Facts about dicks

Surprising Facts about Men with Robotic Dicks!

Surprising Facts about Men with Robotic Dicks!2 Jan. 2020
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Adult performer Lena Paul

Adult performer Lena Paul teaches a shocked Holly Randall a thing or two about penis implants and just how many guys have them.



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Nick Carvallo

Don't call her dude

Samson wilkinson



They work. And it’s great. My urologist told me that when men get around 70, the pills stop working because of some hardening of the arteries. Well, it did. Cialis daily quit working. I didn’t want to rob my wife of the pleasure we generate between us so I did the procedure. We, and especially she, absolutely love it‼️ No more disappointments. No more fizzles. If she didn’t know, she would never guess (unless she’d happen to catch me pumping it up). Everything appears natural. The implant gave me another 1/2” also. Win win here. Takes about two weeks to get back to a normal pain level. But they do have some great pain pills these days. I had it done before Christmas. If you love sex like we do, you’ll love it.

juke box hero

Porno is such a shitbird scene. We watch porno and kill babies and now we are like inmates in our own country. Gee what would bring that about?

JayRock E

I used to worry about not being large enough or keep it up long enough... I have over the years become more educated of the many ways I can pleasure my lady in so many ways that it gives me time to come back around and to fulfill all of her needs and mine.

Karl Larsen

Why do male pornstars need to use caverject or robotic dick?

Qwert Voltaire

Destroying your body for money. Terrible


My Robotic Dick:"Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!" xD

Candi Soda

Ok.. so they apparently didn't go over whether robot dicks can cum or not????


That’s crazy !! Guys in porn are fucking the hottest girls out there..their dicks now have shelf life’s.. where as loser ass guys like me can give a girl 45 maybe 50 seconds of kapounskie and then nappy time ..

Michael Serns

Why would anyone do that? Maybe I am an anomaly, but popping a Cialis makes life almost inconvenient for a week...slight breeze and the little guy thinks its go time, let alone having a naked starlet to film with.

Big Riz

Watching this hurt my junk

John. Johnb_online143

These porn chicks, beauty and brains !!!
Wow !

Donald Sexton

Anybody know what Lena Paul is talking about with the name of this implant? Closed caption has used 3 different words and none of them make any sense.

Ant Francis

Imagine, watching one 10 year old video (Vladtv interviewing Brian Pumper) & my whole youtube feed has completely changed.

John Edwards

You get the impression these people are totally dysfunctional.

Captain Charisma

Quarantine please end ...lol

waymond graham Jr

All I can say respectfully is this: If women would know more about the size and shape of her uterus and tell or ask a guy upfront her my stuff is deep if you don’t have this length member. I’m gonna shame you for being born with what you were given through DNA. It would just be better to know upfront. However, women are not interested in honesty unless it becomes beneficial,


Have a wack?

Manolo remera

Holly you're amazing

Rory Bisson

well, that seems great to have a robotic dick, in terms of button controlled boner at any time. however, that just gives you a boner, doesnt seem to do anything about length, so until we solve that we arent quite as equal to the ladies in body mods.

R Hog

And yet so many young males. gay bi -straight all using Viagra type assistance not realizing dependency leads all to implants.
And it sucks ! oh yeah you can have natural effects of having damaged nerves and other health issue effect it. Or you can just use erectile dysfunction drugs when not required and bye bye to any natural erection or feeling.


Glad I don’t watch porn anymore

Daves World

Lena really knows her stuff!

Paul Faber

Now I know why there is a big increase in young female school teachers sexually harassing teenage male students?


Hi Holly …Ido not if I will see this message but I gust want to tell you that I did not know you and I saw your interview with the actress Angela white and scammers from Africa in Ghana Accra are using her image to here in the United States tried to scam me and I not sap why not …who was Angela white

Leeland Glover

Lena Paul.. Bad ass

Bodhi Satfa

Bestill my ❤️

Dee Brown

Love Lena Paul. Goddess.??

Random 549

Suicide rates for porn workers runs at about 1000% above national averages.


Fucked up to be in 31 with a destroyed dick!....the industry is foul!....I feel bad for those guys.?

Franky Vielle

Girl once told me my [email protected] is a little chubby. lol


Do the guys still get a sensation ?

Alex Villanueva

Beautiful woman

somebody else

So, inflatable dicks fucking implanted breasts is pretty much balloon art?

charles moe



Who ever knew porn was so complicated?

