How to get a guy to talk to you

Girl Talk : How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out ???| (( Must Watch)) | Best Advice Ever ‼️

Girl Talk : How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out ???| (( Must Watch)) | Best Advice Ever ‼️29 Jul. 2019
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Hey Bella Gang

Hey Bella Gang !!!!!!  I'm BACK again with ANOTHER video! Comment below if you have enjoyed this video, and let me know what you guys want to see next!!!!






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Pls do a video on how to date a guy u met on tinder!

Wayward Folk

Ladies please don't listen to this. Take it from a guy, no man worth having is going to fall for this.


An alternative would to be an adult and ask them out. A confident woman should have no problem asking out a man she is interested in instead of waiting for him.

Momo:3 Lino

Where were you my whole life?????

gock code

Snack snacks snack love the hat

Only One MITCH!

I think I screwed up on the interesting part
My friend literally dissed me Infront of my crush,sooooo embarrassing ??????????

Eli Arellano

Can you make a video of how to be his best friend first?

Carmen Aguilar

I love you ?

Janette Cardenas

She speaking facts ?❤️ I know she said you have to look like a snacc, that shit works lmao ?

Magda Paszczuk

OMG YOU WERE SO RIGHT!! i was kinda feeling confused bc this guy would gaze at me, flirt and i’d get this tense vibes but he wouldnt do anything and it turned out he HAS a girlfriend and I had uknowingly done all of your tips!! You’re great


I love your personality!


Well not just your mouth a guy of substance wants to see after looks. He also wants to see what your mind is like.


At least your advice actually works unlike Matthew Hussey. You need a book girl!

Tevin Benton

I live for your videos??

Julie Cawley

New sub

Viola Best


Itzel Soriano

ima leave him on deliverd for hours and let him chase me

sharon lewis

I love the cow girl style

Latanya Bowens

she funny.

Wendy Antwi

I have a question.... Should u date ur ex friend.


Girl do a video on finessing these dudes out money lol


You honestly deserve millions of subscribers like you my big sis!!!?

kristina lovato

Ooh my God ..
You are such a mood...?❤

Amanda Morales

Yee-hee ❤

Israel Bartolo

I rlly like my crush and I want him to ask me out and I am watching this bc she is like a mom 2 me

She is giving me more confidence

Chanel Warnier

ok so i'm just gonna say this if you wanna go out with a guy you can ask him yourself too

Naika's Lifestyle

We got Meghan thee stallion in the building!! LMAO. I love you? I love the outfit ? great video!

nyesha wilson

i love this video

Betty Tanner

He will not turn into a Snack after a few dates?Truth

Itzel Soriano

period girl

Kayleigh McKay


Great advice
eyebrows on point
love the outfit, kinda giving me safari vibes

Le Cruz Gous

I really like your videos,so helpful

Jay's World

Yass sis???

Sherry-Lynne Charles

I'm really feeling the hat Sis, you look stunning!

Ashanti Rashad

Damn I should’ve watch this video before I met the guy in the lobby at college ??‍♀️?

Lukas Tran

Can you make a video about how to get a guy spend money on you?


It's cold at my job we work together in a freezer only thing I can do is beat my face ?? and he act some timey

Sabrina Mariee

What if he asked to make plans to see each other, through DM’s but we don’t speak on a regular basis. & he hasn’t asked for my number.

Mimi Ezzy

what lip color is that


Theres no hidden formula. Its the same as it has always been. If he likes u, u wont have to do a thing. But if he dont like u, he will friendzone you right there on the spot in a very obvious way.

Jenna Grace Kalin

Why do we all want a guy to ask us out? They aren’t what their cracked up to be lol let’s take ourselves out instead ♥️??


Byyyeeeeeee Charlieeeee??

racherahel rd

F... alcohol

Waseema Trumpeter

Omg!!!!! This video is EVERYTHING ??

Anna Devushkina

one of the best things about your videos is that you just get straight to the point. no useless talks. Love u!

Jacqueline Reyes

mah big sissy, your videos got it all so damn right!! ??? love you lots!!

Toni B

U serving looks sis

0fficial Trinity

Bro I love watching her videos there awsome ?

Jasmin Bejar

Bella could you do a video on how to set standards the Bella way

Scott Howard

You do have such an awesome vibe ?


