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How to Make Matty Matheson's "Guaranteed To Get You Laid" Lasagna

How to Make Matty Matheson's "Guaranteed To Get You Laid" Lasagna21 Apr. 2015
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In the latest How-To,

In the latest How-To, Matty Matheson shows us how to make a Garfield-approved, guaranteed-to-get-you-laid beef lasagna. This recipe is so good, Matty thinks it should be adapted as the standard lasagna recipe for Italians worldwide. (Shots fired!) Don’t waste your time with goopy tomato sauce—instead, focus on making the perfect meat sludge to layer between the noodles and massive amounts of mozzarella cheese. Add in a surprise parsley layer for some variety and some Parmesan on top, and in 30 minutes, you’ll have a perfect ten-pound grease pie. Bon appétit, trolls!

Check out the recipe here:

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Comments (100)
fuzzy mohawk

i cant have lasagne because of the ricotti

Kim JongUn

WTF is the Ricotta??? SMH


Thought the thumbnail was bam margera

Mario Espinosa

“He’s Garfield, a bit of a slacker”


Lol I guess I’m an idiot cause I don’t really care for lasagna, but I love matty so I’ll watch?

Tony Z

A layer of meat, add another layer of meat, then meat, then meat and Parsley ?

Lewis John

500 euros worth of pan/oven tray......cooks on electric rings!

Mike Lavery

Sends a shiver up my spine when Americans call pasta "noodles"


Maybe 1.5K+ calories in a slice of that alone, crazy.

The Blobfish

Back when you could watch the videos statring this guy


He look like a fat suit bam margera

Fernanda Sa

A spoonful of that lasagna is your daily allowance of fat

Treasure Forever

Sending blessings to you ??? thanks for this cool video I’m excited to be able to do cooking videos once I get a nicer kitchen! I definitely make lasagna!!!


Who is listening to this peanut ??


No white sources. OK ok I see you and my ouma chucking het slipper at me


Doesn't a rolling boil make the sauce taste more flat?

BuDz Manson

Cut through the cheese with parsley lmao

Cameron Wethly

I didn't know Ralphie May could cook.

Heavy Metal Chef

I'm actually here because Vincenzo gave ya a shout out and your funny! Awesome !

Maxi Huber

Damn a week after this video came I lost my virginity thanks Matty you are the reason for many single moms❤️

Kopio Vastaava

It's not "lasagna". It's "lasagne".

Pekka Kahvanen

2:54 Borat?


What a jerk!

Everett Houser AKA DTO

Matty , i’ve lost interest in you and it’s because of your video that you slammed my President Trump you talk about keep it Canada keep it Canadian bud you have no idea we don’t need the same O same O that we’ve been having we needed him in their United States of America needed an asshole to speak the truth, this democratic party is going to destroy the United States.
So from an old jar head stick with your food bud

Flying Angel

Thats so so so bad..... no pepper nothing

Lukas Persson

No tomato or bechamelle? That’s not a lasanga


Bring back this version of matty

Vincent I

I couldn’t agree more with that intro....

Ersin Akdogan

Would you like some lasagna with your grease?

Enlightening Endeavors

I can confirm the recipe is great and the title of the video is accurate #2020

Neilos 1714

Use extra virgin olive oil and you are not only going to get laid, you are gonna get a trio of italian women.

Tom Kot

Why does already the first seconds of this video make it seem like it's missing "Alabama style" in the title

Everything but the Girl Fan 76

I only make 100% traditional italian food. The Bolognese is not totally following the traditional method, but it has the same ingredients just a little different style. Would make!

Tony Z

You had me at “this is the fucking good

Lilly Chang

I love him!!

Wooosh me if ur Mum dropped u as a baby

Says a fat idiot who voted for Justin Trudeau

Piotr Trocki


Michael Lewis

How in the world does he take that out of the oven with one hand?

hasya dafhin

Who watched this after seeing Vincenzo's reaction video


Looks good but I think the lasagna with tomato and cheese sauce is better

bleep bloop

i miss this calmer matty cooking show

Francisco Velasquez

350 Degree's Celsius "7:00 minutes in".... that is over 600 Degrees Fahrenheit...burn level over 9000! lol

Brian Pangilinan

I'd vote this guy for president lets gooo LMAO

Mike Headen

i love you dude

Minnie Mouse but worse

me who doesn’t like Lasanga: *screams of agony*


He can't cook for shit

Nicholle Christine Edwards

What are ya cookin during CoVid19 for the Score?

