How to make your boyfriend last longer

Mediumship Reading : Ex Boyfriend no longer wants his EX to carry the guilt of breaking up

Mediumship Reading : Ex Boyfriend no longer wants his EX to carry the guilt of breaking up8 Oct. 2020


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Michelle Quinn

Thanks so much Di for my reading last night , I feel like I have so much weight lifted now.. ur amazing

Southern Belle


Southern Belle

You're cool

Psychic Medium Di

Readings start at 7:25

Southern Belle

The chat was harder on rtwitter!

Alicia R

Oh darn, I missed this Live stream. It was 2 a.m. here, I was sleeping. I’m really happy to see you more on YouTube! ❤️

Southern Belle

First time
live, audrey

Southern Belle

U tube

Southern Belle


Southern Belle

Better here

Gayle Wilson

Hi Di not sure when your live again but I keep seeing something in the cnr of my eye, sometimes it's like my reflection sometimes it's like a shadow a white shadow is it my nini is she ok

Pixel P

Happy holidays family!

Southern Belle

Di, if you see me same time, may i ask about family money after my parents, moving, do u see my future baby girl and when? Any of that? Thank you. Audrey

Carol Magee



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ahm kathy

There not that long

Nina and Shawn

They long but really cute ???. I can’t believe he tried to take them off lol.

Di Delarosa

Lmao she said I wanna see how they flap ?

I'm No Longer Attracted To My Boyfriend...What Do I Do?

I'm No Longer Attracted To My Boyfriend...What Do I Do?28 Apr. 2019
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Diana Fitness Bakersfield

Omg that submission ?. I’ve been with mine for 6+ years and I still find him to be Hot and attractive ?. I feel like it’s all about communicating about your wants and needs and being intimate/physical is important in a relationship. At least to me it is.


First comment!

Maria Trevino

Omg Stacey stooooop boooo

cynthia x

Love watching your videos Stacey ❤

Speak Truth.

Bien dice la canción ... "NO LA BUSQUES MUY BONITA POR QUE AL PASAR DEL TIEMPO SE LE QUITA, BUSCA AMOR, NADA MAS QUE AMOR" ... Al primer momento en que encuentres a tu pareja NO ATRACTIVA .. esa relación se acabo porque significa que lo demás que esa persona simboliza y representa ya no es suficiente .. Entre los vatos alfas sabemos que una mujer se busca de entre 7 y 8 .. un punto intermedio donde casi no se puede descuadrar por muy jodida que se ponga .. al 9 y 10 se eleva y compensa con actitud, carisma, sexiness, personalidad, amabilidad y mas que nada CLASE! y si no me creen ... pues ALV! :)

Linda Gutierrez

Yes lots of men do think like that..


I can totally see all your opinions BUT I honestly feel that after years of being with someone I think it’s not so much of a physical attraction more of a emotional attraction .. like no connection towards one another!! Once the emotional attraction is gone for sure the physical attraction is gone as well! Which means you won’t feel that emotional attraction to want to have sexual contact! And yes attraction dies because the partner stops doing their part, wether is stop caring or showing small signs of affection. Some people grow together and others apart !!!

Quý Trung

I see Stacy big tities LOL

Clarisa Robles

Saludos bissssshhessss ??

Gamy Jimenez

Damn bish when I first saw the title I thought it was you? like damn bishhh your man fine af ?? jk Saludos desde Miami ??

Mil Flowers

Good points ladies! All for one l, one for all but at the end of the day we do ourselves. Screening questions before getting in a relationship.


lol yall all trynna get a word in

Mary Levy

When you with someone for a long time, people get comfortable.. too comfortable & they let them selves go. It happens ?‍♀️ but if you don’t like it speak up & communicate so they know how you feel about them & can pick up their slack.

Stacey Diaz

Lmao real Stacey D watchers know this ain’t about me ??


❤️ Great video❤️❤️


I feel like I need an hour long of michis y chisme, I can’t get enough ??❤️

Stephanie Smith

So I'm what's called Sapiosexual - meaning I'm attracted to my man for his mind and for who he is on the inside. He has gained a lot of weight since we started dating and I'm not typically attracted to that, but I am still very much in love with him. When I bring it up to him, I always just tell him "baby I just want you to be healthy" no matter what that looks like. If he's eating junk and not trying, that's when I start to think I don't want to be with someone that lives like this. But when I see him trying and putting in the effort, that's all that I care about and that's what matters.

Freddy Sanchez

You guys are like big sisters to me! Lol I like taking dating advice from a woman's point of view and apply it to my dating life! Currently single but looking for a good long term relationship! ? Saludos from Orange County, California!! ✌️


Love your top samantha! @mexicanchunli. Where'd you get it??? ??

