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How to Perfectly Part & Pin Hair for a Detached Men's Haircut

How to Perfectly Part & Pin Hair for a Detached Men's Haircut29 Jul. 2015
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Think parting/sectioning

Think parting/sectioning is time consuming? Think again! Don’t you want to get it right the first time? Parting sets us up for success, keeps us on track as well as keeps the hair we are not cutting at the time out of our way! Watch this video and discover a simple way to pin a part making your work for shorter haircuts a breeze!

Learn more about this technique at:

Professional Long Cutting

Professional Dry Sectioning Clips

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Super flying Cake

Wish he'd have shown the back. Sides are more or less common sense; the back is where I struggle.

andrea davis

Thank you. I love your work!

TheBreadMan22 1

Does the hair on too have to be wet in order to do this?

Alex O

Really wish you had shown the back!


Where can I purchase those clips

Larry Varnell

Excellent tip!  Thanks so much for sharing!

Kayla Blanco

It was awesome meeting and talking to you in Orlando, thanks for the tips and taking pictures. You're the best!

Valencia Pounders

Love you all who share with us-Sam and your team Rock. The videos are the best short-sweet-and to the point! Keep em coming....Thank You for all that you do.

unify clicker

Why you didn't part all around man

Simran S Sungu

Love it ♥


Great! Would love to see more short cuts for women and also maybe an explanation for when undercuts are helpful? e.g on thick hair or at the nape of short cuts


so you do the same steps on both sides? how about the back, a gradual fade?

Martha Laguna

Love you work!!! Could be possible to make a video for clippers hair cut and line up !! We to go cosmetology school and still struggling thanks

juliana dovalle

thanks it was really helpful

Tony Silva

Hope to see your guest blogger Nick Roberson get a chance to do a video love his style of modern trend and hes very easy to learn from!

Bearded Bastard Barber Shop Dallas, TX

Appreciate the content

Bonnie Pea

Luv it !!!! Thank you(:-D)


Good tip to know!  Thanks!

Annette Rampersad

Very useful tips..

Beauty veil

The model doesn't blink?


Nice tip !! very clear . very useful. ... what are all the thumb downs for?

After struggling with parting my cousin's thick hair, I found this tip a great tip.

LivelubandgetFaded Xo


Luckie Styles

Very helpful, thank you

LivelubandgetFaded Xo

More MORE MORE men's cuts, blending technics



Lilly James

Sam is there an easy way to make the ends of my hair wispy and piecey if they are naturally thick? What kind of cut do I tell my hairdresser that I want to achieve that look?

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut27 Oct. 2019
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US ??

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Comments (100)
Sisters Vlogs

Watching this after doing a disaster haircut of my bro at home??
Next time maybe..??

Hân Nguyên

Tốc độ nhanh quá !!!

alireza gholami


Zach Bliss

What kind of haircut does the barber have?

Tun Azmi

now that’s a fresh cut

Safwan Chowdhury

The barber lookalike tom hardy...

ssgt Kyle

oh man that was so good

boris schroeder

I can piss in this is the same

Andre 1999

At 6:36 Superman looks good .......

Sisters Vlogs

Who else is watching after messing up with someone's hair to do better nextime?????✂

Luke Sever

You are so great at methodically and clearly explaining this cut, it’s a massive help. Cheers!

Sylvia Christine Mcgurk

Thank you! I've become my husband's hairdresser since lockdown and your tuturial has been a great help. It's actually quite therapeutic for both of us.

Mo Dan

Wish i still got hair like that


Perfect hair cut. Wish my barber could do this

Fem Sy

Thank you so much! I could cut the hair of my room mate and it looks just perfect (for a noob like me). Corona Haircut Project succeeded!


There was 999 dislikes, and I was the 1k dislike. Wow

UniversalGaming Real

I like your cut G

Vrinda Agarwal

This the 4th time I'm watching this video because of covid, why does men's hair grow so quickly wtf ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

Veronica Cantin

Watched this video, poured a glass of wine, and cut my husband's hair. It looks fantastic. Thank you so much!

