!

Elsilda Smith



I love your values Greta

Angelica Colon

Ladies run away from those con artists. They all say the same none sense. I adore my husband, after 30 years he’s handsome and an amazing dad. At his work many ladies fall in love with him (Young, mature and older ladies) I Can’t blame a woman for that. Also some wife are fine with their mates having adventures. My husband has a family photo on his desk and all at work know his mine. They can’t make him go on a date or have sex.he keeps his distance and treat them all with respect. It take a gentleman to set limits and don’t reciprocate their interest or flirting. I’m sure he is attractive to other women but his fantasies aren’t my business. FYI- I was so jealous at the beginning of our marriage my dad called and told you either trust him or get a divorce. Great advice!


If he insists Greta to marry me and divorce his wife because of many reasons. Would I be a side chick? I'm high value woman!

Valentine Sandi

I think everyone has his or her own story and a reason why God makes people meet at different times . Some people are born outside marriage and they became the saviour of their family in our country they say a bed can never bring a illegal in the world

P Val

The f


What about the side chicks that fall pregnant for married men


Stop messing with married men if he says he’s going to leave his family for you is the biggest lie ever he will never choice you over his family.

Conscious Conscious

Ahahahahahahahaaa i cant stop laughing at every bodies you no that most married dont apear married? And they tell lie that they are i fell victim and i was totally in love with him and the day i found out that he is married my head became so big but he has been talking me home meanwhile his wife do go to work.


As Esther Perel says. Why is it that both men and women break their own moral code with an affair? She says not all married men are continuous cheaters, some men have been faithful for their entire life and suddenly they are having an affair and risking everything. People have affairs both the married man and the woman to feel alive again, to find some part of themselves they have lost. The desire to find themselves overrides everything. Men cheat to stay in a marriage women cheat to leave a marriage. One older woman said after years of being single she didnt want to die not knowing a passionate affair, to feel a mans embrace and passionate love. Infidelity is complex, highly complex and modern marriage doesnt work.

juana bb

I love my self but I'm dating a married man cos he helped me and gave me a job,but i will stop when i get my dream job.


Ok... what if... he never had to tell me those lies? The rules were clear. We just talked and talked and talked and shit happened... so we set boundaries. then we talked more and it happened again.. now I’m falling for him, I think...

Letty Kamati

People be real hunger kills sometime a girl is hungry and homeless do you think I will sleep on the street while there is a married man that can pay a flat. Not everyone is privileged period Girl is gotta do what a girl is got do to survive in this capitalist life

Crystal Dating Coach

What to do? If you have any Self-esteem or respect for yourself...Tell him to call you after he's Divorce.

kimberley puddicombe

How about if it was a true love connection before he got married and my friend was looking for all of his life basic 20 years

Justine Salt

Married man is just not available. The same a man who has other troubles like drinking etc. He just want to have fun or someone who will solve his problems. Anyway, in the minute he is going to divorce or quit drinking, it is the moment he is going to look for another "real" women as a partner. He wont ever value hit mistress.

Jennifer Marie

Omg, Greta is so good. Thanks ?

Kenneth anna

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top sam

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Mamacita Camilla

If I had known this video 3 months ago, everything would not have been worse.

Yirbe Zeleke

Thanks this is very insightful


I'm in love with a married man but he is separated but not legally.. And it sucks..

Tobee 2BeesCleaningService

Simple. Don’t fuck with a married man. PERIOD

The Confessions of a Hebrew Israelite


Debra Lewis

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am here to talk about my Experience, we were married for about 10 years
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I believe smartness is essential in any relationship, my worst
experience was discovering my 7 years cheating Narcissist husband
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Anitha Kassa

I felt in love with a married man... We're ok with his married life ...ours is long distance relationship... We never met physically but once we met and he put a ring.. Told me he loves me so much.. Even we're not together our relationship never dies... Sometimes he comes to visit me... He made me his wife... And we had lots of argument and misunderstandings but we again realise the person is more important than ego.. And feel more love... And I decided to stay without marriage... As I can't share my life with any other men... As I feel he's my everything.. Not everyone loves money.... We're away but trust kept and keeping us together in hearts....?❤?


Excellent point abut you’re not just getting involved with “him” - you’re getting involved with every single person who is important in his life. “Good luck with that...”