Mama Bat Of Gremlins

They need to accept them at the best and worse both sides of you when you are done up and when you just wake up.

You have to connect on a spiritual level, so they accept you threw your changes,if they are with you for you the true you then appearance shouldn't matter. You are the same person no matter what. If they really want each other the conversation shouldn't hurt the other person because you are being truthful.

Don't let someone change who you are or shape you into something that is not you.

I have been with my partner for 10 years he met me when I was over weight and when we got together I had dropped 60 pounds and with our first baby I gained it all back and I have been up and down with my weight and he still accepts me and loves me for me no matter what.

She is probably not attracted to him anymore or they grew apart.

Sex is sex, making love is making love 2 different topics.

It all comes down to chemistry.

Ew It's Lali

I think the hair thing is not the same as the weight thing because cutting your hair takes 15 minutes and $25 but loosing weight can take months


I just think it has to do with not having enough experiences with other partners, if you just been with just that one person you still may wonder what is out there. If you are young don't settle down that fast, experience the world, your likes and dislikes and trust when you find the one it won't matter what they look like Through life you were still find them attractive or just in general the person you I fell in love with.

Arisa Farias

They’re concentrating too much on looks. Looks shouldn’t be the number one reason why you’re with someone. I think being more attracted to the persons personality rather than their looks is much more important. I’m not saying looks don’t matter, but I highly believe that you need to be with someone who loves you the most for who you are then what you look like, because looks don’t last forever, you’ll grow old, you’ll gain weight or whatever the case will be. Also someone mentioned that sometimes couples get too comfortable with each other and they stop putting in the effort to their physique & I think that it’s ok to not wear makeup if you don’t want to, or let your beard grow, but you should keep it clean. Be a clean person, physically y peinate las greñas ?

Tunnel Vision


sunny day

Basically this gril just fell out of love, because she was not really in love with him. Attraction and love very different

sexy blonde

Simple answer is LEAVE

Ivan Cruz

I have bee in relationships where I was on both sides. The important thing to realize is that if you do not want to put in the effort anymore, you have to let the other person know. If they take it the wrong way, take a little break because sometimes it could be something you need to work on, or they need to realize that they have something to work on. Nowadays sex has become so mainstream that everyone has lost the idea about connecting with someone on a deep level. That love where you only want the best for them, and you will push them to become the best version of themselves. The same goes the other way. I think people need to start focusing on what "love" really is and step away from the physical and aesthetic aspect of being in a relationship.

Ivory D.



You’re my go to girl now ♥️


Team single stacey d. Its the best

Johnson Christiana

where is Samantha's shirt from? so cute

Rebecca Stol

I think that you can compare your man with someone who works out. Like let’s say she stops working out and looks a little different but her man likes the look of a fit girl. I think this could translate into the girl is losing motivation in her life or something in herself where she doesn’t care anymore which is not attractive. Just like the man not caring to be clean cut kind of makes it look like they don’t care about looking good . Idk if that makes sense but I think when you stop caring about your looks it can translate to mentally being an unmotivated person now or being lost in life


If looks are the priority to Amy she's gonna be single asf for a while

Elena Lopez

esa pinche amy es bien sabía, siempre que habla nomas pienso “ohhh... es cierto...” ?
but fr i think the attraction comes down to being a choice, so go out of your way to find things to play up about your partner & be into or decide you don’t want to be there anymore

Betty Gonzalez

Stacey i know you said you wanted to do a podcast we would lovee to hear longerr episodes like these!!!

gee ma

I see what Stacey means about not really getting a say in someone else's style or taste. So if you like a clean cut guy, np, date a guy that also likes to be clean cut. Don't date the guy that likes shaggy hair.

Bob Jones

"been with her man for 4 years, and is no longer attracted to her man and only sees him as family" sooooo, there could be a lot of factors as to why she's not attracted to him anymore. The focus seems to be physical / sexual attraction, but there's more. I wish I could remember where I read about this recently, it blew my mind, but I read something about women naturally taking the role of caregiver (mother) to their boyfriends (in hetero relationships). When we take on these roles of "mother", we tend to stick ourselves all up in our men's lives, trying to do all this shit for our men and nagging them about doing XYZ all the time. When we are so occupied with "helping" the other person, we are not leaving space for them to be their own person, but we also are not giving ourselves the space to focus on ourselves and in turn we kill the attraction of that person for ourselves. I'm doing a bad job of explaining what I read, but it really opened my eyes about not taking on a mother role to my future partner because once that happens, the attraction dies.

Sienna MMP

I love each one of y’all styles ????????????