Mary Jay

Beautifully done


Lockdown is still on
No barbers
Thx for this

Miss priceless

Thanks ? so much. I followed your step by step instructions and cut my husband’s hair ☺️ in lockdown because he wasn’t able to go to the barbershop ? he’s feeling a lot better now he’s got a haircut ?‍♂️☺️ thanks again ❤️❤️


Holy shit you are so talented!


That model is gorgeous

Denise Knight

You are FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for the quick and easy lesson. Wish you were on the other side of the pond... They would be lining up around the block!!

Sue Clark

So handsome & beautiful lips. I'll watch your videos just to listen & watch you. Nice model for the haircut as well.


OMg that's all I'm after. Every time I ask for short back and sides here in Melbourne the barber shaved the side of my head more like a fade. I have been to most hairdressers here in Melbourne and they just don't understand how to do this simple men's cut. Its bizarre

Gracie Essary

he is so speedy with those shears it gives me anxiety ?

Lúlu N. Romero

I cut my husband hair today ☺ ✂️
During this Coronavirus ?
Thanks you for the video
Hi from los Angeles, ca

Carmen Chow @ G+

love this hairstyle, if I had a bf, I must have bought him to you.


I managed to make a decent job with just the sccisors and my son thinks it's awesome. Thank goodness! 3rd time cutting boy hair. Couldnt have done it without you. Huge thanks.

Osvaldo Andres Verdugo Egan

These month I cut my hair by my own .

Ellie Poolford

Could you apply this method to a much thicker hair texture?

Tamilla Van Aerden

Thank you so much, guys! Worked perfectly on my bf’s hair. No one believes I did it at home ?

Jani Cat

Thank goodness for videos like this one, due the coronavirus, now I have to cut the hair of my children, husband and myself. Without any previous knowledge ?


We missed there days
No masks At all , shitty Corona


What scissors are good?

joy worsley

Love that your scouse. This was the 1st video i picked out if all of them. Going to try this on my husband tonight. Thank you. Joy. Wirral x


Wheres your salon? I'll pay 100 to cut my hair lol

Doba World

Nice work i subcribe and give me the love back

Iman Agahi McNelis

This is very helpful video... thanks a lot

Lori Inkrot

Thank you! Thank you! Because of COVID-19, my husband isn't able to get a haircut and through watching this video I was able to cut his hair. I was not as so skilled as you with the scissors. I believe I dropped the comb and scissors a few times but we made it through. He is happy with the outcome so thank you for this video.

Diane L. Jordan

Nice job, Handsome guy gets a trim. I am learning to cut my hubby hair, but afraid w the scissors. I just use a #6 on top then wing it as I go on the side w #3 #4.. Still need to learn how to blend being the ear area. My hubby is saving $22 w my .10 cent hair cut using an electric whisker shaver as it was hard to find the wider hair shaver. I am getting better at it.

dddawda ddawda

i wanted to get that type of haircut, literally the most simple type of haircut, and my barber still fucked it up man

Mary Vira

Why that customer looks like pewdiepie from a side?

Helena E

Such a meticulous hairdresser!

Aussie 아빠 in Korea

Is that you Roger Federer!?

Grace Ostrander

The guy looks so handsome ☺️?

Livre da Calvície

Best hair transplant ever

Mahmut Kurtay

THANK YOU ??????????????

elly miu

Am here bcoz need to cut my bro's hair during quarantine. Mueheheh

Siddhi Mody Kapoor

Turned out reallly good. I gave haircut to my husband as every time I give him a different cut this time its ur style..... Thank u for ur elaborated video was really helpful for non professionals like me. ??

charan singh mundari

Nice sir ? looking so beautiful


Not gonna lie thought he was a mannequin until 9:42 lol

Jayden Lazzari

Straight up went from aNtHoNy to TONY!

Mariam MJ

Can't believe how easy he makes it look, it's not! My poor husband is waiting for the 3rd attempt since coronavirus. I'm going to have to watch a bit more of Dan's tutorials, SO refreshing to see someone really good at what they do! Not many professionals are able to teach their craft. This man is a treasure!