When u gave the first tip I did that in front of my crush Cuzz I would always embarrass myself but he would smile


If you have to change to get a guy, the guy probably won't like you. Also this girl said make yourself interesting and then she said act like yourself?


Can you do a video how of what if your crush have a girlfriend what am I supposed to do?


Love ur whole life sis ???? Why u not my mom or cousin smh

Latanya Bowens

a Man ? her 2019

Riri Arielle

Do you think these tips would work for girls who like girls ? ?

Evelyn Nunez

Nice but it easier said than done...anywho....why u ain’t married yet??? Thanks anyway ??


I saw the title and i was like YASSSS


Love your videos. Straight to the point. No long intros. No judging. Always relate what your saying to yourself and your learning. Great energy and charisma. Just fantastic!

Emily Angel

I love your videos !✨




Yessss sisss needed that

Chatty Brew

Love you gal?

bobdh shshxhzvs

Naw put yourself out there ask him out. Its not the man's job to be vulnerable


I swear I love her she’s like a sister I never had

Sofia Holland

Girl, now that I found a guy that’s keeps my interest, believe me I’m taking NOTES


Uggh I love her videos they help me so much and they motivate me to have more confidence and UGH it makes me feel amazingggg?????


For the outfit part, what if we only see each other at work? ??

Kayla Pascal

Can we best friends causee this advice !!


girl I cant describe how much I love uuuuu ur like my big sister I never had u give the best advice and everything

Pimp Reii

1:18? “knowin d*mn well u allergic “??

Karina Lopez

Ohh Amiga honestly it feels like we been friends for years your Communication skills are ? tho the web

Israel Bartolo

Yes bsf

Incel State

You are completely wrong. Women can get dates without doing anything

Daniella A

You were meant for this wow glad I found your channel

Anisa E

Love the hair!!!! ?

Nikita Richardson

Wish I saw this earlier ? great video nevertheless

Tia Foreman

i’m jus rewatchin yo videos whenevaa i need help??

Andira Walker

Giving me Meghan Thee Stallion vibe lol oh bestie we finna having a hot girl summer prd?????

Jazzy F

I need a video on how to get flewed out/long distance relationships/tinder...


love how there was no dragged out intro just straight to it ! ❤️

Rasha Gillam

I love your advice ❤️

maya cc



But what she didnt know, was that all the men in the world (almost all the men) can look at this, and maybe whatever you need to do to get a person to ask you out they wont take you seriously because they have watched this.

Amanda Robles

I fucking loveeeee her! She’s so cute.

Tia Santos

I have a crush on someone and I hope this tip helps me ?

Reauna Sims

Sis always speaking that real shit ??

Maria Candela

I really wanna follow this advice but i'm 13 and i CAN'T seem to gather enough confidence to look his way.. if you see this can you offer some advice :)

deep slumber sweet dreams

I don't know if this sounds weird but i love your teeth shape


I've been binge watching your videos on advice cause I need it even though I cant date yet imma use it for the future. Tysm??


I’m trying to find a boo ? but all the cute ones are taken,and I’m shyyyy with certain guys


First of all outfit ????


please run from these type women

lAsting life

Please repent. .

jess v

It’s sad, we live in different countries but on FaceTime 24/7 and today we were joking around and I said I would never get this thing and he was like “ well I want a girlfriend and I’m not gonna get one sooo” and I was just like noooo pls just like meee ??

Cookieee aron1299

please do a video on how to smile and look on pics with your boyfriend

Citlalic Sixtos

Girl yassss ?

Nona Ford

I love the fit sis!?


I’m more Concerned with what you willing to put in your mouth.

Bangtan Armyly

Can u do a topic with a GRWM makeup tutorial plz ???


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So sometimes it can be really difficult to get a guys attention especially if you're shy or not very outgoing! Especially if the guy you like isn't very outgoing or wouldn't be the type to tell you he likes you! In todays video i'm talking about some of the different things do that really grab a guys ATTENTION! Sometimes it's body language and sometimes it's the things you say!

Why I Love SHORT Girls! -

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Comments (100)
Naomi dez

Wow ur gorgeous


Ladies did this help anyone

Some Person

Currently watching this while he’s next to me ???


