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American intact male celebrities

American intact male celebrities2 Jun. 2011
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American intact, uncut,

American intact, uncut, uncircumcised actors, singers, wrestlers, and politicians.

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Patrick Ireland

Intact males have a greater chance of contracting AIDS than do circumcised males, according to recent medical research.

Dan Hobson

What exactly do you mean when you said “Leonardo DiCapricio isn’t. He told me.”

gizzycat cat

Circumcision is child sexual abuse, these people are lucky to be whole men.

Eddie Gardner

Should you mutilate your son’s primary sex organ when they are too young to participate in this decision? Seriously? Why does anyone even ask this question?

David Polson

Support to get your foreskin back through regenerative medicine


Why would a Dr think there would be problems from having foreskin. You are born with it for a reason that reason is protection. The whole cleaner argument is dumb. Cos would it be cleaner to peel our nails out at birth. I see the penis as like the tongue very sensitive imaging hanging your tongue out your mouth all your life it would dry up & lose sensitivty. The same will happen when you peel off the natural protective skin. Its all to stop masturbation & make it harder to do.

M Smith

Who really cares?

Kidd KuDI95

I search up On google about how many male celebrity r intact and they're were over 300 celebrity males that r intact


America wake the fuck up - Yours truly, Europe

John Mallory

@deaconredwhiteandblu Wives, ex-wives, lovers, ex-lovers, groupies who reported on others, parents, brothers, schoolmates, accidental exposure, medical records and police records, some have appeared nude in films or magazines and some have commented in passing on their own status (like Leonardo DiCaprio, John Leguizamo, Mario Lopez) in the case of Elvis Maurice Gibb,Michael Jackson it was in their death certificates.

Mark Andrew

And just how the fuck do you know this? Did you have access to their medical records? Scammers

Bayou Dee

To be honest I don't care to know.. Seems most American women agree

Scott Berg

I just want to know who made sure about this uncut stuff. Who verified it and made sure it's correct. I'd like that job. 

Jerry Owens

Cercumcision turns it's victim into a transexual, weekens the victims Y chromosone, witch he passes to his children. And each new mutalated victim passes even weaker Y chromosone to there children. And one day soon and suddenly females will not be able to birth children and that will be the end of humanity!

A cercumcised male can still get std Aids infection cancer, anywhere in his body,. And foreskin does not give woman cancer! Only a stupid human would beleve genital mutalation stops dissease!

A penis is an external, Hymen, g spot = ridged band, vagina = Foreskin, with a cilt at the head, attached to a closed vaginal wall = shat. with a euethra running through it, and fallopian tubes = vasdifferenc. connected to external ovaries = Testicles, with an internal cervix = prostate. Female and male genitalya, are the same parts, relocated, and some different function!

Men cercumcise as adults say being cut is like having sex with numbing gel, and only feeling sensation and orgasm in there penis head when they used to feel pleasure and orgasm from head to toe. Some have felt so horrible about being Cut the kill them selves!

New born baby's bleed to death everyday from cercumcision!

If a doctor accidently cuts a babys penis off, they tell the mom she had a hermafidite and blame it on birth defect!

The Bible says all through it to not cercumcise your son's, Jesus Christ was a sacrifice for everything, and the last to be Mutalated!

Cercumcision is a crime agenst humanity, and evil practice!
And it's going to end humanity if it does not stop!

Sue your hospital for billions of dollars, for asking to commit crimes agenst humanity, when they ask to genitaly mutalate your son's!
And say no to cercumcision!

A new born baby is not fully developed! And when you genitaly mutalate him His Y chromosone does not grow and stays short and he passes this to his children, and they pass it to there children! And if they are cut it's even shorter! And there's no repairing it! It's extiction of the Y chromosone! Sense America started mandatory cutting off infants the Y chromosone has went from 100% and shortend to 30 %. And with each cut baby it's getting shorter! And we don't know how short it gets before men no longer ejaculate sperm! Cercumcision effect a man's sexual ability! your removing his external hymen, G spot and Vagina from your son! All it's pleasures, and there orgasums thoes parts have! And your killing the human Y chromosone! Meaning some day men will have there adolsent orgasum with no sperm for life! And no more Baby's will ever be made again!

