How to get someone back after cheating

Someone Help me get back to my right skill level

Someone Help me get back to my right skill level30 Jan. 2021
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Ali Hussain



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#GirlTalk #Cheating

#GirlTalk #Cheating #InnovativeRoyalty



On my latest video I go over how certain trial and tribulations within your relationship like cheating can make or break your love life. Do you take him or her back or just cut your loses and walk away not not a bitter victim,but with dignity and boss up with the next man, hope you enjoy‼️





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“It’s this heat, that’s bussin’ my freaking pores open like a new asshole.”??????? BITCH IM CRYIN. Your hair looks nice ???. & I’m not taking back a FUCK THANG. Because in the back of my mind I will always think that person is cheating whenever I can’t get ahold of them. ??‍♀️

Hooty Jenkins

do not accept a person back that has cheated on you. let them go. they do not understand life and love. they may got really wet stuff, and make pretty sounds, then they share that with someone else... stop accepting loosemeat sandwiches men. please. make them feel like an old roast beef sandwich should... Alone! a loose meat sandwich is no badge of honor... excerpts from my book "yo attitude dont fit. youre like a fat girl wearing something too small... (metaphorically speaking)

The Blvd Heiress

Love for yourself is important! how you treat your self is what you bring to yourself!

Little Jala

Love yourself is important and number 1

Uncle Derr Ent.

You came thru with the heat ‼️‼️‼️

Doctor Rolland

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Faith Theresa

Yesss heavy on the self empowerment and love ‼️

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Tuning in


Yass!! You fef have to re build yourself up!! ????#InnovativeRoyalty??




A LOT of black people need therapy individually. Me included ?

Benny Gold

This a spicy topic I am very ready to hear!

How To Get Your Ex Back If You Cheated

How To Get Your Ex Back If You Cheated18 May. 2020
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If you cheated and were dumped, is it possible to get your ex back? Should you use the no contact rule?

Dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals exactly what to do if you want to get your ex back after you cheated on them.

Lucia is an internationally known dating/relationship expert, author of "Lucia's Lessons of Love", former host of "The Art of Love" TV and radio shows, a syndicated columnist and keynote speaker.

She has over 100 major national and international TV and radio credits including Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, E! Entertainment, 60 Minutes Australia, The CBS Early Show, ABC 7 News, Good Day L.A and the KTLA News.

Lucia has been interviewed by numerous publications including Details, Business Week, Allure, Elle and media from Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia, Azerbaijan, Chile and Denmark.

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Thanks for watching How To Get Your Ex Back If You Cheated. If you'd like private coaching, please contact me at: To become a channel member, go to:

Zippidydoodaa Zippidypap

Good to know to see what tactics my cheating ex may try to trap me with. Thanks to your vids I didn’t feel much hurt at all when I found out. I really like the idea of never having to date so that I never have to worry about my dignity and I don’t have to ‘act cute’ to create the power and joy I’d like to experience... I really pity people that think so pathetically x


I need help ... PLEASE!


No. Cheaters are the most sneaky dishonest people. No one has time for that they made the choice.

peewee bernabe

Ive been cheated by my 7yrs partner..its sucks and feel devastated always...when you heard the word cheat..even the topic was not in to you,you always feel that you are in there situation

Albert Teo

If somebody cheated on me (monkey branching), no matter how I wouldn't take them back. Experiencing twice in my life, one of which result in divorce. It's the trust that I can no longer give. Painful though, over is over. I really like your channel, your voice soothed me & accompanyed me countless sleepless night while I traumatizing.

Rafael Alexandre

Once a cheater always a cheater, shame on you for being a person of low character... I'd never take a cheater back, period

William Miller

I cheated, there was jealousy issues for a while when i wasn't cheating, I've done everything the right way to get her back from April1st of the breakup.She asked for no contact mid July and i didn't beg after that i gave her what she wanted since then no contact today is September 15th..found out from a mutual friend she is seeing someone new for a couple of first there was a couple of rebound relationships but just recently she unblocked me from Facebook again no contact but her status says single and still has our pictures on Social Media..

The Fingal Flyer

No, the broken trust is too much. I feel I'd NEVER trust them again and constantly be looking over my shoulder. I know she'd NEVER , apologise 'honestly', nor do what ever it takes, and would always take the easy out. Too sneaky, I want someone with more moral fortitude.