He knows I like him and he looks at me in class and stares for a while before he/I look(s) away so what do I do?

Electric Hedgehog ALDC

My crush is in my chorus class this semester which is every other day. His assigned seat is not near me though :(
Also he’s taken
I text him and send him memes and we actually have a lot in common. We are both planning on being in the school musical so maybe we will become friends at least


Well, I'll try this tomorrow and so on... hopefully it helps me out... hopefully

emily victoria

u just want me to make eye contact with a stranger

michaelah j.

I finally told my bsf i liked him and I thought it would crumble our 3yr friendship and it seems like that made us even closer but he had just got rejected so he was like give me some time and we have a normal friendship and that makes me love him even more but if we were to be in a relationship and break up it would make things awkward:(this all happened YESTERDAY

haley h

i just want to take his nose and smoosh it into place

Milena Piccarro

HMM YEAH, a guy I like is 2 years older than me. And I can't talk to him.. Cuz he's surrounded by his friends ;-;

Minette Cueto

Y AM I EVEN WATCHING THIS ? I just want his attention

mo Bi

Your smile is contagious. Aare all Canadian men so friendly

Sanderson Kids

What's the point whatching this vidioe in quarntine not seeing anyone

Skye Reilly

My crush only remembers me coz I slapped his friend around his face ??

Shahad F

I want to try smiling but she doesn’t look up at all she’s always sitting and start using her phone what a boring girl ??, but i like her anyway

Poornima K

I started having a crush / liking someone just by listening to his voice.?
I saw my crush the next day noon.. Oh my god he's suchha cute panda.??
He's fat actually but neva mind, he's d cutest teddy bear i have ever seen.???


Anyone have the same crush for 5 years???

Samina Bam

Were gonna be alrighttttttt......???

Anna Lewis

his nose really said ??? ?

Winter Bear

I think that the best way to get a guy to like you is to be yourself!!!

Comrade Dyatlov

I can't stop staring at him and I need to cover my eyes!


my crush has a girlfriend how do i get over him?

Kevin Solieff

Have u noticed that this YouTuber’s nose is so straight Lol


Talking or running into the person all the time isnt that kind of creepy as some times when i run into the guy i like it feels creepy but usually when i try to run into him i never see him, but if i see him and say hi, then avoid him i seem to constantly run into him


Guys...I like a guy a year ahead of me...oof. I rush to see him at the end of the day, not personally, we have like a courtyard and he was up the stairs but you can see the balcony type thing. And I looked up and realised that I stand no chance. 1 like = 1 prayer. JK I’m not gonna ask for likes.

lbbh lipa

how to get a guys attention in 2019: have a perfect face, have a massive arse and boobs ??

Alyssa Guardiana

I just noticed that Josh and my crush shared the same look of nose. :D

Lemonzi· ̇‧̍̊

My boyfriend does not talk to me much at all and he is never busy at all, suggestions?


Uhmmm I tried it... I tried to ask hima bout the homework and my bestfriend always answer me even thou I'm asking him

mufasaa hunter

Girls have to approach guys. It’s the only way. They don’t have to lead the conversation just initiate it.

Nona Ford

Ok but why is Be Alright by Ariana Grande playing in the back

The Rosy Way

What can I do if l just can't talk to him and we never talked just exchanged eye contact a few times but even when I walk past him I can't look him into his eyes ><


All I can focus on is his crooked nose bridge

Sparkles at the first Start of Sunlight!!

Thank you so much for this helpful video!! :) For me I would be the second stage! Because I only see him in period two every school day!! What am I supposed to do now??! I mean I talked to him before and stuff, but we're still not friends yet, since it's only just october. I met him in September though. SO any question ideas I should ask him, or more deeper how t get him to like me if we are meant for each other maybe??!

Aicha Fadil

The worst moment in my life is when i was in 6th grade the teacher mad me an adveser against my crush in a project of the end of the year
I had to let him win
Im in 8th grade and he is my best friend

Lety P

lmao I just realized that I'm wearing the same hoodie as you :))))

Oyekunmi Atanda

I love your smile

Anastasia Today

Omg! Ariana grande in the background?


There is a boy I liked for months now and he liked me too.We were talking almost every day and he was showing little sings that he liked me and I was doing the same.But a little long ago he told me that he was bored of all this situation and wanted to be just friends after saying that he had feelings for me...And now we haven't talked for a while.What can I do to get his attention or should I just forget him??