Genitatal mutalators are just about to extenct humanity Abraham was 99 years old when God asked him to cercumcise him self! He couldn't have kid's! God was helping him have kids at 99 years old! Jesus Heald on the sabath! And you genital mutalators, the pharaceys went nuts on him, and said why ye heal on the sabith! Jesus said you mutalate men on the sabath, why can't I heal someone on the sabith! God told Abraham to cercumcise his self at 99 years old! And people were cercumcising before Abraham! You didn't get Cercumcison from God you Got it from Man! A new born baby is not fully developed! And when you genitaly mutalate him His Y chromosone does not grow and stays short and he passes this to his children, and they pass it to there children! And if they are cut it's even shorter! And there's no repairing it! It's extiction of the Y chromosone! Sense America started mandatory cutting off infants the Y chromosone has went from 100% and shortend to 30 %. And with each cut baby it's getting shorter! And we don't know how short it gets before men no longer ejaculate sperm! Genital mutalating supporters say it doesn't effect a man's sexual ability! Yes it does your removing his external hymen, G spot and Vagina from your son! Forever the day he's born! Horrific! So hoarific, you uncut men and women are to cowardly to go get yourselves cut! You try it! Your not doing something cool or awesome, or something The Bible says to do by genitaly mutalating your son! Your removing All thoes parts pleasures, and there orgasums thoes parts have! And your killing the human Y chromosone! Meaning some day men will no longer make sperm to give life! And no more Baby's will be born again ever! ask your kids not to mutalate there kids! Genitatal mutalaton must stop. Or humanity will go extinct!

In reality any next generation of Mutalated humans! Male and female! Could stop makeing baby's! It's no big deal mutaltors say. Okay try it, go get Mutalated. Oh it's tortuer for your sex and not another! Is what male and female mutalating country's say! No it's tortuer for every Mutalated human. They may not realize there missing earth shattering orgasms, as fully intack male and female have the same orgasms! Your not just killing pleasure, laughing at your kids all the way, your killing humanity! This is to all male and female genital mutalators! Any near coming generation can be infertal! Because of male and female genital mutalation! This is not some cool neat thing the Bible says to do to your kids!
It's terafing! And extremely cowardfull to cut your kids up! When you would not do it to your self! That tells you it's extremely wrong! It's not protective, it's not funny! It's not a game! You should not be happy you destroyed your kids sex lives! It's terafing! What is being done. And you can teach your kids to not destroy humanity! Genital mutalation is the biggest teror attack on humanity! In the history of humanity! God has put me on this Earth to try to save humanity! How much proff do you need! What if your kids can't have kids all ready? What if there cut kids don't have kids. Humanity can suddenly stop! It's seriously Scarry! Excuses for doing it, excuses excuses excuses. Cutting off a clitoris is like cutting off the head of a penis and leaving his foreskin! Cutting off a ridged band and foreskin is like cutting out a Hymen G spot and Vagina!
A vaginal wall, and closed penal shaft are the same, external interal, open, closed. Just different positions. Excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses. All done to torture a human from birth to death! Rather that person realises it or not! But the mutalators know there doing it to torture there kids! And use every excuses as why it's good! Read this web site! Humanity can exteint at any moment! You don't cercumcise your animals! You treat your animals better then you treat your own kids! It's insanely terrific!
Google sex genes the Y chromosone and the extection of men
And Google Y chromosone
And Google cercumcision the history of false beliefs
And see this is real not a joke.
And the whole Earth needs told.

Titus Chapter 1 verses 10-16
10 For there are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception, especially those of the circumcision group. 11 They must be silenced, because they are disrupting whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain. 12 One of Crete’s own prophets has said it: “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.”[c] 13 This saying is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith 14 and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the merely human commands of those who reject the truth. 15 To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. 16 They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.

John Segarra

you cant beat the sensation of the long skin,slowly rolling of the knob, and tight behind the rim.

Mentally Misunderstood

How do you know this? Why am I here.

Dan Hobson

This video is really cool.

Nastaran 1307



Great video! Thanks!

Jay- Z

So Charlie Sheen isn't Circumcised???