Karen H

When I first watched this video early 2020 it was much longer and more detailed. For me the editing down has taken away too much detail of the process. Is the original version available anywhere? .....still the best haircut video though ??


I like ya cut g.

adora wong

Watch online movies at home. Provide new movies every day.

Kain Sanchez

Damn that's a beautiful cut.

Iván Torres

Why don't you clean up the back edge to have a more defined edge? Just a natural look option?
To me it looks like the cut wasn't finished. :-)

The Freckled Princess

My husband: "Are you confident in your hair cutting abilities? Like, truly?"
Me: "Uhh.....yeah." ?️??️

Julio Moscoso

At 16:00 it’s the Lloyd haircut

Sherri Wilkie

I have NEVER commented on any youtube video, although I consult many how-to videos to learn something new. As I watched you cut this gentleman's hair, I listened to your clear and precise explanation of how to accomplish this haircut. Without any experience other than watching your video, I asked my husband if he would allow me to give it a go, he said "yes," and we were both pleasantly surprised that his haircut came out great, and I was able to do this by watching just this one video. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are both an artist AND a teacher. God bless!

Dimitar Dimitrov


Regal Gentleman

Thank you all so much for watching this video. We're glad it can help you out in this tough time. For those of you that are cutting a kids hair we have a new video coming Sunday with Dan cutting his son's hair!

Amee M

Not only I think I can’t pull of such a good haircut for my son, when things open up again I don’t even think the average barber in my area can!

Amar Jeffrey

I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but in my experience it's impossible for British barbers to not involve clippers in some way in the haircut. You can't get a scissors-only men's haircut in the UK, especially in London, regardless of the amount you are willing to pay for the service. If you insist, they either refuse or do a bad haircut.

Jalal Eldeen

8:49 I wish we can do this these days.

boris schroeder

Standart not more boring

Pioneers Project

Thanks to you both for this fantastic tutorial. Clear advice and the years of experience show at every step

Young Davis 90

Great vid new sub ??


I like ya cut g

Doba World

Whatsapp up bro Nice haircut u doin good work i lik what u doin i follow u

Min Ara

I took it upon myself to give my dad a haircut... annnnd I LOOOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Will follow the directions and test my luck!!!!! Fingers crossed?? my mom winged it last time and it was a DISASTER ... it was painful to look at! With bald patches all over the head... whew good luck to us trying this out on family and friends during corona?

kolloyan suos

Merci monsieur

Fantastic Stuff

What Clipper is using in this video? Please!

Benjamin Slade

This guy talks a lot, but when he gets to the actual hair cut he talks about cutting the "horseshoe" then down and around the "frame" and "crown" without showing what any of those terms mean. It's maddening that he talks for 3 minutes about the pros and cons of something he hasn't shown you yet, the glosses over the key points. Talk less, show more.

mon cheri

wow this will be so helpful to me when i cut my boyfriend's hair ? this quaratine made me an instant barber


This is the exact haircut I want everytime I go to the hairdressers but never know how to ask for it and end up walking out with it being too short and I look awful

William Fahey

I have seen a few of your videos , and want to tell you what beautiful
haircuts you do.


I have been following your lecture to cut my family's hair since the covid break out. Thank you !!


Very well explained, articulate intelligent and very skillful! Top hair!!! Have no problem getting my hair cut from this very skillful barber!


Watching this because my boyfriend wants me to cut his hair.... very nervous, wish me luck!

Harley Thorson

Bro I wish you could come move into my place and cut my hair a day every day. Next to an indoor waterfall and lazy river. Keep doing what you do. ????


Hello , I’ve been cutting hair for 33 years and I must say that you are the best I’ve seen with shear over come techniques! My favorite as well! Are you using six inch bladed shears and what brand are those extremely sharp weapons???


Iwant watch your cutting hair technick because iwant learn that your work. Keep yourjob keepsafe godbless ! im from phillippines.

