Foreplay scene


Foreplay27 Sep. 2008
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My project for John Rice's

My project for John Rice's Intermediate Cinematography class at Point Park University, March 2008.

Starring Ryan Mcfarland and Kate Woolridge

Directed by Kevin Kauffman

Shot and Cut by David Hall

Right Hand Man - Terry James

Gaffer - Anthony Levenson

Shot on a Panasonic HVX200 and edited in Final Cut Pro.

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Mr. Detective

Who's the artist of this song?

Kathryn Aldrich

Excellent job! Great cinematography!

Rupak Dhungel

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pankaj dukre

REAL fun starts at 3:58


I don't get it. I just... what is this? Not foreplay, for damned sure.

DJ Asks

Song is the best part.


you are amazing.


Lol the song from popeye



Herbert Mukiibi

This is a nice video crip

First time foreplay - Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

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jakayla magee

do you like my movie dont be mence

The MOST Sensual Foreplay Scene Evar!

The MOST Sensual Foreplay Scene Evar!2 Dec. 2012
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Zattana Jackson

what. the. FUCK.

Laura Cowan

Omg this is weird how did I even get he


... what the fuck did I just watch?? not to mention HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE FROM PEWDIEPIE!?!?!?

Mia Mills

Brb, dying.


she sounds ready to ride

Alyssa Ysabel Bautista

What the

wilbert torrero



I read the comments and was all like "Ok, when's it gonna happen?" XD

Željko Debeljak

Well, I guess you could say that he... turned her on!

Efto Kolasi

This is great

Laura Cowan


Kenneth Kvasys

He got 'er motor goin'!


It will shred your wood all right. lol.

tamera e

What the fuck was that





james perez

I was not expexting that

Noomwa Lis


Bailey Hicks

Is she supposed to be a smokeblower

Charlie M.P.

Ok, I didn't expect this.

samantha diaz

ithink its a unique vibrator sex orgasm hhh

Riyadh Basir


Gunane Gun


Edgar Smittenheighnjenkson

Que es la phuq?

Christopher Marsh




Mikeal Love

She had smoke come from her p.....Wtf
Did I just watch

Rainn M

Well okay then

Asyraf Aziz

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Bryant Donner

I thought it was a smoke grenade until I read the comments...

Dan S

How stupid!

Mr. Nerve Damage Gaming

Chipper shredder I do believe, lol

Ivey Westerfield


Haley Partin

How did I get here wtf