Dr. Drew is a biased, Jewish-American doctor that has always promoted circumcision every chance he got on Loveline. Pinsky is a nonobservant Jew; he admits to abandoning most Jewish practices but claims to retain a continued desire to learn about the religion. He explains that religious as well as philosophical studies affect his medical practice and his speeches, and that his background places "an indirect coloring on every answer."

Ray 1254

How the hell did you get this personal information!!!!!


The only cut celebrity i know is chris chan

LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

covered or uncover you still are beautiful.


I don't know how this was the first video when looking up about my cat's big cheeks but I digress, Nicholas Cage takes himself way too seriously. Just seeing the words "intact" with a default picture of Nicholas Cage, ick. Nick Nolte & Dane Cook weren't selling points for me either, but I get that they help convince guys to feel they can be cool intact. I personally wouldn't care which way a guy was, then again my opinion really means nothing as I am never with anyone or looking at any anyway.

Lucy Houghton

How did these video makers find all these out?

The Most Important Foreskin Care For Men and Boys?

The Most Important Foreskin Care For Men and Boys?21 Jul. 2020

The Most Important

The Most Important Foreskin Care For Men and Boys?


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The Most Important Foreskin Care For Men and Boys?


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The Most Important Foreskin Care For Men and Boys?

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I have a rock & a string I'll sell for $10


The Romans should have made a miniature "rack" for stretching cocks instead of stretching bodies. That would probably hurt even more than the real rack.

Ron Acord

Wtf, is this legit.


Some people are wondering, do they also make a device for making it smaller?

Manuel Baquedano

Wow did my ex tell you to recommend this product to me


How the fuck i end heree? ._.

Majestic Mojo

Im 10 inchez now but the girth of a finger


I left it on too long and now I trip over the damn thing.

Michael Bruemmer

I wear mine to church

The Road King

This is the new and improved version from the 5 lb. Dumbbell weight that you could hang on your wiener. That's progress from 20 years ago. Your welcome.

John L

Looks like a scam


Just knowing how many geeks will actually buy this thing makes this video even funnier!!

Jeremy Metcalf

The woman who volunteered for the voice over is awesome.

David Hernandez

That is a crock of shit I wonder how successful that contraption is & ratio that really has worked & how many guys have even gotten hurt
but most likely we'll ever know for the simple fact of the matter no one will come forward because of the embarrassment of it all.


This is how you keep your pecker from being crooked from years of punching the clown.

Zack Bobby

Most girls actually prefer penis sizes of medium length and girth. If your dick is too small, they can't feel it well. If it's too big, you have more nerve endings and you'll cum faster. Girls care WAY more about the duration of sex then the size of your dick. Your dick doesn't actually really touch the part that feels the best for them.

Amos Mohilibob

WTF?!?! What happens when you get that early morning wood???

Dogbe komi

I need it

Matthew Turner

It will stretch it to over 12", but it will only have the diameter of a #2 pencil

Jochen Reinhardt

It dont looks like a real Penis anyway :-(

William Chamberlain

4:23 world market leader in plonker pullers? Doesn't sound like it's a competitive market


Snake oil

Thurston Kim

Interesting but doubt that it will work.

Donny Donowitz

I’m pretty sure this is bullshit.

I and L

This is gonna rip someone’s dick off one day

Jürgen Schaefer

Must be developed by a female Engineering Team.


Does it do anything for E.D.? What the point of a longer flaccid penis?

Jorge Diaz

Nah forget that this is a torture device it's a setup they are trying to get our dicks


It looks like a torture device

Marc Poindexter

I just found my new floor jack for my chevy tahoe

Justin Stanbery

But will it make my dick bigger tho


Pierre white says you first need a Knorr cube to get the real flavor of it


I wish to leave

Davidson Marunda

If wanna get it hw can I do


Lol I was watching “captains chair workout” before this and this absolute stunning Fox Anastasia was the model for the video. This video followed that.

Vito B

WHY THE FUCK is this in my recommended column!! THATS IT!! im putting tape over my lap tops camera!!!!!!!!

henry q

No thank you I'm big enough

Joan Clark

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Always use

Vito Amos

put it on your tongue!

Clint Patac

This is for junk from 2” to 11”. Who’s trying to add length if they are already 11”? Mr Ed?

