Top Tips for Great Sex: Be in the Moment

Top Tips for Great Sex: Be in the Moment20 May. 2014
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Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know | Great Sex Secrets #sextips #sex

Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know | Great Sex Secrets #sextips #sex19 Jan. 2021
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Hi guys

Whatever you

Hi guys

Whatever you are on your journey, all men could use some advice. Especially when it comes to having great sex with the woman they like. In today's video we will be talking about sex tips for men and the great sex secret. We are looking at ways to advice men have not only to have sex but great sex with their ladies. Are you looking to satisfy your lady in bed and last long in bed? The secret is out gentleman. Sex secrets every man needs to know is out.

Yes, that's right , the secrets of what women want and what will lead to great sex are revealed! And let me tell you....They sure love to orgasm more then once for starters. But what else? Want to know more about what else women like and how jack rabbit sex doesn't lead to great sex ? Well you are watching the right video but remember you have to learn your lady because we are not all the same however this video gives you a guide line and sex tips by sharing the secrets that women don't share with men. Please do support me by liking, commenting, and sharing this video, you never know who might need to learn about how women want to have sex and to have it in the great way.

#greatsexsecrets #sextips #sexadvice

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Sex research: What is great sex according to science? | Vera Ludwig

Sex research: What is great sex according to science? | Vera Ludwig3 Apr. 2019
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I am presenting a study

I am presenting a study by Kleinplatz et al. (2009) who investigated what is "great sex" by interviewing 64 informants who reported having had "great sex". 10 themes emerged that appear to be associated with having great (not just good) sex. These might surprise you.

Original reference: Kleinplatz, P. J., Ménard, A. D., Paquet, M.-P., Paradis, N., Campbell, M., Zuccarino, D., & Mehak, L. (2009). The components of optimal sexuality: A portrait of "great sex.". Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 18(1-2), 1-13.

#science #happiness #relationships

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A very interesting study

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