Patinya H

I'm married but fall in love with another man :( , please make a video of this

Karielle Osterblom

That's stealing, what about the kids and his wife you are hurting cause you selfish to wanna take someone elses husband ? That makes you a homewrecker, And it's sin and You will be judge on Judgement day, When you are face to face with God alone, you won't have you tube or your friends with you, God will be tbe judge of this sin, turn away from your sins before it's to late, There is other guys out there, look on those dating sites, You are wrong to want to steal someones husband, And if he goes with you and hurts his family he will do it to you too, Shame on you for even having this video.

Quarentined Love

Idk in my case she knows he has a girlfriend and still stays with him they have three kids together he told me from the beginning he is not interested in my kids and we will keep everything separate I never have to work again In my life he bought me a house and several apartments . I think honesty is key . It can be very lonely and tough on your heart though depends what you want and if you can put up with it because you often do feel disrespected since you can’t go everywhere and holidays are the worst I wouldn’t have started this relationship had I known but now I’m in it already but I agree I don’t respect myself and have self esteem issues.

Jeanette Kearney


Shilpi Chakraborty

What to do if the married man was ur school friend??


Beauty got influences most of women fell for men just because they are handsome and muscled , may be because i got the good look too men charm dont wow me , i mind the spiritual/moral side of men and fall due to that , but look not good enough to give your heart at the end of day most of these type flees at the first challenge God put your relationship in with you but the moral men stays and take it like men suppose to be and as a female a male man hood is what turns me on i am not a gay .

Gcobisa Mapongwana

Ladies is salt taste nice
DO NOT fall inlove with a married man

Jessy Santos

JUST say NO to married guys period

Dripta G

Just when I hear these words..."I love a married man, he has children, he is engaged, he has a girlfriend " etc. it instantly causes nausea & makes me feel like I wanna vomit. To me dating or falling in love with such a man is much worse than touching shit with bare hands.

Santos Flower

That's very low, leave him be wtf

Apple Betty


Johanna Parrish

How about don't go looking for married men to fall in love with. Go look for a single man

broken soul

OK ....I my ex get married now.....but we broke up for some misunderstanding but we are not able to clear this things in that time ....and he married someone else ..and after 3yrs of his marriage when we see each other He started texting me to know about myself like how I am etc etc....later when we talk about our breakup reasons we both are shocked that it was a big misunderstanding and Now we are able to understand the He wanna get back to me ...what should I do...?

Codruta Popa

HE is breaking his own family in the first place, by chasing a different woman. Im not saying its ok for the woman to do this, but the whole fault is in his fucking twisted and disrespectful mind!

Sugul Un

My marriage finished over an affair. But my ex husband never married the women he was having an affair with. ??‍♀️ he met another women and left her too

Curie Skyri

I dont have this problem. But I watched this because you always give great advice. Maybe it can help one of my friends one day. Kudos to you ❤?

Ruth Goldman

Thank you.. This video helped me to realise my stupidity...

Maddi Dee

This is everything... this should be a public service announcement!!

Elsilda Smith


camelia chattopadhyay

Thanks a lot mam

Kavuyi Sakalunda

What if am not seeing any single man coming to me and I feel like no other man will ever love me, and a married man is the one who is available?

Elsilda Smith



Falling in Love with a Married Man it's all a NOOOOOOOO
Be a QUEEN and get yourself a true KING and not a JOKER of this Married psychopath!!!!!!