Larry Boysen

Looks like one of those dark ages torture devices!


its not 3am yet so we wait


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Kevin Lastella

Does it work ?

Simon M

Whats it for?

Daniel Kleinmeier

The one muscle that no matter how much you work it stays the same size God for bid if we could work it mind would b the size of an electric truck going down the road

Bo Liviu

Scientists made am important discovery with this tool.

Robert Alexander



Jesus ??

Hemanth Nirmal

Fake website not shipping orders after payment. No response to mails and calls. 100117109 is the order number. Don't buy from website



Jochen Reinhardt

Thats great that somebody shoes how to get a longer Penis.
On another Video like this you coudln"t make any comments :-(

Stay Fr00sty

Isn’t this the thing to pull the gears from the camshafts?

Vaughn Kelly

Im a grower, not a shower.

Element of surprise ha ha ha ?

Ok seriously, this is BS!


My step dad used to hang weights from his penis in his younger days to stretch it out. No joke, his wang hung pasted his knees. I had the misfortune of finding a Polaroid of him erect one day and the sh*t looked like a horse penis! Apparently stretching it works. It looked unbelievable creepy though so it's definitely not a good look.

Vijay Kumar Jhala

Can you guys be responsible and start replying to your customers....all your communication channels are useless and nothing works when a customer has a problem....I have received a defective product from you and I have raised a ticket for that but no one contacted me from last 9 days....both your numbers are either switched off or not are not getting is my ticket and order details
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What can Male Edge do for erectile dysfunction? Seems like that thing would hurt.

Jason Maggard

Invest $20 at the strip club - that works wonders too.

Old Guy Grows

Enlargement? I got shrinkage watching this.


I have had better results with the hoover on the pet hair setting

Melektelecom Melektelekom


Jonathan L

Totally medieval. Perhaps we will see this used on the last season of Game of Thrones.

Ben Santaguida

I know a guy who couldnt afford this and instead used a cheese slicer.


i had 2 return mine cuz mines 2 short 2 reach the sucks


I was looking at my teachers YouTube channel and saw that he was subbed to a channel that had left a like on this video...

Technical Glitch

I tease my pistola and it naturally gets longer. Why would I need that contraption?


I've added 2 inches to mine , from a 10 to a 12 .

Russell Taylor

The Penis Is A Toy You Play With It Feels Good


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fashion nova



I wonder if it works on fruit and vegetables? It could make your cucumbers and carrots go a lot further!

Yahya Hamid

Mama i wanna get braces...

CF Moto Z8

Omg, and I thought I’d seen everything! That’s hilarious! ??

Alfred Hitchcock

These are the funniest comments ever...wonder if Joe Biden endorses it?

Wer Wer


winston smith

?do they have them on sale at Harbor Freight
? dont know


What you gain in length, you probably lose in rigidity. 10 inch cock is useless if it folds in half on every thrust.

Fs Ll


dylan bowes


The Next Level

I like how they showed the photos of some of their customers. All of them, at one point, had a small penis

Andy Hughes

Stick my pricker in what? Y'all must be a damn fool, how about get a pooey tightener!

Michael Steinrok

I don't think so.....

Oldfogey Oldfogey

Do they give it to you in a brown paper bag?


MAKE YOUR SELF COMFORTABLE? ? This looks like something they use on Prisoners in Gitmo......?

Romeo Santos Santos

La tengo un poco chueca a la izq,,esto me ayudara ??pero hacerlo mas grande no me interesa


And before you say a word it came up when I searched “yawn & stretch “ .
Obvs I had to click on it ???



E.E. D.

Can you wear it thru the metal detector at the airport?

Yahya Hamid

Dady washed his mailedge in the dishwasher and we all got aids


Did the Catholic Church invent this during the persecution of Christians?

Ramasses The Review Guy

Idk why YouTube suggested this damn video bruh


I swear I was listening to Lana Del Ray music videos, does anyone know what album this is off of?

scott maples

worthless junk dangerous.could really hurt yourself with this

bob mccann

Wasn't this covered on an episode of BullShit!? Penn and Teller tried 3 different tools and a real Dr. said all of them are BS!?

Q Tech HD


John Doe

very funny

Bill Dozer

I heard a click but it wasn't the device.....I think I broke my penis.

My Phone

Wtf and how