Cheating is the worst. Id never do it.. Bcs my dad cheated on my mum and it really destroyed our family..
But i kinda think my ex also cheated on me, and im just disgusted by everythink, really I think that i will never see my gfs the same way. Bcs i was soo blindsided i still cant believe
I think its the worst pain you can throw on someone specially after so many years of being together, but nowadays this became normal, as soon as problems start to appear, they call 2 3 friends for opinions and leave ?

DjPaco ELfuerte

Lucia is so beautiful
I hope she ❤️ my comment

Wassim Oueslatii

What means if my ex didnt block me on instagram,but she blocked me from seeing her storys?

Kenya Girly

I made a mistake. I told my ex coussin. To not contact me so much anymore. And that I wanted to move on. And then he said. That i shouldnt give up on my ex. Because my ex still loves me. And now they know. That i want him back. And think that I'm sitting around waiting on him to come back to me. So I don't know. If I should tell him. That I'm gonna move on. Or just leave it be? And tbh I didn't said anything wrong though. Because I just said. That I wanted to move on. It's the coussin who mentioned the ex. And said that he still loved me. He could just said okay. And kept it moving. He didn't had to mention anything about the ex. I just didn't wanted him to contact me so frequently anymore. But I'm still not gonna chase my ex. I'm still gonna do no contact

Vy Le

I went no contact in 1 month ( after begging). I don't know why she blocked me then unblock and blocked again and now she unblocked me. What is she thinking?


cheaters need psychotherapy

Hammer Gut

This is BS!.. If you are cheated, or you cheated on..
It's over! ?Why In the world, should you take back a cheater?..
And why.. Should someone take you back, If you cheated!


I didn't cheat but my ex thinks I did. She is adament and won't listen. Been apart nearly 4 months we were together for 25 years married for 23 have 4 kids. I would never hurt her I love her but she won't take me back. Its a nightmare as I didn't do it. It hurts

Lazy Prophet

My girlfriend always tells me "that looks like a penis only smaller!"

Hana Castillo

No one cheated in my particular situation. But I started implementing NC, it’s been 10 days and me ex texted me asking how I was. Will I respond? Absolutely not. Whether or not we come back together is not my priority right now. It’s about me and my well-being. Thank you so much Lucia.

Dan G

I cheated on my gf by texting other women, I’m getting help to sort through the issues that I have, I’m not saying they drove me to cheat as that’s an excuse and I own the mistake I made, I’ve done the begging and pleading and have also stepped back to give her space, we also have 5 kids between us (she has 3 & I have 2), they all feel betrayed too as it’s destroyed their life, my gf is still very angry but we are having to stay in contact due to financial reasons and issues with my daughter, my daughter is still living with her most of the time and not with her own mother and my gf still has posts on fb of the two of us together
I’ll never be the person I was after all this as the pain I’ve caused will haunt me forever, I’ll do whatever is needed to make it up to them all but at the moment they don’t want to hear about anything
Have you got any advise on what I should do next

John Gonzalez

Well said Lucia! ??


Tomorrow's day 60 of NC... Not a word from her :(

Rafael Marques Rafa

GUYS, Sorry for saying this but move one, also if you cheated you are piece of shit, also move on.

Brian Stoops

I had an emotional affair with an old flame from past my ex then moved out of our home moved out of state alto live with her sister and changed her number blocked me on all platforms of communication there has been no contact for almost three months is there still a chance?

fahad alotaibi

After dating my Ex for 9 months ,she broke up with me last March ,because I lied to her about that I won a house and where my house is,and did not interduce her to any of my family . I told her the truth later and she got angry ,and I did apologize to her and told her the reason I lied because I wanted to show off a bit,but few days later she broke with me through whatsup message. I replayed its ok that I understand and wished her a good life too.

Then 2 weeks later I called to apologize on the phone about the lie,then wrote her few massages but her responses were cold. Then I went NO CONTACT. few days later she started writing me asking how I am doing and I answered ,and the second time she contacted me I asked her to meet and she said it is difficult because coronavirus,and I said ok. After 33 days of NOT initiating any contact ,i called her to check on her and her daughter during lockdown and she was a bit cold with me.
Please can you advice me what to do.

Jim M

I am 69, my ex is a year younger. My manhood is not at issue. I am willing to forgive a lot if there is genuine compatability and emotional commitment I think for younger guys, it comes down to "can I trust that any children are mine?" I never cheated on my (now married) ex-fiancee. There are several bits of evidence that she cheated on me: her constantly being on her laptop and her phone texts that rang all night the weekend before she asked me to move out. Unexplained absences when we were supposed to be together, her telling me that she had Trichomoniasis and advising me to get tested... in any event, I don't envy her new husband. This is her third marriage. I've only been married once for 33 years. I believe women should be able to have all the opportunities that men have, without judgment. Life is not always straightforward and it is not easy to determine if someone you find attractive is right for you in all other areas of your life.