Benjamin Royter

I dont see how women can laugh at this yet men have to stay quiet when women get ass implants, breast enhancements, lip injections, plastic surgery etc etc etc

DeAndre Brooks

I figured something was up, now it all makes sense...


Mine is made from bits of Meccano.


The things you learn about porn!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a lot women realise a lot them use viagra and pumps and injection of caveject and fat implant and other implants etc.

Mr. Sasshole

I realize the adult film industry has not been kind to a lot of women, but goddamn this industry has not been good to men. We have men destroying their dicks because directors won't wait 15 minutes? I realize men are just props in a scene, but Jesus Christ folks. Have some humanity and decency. We are not fuck robots.


I wish i never clicked this video wtf is wrong with people

David Hall

"Are you man enough for a penile implant?"

Kevin Dorfman

Lena is such a wonderful hardcore high energy performer!


Looks like porn is going the same rout as music, natural talent is being left behind in favor of fake, synthesized garbage.

jack smith

The only question I have is “can the woman tell it’s inflated?”

Jerome p

I guess amateur porn has now become organic porn where Hollywood porn has become processed food porn. Very interesting no robot dick desire here keep it natural enjoy it longer

Pro Screens

Imagine the outrage from feminists if this was happening to female porn stars. Oh its happening to the guys? Who cares?

Dean Ransom

Never heard of 'haver-jack?'. Sounds like its one of those Viagra type drugs or a size increaser off of an informercial.

Thanos The Titan

Now i feel great about my dick

JoePadabass Channel

I love lena paul....

tasty rabbit

She is amazing

Thomas Beers

Wow. No wonder why most suicides happen in porn


Miss randall rootsy
Yardie FLAG
And TRIBAL.motif






When I was in the hospital in the 80's, my room mate had that operation, it was very painful afterwards, he did it for his wife.

Jackson Smith

I'm gonna be honest. I'm contemplating going into porn. To be the first Irish male talent. Get some good scenes cos of the accent the Americans love. I also write scenes here as ideas.
But gonna be honest. I don't think I'd be too embarrassed about being naked in porn mainly cos the directors have seen literally billions of dick so u don't need to feel self conscious and plus the male talent who use implant dicks in their actual dicks.. Their just insecure so.. I honestly don't think I would be

Chew Her

This is so cool.

Stan Vasilchuk

Lena Paul has a great personality!

x Gender

In porn there is so many girls cry in Anal scene so shame in America girls are a product

Danny R

OK, now I'm thinking what if 'Bane' from Batman got into porn?

D.R. Y

Wait......where is this button actually at?

PaPi ChULo


Rit3H4nd 0fGOD

damn, wtf

Matthew kurzhals

New meaning to the word pepcock


Sounds painful..

James Clough

Wow why would anyone do that to themselves. So sad.

D Moore

Porn is a business, and as such, ALL that matters is the bottom line. So it doesn't matter how many lives get ruined in the process as long as those that control the bottom line, are able to maintain it. They will always have no problem finding someone to sacrifice themselves because getting paid for doing the most enjoyable thing ever, is not a job at all.

L Baba A

Uncomfortable to listen to


This is hella fucked ?

Quattordici Montenapoleone

Imagine the opposite: Men laughing at women who get permanently messed up by the pressure of performing on porn. Yeah, not ok right?

Juan del Barrio


Faisal Al-Enizi

While it's normal for men to talk sexually about women, I find it a bit strange for chicks to talk erotically how men work on them!

thanathos x990

Sexy naturality lena Ilove you.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Kara Sparrow

Sounds like it's tough for the guys too


I feel like some poor TSA guy is gonna get a horrifying surprise one day lol

jacquard joseph

i like how she listens and let other talk then exress opinions

Eros Piani

Is he J Mac? He is 35 years old...

Mrinank C

Porn is the biggest illusion we will ever see.


wow...that's so terrible. Ripe for a class-action lawsuit. Ruin your dick due to sick pressure.

Albert Ortega

Lena Paul is hot.

Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4

Rather watch two women anyway, there’s only room for one cock in this fantasy and it’s mine ?

Will West

How many people realize there own life is amazing compared to the people on here geez this Is disaster alley ???




You can make your Dick better, without all the shit just have a good woman, One thing do not get the clip you need all the hormones you can make. That's number one. If you have a woman who complains all the time find someone else fast. Also, you do not need to get married, it's hell! Women can have kids anytime. So what they do not have your name.

Christopher Crochet

I can't explain how absolutely fascinated i am by watching a women talk to another woman about something pertaining to men, that i as a man know nothing about.


I thought I knew it all, but I couldn´t have been more wrong.

