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MensXP: Fitness Tips By Tiger Shroff | How To Stay Fit Ft. Tiger Shroff

MensXP: Fitness Tips By Tiger Shroff | How To Stay Fit Ft. Tiger Shroff3 Sep. 2018
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We asked Tiger Shroff some

We asked Tiger Shroff some questions about his health and fitness regime and he has some important advice for Indian men looking to get a body like his! Have fun watching this video on how to stay fit and healthy just like Tiger!

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Comments (100)
Kushal Parmessur

Very humble man. Hats off!


film bhi english ma banow sir

Pulkit Saini

Its definitley not steriods.

Future Genesis

Best physique in bollywood...Hrithik? Nahh. Best physique in Bollywood is Vidyut Jamwal hands down. He can win Men classic physique bodybuilding show if he wanted to. Plus most bollywood actors became fit and in good shape because of personal trainers, and that's easy. Guys like Akshay, Vidyut Jamwal, and Tiger are fit because they are already athletic and train their bodies themselves. That makes a huge difference and a strong will to get up from your bed and drag your butt to the gym and train hard. Even Salman Khan, the original fit-man had a personal trainer to help him get big.

Munna kumar Munna kumar

Tiger shroff is a best hero I like you

Heidi Fernandes

We love you tiger ???❣❤❤

Amisha Mallick

He is a humble and mesmerizingly talented person who does his stunts by his own... Amazing, adorable...dancer and acrobat, athlete....????

Usman Ali

How many calories does he eat a day?

Umar ajith academy

Your confidence will gives you a good life

Anil kumar

isko hero kisne banYa

Sumit Prasad



War is really nice movie

meet ghone






Krishna Tirkey

I want to make dumble


Hritrik Roshan and Tiger Shoff in war are amazing

Mushfira Malik

So honest ,cute n calm u r ....... bohot hard bro

Vishnudeth M

such an inspiring man...."its not rocket science "......loved it.


So when do the steroids come in?

Rowsonara Begum

You're different man. If I were girl so that I acted with you

Sourish Deshmukh

This man is my inspiration

Ananth Everything

This guy is so amazing I want to be just like him when I grow up

Saikat Saha

Wherever Tiger got his inspiration is not my concern but he is my inspiration ❤

Sara Ebrahim

i love him in green tshirt he looks great

N San

The calm and poise he has is so rare to see in actors these days. Nice and genuine personality?

Rushil Chaudhary

1:40 Disha Ma'am gussa hogayi...

Dance_ With_Srishti

U r my hero tiger bhai

Priyanka Chakraborty

Sir your are honest

Dipanshu Raj

And I'm watching this while sleeping at afternoon ?

Vasavi prakash 20IT066

i just love tiger shroff:)))))))

Shivalingayya V Puranik

Tiger is so calm



Aditya Singh

Tiger shorff is my favourite I am small kid

Jigyasha Jha

Tiger is good

Beard Baba

One Like For Tiger Shroff's Body.

Roshan Gurung

U need to be rich to get good body

Hrishi Sharma

He started dancing quite late.. and than this is result ..what if at early age..

Rahul Nama

Tiger shroof is a macho man ??

Shadow destroyer

These questions are so shit

Bilal Altaf

He is from the beginning which makes him unique?

Tiger Shroff

Tiger g is very very hard-working and tiger g is super I love you sooooooooo much


He sounds like Saif Ali


Can you open up avout your cycle and gear you took to achieve your look aswell!

Iftekhar Ahmed Shaikh

Hindi tips

Me Official

Tiger is very good very good at action and dance but he should focus more on acting

Pes mobile 2021

hey i saw you were interested in health and fitness and was wondering if you've had any success working online yet? I've been following this guys system it seems to work pretty well


You havbt mentioned the gear you take, tell the general public the whole truth. I know you do lot of work and its brutal hard work but gears do have a place in this. Dont lie to the general public


Rich logo ke liye thoda simple hota unko sahi trainer mil jate

stupid learner

Sbka baap h tiger


Oooooo great love you tiger bhaiya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

dance with goli

Is he indian?

Pkvenom 001

War se pahle koi isko puchta Tak nahi tha.. hritik ke piche hit ho Gaya..abhi bhi acting me zero hi he..

Sumitra Varma

love you bhai

Jim Ahmed

Love you tiger. You are so sweet

honest ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ

He was inspiration man all creative boys..

Rudro Chowdhury

He always do 4/5 kinds of flips. Then how he said, " i always try different ". Just doing flips , its not different. And it also not superhuman feats. His fitness is lean , not very huge for appreciated. Idiot

Hashim Emraan

I dont like this guy but there is no way he is on steroids!


Humility at its best....and people compare him with Vidyut....

Give me a break...!


he is cute n hot?

Milind Gurung

??Very Talented guy.

victorious manchild

To stay healthy and fit free tips

babita chawla

After sometime people will say "TIGER AAYA" . (SHER AAYA) ?

Master Vivek Kataria


vikash tiwary

Tiger sir is the best example of fitness

Jayansh Jain

After war

Moiz Biradar

Protien - Am i a joke to you?
(How can he maintain muscle mass without protien or BCAA)

Deepak Mishra

Thank you tiger

Sarbeswar Kaibarta

Nice video Sir I love Tigershroff ????