Natalie Morales

I want to be in love

Kylie Stanfill

Okay yes to the coffee shop example, but he works at my gym ???

Hfjcdghxf X

I have such a bitch face tho ??‍♀️


« Ok so the first way is smiling around him »

Corona and masks: aight ima end this man’s whole career


but not mentioning the obvious and also most important, looks.
are u trying to mislead or what

Zejnie Gashi

I am a snack but it seems like everyone is in a diet ??

Megan Banta

I love your channel soo much


For me and one of my friends, we know each other but we act like we never met lol

Jayla Nicole

That’s what a boy who walks home with me every day says I am lonely but I am not cause I am on my phone but the Mars why he walks with me

angie a-c

I just like someone funny

Prince Gallery

I like your smile...

kingdom of gacha's

To get my crush I need to take his phone and throw it into a pool and he will love me forever????

Papi Jeon

his smile makes me smile..:33


Hey ! I NEED HELP!!! So... me and my crush just met and we have a special handshake and we usually have really short conversations. He seems pretty chill and kind. But i dont know how to have a real conversation any tips???

wiame idrissi


Zeynep Denizer

Uhm what if he lives on the other side of the world and doesn’t even know me but i do and i have this BIG FAT CRUSH ON HIM??

Andy Garcia Ortiz

Horney Tween Anxiety,?

Leticia Neves

Crush looks at me twice
Types into YouTube: how to get your crush to like you

Bts _Bangtan

What if I see him everyday but we don’t talk

Stoopid Hooman

He looked like a floating head and hands in this vid.


Thanks for this..Ya girl finna get her man back?


Can someone help me? A friend wants someone to fall in love with her on discord. She dosent know what to say and i dont know how to help her since im not good at lovey dovey stuff. Please help its a emergency.


This guys nose is wonkey?all I could focus in

Nomad Lone

This guy is smart! This is the most common sense stuff I've heard of all the videos.

Tanvi Parmar

I got a crush on a guy, I’m not sure if he likes me xox

maimouna ka

2020 anyone?


okay so next time i see a hot guy i’m gonna slam my hands on the table so i get his attention and then i’ll stare at him smiling (& crying)


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“We recently made up, even though it was difficult. It’s been more
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Poornima K

He makes eye contact with me like literally every single tym & i can't control my smile n i suddenly walk away from there!???
M nervous around him.

lolo wand on

when all u can focus on is ‘be alright’ music in the background

Avantika Lama

Okay I am ugly if I smile at him there is a chance of him getting away from me??? skieeeee


I just deleted flirty text messages I sent him and he was like “Why did you delete the messages you sent” with “?” and I didn’t answer,see how he likes being left on read ?

Jeon_ Kylie

What if I’m too shy to approach him and I don’t have any reasons to talk to him. Ughhh this is so hard

RedLadyBug 91

What if I see him 5 days a week at work and yet I’m the one that always starts to conversation and he talks to his coworkers beside him that’s female more then you. When he used to talk to me all morning while getting set up for work. #help

Victoria Wolf

you legit have the most gorgeous eyes ever. also im 16 and single, and i dont mind, but i feel so lonely. I wish i could get this guys attention that i really like.

convado deltaro19

You smile too much.


My crush is really sweet and cute! I always hang out with him and his friends and he’s so clueless ?? Its adorable!

Sheila Makindu

check out this link its taking women by storm

Zeinab Rabab

I am talking to him he talk to me eather do that all if he didnt het attention don t messege him again

Miss-Liberty 99

You look like Chris Evan's! ?

Jessica Coxhell

i wanna get this hot guy to like me and i just need to say somthing good but im that dumb i idk what

Unlimited Horizon

Powerful Love Return and Love Obsession spells

patrice angelia tan

your smile is such a contagious disease ?

Leana barefoot

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."


Hearing him say, "I love you guys so much" in that upbeat way, is a whole level of healthy and wholesome that I wasn't ready for...

zahira fowler


Mojca Hrastnik

my crush was soo sweet to me?He was so nice he looked at me and smiled almost all the time...He helped me with everything...
This was happening for 3 months....But then he just stpped talking to me and naw I am invisible to him again??

