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[NSFW] "I GOT TRICKED INTO DOING GAY PORN!" | Ask Reddit Stories24 Jul. 2020
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Pornstars share the worst

Pornstars share the worst experiences they have seen on the job.

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Men Reveal The BEST NSFW LIFESTYLE HACKS (r/AskReddit NSFW)7 May. 2019
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Hats of to you gentlemen



Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo

SHAVE YOUR BUTT fellow men. The difference is like choosing to either stuff partially dry playdoe through a pasta drainer or push a log down a grassy green hill


to last longer, switch hands in the middle..

what was i doing in the middle with my hands that i’d switch them??
other than slapping her ass and grabbing her boots ofcourse


the fact that its been pointed out by two comments for men to wash their assholes is concerning........ y'all don't?????????


why socks before pants


Use an electric razer for your private zone. No iching, no bleeding. Your skin will thank you.
I just can't go back to regular razors...


1:27 :Every Guy watching this..



Um...sour? ?

Lucky Lex

The wash your asshole and dick comment had me laughing. I've dated 2 guys who just stood under the water in the shower, washed their hair and thought the soap running off their head was good enough. I didnt want to make them feel bad so anytime we showered I always asked to soap them up and scrubbed them extra good hahahaha. Seriously, how can people not know basic health routines?!?! I've even heard from some guy friends that theyve dated chicks who dont soap up their nether regions either. And tmi for the internet but one of the guys I dated who didnt soap up once asked me to give him road head and he had freaking smegma and I threw up on his dick LOL. I felt so bad but honestly it was unavoidable. Yep. I'm done sharing for the year.


ME: Enters the chat
Redditor: “Thanks for the gold stranger!”
ME: Exits the chat


Hey does anyone know one where they do NSFW lifestyle hacks for women?

Connor Force

Someone's gonna pen these down on their forearm and try to follow the advice while they're in the act.


Wth on the last one

Anita Remenárová

The tensing your muscles part is very true, except you don't have to tense up your abs like the dude said. Tensing up the muscles with which you move your hard dick up and down will do the job just as well. Not recommended while having sex with a condom though, I couldn't cum and eventually gave up after 3 hours.

josh ys

You ever notice how if a video from all these different reddit channels shares a similar title with another, it turns out they are actually the same video


3:04 just use baby wipes


If I need to lose a boner I just think of furries, only side effect is that it pretty much inverts my penis

LTK_ Viled

8:41 finally I’ve been through like 6 ask Reddit’s looking for this and finally I know I’m not the only one lol

Durag Demigod

To get rid of an untimely boner think of math or sports stats

Works every time

Antony Drossos

...I was just eating sour ice cream...

Crafter Blox

5:34 yup Facts

Elicia Davis


Me, a female: I need to write this down.. it could help in the future


6:14 Always a nice feeling being sexually harassed


7:35 the way he said cum fuckin killed me


"Don't treat her ctil like a scratch to win card" this is gold?

Black Hat Is Coming

Best thumbnail ever

Victor Malet

6:38 The definition of a cheat code about being a sexual god

Erwin Hun

I coudn't agree with 5:16 more, and use a paper too!

Pico Luna

Yay Gay Sex!

Ivory AS

One of the only ones of these that I think I've already uses.

Nicholas Hicks

Pussy taste like skin

GenZ ́s Introvert

What is NSFW

Sr Malek

Everything according to keikaku...

Some Cringelord

i always thought that foreigners not washing their assholes was an urban myth or some joke.

Its ASetUp

Self improvement
Do the hard things
Dont get married
Don’t worry about women
F.I.R.E retirement outlook

Jay Tealstone

"Thanks reddit, my top voted comment is about-" SHUT THE FUCK UP NO ONE GIVES A SHIT


I feel like the plastic bag thing only would work if you're standing
and that's a..kinda strange way to shave pubes


1:47 Wait.. so those fat dudes with already big enough ones can go even beyond? Time to net some weight for burning xD

logan bell

8:39 some of us have projectile nut

Kitty Amar

As a girl all I have to say is THANK YOU


I like how the bot reads cum as if it were latin

Red Wolf Ben

It's called hand sanitizer, not armpit sanitizer.



Primus Original

When working 16 hour shifts in hot florida sun I use extra strength gold me...the ice cold feeling is better than the heat of 1000 suns i can promise. ive had to penguin waddle to my truck a few too many times


I saw Shiroe, so I clicked

Elijazfraz Elsassafraz

I thought the second one was my idea .... Guess not


What is nsfw?