Jo Stott

My elderly Father is still shielding and he wants me to cut his hair and this video is so good, thank you ???

Batman the Grower 420

i’ma cut my gown hair

VietHealingAcademy #ByMiMi


Maia Djgamadze

Nice and helpful video but you need more light with your camera to be more clear for us the cutting point. Thank you

Hashem Hosaini

What scissor do you use? Can you plse tell us


2nd lockdown - here we go again

Max Rockatansky

just fuck my shit up

Emma Dunsmuir

Thank you Dan for this video, just revisited it for the 4th lockdown haircut in one year. Each time the haircut gets better, invaluable thank you thank you.


Thank you for the tutorial. There's still lockdown in Germany so I had to fix my husband's hair. My first cut EVER ? Actually it turned out really well, we were positively surprised with the result!


Damn, dude went from average 30 something to Chad Thundercock with that haircut.

Osvaldo Andres Verdugo Egan

Hi im from South America Chile I like this type of haircut ! Do ya recommend me an special modern for summer ?? I have a little grey hair for my age ( 29 ) ! Similar to this one ?? When did you start getting grey hairs ?? Age ?

Abdul Raufi

Hello sir you are genus! Do teach as well?

HOW TO CUT MEN'S HAIR // Basic mens haircut // hair tutorial

HOW TO CUT MEN'S HAIR // Basic mens haircut // hair tutorial21 Jan. 2013
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Favorite pair of clippers

Favorite pair of clippers My preferred brand of clippers

Basic Taper Fade Hair cut men. In this tutorial I will show you one of the basic hairstyles for men. This is one of many short hairstyles that I teach on my channel. ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

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HOW TO CUT MEN'S HAIR // Basic mens haircut // hair tutorial

Want to learn how to cut hair? April takes you through a complete men's haircut. With years of professional experience cutting and coloring hair. This video gives great tips for beginners and professionals. This basic men's hair tutorial is sure to teach you something you didn't know. This haircut tutorial also works on boys. All the fundamentals. And what you will like about this haircut tutorial is it's the whole haircut. Not jumping around and just giving tips. Hopefull you'll like this mens haircut video. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. And as always. Let me know if this video helped you. I love hearing that from any of my haircut tutorials.


Comments (100)
Marcus Davis

Nice video great job! I'm a black barber and would love some more technique like that thank you!

Margo Marie

Who else is here learning to cut your family's hair because of the coronavirus?

Honey Badger

I think you needed a better model...his Hair was really short and had very less density!!

Tati Saez

She is a amazing cutting hair but she is also jumping ahead she is shaping the hairline first and then she is cutting the hair on the top why can’t you finish clipping and shaping the hairline first and then go in with the spary bottle on top of the hair then start cutting the hair on top

Justine Trubey


Louise Fletcher Art

Thank you! Such a helpful video x

Southern Sweetie

Thank YOU for taking your time to do this video!!

Joe Corrigan

Thanks April. My wife used your tutorial before cutting my hair for the first time. Very useful and professionally explained.

Franklin Joseph Raj L.

Started well, but making too short on top is a mistake, he almost become bald with no hair. Could have left the top section would have been nicer.

rocco didonato

By watching your video i been cutting my friends hair and some people i know i had couple of militarie friends i cut their hair plus i had as a final hair a couple of shaved heads

-not peter- parker

Got my brother to agree to let me cut his hair,,,oh boy


This is basically shaving not cutting...

Nawzad Ibrahim

Thumb up from UK, appreciate your video

T. P.

This is not what I expected. It's says :" basic haircut ". I'm learning how to cut not a "shave almost bold" cut??. My 60 years old father in law will hate me if I trim his hair this way. Too bad.
Rather than that, your video is great!

Sandhya PC

Thanks a lot.. I'm gonna try this on my 2 year old tomorrow.


I was pregnant in beauty school. Ugh. Hated the standing!!!

Lucky W

Never done that before. Learning to cut my husband's hair during the pandemic. Want to know if anyone who has 0 experience like me was able to get a good result after watching this video :)

Richard Marquez

Very helpful awesome job


Ugh could’ve been a nice tutorial but the razor’s sound ruined it

The Neisha Weston

Very helpful. Thanks for your content! ?