Juanita Lopez

I like him Sense 5 Years

corona virus

what if he hates u

Emma Mills

If I smile at my crush it would be weird ?


Hope these works!skjskjskskssk

Olivia Hill

What if when you smile you look like you’ve had an allergic reaction to bad shrimp

Clair hernosa


Sweetypie_ Playz

We always make eye contact cause he's door is so noisy so I get shock and look at the door

Shona yey

1:16 I can’t be relaxed infront of my crush to save my life ~.~

Amber Vega

Is it just me or me getting anxiety in how crooked it his no se is :v

vivian rose

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The thing is people tell me I’m good at flirting but not on command, so if I were to make eye contact i would have to let my body take over and not even think, butttttt I overthink. See the dilemma?

Rosemary Arrollo

I’m in a situation where I like a guy but he’s in my gym class with like 100 other people and idk if he he has a girlfriend or not because I’ve seen him hang around a lot with some girls what should I do ?


Girls, don't do anything to change yourselves after watching this video! You're beautiful as you are ?

Personally, I feel like I was getting nowhere with all the different YouTube channels though until I tried the course at ?

That really taught me how to actually captivate a man with more than just my looks to make him fall in love. Finally got a BF that loves me!! ? #thankgod4hubby

I think following a structured course like that is the way to go, you can learn for free on sites like Youtube but it’s all over the place and you’ll mostly be learning random tips rather than techniques and methods that can actually accelerate your relationship. A step by step approach is better than just learning random stuff IMO. Good luck ladies! :)

Zeynep Denizer

Literally this stupid guy from last year lets call him Q, he ruined everything. So basically there is this guy that i have a crush on lets call him W, and in the beginning of this school year i didn’t have a crush on him but later on i did, So Q told W in the beginning of this school year (when i didn’t had a crush on him) to be with me and that i’m hot ( sarcastic?) and W said : “noo man not her” ? like W T F, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TO RUIN MY FRIKING LIFE! So now it’s weird to get close to W or try to talk to W bc of Q!!! Literally sometimes i just get bored of hiding my feelings towards my crush and i just want to tell them but bc of the gossips Q and another guy from last year told their friends ( that are cute?) I can’t be with them, like there is no chance . Fml?

How to Talk to Guys (and more!)

How to Talk to Guys (and more!)12 Sep. 2012
270 924
HelloKatySubscribe 438 721

Comment with more things

Comment with more things you'd like advice on :) I'm not all that experienced, but i'll try to help you out!

**Sorry it's not in HD! I was having uploading trouble :(

my blog:


Comments (100)
Sydney Yi

I had a crush on someone in 6th grade, then realized he had a crush on someone else. He's in my homeroom now and I think he likes me, but I have no idea what to do. Help!

Justme Yram

First advice: be pretty

Lmao fuck I’ll never have a bf

maribel Campos

How to start kissing him


Lmao that short little high pitched guy in high school was me ? now I’m standing 6’0 and my voice is still meh. The point is, guys grow

Heaven Roberts

So there's this guy see every Friday and I've never talked to him and idk how to talk to him but also he's a little bit older than me. And idk if he'll like me cause of my age

maribel Campos

How to grab his handed

Freya Harrison

I'm only 12 so it's not serious but I have a boyfriend and we've only talked on text and I'm gonna see him soon and it's gonna be rly awkward and I don't know how to act


I am here just to get some fun??


so pretty

Patricia Anna

what if ur shy?

Brazilian Man

Another pro tip: there is a difference between hot and cute...... just saying.

Sara Mauricio

Im only seeing this video right now, and i really need help w a guy. I know its weird.. but i have a crush on a guy from my school, but ive never talked with him, and i really want to! and rhe worst is that he is the prettiest* guy at school! How can i start talk w him??

lacey norris

can i have ur email to ask u a question

Katherine Butts

I am scared af of guys! What are some lines I can use to start a conversation? Note-- I am very awkward!


Some girls are awkward af, they just keep glancing and just try to be near me. Just talk to me, I did it before and all they did was say yeah a lot like a robot...