Will Rogers

To the poster at 10:09: WHERE IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU GET UNLUBRICATED CONDOMS?! I’m halfway convinced these things don’t actually exist, because I can’t find them FUCKING ANYWHERE!


a $40 universal toilet add on bidet kit. you use existing water lines from the toilet tank and install on existing toilet after rinsing your cheeks you just need 3 wipes and its cleaned and rinsed and with 1/4 of the paper normally used. Unfortunately theres like a trade embargo conspiracy here in united states where they trick everyone into buying more toilet paper than necessary so you have to find it at a hardware shop somewhere outside the U.S. or order online.


balls are weird wym

Acid God

5:18 opens PornHub

Elias Asplund

Why should i not use aftershave?!


4:09 I’m watching this video in my silky expensive underwear right now and I’m not going back to the crap ones :)

Harshita Joshi

Am I the only female here who appreciates the hand-sanitizer-in-armpit hack?

And the legs-in-plastic-while-shaving hack?

Just me?


ba ka

"CoOm when you want." Cum. He meant to say cum.

wm nu

how do you wash your butthole? do you put the soap up there? or do you just get some sponge and clean the outside?


Vernacular vocabulary: "shit tickets" - my new favorite word for toilet paper ??

Tristan Property of Moose

Who washes their asshole if their a guy if you don’t get eaten out and it doesn’t smell bad theirs no point sounds like a beta tip


Downvoted due to links, for reals they're annoying to hear and tell nothing.


Who doesn’t trim their pubes though. Having a big, messy Bush is just gross


You're lazy. Use some common sense and not tts the links you tart. Disliked

Have a good day sir

the ones that said this or that about lasting longer while having sex doesn't work for shit.


damn all the links dont work anymore thats unfortunate.


Seems like the Villain in Glasses knows more than strategies and tactics.

were wally

Wash your asshole

Navon Myhand

The second time around I tried 3:40 and was like "? eureka!"

Samuel Davis

Or leave the toilet paper on the seat so it's not like sitting on a freezer.

Synthia Seidel

9:18 is helpful advice for everyone. Really wish I would have thought or or known it sooner, and yet it makes so much sense that I feel stupid for not realizing it before. ??


9:39 I learned that the hard way...


Let's pretend I am a male


I see that shiroe in the thumbnail :^)


Take some classes lol I kid you not losing my virginity to my friend when eating her out she didnt believe me when I said she was my first I took an online class on how to eat women out and i thank that class for my skills lmao. More classes i took for other things the better i got.

Justin Bundy

4:45 Thats not how that works!!!!!!

gojo satoru

i’m a girl just here for research...


1:18 i kinda wanna know the biological science behind this, why exactly is it easier?

Mr Wholegrain

I can't believe there are comments that have to remind people to fucking wash their private parts. Jesus Christ.

dyl dog

whats the point of these vids jus use the site dummy

Pizza Time

wait people smell cum? oh god that explains alot....

Antony Drossos

BDSM does NOT equal abuse. If she ASKED you to do XYZ to her ,that means it's CONSENSUAL! Just pay attention to her hard and soft limits, and you're good.


Once you're about to nut, nut with 1 hand, hold some toilet paper in the other (~14 sheets, depends ofc).
I never understood why people jizz on themselves rather than sprinkling it on a handful of toilet paper.
Helps to keep your hands, your body and everything else clean.


Does trimming your pubes actually make it longer tho? ?

brendan soliwoda

What sub Reddit is this?

Freidenker CH

10:02 I don't get that, what do you mean switch "hands in the middle". Switch positions?

Johnven Bryce Cabiles

1:43 the "not breathing to take off a boner" one really works!
source: had a boner from the few tips later and did it.

soph arin

The asshole one killed me ???


Dude use Daniel not David


Edit: thanks reddit, my top comment is about cleaning C O O M

Buttery Papa

fuckin redditards


I put the toilet paper on the seat then sit

Dante Edgeworth

Couldn't even take out the link?

Moot 111

8:28 The technical term is post nut clarity

justin anderson

2:40 That is not an effective method of eating a woman out

Dustin McClung

TLDR; Post nut clarity is good.