kat watkins

My married flatmate has not lived with his wife for over a year. But, during the lockdown and out of a job he has been at his wife's house every day, while she is at work, to look after the dogs. He doesn't sleep there. He sleeps at the flat. The first time he flirted with me it didn't seem like he was flirting. I just saw it as him being friendly since we had got to know each other as flatmates over a couple of months since I moved into the flat. On a subsequent occasion, he flirted with me and told me "You know I like you?" It never felt fake. Each time it seemed genuine. Both times he was tipsy, however. On a third occasion he was very drunk. It seemed like he was in pain, emotionally. He was serenading me by playing songs like he did once before and told me "This is for you" I didn't know what to do to comfort him so I gently clasped the fingers of his outstretched hand. He then took my hand in both of his. He then turned to the other flatmate, took his hand and began kissing it because I think he was aware he coulnt kiss mine. I tried to offer comfort so I gently rubbed his shoulder. Few moments later he cupped my face with his hand, I looked at him but there was no emotion in his eyes. He later said "Let's go home... Let's go to bed..." Needless to say I didn't go to bed with him but I did ask him if he was alright as I was concerned for him. He then took my hand in both of his, looked into my eyes and gave me the most beautiful, genuine smile, and then left the room. What I can't work out is if his feelings are genuine and is only able to express them under the influence of alcohol or whether he is playing games. His wife looks a lot older than him, like in her late fifties and she has a grown up child of her own who no longer likes him because of his conservative views. He looks much younger. They have no children together and have been married eight years. I wonder whether he feels trapped in an unhappy marriage and is staying together for practical reasons like joint properties etc and there's not a strong enough reason for him to actually leave her. I can't imagine an alpha male not wanting to have children of his own. I don't expect anything to happen between us but am just wondering if his feelings are genuine. He did invite me while sober to hang out with him and the dogs at his house, so it's not only while drunk that he flirts with me. When he's sober he never flirts, but treats me like a friend.

Peter Kaptein

U are good

Rossana Araujo

Thank you Greta!! Your words are the truth

Elsilda Smith



What if they’re not living 2gether anymore?

Johnson Nyandika

Am Ignatius maranga from Kenya now working in qatar being married and I have two children, now here in qatar I have gotten another lady who has loved me and me also I have loved her and I told her that am married she said that is ok. I need your advice please because she loves.

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Carman has never been married. How would he know?

Linda Kostin

Your answer is a right on. It's playing with fire when a married man does this; and if a Christian man: shame on him! I have a close friend of over 35 years who recently said to me that if she hadn't accepted that invitation to go to a coffee shop way back; ... decades ago, she wouldn't have been responsible for it having gone further and eventually into adultery. Her husband was extremely abusive and when she was tempted being so insecure; it only took a spark to get the fire going. IT's strange that even when I was a young girl of 18, when walking up a street and guys would pull over flirting with me, I'd tell them to take off. " Give it about five or ten minutes, " I said to my close friend back then. " seeing some other girl; they'll do the same thing so I'll never look at myself as so gorgeous that I'm the only girl these guys do this too! " Therefore, indeed a female mustn't ever take flirting as if being ALL THAT & a bag of chips, personally! I have not one spec of respect for men that flirt with other women who are married men. I'm quite shy around men; yet I'm really out-going on the whole. So, if a married man flirts, I guess it's the Lord Who gives me the BOLDNESS to put him in his place. ' Anything that doesn't begin right never ends up going right! " I used to tell a youth group I helped run. iF it doesn't line up with the word of God, how can it work out right; other then when repenting He promises to make all of our crooked paths straight. " Resist the devil, and he will flee!" It's written. OH how very true this is if one thinks wisely on the spot but being human the spirit can be willing but the flesh gets weak as it did with my friend so long ago who knows she had every right to have divorced her abusive husband who held a shot gun to her head; and when she left that very day, he hung himself that night! He knew she was with another man by then. This haunted her for many years! Of course it did considering the fact that satan is the accuser of the brethren; and thus is the the one who constantly digs up the grave mistakes ( skeletons in the closet!) one makes in their past! WE are to be as gentle as a dove and as sly as a serpent in our walk on this earth's journey. WE are to always ask God for His wisdom becsase when done, He will always give it to us. Both men and women can fall short of the glory of the Lord; not just men. I've seen marries women flirt with men, not just men with women. This is why I've shared my story.

Kay Myer

Hi Carman!! Kay here from Lancaster PA. Your answer was very good. There is no easy way to do that but bluntly and. She doesn't like that. GOOD FOR HER!!! GOOD ANSWER!!!

tony blevins

God bless you Carman! Thank you, it was you that brought Jesus in my life so many years ago! So thank you are my blessing. Sorry just wanted to tell you.

Sarah DeFord

Hey Carman who inspired you to write music?

Zaida Gonzalez

Carman, I pretty much agree with most of what your saying definitely we all want to feel attractive to the opposite sex. Married people point blank male or female should not be flirting, Its just disrespectful and It does not say much about his or her caracter. You marry a person for love and part of love is growing old with your partner its part of the package. Flirting leads to fantasy, fantasy leads to something worse. I have to give you the thumps up today a very hard question to tackle good job!!!!!