Kevin Grayl ml

Lena Paul!! The finest hunny around.

Donald Holder*Doc*

Where can I find Lena's whole interview? I absolutely LOVE her! ?

David Green

Honestly I'm glad not sick still get hard no pump over here,No pills just a beautiful fat ass with a pretty face & of course her GPA score??

x Gender

In porn there is so many girls cry in Anal scene so shame in America girls are a product

FlipsVs TheWorld

Bro. That sounds horrifying. Like a monkey's paw with extra bad voodoo vibes layered over it


You 26 had no clue
Big loads
All about camera angles
Why you concentrating so much on tools of the men
Boy who like straight man wood
Ohh it so sad
As if you can keep it up

Michael B.

Two woman talking about men's penis and then the one woman calls the other woman "dude". I love it as i laughed so hard.

Franklin Lopez

Lena esta para tubearla su especialidad

bob wyman

I have enjoyed lena pauls' videos often,,,like this frank discussion,, didn't know how implants worked.


Can we have a rally to ban this injections stuff in porn. I mean it is clearly fucking up these guys lives. If they have to work for money and feel like they have to inject some stuff in order to outperform and stay in business, than they are somewhat forced. Sure they could work something else. Just like chinese factory workers working 16 hours for Foxcon can go and work something else. It's all choice I guess. So many choices in life. Do I want to work in order to eat or do I want to starve to death?
Rise up feminists and work towards equality.

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Comments (100)
Rie B

"Fuck you dad" LMAO

Avi. Chenza

“The shame was indescribable” ???

Nathaniel McTier

Had me crying

Mariah Makinen

13.5 inch dick man is also cursed with thickness. He can't have sex with anyone because of its size.

Jay P.

00:17......Answer: More people (with dicks) than you would ever want to imagine.....
.....Maybe I'm one of them......Maybe I'm not....

Chryolation Sets

Found out I'm the 1 in 400.

S. Nifrum


It can?

Wait I’ve only smoked once in my life and decided I hated it



1:14 i died laughing

Michael Honein

I think y were targetting me at 1:47

Amanda Key

Penis fractures happens?

Jess Hanks


Ashley VanEck

Hey Joe, Here are some more for you.


Is it me..... or no one realized that he demonstrated violent masterbation by beating it about his dad lol lmao ..... good example lol

Ayden Meade

13.5 wow I'm barely pulling a 5 and that's When I'm on all sorts of Viagra

Brandon Fact

“Fuck you dadddd” ????


Yes it gay to smoke your own pole LMAOOO


a little late to the show but the jump cuts of him trying to pronounce King Fatefehi.....Im rolling!

S. Nifrum

I’m on vacation and I haven’t been able to jerk off in a week due to sharing a room with my entire family

I’m an idiot for watching this because now I’m even more aware of that fact

Sophie Coupland

I don’t like the new comment format


0:29 wtf did he just say before fuck u dad

snake in a box?

I wank to the point my dick doesn't want to

Then i wank one more time
No random boners
I wank 5 times before school when im second shift (in macadonia we have shifts for school)

Marcelina Agosto

Good ol fashioned PP?☠️?????????


Gengas khan fucked 40 million women

Hailey Marr

Its pronounced like San ta ga to right?

The Rican

Some Joe before the year ends. 12.30.20 Happy New Year's everyone.


to be fair, it says, that this king DEFLOWERED these women, it doesn't mean he had to cum with each of these women ;d

Sharon McDonnell

I just love how comfortable he is talking about this stuff.

Spyro the dragon

2:07 this guy/girl doesn’t know how their brain works

ZoYa's KiTcHeN

Soo nyc
New friend here
Stay connected


How did I not get peninal fracture


13.5 is a baby leg Haha

Xander HD

Lol the Promises To God Bit. Relatable ?

Faceless Ghost

Agh fuck you dad!

AAron Ziebarth

Ooooo tiddys


Living History

I can't even reach my toes.

lessy vega

NBA youngboy


OMG I lost it at 1:14 when you tried to pronounce that name LMAO

Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God

The largest penis in the world is actually 22 inches and that was in 2015 no guy has been that big since

Dog Flamingo

If it makes you feel any better, most guys with monster dicks have a hard time getting erections; because the change in blood pressure required can be medically problematic. Plus it isn't fitting in most people that aren't in porn.

Youtube Only

I'm jerking off to this video to practice non violent jerking techniques

imwthstpid 223

So...... on the topic of self-received oral pleasure.... one, is that gay... and two, is that incest, because technically you are related (?) to you??