ImA Pterodactyl

I just love the picture of shiro in the thumbnail. Describes this vid so well.


cleaning cum with cold water just makes it pile up in a disgusting jelly that will get stuck everywhere, that hack is fake


I'm a simple weeb.
I see Shiroe, I c l i c k


If you get heat rashes alot shave the hair on your inner thighs and crotch

"Oh Sh*t I'm Gay" Moments (gay, bi) ? Reddit

"Oh Sh*t I'm Gay" Moments (gay, bi) ? Reddit10 May. 2019
618 975
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Thank you for watching my video. I'd like to thank all the people writing nice (and sometimes funny) comments. If you enjoyed this video, Like/Comment/Share/Subscribe. All your support makes me very happy.?

Maybe this video will help someone who is questioning their sexuality. I love and support all of you guys. If you want to talk to someone (about anything), you can write me.?

I was editing this video at night instead of sleeping. I tried to make this video good. I really hope it is.


#reddit #happypridemonth

Comments (100)

Idk where my other comment went but my oh crud I’m gay moment was when I realized I liked muscular men more than women so yeah

Pam Gramster

Because of the thumbnail I'm addicted to that anime that helped me realize I'm bi

Eugenia Osorno

So my moment came when I realized I was crushing on a female friend. I told another friend and he went “figures. You’re not exactly subtle” and then it hit me. When I was a bratty asshole in middle school I always thought I was “not like the other girls” because I wasn’t “boy crazy”. If only I had known. Guess I know why I don’t have a gay cousin: I AM the gay cousin.


Mine was when I was when in the lockers at the gym and stared at the girls.stood frozen in place for 2 whole minutes but later did the same thing with the dudes.later i just said "oh fuck I'm bi"I facepalm whenever I think about it


Aint anyone gonna comment on the thumbnail, or is it that underrated. It’s a good anime ?

Candy Motion

My friend saying she was bi:
Me: how do you know?
Her: you check out both genders
Me: But I do that
(I was in 5th grade watching gacha and I discovered I was bi)


When I realised I never liked any guys and the girl I "hated" for 8 years I actually had a crush on I was just in denial

Shane Grele

My (gay) best friend and I go through a weird phase where we're very touchy and jokingly call one another 'lover'

My parents: ahh, our heterosexual daughter, look at the heterosexual female FRIENDSHIP


My friend named Nathan told me a story like 1:30 and after asking him more details it turns out that it's probably him. Yes he is gay, and yes he is really good looking.

Gacha NotCloudy

I was like: "Bish, My name is Nathan-" And i just got flashbacks of me and my cousin-

Esme L

"i'm bee "

Nada Alturki

I’m bi but I can’t tell anyone (muslim parents) I’m 12 I can’t live like this it’s hard I wish i wasn’t ?




I kinda knew I liked boys even before I heard the term “gay.”
Although, when I heard “gay” for the first time and found out what it was, I was kinda like “ew, how is that possible, that’s disgusting.” (I was in fifth grade, so...)
But the more I thought about it, (like in seventh grade), I knew I liked boys, but I always hated thinking that I was “gay”, as in calling myself gay. And then my friend (a girl) said SHE was gay and she liked someone in the class. Now there’s this group of lesbian girls in my class, which... okay. I still can’t do it.
But here I am, a year later in 8th grade. Nobody that I know personally knows I’m gay.
AND, I’m Asian. My parents always talk about gays and how they really don’t like them (please don’t judge my parents) and I just follow along, like “yep, totally”. And I feel l would just disappoint my parents when I (or if I) come out.
I mean, there is this girl (who is also my friend) that I sort of like in my class, (and I don’t really like the boys) and I try to tell myself that I like the girl and I don’t want to like boys because of my parents.
But I can’t.

Edit: also, at 10:00 - My name is Ryan...

Cat Vil

After several rejections with guys, I didn't know what to do. I've never been in a relationship, but I wanted to. Once, a friend of mine (girl) was giving me some piece of advice when suddenly I thought "she's cute", I started developing a crush on her but I chose to help her out in a relationship...

Eleanor Dutcher

I am bee


bis must hav a sweet home then. im out ?

Rutuja Jadhav

My "oh shit I'm gay" moment was when I was humming a romantic song on my way to school with my best friend, when I was in 5th std, and she asked me, "Who are you dedicating this to?" I said "no one." She asked again and I said "it's for you, just like this song says, you are my world." She said blushed and said okay and we went to school.

Fast forward few years later, I discovered that I was a Bee all along.