Ryan Solan

bam magera has let himself go


my mom's lasagna is better!

Israel Morales

Biden voters don’t like lasagna

Orlando Rizzo

@7:03 350 degrees Celsius that's 662 degrees fahrenheit haaha lol


My lasanga would destroy this slop .....


350 degrees celcius? Thats really hot, i’m not sure my oven gets that warm.

Stewart t

he omits celery, lardon and red wine from the sauce and didn't make fresh pasta = not the best lasagne . not by a long way

Filip Pavic

Italians: dying after watching this.

Dion Loxton

i love this guy

Masztaar Crackberg

I can taste it from Scandinavia, just.. someone? Please?

Eric Lopez

So weird to hear Matty talking and not screaming


My then crush sent this recipe to me, and suggest me making it for a potluck party we both were going to. I thought she probably really like Lasagna. Turns out she had a crush on me too and we just moved in this year.


yo i dont care who you think you are the profanity is ridiculous and should have disclaimers so children running around dont have to hear all your f bombs, i know youre tryin to be funny but there are better ways if you were better cultured or educated. .really...ALSO that is not done right on so many levels...


As an italian I am crying! So many things wrong here!

cliff cox

Kramer kitchen knife

Anze Niemi

Thought the dude was bam lmfao

Ben Woodcock

made this and at the whole thing by myself. what the fuck man


I’m here for the “meat sludge” and “soupy-ass bullshit” ... thank you for keeping it real, Matty ??

Samantha Pink

Who’s here because of Vincenzos video

Modena Motors Inc Canada



Just brush past the giant genetically modified carrot, ok


There is no best version of food.

Jonsin 1459


Thomas Demayo

This is a disgrace to lasagna and why all that garlic?? Garlic has a very strong flavor profile you don’t need all that ??‍♂️

moi mai


Tony Z

Beef stock. And milk. Brilliant

One Two

Man covered in more tatoos than clothes lecturing about idiots.

Well that might be the funniest thing I have seen yet in 2021.

Jonas Konstantinov

No bechamel sauce?! How does this even qualify as lasagna?


I blaspheme. This is terrible lasagna.


It gets all soupy and bullshit no that's so me???

Alexandar Vasiljevic

Bro this lasagna has so much oil in it, the US wants to invade it...

Fx Dh

The Chris Pratt of cooking

Peter Phaan

Of course there is nothing like eating a plate of cheesy peice of lasagne to get the juices flowing.

G Production

how u make so much views? to much shout and shit cooking?????????




that carrot is bigger than the expectation Asian parents have for their children's educational attainments

Aaron Zraik

Where the Sludge love affair truly began. ?

Dan M

As an Italian, I’m not offended in the slightest, we should make our lasagnas like this ?

Dave Atkin

Wow he comes across as an arrogant prick, swearing to sound cool. Good luck getting laid

Joan Pasley

Came for the comments; stayed for the comedy roasts.?

Efren Cardoso

Love the humor bro??

Mohammed WWB

i hope you didnt gang on the skinny guy


That’s at least 1 lbs of cheese. Come on man

Mandi Deren

I hate watching YouTube videos but a friend convinced me to watch this. Omg best lasagna I've ever had in my life.


Looks delicious! But where is the salami? The mortadella? It’s a lasagna-esque casserole


I just made the most beautiful lasagna ever! Then turned it to charcoal at 350c for 1/2 hour. LMFAO


My wife and I would be in food comas after this. Definitely not getting laid lol.

Philip Lainović

Where is the bechamel?????



Simon Carl

No white sauce

Abas Qanas

I made it when this video came out i was 17 now 18 it's like a family recipe they always ask for it thank you matty


Literally.... THE worst lasagna example I've ever seen. Lucky he's funny.