Sk8r Gamer

Jonah Falcons dick is 13.5 inches soft btw

Julia Gritzbach


JayJay MSP


Kappin cupcakes

It's not gay, it's masturbation

Ameera Kamies

"oooooooooooo titties" ????

Roy Ramy

Lol ?

Kevin Huff

Your forgot to mention circumcision is genital mutilation

Moe Hussaini

Interesting facts there bro XD

Alice Willoughby

0:16 - I didn't know there was such a thing as pinile fracture! For one thing, there's no bone in a penis...
3:40 - 13.5 inches. I think a lot of women would be afraid to try that, plus it must cause a lot of discomfort in everyday life.


"Fuck you dad"????


The only video that’s made me a straight male actively search for a doc pic

Goony Lad

“The penis enjoyed by most women belongs to King Fafitheehhsggs”

Dude, I would have just said “FAT FUCK” right then and there

Mike Warski

It's the banging it with the door. I dont do it but people are stupid

Randy Simmon

I’m so in love with you. You are fucking hilarious!!! OMG!

Ben Tennyson

Joe Santa getto? Joe satan gota joe saint gotcha?

Gabriel Beard

The good ol p p

big mac

Joe Santa got toes

Ian Sharp

It's called beating your meat for a reason

Trunks Vegeta Briefs

When I heard that bit about sucking your own dick

I’m a little ashamed of this but I checked to see if I could do it or not

Carly McKinney


Nate Whitehurst

Fatefehi of Tonga

Kawaii Pixie

"Fuck you dad!" jerk off motion

Biden 4 Prison

You not only look like Ryan Reynolds, but sound like him too. I think you should be Deadpool for Halloween, just saying. Carry on

Leah Dove

Hahahahaha!!! Who does that belong to!?!?

The Rican

Another binge with Joe. 2019

Alex La Rondelle

I’m in the market for a dick please

Midoriya Izuku

Am i the only one who doesn't get aroused by just staring at a vajayjay ?(with no pair of tits )????


I was hoping for duck facts

The Gaming Mack V

If jerking off ain't gay, then i don't think giving yourself oral pleasure is either.

Mr. Oof

I’m just saying his last name should be horse

m o

You look like Jimmy Neutron, get that hair fixed

Cam F

Violent masturbation.... Jerking off with a machine gun.... Pow pow!!!

Jennifer Juliet

My 2nd last name is falcon ?


I'm that 1 in the 400 wink wink

The Collared King

All im saying is... A chef has to taste his own food.

Nagisa Satsuki Deku's Waifu

Fuck You Dad!!!???

W.J Hou

I actually talked to Jonah Falcon in instagram and he seems like a nice person

Adam Edwards

The fact that this video has 69k likes is priceless lmao

Lorena Fernandez

I've been thinking about this a lot and I don't think a guy giving himself "oral pleasure" is gay because the same logic applies to jacking off?


Goddamn it i smoke... FUCK

Nathan Case

Having a dick that big isn't pleasant. Mainly due to 1. Trying to find a pair of pants that cover it and 2. The chafing.

Nasir Lanier

He locked that Door Quick when he Closed it

Samuel Zinaich

1:01 to 1:09 or are you people just walking over to doors and banging it agianst, or in the door, i lost it so hard when he said that, who agrees

Caillin Schoeman

Can we go on a date together please!!

The Paper Empire

"good old fashioned pp"

Leo Gaming

Is it gay


I almost choked on my Swedish fish when he yelled "fuck you dad!"

Jonathan Grabban

i have longed wished on getting my first sexdoll and now i finally did,it's so amazing and i love it,now I'm thinking of getting more.i recommend you send an email to [email protected]gmail.com or direct message on Instagram at (xxvsexdoll).They have premium dolls with fast delivery and also it's very affordable.Good day

Cool Nerd

If you are uncircumcised do not use lotion while mastrabating. My step brother did that. He had to be circumcised as he got an infection. He was bedridden for a month.

crescent moon

"fuCk yOu dAd"

LittleJ The lego Maniac

This is so relatable. I feel u bro

George McClellan

“F*** you dad” ??????

kishor Soren



1:46 this is what I do EVERYTIME????


ooh titties


Corona got me watching this in 2020. ?


The mean of jerking of violently:

1.violent henati rape
2 blood henati


I use a vibrator... try it its amazing and my right forearm isnt huge compared to my left

Alpha Serpent

Is it gay to use your hand? If not, then your mouth is fair game.

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