Dipankar Dhar

Jai sir I salute your tips great

Dancer Prakhar

Sr i am 21 i want to increase my height up to 5 inch anyone please help me

Lingaraj nayak

Super your body...I like it

Manoj rajpoot Manon rajpoot

Tiger Shroff best only


thanks for that fitness myth buster tiger, you and i share the same thoughts

Sundar Surya

Does tiger shorff is tall plz say


Big Fan

Tech-tuber Apple Android and Windows

STERIODS AND MEDICINES you take talk about it also

Fardin Talukder


Gabell dennis Antony

Tiger shroff is always the best let it be in dance or acting or Martial arts

A for Ashish

Nice setup

SH Friends

Thanks in

Aspra Talkies

Big fan of tiger

HomeCooking Official

i am jelous of tiger shorff hi is fittest

Uddipta Saikia

You will be the biggest blockbuster of every movie Tiger Sir ☺️


Iss bande ko Virat Kohli biopic milni Chahiye

Raheeb Wajith

Vidyut will tear his ass

YJs Tech

bahut kadak banda hai ye

monu Kapoor

Tiger Shroff I am big fan

Madan FF

Thanks you

Blue Sky

This guy doesn't have the talent doesn't have the looks doesn't know acting but still made it because of his sheer hardwork be it making his body flexible by countless hours of martial arts or training himself to be one of the best dancers by the numerous sessions
So kudos to him

Dance_ With_Srishti

U r my hero tiger bhai

Jeet Jeet

BOYCOTT bullywood ???????

Jayadeep Bp

Very genuine ..loved t

Babar Ali

Love my super hero

Alwin George

He didn't tell about disha regarding fitness actress in Bollywood ??

Aditya Shekhar

Maintain Muscle mass= Juice?

musical cartoon

I am your biggest fan. I have one request to you! You are favourite in children so you make a good story film for children....... please . this is my request.

Rajeshwari Bala

my favourite star

TOP 10 FITNESS TIPS | Weight Loss & Getting Results!

TOP 10 FITNESS TIPS | Weight Loss & Getting Results!15 Aug. 2016
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Hey guyzz!

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Comments (48)
Hannah Young

Yay! thank you so much for the tips, El! I can't wait to start trying some of them out :) xx


You are the sweetest! I just love your videos, they are so informative and helpful :)

Una Plesa

Subscribed! Love your personality, girl ?

Nesha Joshi

Great advice :)

saiza asm

thumbs up for ur tips 1 tip is happened to me hahah after 2 months people start noticening I was waiting to hear good comments from everyone straight away and after 3months realise I was wrong it's not majic lol it takes time if u want to show ur hard work on ur body and m still in race haha

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Amazing Tips! Greatooooo!! I like your Mooddddd ???

Celina Murillo

Challenging yourself can be so difficult especially when starting out but it’s so important if wanting those results. Loved your video hun??

charlotte ch


Bailey Katae-Mete

All the things you've told me in my PT sesh! Loved hearing them again! Such a nice refresher!✌?

Mixed Records

Your so hot?

Tracy Quao

El how many times do I have to workout in a week. Am finding it hard to loose my arms fat.Am seeing result with my stomach and thighs. I workout twice a day,7 times in a week. Feeling muscles and joints ache has return and am feeling fatigue. I workout at home.I want to get to my target and working out a lifetime.

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Neeta Songirkar

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World Nature Video

Fantastic. This is a great healthy tips and perfect for my workout. I enjoy this one very much! Thanks for sharing.

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chandu the hacker

Great video... Loved you and explanation thanks for video.... Reply needed. ?

Fates Motive

Love what you do! Keep up the great work ????

Namaste UI

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MIchael Harrington

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Pineta Verde

You re adorable! Thanks for the tips ??❤️

Olaseni Oladimeji Olamilekan

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Kent Leisure Training

Great tips! Thanks!

Maham javed

I am 20 years I am gaining weight fastly because I find much of appetite for whole day and also eat different things I an also worried about my fatness what should I do


Needed this!!

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Mukhtar Guled

your advise is great and inspiration, not only do you give me motivation but your inspiring other. keep up the good work.

Júnio Alves

I'm from Brazil...great tips

Tanya Agarwal

nice way of explaining.....good job...nd thnx for helping...

WebbVenture TV

Great video and thanks for sharing. Tip 1 is SO important and I love that you opened up with that. Stay in the moment and be okay with where you are at, focus on you, don't compare yourself to others and remember life is a marathon...not a sprint...and consistency pays off.

natalie heil



Hey guys. Losing weight is indeed a journey. We work extra hard every day to lose weight. But are we doing enough. Here are signs your workout is easy.

Bust Bunny

Love these fitness tips!

Trillionaire Talk

Great tips! Simple and to the point.

Ana-Maria B

Thank you for the great advice!

Aakash Kumar

nice yoga fitness tips you can also visit Indian yoga place which is best place in Dharamshala India

gaurav gupta

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Nguyet Nguyen

Love your outfit, shows how toned your arms & shoulder. Love them.
Please do more videos, they're so helpful and fun to see you around

Fitness Made Easy

Nothing builds motivation as efficiently as seeing signs of improvement, so make sure you keep some kind of record of your activity.This is my personal experience

Amya Petrick

I have just starting working out thanks for the tips!!

najam saqib

nice what about that

Angelina Al-Rawas

Thank you so much. I have been doing this with my PT. ???


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Riri daniels

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Christine Thrasher

These tips are super helpful, thank you.