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The Miracle Exercise - Health Targeting routine

The Miracle Exercise - Health Targeting routine14 Mar. 2018
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How to target specific

How to target specific areas in the body to stimulate circulation and assist natural healing

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sylvie papineau

Love your routine


Am on it! wonderful.


I’ve read several books on rebounding, the theory, explanation, on how it functions to improve your health. This is the first I’ve heard of this technique, touching a body part to improve health and or function. Can you give me a quick medical explanation of how, why, this works? Are there any references, studies, that you could recommend?

West Coast Or Bust

why is he touching different places?

zofia zycki

interesting - this combines rebounding with qigong and reiki - like all three - will try this!

Candace Rushing

I turned this on thinking it was the 5 Minute Top 10 Routine, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed today!


Can this help with neuropathy.


Thank you! Looking forward to better health with this routine.

Linda Eaves

Thank you for your videos, and hello from Seattle, Washington.
I've been looking for a combination of a gentle workout with the scientific explanation about how rebounding works at the cellular level. Really great content. I have a Bellicon and your videos give me easy plans with variety so I can stick with it. Especially during COVID quarantine. This is going to help me stay happy and keep my immune system strong.

Diana Lefevre

Thanks very much for this informative motivating video. This routine looks so simple yet with great benefits . I love your style of explaining . Just one snag - a pity the musical is so loud & annoying . That's the only thing which rather spoils it . I am nevertheless going to subscribe to your vids - well worth it ! :)

Randy G

Very similar to my Qigong practice. Thank You.

Patricia Brown

Thank you so much....I always feel great when I jump on my trampoline....this will kick it up a notch.


Everything is already getting stimulated by just rebounding.
Your whole body is moving up and down in a faraday field with even more movement which would equal more electro energy.
Seems the hands thing would not deliver any appreciable amount of extra energy to areas already getting charged up.

Judith Ann Crighton

I don't understand how placing your hands over an area can help organs. I just bought a rebounder but I would appreciate knowing how this works please.

oeil_sauvage Wikileaks

I'm exhausted After a few minutes

Skipper Pond

Love the music. It goes along with the routine. Only been doing this routine for 2 weeks, yet am so thankful you did the video.

Goddess Anonymous One

Added this to my trampoline play list. I noticed that her feet are slightly apart and yours are more together. Does it matter or is there a reason for that?

Pamela Wells

Started at the beginning of first lockdown...could hardly stand on the rebounder without losing balance..now into third lockdown enjoying regular sessions and moving onto the other classes. Great exercise for a 65yr old even! Thank you so much.

Ting Y

Thank you for providing these videos! I just started rebounding on a bellicon a couple of weeks ago and would love to incorporate these routines into my schedule. For this particular one, would it not be advisable to do at night, maybe an hour or so before bedtime? It seems that increased circulation might help with natural healing as the body recovers in sleep mode?

Tina Christie

How does putting your hand in a certain area work on the organs in that area while you are rebounding? Not trying to doubt, I just do not understand the correlation. Thanks!

EP #2 - How to exercise to keep your immune system healthy

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Exercise good for health

Exercise good for health30 Jan. 2021
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Guzman aka vinne

Rewatch po tulog nko kgbi po

Linda Sedaya

Replay now

Lory tornea Twinny

Exercise is good for us lalo na sa mga joints. Hpb

Balamban blogger in Canada

Here host

Chlyzzia Marlene

So charming ...
Sending my support!

Maria Liza Sato

watching na te ondeth

DhelTv Vlogs

Yes po ate good for the health best exercise keep on vlogging #Provision

Ang Pobre Sa Canada

Nice intro

Tesha A Music Lover

Late na ako replay lng po tamsak dikit na po

Algem Durban

mag exercise po talaga para maging healthy

Scheryll Malana

Healthy lifestyle..??

Ayesha Nour Channel

Im watching your premiere on live kaso naka hide po ako hehehe dumikit na rin RheidenTV


stay fit and sexy madam ondeth new friend po naka suporta sayo tamsak done po full package ka po sa akin bisita ka po sa bahay ko salamat

maireann dh angel

Diara na mam nalate napud kana jud banati ug exercise para abtik kanunay..

Gracie charm

stay healthy and fit po.nice exercise ate .GodBless po

Lory Tornea Vlog

Rrplay ako te..di ko alam na nag premier ka kagabi ..

Liezel Ancheta Trinidad

Healthy habits ganda yan maam

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Cocojhovz TV

Have a happy healthy lifestyle ate dear, stay fit always.

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maritestabion sidaya

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Lhiza Heart

yes na yes exercise is good for the health,,,stay healthy po ate

Ylrebmik Evol

Health is wealth. Hi po

Cecilia The Explorer

sakto jd mag exercise jd ta para maayong lawas perMi

Dina A

wow maganda ito sis para sa good health

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Hi sis

YAY! Music

Exercise is good to our health.. stay healthy and fit.. umwahh!

Bisayang Juan

thats great madam...ayos yan sa ating kalusugan

Shrina Marie

Stay hapy and healthy tita?hpb

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healthy lifestyle ating, just continue wat uv started

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true it is good for the health

AnnLynn Kitchen Channel


Ang Pobre Sa Canada

Nice one ate for Healthy lifestyle

Marcin s

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Girls power Uk mom

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Cecilia The Explorer

ganahan ko ana ba ky exercise...

Delia Ponpon

Ang gnda nman Ng intro enjoy ate sa exercise pra magnda sa katawan #Provision

senny vlog

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