Mari Pontaroli c:

Sooo when i was a young little girl i was pretty gay. I always looked at the girls tits on tv, i liked yuri more than yaoi and looked it up on pinterest because it was "cute", i even liked my best friend, like, romantically (i used to imagine her kissing me, we hugging, etc). I did all of that but my sexuality was so repressed that i didn't realize.
When i had tumblr, at 16 yo, i found myself looking at the bisexual culture tag, and i realized i felt really identified. I thought "omfg maybe i am"

I then repressed it again bc i was catholic and i was told all my life that being gay is WRONG and so. I accepted i was bi this year, when i told my boyfriend. :)

stream moon

MY best friend was having a tanti bout how her bf dumped her and then my best friend (who is a girl aswell) sayin "If I was a boy I wouldve dated you" and my first thought was oh snap thats so gay xd...I think she is bi or lesbian because we were playin t or d one time and i told her to kiss somebody and she went straight to me and kiss me on the check and I was like....oH nOoOO I tHiNk iM cAtChInG fEelInGs soo im bi xd

Meg G

God, all these guys sleeping with bunches of girls are "players" and "encouraged" but when I do it I'm a "lesbian" and an "assault to Christian faith"

B R O k E N Almond Milk

As a baby, someone said “coochie coochie coo” to me and now I’m a lesbian. Sorry, I don’t make the rules

seren halcyon

what's humping ?

daddy deodorant

I have three “oh shit I’m *lgbt*” moments.

1. I was youtube surfing and found a video of a girl and my heart went to my stomach. She was absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to marry her. I was like ”damn it, why me.”

2. I was a loud and proud “lesbian” (to my close friends.) I was like “yeah I like girls, but I’m definitely not trans.” Well one day I looked in the mirror and I was like “yeah something’s not right.” I kept that inside for the longest time and now my friends know so yeah.

3. I saw Ezra Miller at the Met Gala and I was like wow. I saw him at other red carpets and the more I looked; the more I was like “fuck, I’m a tad gay.”

Anonomous User

Pan squad wya?

Theodore's Tomfooleries

Alright, next fucking person who insults my sexuality gets a dick shoved up their ass. I am fucking tired of you normies insutling my sexuality. Beesexual AHAHAH very funny!!! No it's not.
I hate all of you, no honey for you. Yeah, that's right, I'm revoking your honey


I think watching anime lowkey made me Bi lmao


I realized I was a lesbian when I was about 11. I was staring at my best friend and thought “Wow, I wanna kiss her so badly.”

Riley Thiede

Ah yes, my sexuality: ?


2017: straight
2018: confused
Early 2019: bi
Late 2019 and 2020: gay

EdgeLord Of Pasta

YouTube is homophobic confirmed, this is age restricted


Pfft, if I was gay I'd probably be into her... oh snap.

Ella Chrisella

I knew I was bisexual from all the yuri manga and other romance manga I started reading,
I thought I was asexual just last year and some of my friends don't know.

ayla loring

I realized that when I watched this video... I thought everything I thought of (of women) was normal... do girls not think about it? I’m so confused.

Maria Torossian

I had a crush on a girl for 3 years and denied that it was one, just telling myself "I just wanna be like her" and ect. It wasnt until I really thought about it and actually accepted it until I realised I was bi.

Also flashback to 4th grade when I didn't even know that homosexuality existed (thanks to my homophobic parents), I always thought that guys were lucky because there was more attractive girls than attractive boys.


Not one soul:
Bisexual people: "I'm bee"

jay to the jay

4:15 this made me happy
This is the support we should be giving each other

Firewolf 2806

Why does this have an age limit wtf?


I realized when I was lesbian was in 5th grade (10 years old) I was playing MovieStarPlanet and this girl I was friends with asked me out and I said yes without second thoughts. I didn’t even know what lesbian meant! Three years later we’re still a couple and we actually know each other in real life now too ? we broke up last year though. Oof.

No One

They're are two types of people in this world

people who see kms as: know my self

And people who see kms as: ....... (If you know you know)


y can i relate to 5:03 oh god am i bisexual

Random Fandoms

My ‘oh shit I’m gay’ moment was when I realised I was Bi,my friends introduced me to a straight girl and my head just went


Be e e e


I found out I was les while I was kept on watching lesbian related shows (mostly anime). Around the time I thought I was bi (Around a year ago), I actually online dated (Though I knew it wasn't good certain sometimes) and found a girl. After awhile, I haven't heard from the girl so I eventually gave up [technically we weren't dating, we just roleplayed as lovers], I continued thinking I was bi until around June 2019. From then on, I started wishing I could date another girl. More specifically, I wish I could date an anime personality that wouldn't hurt me, like a harmless tsundere or a kuudere. My friends knew I was les, my parents don't, and I'm waiting till I get a little older to tell them.