Yara Kan

Tips for girls:
If you want his number tell him you lost your contacts, and if he knows you never had his number ask him if he was in your contacts

nayli cha

What if you know that he likes you and you have a slight crush on him.. but then he has alot of guy friends so i will never have time to get to talk to him because he always sits at the recess table nearby, but he's in a different class :(


What if u have agoraphobia and don't like goin out? Hence texting only option. Too shy to talk on phone.

hasee Fiore

Im shy when only talking to some unknown boys .I feel like they dont like me.I dont knw how to overcome not talkative infront of boys

Marlik Emami

I want to talk to these few Guys scared. I did something i said hello to this guy in collage felt really bad didn't show up for a few days help me to talk to him and few guys too please so i can feel comfortable not weird please I'm not marrying him I'm only going to talk to him

Flava Ava Vlogz

ahh this was like five years ago but there's this guy that i've never spoken to, i have no classes with him, never had any interactions and we have 1 mutual friend and he's really cute and i wanna talk to him but i can't bc i'm too shy!! what should i do????? pls help katy !!!!!!

young fiji

;la; :la: /la/ la [la] {la} #la# ~la~

A New Love Official

Regardless of who you are talking to, it's very important to talk to someone with respect and sincerity. Always speak with kindness because most arguments that happened is not because of a problematic situation but because of how you deliver your words and the tone of your voice.

Hermione Johnson

I like this guy and I always want to go up to him but I always get too nervous... What should I do?

Wang Minn

I don't know how to talk to girls, but that maybe because i'm introvert..
And i can't really speak a word when a girl is around me or even any unknown person. Help! I don't want to be shy like this my entire life.

Anime Otaku

Katy, I have a crush on my classmate, Terell. But he already knows, and says he only likes me as a friend. However, I still like him. How can I make him LIKE me? (Know what I'm saying?)

Sabrina Nicoara

She's got such a pretty personality! I'm too scared to try talking to a guy, though


I've just watched how to talk to girls and I've come here to maybe get some insight in the comment sections to see what girls are thinking while talking to a guy so I'm not as nervous Ig? Idk lol

young fiji


BB Reviews Movies & Attempts Comedic Mayhem

I like notes about off topic subjects

the good kush

bold of you to assume I'm heterosexual

trap cashin

thank you so much, I honestly didn't know how to talk to guys ?

Abigail Shanae

I had a crush on a guy since I was in grade school and I haven't seen him since 5th grade and now I'm in Freshman year of HS and I finally saw him again. He's not in any of my classes and every time I see him he waves and goes back to talking to someone else. I want to approach him but I also don't want to interrupt his conversation.

Lauren's Life

I like this guy and we might be seeing a movie tomorrow with him and it’s a little awkward but idk how to talk to him

young fiji

^la^ 'la' la \la\

Kook_ jeon

Does he like me if he keeps on staring or making eye contact? I'm 12 btw.

Platano Power Productions

What should I do when I like a boy

Olly Evans

Well if you know the male sexuality then you also know that their are no ‘gems’

Rose —

I feel like guys don't pay attention to me because I'm shy and I feel like I have a lot to offer really even just as friends..

April Sanchez

hey umm there's this guy and he texting me and everything and seems like he likes me but I'm not sure

Samira Williams

hi +HelloKaty im in grade 9 and i have a crush on someone in my high school and i had a crush on him when we went to the same grade school for one year and hadnt seen him till now im to shy to talk to him and cant bring myself to even try what do i do please help me i dont know what to do in this situation ive never liked someone like this before.


A girl can approach me whenever she wants!


you're so pretty and your eyes are amazing?

Vinit Pratap

Internet doesn't supposed to have a single page/video on how to talk to boys. This is not just real. :(

Gabrielle Urbina

Couldn't stop looking in the viewfinder... Lol

midkey_ eddie

What's up with her seeming so confident and talking to guys and texting guys first when a girl hasn't texted me first or talked to me in person ever. Why do guys start everything

itsjrose s

I feel invisible to boys

Planet Jupiter

You rock

Maia Dunne

this guy waited for me after class but he also called me a wimp. what does this mean.

Dancier Hall

You give really good advice.


Can you do a video of like how a all Asian girl school meet boys outside pleaseeee?

v_vlogs101 awa

their is a really cute boy I like and I don't have the nerve to talk to him what do I do

Makayla Simpson

Ok so I'm asking anyone and every one about this. There is a guy in 2 of my classes I really like him but I don't think he even knows I exist I want to talk to so bad but I'm very shy and I get super nervous and I start to stutter whenever I talk to guys. Can anyone help?.!