Does the crime of attack on national health exist in the united states?call this lasagna?

Eric Hutchinson "This Better Get Me Laid"

Eric Hutchinson "This Better Get Me Laid"20 Jul. 2009
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At Slim's in San

At Slim's in San Francisco. 07/15/09

Comments (11)
Queen Cryssalis

make a friend real quick! ...but be respectful about it....


Kind of a subliminal message. Haha.


The chicks blabbing throughout this video are great. They have no idea what he is talking about.

Jenny Stirling

He's a genius!


Hahaha awesome.

Cassandra Farrar

i loved when he did this! he's so amazing! great great show.


Awesome song!



Juhie Modi

He was so funny when I saw him in Dallas--there was a family with younger children in the front row, so the song he spontaneously performed was about if hell was a cuss word, and if it is, should he really be singing it with kids in the front row? It was hilarious! :)

CptClear Gaming

when ur getting it on.. i want you to think about me... LMAO

Raymond K

This is fantastic. He should totally refine this into an actual song for his next album.

JC Chasez-Slow Songs Get Me Laid (Unreleased)

JC Chasez-Slow Songs Get Me Laid (Unreleased)14 Apr. 2010
17 534
DiabolikLover95Subscribe 438 721

Stone Movement ft Jc

Stone Movement ft Jc Chasez

JC sings background vocals

Rate and Comment Thanx :)

Comments (32)
Victoria Ivashkov

i <3 JC i wanna marry him!!!

Post Mortem

jesus christ joshua scott what the fuck?? good thing i love you *shakes head slowwwwly


I think I was a Freshman in High School when JC's CD came out. I was a fan of *NSYNC since sometime in early middle school. Wish I could remember the actual ages, but it was sooo long ago. I'll be 27 this year. 10 yrs. younger than JC! ^_^

Rasheda Boler

@NsyncCuties08 hey if you still have this song, could you please send it to me thanks!


jc's voice gets me laid, hehehehe!!!


@taylorl555 Yea whats your e-mail

Joshua Scott

Wow my love Jc you is always in my heart


is voice is buttah baby!





Lauren Kaminski Islander

Happy Birthday JC,I love ya!:)

Katie Baker

Ya.... Those cliche's wouldn't work with me, JC .... Lmfao




The beat is ok and jcs voice

But lets talk about those lyrics jc ?

Catherine Yankowski

what a fucking king.


@LittlePinkSnowball oh plz this song was a song he produced with stone movement/stu stone whos front man is jamie kennedy...the song wasnt meant to be taken seriously...more like a parody


Uhhhh sexy!! He's soo cute


Uh, you do know that not every song on the planet is meant for kids, right. I mean like, duh! Music isn't just for the kids. I loved JC's CD! Think first before you write!

Rasheda Boler

JC sounds good!


@LittlePinkSnowball i don't think his songs were ever meant for kids. they're for women only :D

Juanita Mason

stone movement needs a new career


his solo songs were way too sexual. that's why he never got as famous as justin...what parents would let their kids listen to this?


@xMusicGirl499 justin also had song like "Chop me up" and "Sexy back" so whatever justin played it smart and used his breakup with Britney to gain publicity nothings wrong with that but it definitely got his music exposed and he did it right after nsync broke up

Fatima Devosora

Do you have lyrics of this? I would really love to have it. :) Thanks . =) and I would also like to have this song. Please.


Jc this song is lol. I bet you didn't write it though. Only one person I could think of that talk this way. Cute and funny song, btw. James James 2016??


@xMusicGirl499 yeah ur right i really hope they get back together maybe they could do something like nkotbsb did that would be awesome :)

Rasheda Boler

i like this song!

Stephanie Walls

lmao for some reason i really like this. jc man, he can make anything sound magical.


and somewhere in between this hook and his signature pop zone is where he should be making music. his falsetto is so sweet... he should use it more <3

Chris Kirkpatrick 05

I love this song so much


Stu Stone is hilarious.

Fatima Devosora

Do you have lyrics of this? I would really love to have it. :) Thanks . =)