P.S - I'm currently 11, so I thought I was bi somewhere last year, maybe around October or November. Which is when I was 10. So yes, I online dated when I was 10. Don't blame my dumb ways.

Forgotten Toast

"we all check out girls and boys" cough cough*( choking) I only check out girls I have no interest in boys I'm Lesbian


Never really considered how bisexual people might not know they’re bisexual cause they’re attracted to women already (or men).. That’s crazy.
Gay, you just are never attracted to the Hetero gender and figure that out pretty fast.

Bb Bb

... oh shit i'm gay

juana villalobos

O H S H I T I ' M B I


Im bi and i love my gf but one day i was thinking about her and 15 mins later I had an imaginary boyfriend

Jameel Minhas

I know I was gay when I discovered gay porn ?

I Eat Memes Without Milk

I realized I was bi when I spent the night at my straight friends house and somehow he ended up with his shirt off. And somehow again we ended up cuddling because I’m a big softie and I got a boner during that time. Thankfully he didn’t notice.


Um i question my sexuality all the time.


1:25 Wait that means I’m bi?


Who are those .0000000000001 percent people who clicked on the video cause it had Yuu and Touko in the Thumbnail???


This is literally how I realized I’m Bi but more lesbian then straight xD

this one time I thought “if I were a guy I would be hecca gay” xD oh and I also saw cosplayers kissing their friends (for CMVs) and I wanted to too but soon realized all of my friends are girls but I still wanted too ;-; then I have moments where I stare from top to bottom (females) and then look at guys and be like (well some of them) “he’s hwat” save me xD

ijustwanna comment

Age restricted..ok :(

Cynical Crypt

When I was around 10, I was on the bus coming home from school and randomly thought of this lesbian makeout scene from a movie I saw and decided to look it up when I got home. Then I started watching more.. and more... and I don't really remember how this happened but for some reason I was joking about it with my sister one day and she was like "Oh, do you have something to tell me?" What I said out loud: "Pfft, no." What I was thinking: "Oh shit, I'm gay."

Random_moM3N T

I had 2 best friends in kindergarten.
I had a crush on one of them and they had a crush on the other. And then the one she had a crush on had a crush on me. It was a lesbian love triangle. I didn’t think much of it until 6th grade. I then started thinking everyone in my class was hot, no matter the gender. So then I was piecing things together and then I realized: OH SHIT IM PAN
And I accidentally shouted that out in lunch and soon everyone went silent and STARED at me
Anxiety was being a bitch that day.


I realised I was gay when my best friend at the time was spending the night at my place. It was the first time he'd been to my place, and we'd spent the day at the airport taking photos of planes, hoping we'd get a special livery (We missed out there).
That night, when we were getting ready for bed (I had the inflatable mattress, he had my bed) he got undressed down to his underwear, and I couldn't stop looking, got hard, and had to force myself to look away to not creep him out. As it happened, later on that night (like, 2 in the morning) we were still up talking, and he came out to me as bi, which comforted me in coming out to him. This moment was the first time either of us had discussed this topic with anyone. Sadly he didn't have a crush on me like I did him.
He has now accepted and fully come out and proud, and has a boyfriend. And I am super happy for him, because his high school life was hell as a closeted and clearly feminine guy.

Looking back now I am fully confident in myself, I have shown subtle signs of being gay since I was 9 or 10. When, in music class we were learning the classic waltz. All the girls went with the hot guys, and left a few of us guys, including myself and my best friend at the time (different guy, sadly not gay). Of course though, being 10 I tried to do it in a way that didn't look gay, but I really enjoyed it.


(I'm a bi guy) So in 2017 i believed i was acexual until one day when i was casually scrolling through SU fanart and i stumbled across porn of amethyst, Instead of my eyes bursting into flames i found it insanely hot and thought "Hm i guess i'm straight then." Fast-forward to 2019 i was watching a trailer for avengers endgame and upon seeing thanos i thought "DAAAMN they're hot hm i guess i'm bi then."