Mariam Begum

hey me and this guy are friends and only talk over Text i want to talk to him in person but i don't know how to plz help me

Adyeren Molina

me and my boy bestfriend dont even talk
how do I talk to him if he is friends with my ex
and is with him Allll the timee

young fiji


Hermione Johnson

I like this guy in my school and he's really funny, he talks to me everyday at school and he copies what I do in class???


I have no classes with this really hot guy and I want to approach him. What should I say and how should I approach him?

Hammy Sammy

This was a lot of help, thankyou!!!❤️


My girlfriend is the best, Fight me


You don't even have to say anything and guys will still be interested in you. Trust me, I'm a guy.

Crimsyn Coffin

i liked this guy but i just broke up with him so its awkword to talk to him but i wish i didnt brake up with him but its too late and i think he hates me.

Jc Parsons

I like the guy that used to like me. But he has a girlfriend and she's one of my best friends. Even if they broke up I couldn't date him because of girl code. I. Need. Help.


thanks nigga

Gabsare Sarg

I always find very nice when girls approach me. Its so refreshing and cute.

Harmankardon 1

I'm on trenbolone.


I had a girl talk to me last year and she started talking to me like I knew her from last year she was dating my friend and I thought she was cute but as we started talking I actually started to really like her and so one day I asked her out but she had a boyfriend so idk if maybe she ended up getting a boyfriend while we were talking or before I'm not sure but I even started to get a bit more comfortable either way cuz before I asked her out I was starting to start the conversations and it just help me be a little more confident


But I don’t have his number and I don’t know any of his friends I think he likes me bc he looks at me in school and he was at me for 15sec and + he blushes around me but Idk if he like me and I liked him since 1st grade but he’s in a different grade I’m in 4th he’s in 5th

Mansur Ibrahim

You talk way toooooo fast girl ?

milk poop

there is this group of guys at my school that all have the same humor as me, we would vibe really well and would maybe be good friends, but im to awkward to talk to them becaue i feel like ill mess up and look stupid!!

Scary Potato

My crush is realy wierd he said he dosent like me but he flirts with me all the time and I really thought he did. What do I do?

Sayra Elena Aguilar

Hey, Katy! Here's the thing I really like this guy and I'm not sure if he likes me now I've always wanted to talk to him but, I've never had a chance. Can you pleeeeeaaaasssee help! ??

Afreen Rox

Ur voice is so pitch ?

Laquayla Blade

Hi good advice love it love it thanks so much

Veronica Taylor

I hate her

Black Rose

How do you start and continue a conversation? It's hard for me because I have really bad social anxiety.

Alex Dial

I am a guy I just grew with my only friends being women. I am not gay but I can't really nervous when I'm talking to guys because I just never knew how to talk to them.

kayden 88

I'm just her cause shes hot

McKenna Burke

Hey Katy, you seem like you know what your talking about lol, but I have a problem and I don't know if I'm over thinking this or not. Anyway I'm a freshmen and the guy that I'm 'talking talking' to is a junior. I really like him and stuff and he knows that cause he has talked to my friends about me. We've only talked for like a week or two and I don't really know if the guy likes me back. I asked a trusted friend to ask about me to him and they told me that he does like me but wants to get to know me more. I do too but I don't even have the boy's number yet. And we used to talk on sc a lot but recently we haven't and I think it's bc he's busy. I'm a confident awkward type of person and when I'm around him it's like I don't know what to say to him. He cuddles with me on the bus and has already kissed my forehead and cheek, but he used to be a f*** boy and I don't want to be used. He's been single for 2 years and I want to date him. I knew him before high school but not that much and other people said that he has changed and then there are other people who tell me that he us just going to use me. Plz help and sry if this was long?

Suitin. par58

I met this collage guy at a 4 days camp and my friends r telling me that he likes me Caz he treats me differently like he would approach me and
Start random awkward conversation like coffee and he did sit with me at dinner and started asking me bout my life but idk if he likes me for real or if he's just flirting Caz I hve this gut feeling he might like my friend...