Michelle Hollihan

Thank you! The person who normally cuts my husbands hair told him I did a good job!!

Maria A

This man had a full head of hair before this ...

Mücahit Betül Ene



Thank you. I just cut my husband’s hair with a pair of hairdresser’s scissors and horse clippers (one setting!!) having studied this video once through and then had it on while cutting. Mum came in when we were at the ‘mushroom stage’, before the blending and was horrified. But I knew I’d turn it around!! I ended up doing a great job and he was thrilled!! I’m over the moon!

Katie Gow

Thank you for this amazing demonstration. I've done my husbands hair many times during the lockdowns and theres no way I'd have been able to without this video.


BS! Too much advertisement!

Steve Trowbridge

Just here for the ASMR, lol.

Andrea Martin

Why cut along the border when you later shave it off?

Esme Esme


Urmi Shah

Your video is really husband just loves the haircut. Each time before his cut i watch your video again

Melanie Chenel

You very thoroughly and clearly explained how to do this. This is a great tutorial. Thank you!


How many Xanax did you give him in his coffee ? :-)

Colleen Temple

Best men’s beginner hair cutting tutorial on YouTube! Thanks!

Ben Hardy

You are a skilled teacher. From beginning to end you take the viewer through the entire process, clearly explaining the steps and the tools used. I have learned a lot from your videos, thank you.

Audrey Bridges

pray for me y’all

Sandra Scudder

He had such beautiful hair. It was a shame to cut it so short. But t was informative.


Q. What’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?
A. Three months.???


This is way too short. I'm sure he thought so too. He is almost bald.

Mohamed Hisham

Hahahaha lol ?


Might as well of shaved his head, nothing left

Jessica Tolson

I love how you explained and showed with your hand when to stop cutting with the clippers and that not every head is the same roundness and some are flatter . And I could never figure out why some heads I'd do a great job and others not so good. Couldn't always get the fade look on everybody's head. So thanks a million! Loved your video and how you explained everything step by step!

Sandy Perkins

Thank you so much for posting this video. It has been so valuable in helping me cut my husband and son's hair. I never imagined I would need to do this and I am so grateful for your help!

Rita Liu

She should stop after she made the hair line.

Fariba Gholami

Thank you so much your style helped me God Bless you ??

Jovana Guzman

that whal clipper is the best

Veronica R

Thank you for this video!!! It really helped me learn how to cut my husband's hair! Have a Blessed day!! :)

Gee Jay

Why did she trim the bottom if she was only going to shave it off anyway .? Does anyone know why?

Pete & Melissa Nemec

As a barber watching this I’ve seen worse but definitely not professional.

Denise Merrigan

The trimmers sound like a lawn mower but I know the clippers so they ain’t


Is that her husband?

The Stillness in Fire

Oh dear. Plus too many ads. Thanks for trying.

Play The Game

Watching and learning during lockdown...

Fatima S

Qautntian makes me learn new things ?

Protestant Forever

You are the best

Ferdinand General

You’re such a good teacher. I’ll have to cut hair regularly now for my son and dad lol. I also found the process really structured. You make me want to cut hair for a living and ditch finance. Thanks!!

Joven Boras

this is harriet sugarcookie video intro .,

KEN StreetFigter II

Tnx April O'Neil very good video

Concept Decorations

I tried this on my little brother ??? he is still crying from the last 4 days ?

sam guapo

Don't feel so bad. It's going to grow back anyway....

Karen Morrisby

great tutorial, I'm going to try this tonight :)


?? no

DownEast Gal81

No offense, but this doesn't look that good. Very patchy, almost baled spot's in some place's.

Epic Advice

You guys can totally do this, my wife just did mine!


Too short for my taste. And too dangerous! ;). Can't show this to my wife who has never cut any hair before!