Jacob Rowe

Watching p*** but focusing on the d*** so yea

John Newman

What's the background musics


Yep I had that moment, just don't know when

Je Boiii

1:09 is how im comin out to my parents

Victor Gan

'i'd kms if i was gay' - (1:05)
Isnt 'i'd know my self if i was gay'
Its 'i'd kill my self if i was gay'

Cresilda Newsom

Right now I don't know. I'm so glad that it's normal to not know! Wait... *Running through all the things I remember fantasizing whenever I've looked at a pretty girl I kn- OH $#&! I MIGHT BE LESBIAN!

JungleINSECt Spikewall

Yea i think im bi...


In my case I thought I was straight my whole life, always focussing on girls never putting much thought on guys and I was never able to be in a relationship for how shy I was. Then I became friends with this one guy on Twitter, dunno how but friendly chat soon turned into a lot of daily flirting, and teasing on the timeline, hugs, even kisses while we were supposedly just friends. Long story short I didn't knew his gender till later and when I found out I realized I didn't actually mind. That was when I knew "oh shit i'm actually Bi." he asked me to be his boyfriend and here we are a year later. We met once already and I love him so much, he makes me the happiest person.

Sunny Demon

Lucky gays,
Unlucky lesbians

All the hot guys are gay, why are all cute girls straight?


Idk why but that last one awoke something in me

z4ack_ is_wack

One of my best friends got a boyfriend. I couldn't stop giving him dirtly looks, I just thought he was a real dick.

Turns out, I was in love wirh her and just fucking jelous. I still love her and wouldn't give our friendship up for anything, so yeah, that's how I found out I was bi


i m b e e


I'm bi but I still had a moment like this. Struggled with attraction to other guys for a while. I was raised in a super religious household, so I didn't even know other options besides gay and straight existed until highschool, and even then being bi didn't cross my mind. One day the Olympics was on, and they had women's volleyball on and my brain was like 'see you can't be gay because you're clearly turned on by those women. After the match was over they cut to men's diving, and did that shot where the graphic cut off the guys speedos so they looked like they were naked, and my brain was like 'both it is then.'

Gracie Firebaugh

whenever i watched tv with my mom and a “hot” man came on screen, she would always say to me, “mmm look at that man, so sexy, right?!?” but i just felt super uncomfortable, looking at these men had the same effect on me as looking at a shoe, so i just faked it. then one day i let slip that a woman was “eye candy.” so yeah, my mom knows i’m gay now.

Rick W

Seeing Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect and thinking “if I was straight I’d be into her.” Had to think about that mental statement for a bit before realizing I was gay


I realized I was bi when my best friend (same gender) asked me out in fucking 4th grade and I wasn't gay in any way but I still agreed and kept asking to kiss her. Few years later and I mostly just fantasize about girls (I dont know many guys so mostly girls)

AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿

I'm a panromantic asexual and I have 1 friend who's the straightest guy I know..Hes asked out half the lesbian and bi and pan girls including me....

Grass Af

0:57 when kms turns into know myself lol

E Grace

I never really thought about it before but I just realized that me not minding and enjoying attention from lesbians is a hint. I mean girl crushes are normal for girls but I get attracted to girls that looks more androgynous or mascuine. that was in grade school. I just realized it now, 26 years old, been in two relationships with guys when a lesbian came to my workplace. she made a move on me. And now wr together for a year. Never even had an identity crisis about it when I thought I ws straight all this time. Oh and I got my oh shit whn we wr like literally going at it in bed. Never thought I could do it all the way with a girl.

Ayal Zur

For me it was Superboy in young justice

Shane Vest

I playfully flirted with a male friend, I enjoyed it a bit more than I expected I would ?

Paul Mares

not gay if you say "no homo" after you blow him tho

*bird noises*

When I realized I only played the routes of the male characters in The Arcana



Not a soul:

Text to speech dude: BEE


i’m bee

Aurora 0310

I realised I was gay/bi when I was about 13. When we were 12, my best friend and I were having a sleepover at her house. It was a fairly warm spring night, so we were allowed to sleep in her tent outside. At school, we'd recently had a sex ed class, and being young and kinda stupid we got out of our sleeping bags and started hugging each other. And then sorry if moving about. Don't worry, we were both fully clothed. It didn't mean anything to either of us at the time. The year after, when we had gone off to different high schools, I began to miss her heaps, in more than just the "she's my best friend" way. A few weeks later, I saw her at the town we went to primary school in, because we both started an acrobatics class. And then, BAM. Massive crush. I still see her every Tuesday at that class, and I still really like her, but I'm pretty sure she's straight, and I don't want to tell her incase it impacts our relationship as friends. I really don't want to lose her.