Mike Hunt

As a guy, I will personally talk with a girl no matter what they bring up. I'm shy and I'm not necessarily the most talkative but one thing I hate is a boring conversation. By boring I don't mean the content of the conversation, I mean if you're monotone and clearly aren't enthusiastic about the convo. Also, like she said, DO NOT ACT DUMB. Guys, believe it or not, like girls who are smart. (Unless the guy is a tool). Also, I have a question for you girls. Why does it seem that a girl will choose a shitty guy over a genuine and down to earth guy? I was briefly talking to a girl who I think is really pretty and I stopped talking to her altogether because all she does is hangout with shitty guys. It doesn't make sense to me.

Karelis Zavala

I like a Boy and. I love him but hi sees a fat blond girl

Elliot S

can i be your boyfriend? haha

Planet Jupiter

Take video requests??


Hey guys! I’m going to try to talk to my crush tmr, wish me luck!!!!

Youtube Comment Guy

Yay, a white girl doing a “how to talk to guys” video. Like the other videos have good content but gahdamn i’ma pook with all those hand movements?. Those basic bitches wave their hands around more than they talk. And boy do they talk??

Naylea Day

i wish i would have watched this before i started dating one of my boy bestfriends...we stopped talking after we broke up. it sucks.

Noel Baker

I never know what to say and I have such a hard time coming up with topics and every time i have talked to a guy they just go with simple answers where you can hardly ever spark up another topic off of it and they don't even try. I'm afraid they don't wanna talk to me if they don't ask questions like I am. It's just so so so hard for me

Alexis DeeDee

why did i just find this video?? 3 YEARS LATER!!!

Brazilian Man

Don’t say “like” 20 times in a sentence. Also guys are worse at going to women, then you are to them.

Gwen L.

Katty in this video look so cute haha

Taylah Sterry

me and this guy have been friends for literally the whole of our school life, we were in year 8 (2nd year of middle school) and he kept giving me the look. so i decided to make the first move, meaning i texted him first and he answered almost immediately. i asked him how his day had been and how he was and then we started talking and we had been talking for a few weeks maybe even months, and he was complimenting me and so i asked him how he felt about me, and "us" he said one word…mutual! that's when i thought, wow! i've screwed this up so then he said it's ok. we had our ups and downs as does every friendship. we were speaking for a total of 5 months and 20 days until he became a dick and told his friends what we were talking about and what i said and it was very embarrassing! nobody should have that done to them, i hope he knows he's a prick and was never even worth my time.


my desperation for guys has got me to this video lmao. but what are you meant to do if you’re really fucking ugly? i’d love to approach the guys i know but i’m pretty much deformed n don’t want them to think that

aibef tdpmdipr

In all reality for boys, it's hard for us to start a chat to you then you to us. Some us can't do it ether since you girls are in your "groups" and we don't wanna risk a rumor of "us" spreading since a lot of girls like to do that over social media. If you come up to a boy, a few winning things to do is: smile, laugh, and show your interested in talking. If you haven't totally met the person i suggest to ask questions of homework and stuff...


just talk about games and you'll be good :)

Amada Gutierrez

OK GIRLS! U guys should try this: When u guys are going thru passing periods bring some hot Cheetos or chips ur crush likes and have a friend with u. Stand kinda infront of the class but where the teacher cant see u and say WHO WANTS CHIPS sure enough ur crush and some other ppl will want some so ya u guys can start a convo by u saying whats ur fav chip and stuff. U can also try with candy


I HAVE A PROBLEM! So, there this is guy I really, really like. I'm in college btw. I met him during a tutoring session for a class that my sister was teaching. I was not in the class, I was just there cause my sister is my ride home. I really want to be his friend, but I do not have his number nor does my sister. I did some stalking and I found his instagram and followed him. I just do not know what to do next? Basically, how do I make him fall in love with me first. ANY HELP WOULD BE NICE! PLEASE I DO NOT WANT TO END UP ALONE <3


Not that I judge but the girl obviously has to be "good looking" however I don't judge or pick out small things, guys who do that are dicks!

lesley pineda

1:What if you like some one want to approach to them but have no classes with him how should I go up to him
2:how would u go up to him with out creeping him out
3:he is an Asian guy with light hazel eyes plz help me

ya boi

I'm a guy. Just checking if the advice is accurate or not