De Shawn Weekly

Hello, Carman I think married men flirt because they are human and that they are not getting attention at home. Married men especially those that are Christians should know when they marry the women that Christ gave them. They need to be satisfied with his gift. He that finds a wife finds a good thing and gets favor from the lord. Blessing

Loriann Love

Husband should not flirt at all no matter what.


I've read through the other comments, and I know from talking to other women over the years that this is a common problem. I know its happened to me many times. Most of the time, I think the guy is just trying to see if he's still "got it" and they never intend to follow through with anything, even if they get a positive response back. I never respond to it except to blow it off and make a mental note to keep my distance in the future. Sometimes I wonder if these men get a sick sense of pleasure out of seeing the hurt look on their wives' or girlfriends' faces. Its just rude, and I always feel horrible for the women they are with when they are doing it. I understand men are going to look at women, because they are very visual. The thing is, though, they don't have to be obvious about it! A man may look, but that doesn't mean he wants to throw away the relationship that he has, and women need to understand that and not feel too insecure if her man glances over. But that's just looking. When they are actually flirting that's a whole other issue. Its good to hear an answer from a man's perspective. Just shut it down and don't worry about being too nice about it. There are some men who are just like alley cats. They have no intention of being in an actual relationship and women need to walk away from those kinds of men fast! Another issue I see is that women often will turn on the other woman, as if the other woman was responsible for her man being disrepectful of their relationship. Hold the man accountable for his own actions!

boadica clark

Some times some men are just being nice,  but most women can tell the difference.I can usually handle it without a confrontation,  talk about how nice their wife is and how lucky they are to have her ect.  But if a man wouldn't stop I would tell him married men aren't my thing.  Then if that wouldn't work and he tried to put his hands on me I would bust him,   knock him to the ground and then kick his so called manhood with the toe of my boot,  maybe even give it a good stomp,  I'm sure that would get the message across. Okie girls don't put up with much from men,  especially those cheating swine.  As far as his wife, well I've had wives be mean to me just because their husband opened the door to the church for me.  Some of these stupid wives will stay with a cheating rat no matter what.  I despise those kind of women, they are worse then the cheating rats they are married to. Unfortunately  I've had men in Sunday school flirt with me and give me the LOOK ( that women know what it means ) while they are sitting right next to their wives and the wife get mad at me and gives me the mean look. It's not my fault these cheating rats flirt with me. It's really sad this kind of thing goes on in church.

Penya De Pena

It's obvious that he doesn't respect himself and is immature. He is insecure and needs constant affirmation? Emotionally lacking self esteem he dresses for others' approval and acceptance. He is a jerk!

thewiseone Ne

No disrespect but I think you need to answer these questions according to the bible. WWJD.

Becky Garza

Love today's question my friend Carman. I know what this lady means cuz my late husband had to shut down someone as well. Love your answer & facial expressions. God bless. Love ya my friend & see ya soon.

Lena Nicholas

Very good answer Carman my suggestion is if you don't want your husband or wife tho flirt with other people to keep it so Hot at home that the last thing that is on his mind is to give walk or turn away or stray away. and the only thing on his mind is you so on that note if a married man flirts with me let's just say the last man that did that I started binding up the spirit of lust and basically told him to step off hey I'm a Staten island girl and part Italian. I may live in the South but Staten island and being Italian is a big part of me and as for you Carmen you can come out wearing a pair of what I call Jack tripper from threes company Shorts and a pair of tube socks and still look attractive and may I add gorgeous. Ok take care of Phil Love you both Lots if Huge Gigantic Hugs and kisses coming you and Phil's way in
Stay Blessed, Stay amazing
and remember you youand Phil both are so truly loved by Jesus and me

Aurora Bredenkamp

Oh my word still such a good looking man Mmmm my heart is beating guess who’s flirting now ha ha Carmen you’re the best Love that you have the most beautiful woman by your side ?♥️?

sharon crusan

Tell him to get out of your face. There's nothing he can do for you and you don't want another woman's cheating husband.

tere m

Well said Carman, now I just wonder married women flirt too I have seen it happen, do men get offended or like it?