Gremlin Hunter

I never realized it when I was younger but if i had to look back,
I guess you could say I was far too interested in Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Shakira’s Loba as a little girl.
And far too enthusiastic about naked Barbie dolls.
And my habit of drawing scantily clad women.
Tiny me was really something.

Christiano Bangnaldo

Im ?️

Ember The Wolf

"My o sheet im pan" moment happened this summer. Pride video. Learned about pansexuality. For a few weeks, i thought i was bi. Then realized, oh fuck, im pan. So that happened.


The thing is all straight girls complain that all the hot guys are gay, and gay guys (like myself) all complain that all the hot guys are straight

Angelic Gacha

The realization that I really don't love anyone, while my friends demand to know my crush and other shit

I'm aromantic and asexual btw


When your name's Nathan and it's 1:46 ?? that's MY moment ?

The Skeletons GraveStone

Im a-sexual but I think my parent's think Irma lesbian due me calling only anime girls hot


Oh shit, that reminds me about the time I fell in love with a guy online and went: "Well... I'm scared of relationships..." and it took me another two years and Jake Roper (VSauce 3) to realize I'm into guys as well ._.

"I wanna make you my partner but not in a gay way." XD nice.
In my defense, if you told me we could be partners, all included but no homo, I would probably have rolled with it.


My I'm gay was when i was riding my motorcycle in the middle of downtown when i saw this really good looking guy I said hi to him then he asked me for a ride I said yes to him then i felt his hands on my chest it was an instant boner it sounds cliché but now I'm happily married with him.

aniyah williams

It was when I realized that most girls didn't "playfully" kiss their bestfriends just for "practice" it never dawned on me then (I was in 5th grade the time) by 8th I finally realized it fully and it suddenly became real as I told my closest friend saying it out loud for the first time, we were just talking and I finally got the courage so I'm like "Diana I need to tell you something" she gets giddy "oohh tell me tell me what is it?" I get nervous and hesitate, and this bitch says (in an excitedly nonchalant way) "Are you gay?" my mouth hangs open for a while and she's like "You are right?" finally I snap out of it and say no, she frowns and then I say "but I am bi..." she literally punches the air in victory and says "Fuck yeah! I knew it...well kinda" so we both start cracking up and I tell her about my ex-bestfriend who "dumped me" for guy she liked and she tells me about a girl she dated who stabbed her in the back and you can image my surprise at finding out about her secret ex-girlfriend anyway it took me until 9th grade to tell the rest of my friends...

I was lonely and wanted a girlfriend or boyfriend and I wanted to complain but I hadn't told my friends yet I was asking diana about, she just told me she'll go along with anything I wanted to do so were at lunch, we got almost the whole "family"(that's what we call out friend group "the family") together and I'm like "so .......I'm bisednnl..shit I fucked it up" I literally fucked up coming out to them lmao, obviously they got it cause they aren't stupid, one of my friends says "you're bisexual?" I nod not wanting to talk in fear of saying something weird again, she says "Ok" ad the gets back on her phone and everyone resumes what they were doing before and I'm just like "wtf....I was having like mini anxiety attacks over this and you guys don't even care?" another one my friends says "guess not" and shrugs I punch him and we all laugh and go about our day...

haven't come out to my family yet course it'll be the hardest since my mom is very religious and everyone else are basically "fag" haters, not hardcore at all but a lot of hazing of the lgbtqia+ culture just as much as the average american close minded family plus my family is super big so it'd probably takes years to tell the ENTIRE family since we're everywhere...god I'm talking myself out of ever telling's fine I'll tell eventually.........................when I die.......ahaha no jk jk....I'll tell them when I go to college...I'm in 9th grade....

_kenny _

My cousin thought she was lesbian and so I did research realised that I looked at thought about girls way more than I should have and long story short she made me realise I was bi and she ended realising that she's straight


Watching anything that involves Jake Gyllenhaal.


I was at a piano concert. People were being called on the stage and playing instruments. There was this girl who was masculine and hella cute. She got on the stage and I said "damn she's hot" a year later I figured out I was pan.

Ava Tay

I thought I was straight for the longest time. And then I was 12 and my friend and I were on tiktok. And I saw Loren Gray