Do you mind

Be good ???

alexandre salmon

Amen :)

Ruben Martinez

The pain is unreal. She has moved to another state, back home with her family. She has told me that she doesn't want to date me anymore and she doesn't want to come back home, but says she wants to be friends and doesn't want me out of her life? What do I do, no contact? Stay in her life? Tips please

Shannon G

What if you were married for 13 years and have kids?? We also have kids and close family. He still is so angry after 4 years and can’t look at me??

Dennis J Chang


Aaron Benton

My ex wife cheated on me and told me it was my fault. She is remarried now. I will never take her back no matter what happens. I will never cheat on someone or take a cheater back.

Evan Kolar

a mutual friend of me and my ex sent me a Snapchat (I don’t talk to this girl really at all). She started it with a conversation, then sent a picture with her and my ex. No real reason as to why they are together and no real reason as to why they’re messaging me. Is this like a trick? Is this supposed to mean something? I’m confused and I don’t know why she used a friend to message me!?

Jacob Odom

What do you do if your ex thought you cheated but you never actually did. They had a person they dated before you cheat on them and it made them have trust issues. But when they accused you of cheating you denied and got them to understand you probably didn’t. Yet they were still very upset and said they don’t know if they can’t trust you again because they couldn’t tell. I initiated NC 38 days ago and I’ve noticed subtle things but her not trusting me has also really hurt me. I apologized during the argument for the thing I did wrong but refuse to reach out till she does because obviously I did not cheat.

Ken Downey

No one should ever cheat, and no one should ever take a cheater back. Period, no explanation or you tube video needed.


If I had been unfaithful to my ex and he dumped me (after 1 and 1/2 years) should I say merry Christmas? Send a Christmas gift? We had lived together and since being dumped I have been working on my issues in therapy and done serious counseling for my personal issues (a lot of abuse in my childhood). We are gay males.

We have been amicable but he told me to move on after talking for a few months in text and phone post breakup, so I went no contact to respect his wishes. I don’t know what else to do (we are also now a state apart). I will continue to work on myself and grow - I promised myself and him I would never allow myself to hurt another person the way I have hurt him by breaking the trust we had. I just don’t know what to do going forward.

Thanks for any help army and Lucia!

Tiana Kilgore

One day I felt really low mentally and I called a guy I basically had a friendly conversation with him and talked about my boyfriend (my ex now) the whole time, I Told my friend that the guy was attractive and that I thought my bf was gonna break up with me. He caught me and asked if I was cheating at the time I thought it was and I said yes, we dated after that still and 3 weeks later I noticed he was becoming distant. To the point he wanted to game all day and call me right before he went to sleep, and sometimes when we did call he would game while I wanted to talk, and he apologized and said he felt broken and depressed. His dad fell off a roof a few days before we broke up. I said it was okay. The next day I waited for him and at 4 am I was mad and I said it’s fine you can talk to other girls now we’re over, and he called immediately ,he was really sad and I said I still wanted to be together and I was telling him how I acted out of anger when I should’ve been understanding. And he didn’t want me back he said we needed a break. And then he was talking about a breakup. The next few days we would call every night and I tried to make him jealous one day and he said it was okay. But the next day he kept mentioning it over and over. At night he finally told me it made him jealous on a scale from 8/10. But the day after he said he wasn’t and that I should be talking to other people. We called still and I texted him and he kept saying we were still gonna marry me and one day he just tells me he doesn’t want to get with me I told him I can’t talk to him and be friends if he doesn’t want a future with me. I always had to text first. I texted him after and we would have a great conversation until we talked about the breakup and then he would get cold and say he didn’t want to talk to me. After we first broke up he said it was because he hurts me too much and at the end of me talking to him, he was saying it’s because of me texting that guy. He also said he was over me sexually. He has blocked me on everything but my number and he has followed Instagram booty pic models. We broke up on April 17 and I started no contact rule may 5. It’s been 5 days so far and I really want him back but I already think he is over me? please help


My ex & I are back but in discrete. She’s gets hot & cold. She keeps living in my past. We dated for 4 years & one day after the break up there was a party I & her attended but not as pairs. I danced with another lady & we made out. That’s what my ex can’t let go she saw it as cheating even though we had broken up. I know Iam in the wrong but what happened was meaningless & I wanna move on but I can’t bc she can’t, she’s like a clock reminder