Lisa Loveskittycats

What if it’s subtle flirting like he compliments you, smiles, smiles and looks at you when he doesn’t think you’re looking, lips part when he sees you, he grooms himself around you, etc? Is that dangerous territory for a married man?

Kim Reif

Good answer Carman

malissa hyatt

Had a cousins husband flat out ask if me and him could get together.
My cousin was within eyesight. He snuck up behind me to ask.
I asked him something back, I don't remember now, to clarify and to make sure what I'd just heard.
He said yes.
I couldn't believe him.
I said nothing else, turned and walked away. Left him standing there alone.
Pretty sure he got his answer.
Not in a million years buddy. Every kind of NOPE!!!!!!!!
Wow!!!!! Seriously????????

Vickie Clark

I've had plenty of married men to flirt with me. My question: Where are the single men? I've been a Christian for 37 years and I can tell ya....they aren't in church. If there is one in church, he orders him an Asian woman from overseas.

Explosure Mode

I would just put him in his place.

ASo Pincus

Well, well girl should be flattered by such an "indecent proposal" lol ....indecent because what they are trying to tell you is "satisfy my selfish need-whatever the need is eg attention, reassurance, sex, etc- NO STRINGS ATTACHED"!!! the words most single women do not want to hear... helloooooooo I don't think so!Sooooo, let me think...mmmmmmm ...yeah a good punch in the nose will be the only proportionate answer... I'd also give them a very nice GPS right after the punch just to help them find their way back to their wives and homes... LolPunch+GPS= < BS from married men..the perfect formula!Girls, let's keep our heads, heels and standards high!!! Blessings :)


Way to tell it like it is big brother - amen!!

Carolyn Ward

Go to God in prayer...not prauer...typo.

Carolyn Ward

Oh my goodness. It's clear cut. The Word says, Drink water from your own cistern..." If you're feeling insecure, go to God in prauer, and your wife.

Flirting to me, is lusting for what you don't have. Jesus said, Whoever looks at a woman lustfully, has already committed "the act" in his heart...(paraphrased).

The same for women, I believe.

Also, there is a much deeper flesh issue that needs to be put under the blood.

I would say, the Word of God says...and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the Word to speak.

Ughhh! satan is soooo deceptive! Don't give him a foothold.

I agree with Carman about the soul ties, which lead to a downfall...that is what will happen if you give satan even 1 millisecond of an entrance!

Theresa Pease

Good answer! Most are flirting just to flirt and are ok with a 'No' for an answer and some you have to be firm with but some,,, you just have to be rude with before they get the point.

Angela D

My mom has always been a beautiful lady and has dealt with flirtatious married men as a single lady and even after she was married! Nerve, right?! I've dealt with it as well, but the best advice my mom told me to shut that mess down is to threaten to tell his wife!

Yvonne Vander Ploeg

Well you dont understand. The wife seems to hold you responsible. Women tend to be very jealous. I've had married men come up to me to give me a hug right in front of their wife and I look like the bad guy.


Flirting is a natural instinct of man. But like Carman has always said, "Focus on the Creator not his creation." My uncle was caught cheating on my aunt in 1988. Funny how Carman mentions people "not looking like they rolled out from under a bridge" because under a bridge is exactly where he was caught. And, Lord help him, it wasn't with a woman. Or a man. Satan is a wicked one. Also I agree with Carman. "No such thing as too rude" is an adage I live my Christian life by. And the "punch him in the nose" bit? Too funny! Kevin Hart who? Carman should do standup. Way funnier than most secular jokesters. But anyway, God Bless all. Have a blessed Sunday.

Tricilla Girl

When a man smiles I just smile back. But when I see he's married and it's obvious he's flirting. I look at the wife you can usually see the stress she's been through. My heart so feels for her. I was told I gotta look that looks like a Clint Eastwood look. Like when he said make my day. He looks away like he wished he never looked at me in the first place. If a man is so imature to flirt to feel better he's just imature and stupid. there was a show on t.v they said guys that do this through there studies it usually means there low on hormones and there trying so hard to prove they still got it. Sad thing is they usually lose there wife and family.

Forgiven One

Wow! Great answer! I love the part about opposite and equal reaction! Sounds PERFECT!!!