Denis Louis

Happy lockdown



Taher Mia

Great video during this coronavirus time, mem

John Millionaire

I'm not a bad guy I'm a BARBER. I feel sorry for that man and for many others that go for a cheap haircut .In my opinion You do not respect yourself. I'm not saying you have to go for an expensive one I would say in UK not less then 12£ if you want a proper haircut

Tezeta Nishan

Girl I love your job !! Very clean. ???????.


Million of these videos and will watch any but this. So many commercials, it’s a joke!


fugly. sorry

Sandra Denison

Wow! Great video. One of the best I've seen. Thanks. Making me braver to tackle my husband's hair.


Your husband has a nice shaped head!

Emma Smyth

Used this video tonight to do my husbands hair... was so helpful and easy to follow! I think I did a pretty good job considering I’m not a hairdresser ☺️

Jay Dubbs

Not my favorite haircut for men, but you did a great job on the cut. :)


I agree with Sylvia, This is actually a really good haircutting guide, its even, its neat and its blended.
She also added safety tips for those who do watch these for 'home mum' and 'save money' use! (dont cut those knuckles people!)
Well done I think this is a great starting and basic technique and easy to follow.
The only change i would make is not taper the hairline at the start i do that like you did when i go around the ears etc or at the end :)

Aakanksha k

trying to cut my dad's hair in this quarantine

B. Sampson

I'm in Barber School, but she is really good!!

Dee C

Very helpful, thank you!


Wow ... Your clippers are so quiet! What one's are they?
Thank you.
William (Hampshire UK)

Maia Rosen

Hey, I know you posted this a long time ago but I found it during my great hour of need and did a REALLY good job on my husband's head if I do say so myself! So thank you SO much for this really excellent video. It gave me a ton of confidence and I my husband is so happy! For all those complaining, she started with the trimmer then decided not to - so what!? I used a #2 and it wasn't as short as her video - I just asked my husband what number he usually gets. I think this is genius.

lunar eulogio

Done subscribe maam

Devon Stansbury

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just gave my husband a COVID haircut and he keeps checking himself out in the mirror and saying what a great job I did. Many thanks!


I highly dislike that haircut

Ravi raj Gurjjar

Aunty your a good haircut teacher for us


now where can i find the best tutorial on how to cut your hair by yourself?

sofia sofia

Doesn't matter whether you like the length of the haircut, or the simplicity, or color of her nail polish, I have had hairdressing training and this is how it's done with scissors. Hey, if it was so simply and everyone could do it, then all the hairdressers would bankrupt. Last time I checked, they all work and prosper. Usually a client wants a haircut like this so they don't have to come again in ten days. Again, the purpose of the video is to show you how this haircut is done, and she has done a great job!


Of all the haircut youtube videos, this is by far the most helpful one for me. I actually used your direction to give my boy a haircut that even my wife's ton of criticisms have stopped once I started applying what I've learned from you. Thank you.

Annette Jac

So she gave him a marine haircut. Doesn't take much talent to shave a head.


Very helpful

Holly Sherwood

Great instructions! Never would have tried to cut SO hair without this tutorial and it turned out fantastic.

Estefania Vasquez

Thank you for the explanation, It has been handy to cut my husband's hair.

Sara Rada

Such a great video, informational and to the point.


She is pregnant

Kevin Rodriguez

Dont watch her videos she sucks hard lol she cut her daughters hair and was cutting all over the place and comments were turned off !!!! Lmao who does that ???


Who else want to be the family barber in this quarantine ?

Valerie Ann Love MiSKO

Welp, I have to cut his hair. I haven’t a clue as to how. Watching your video really gave me the information I needed to properly cut his hair. You’re definitely a life saver. I now have the confidence to face my bubba and get it done. Thank you

Kevin Rodriguez

This is why i dont go to women for hair cuts LMAO says TAPER Cuts all the hair off lmao

kmizan fauzi

Thank you for this useful vid. Learned a lot

Rosanne Novak

Thank you, April!!! I review this video every time I trim my husband hair since the corona virus lockdown. April’s technique and explanation is quick and easy to follow! My husband may give up going to barber... I am his hairstylist now!