Hooking up with a guy for a year


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- Sorry if I come off as

- Sorry if I come off as awkward , I am a awkward person. Little storytime about the time I hooked up with a guy in the club in Korea on a random Monday night after KBBQ.

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How Old Are You? - 21

What Editor do you Use - Filmora

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Destati S.

Do your thing girl <3 And I love that you used Persona 4 as your BGM~

Anastayjah Jupiter

i was looking through your videos and when you said you were haitian you got my sub

Grumpy_Katia Hernandez

I saw you Jonghyun poster that’s why I’m watching your storytime

Day Dream

Yalllll this might be a stupid question ? but do they have Black and Milds in Korea?? Or do they just smoke cigs over there? Like is it a common thing? Also, are there hookah lounges?

marty uwu

When you said you were Haitian I automatically subscribed, I love seeing Haitians living in different places in the world ?

Literally Namjoon’s IQ HaJiMa

Your so pretty omfg- (I just subscribed?) Btw do you go to korea often?

Mona Lisa

There are soooooo many INDIGENOUS Russians that look asian. They are russian. The world is sooo much more diverse than you americans think....

Neta Batata

I also have a gay korean friend with the name Robin haha
wonder if its the same robin...

Literally Namjoon’s IQ HaJiMa

When you said a guy wearing a SnapBack is one of your turn on’s I felt that- I also find that attractive~_~

its Lisaa

Why’s no one talking about "A"? He payed for your taxi and walked u out of the club such a gentleman

Sora kokoro

Maybe A was Yakut aka Sakha or indigenous of Siberia ? They are asians, specifically Turkics


I knew he was gay ??


8:00 this man was deaf ?? I'm weak


Your skin ??

James Charles speaking about hooking up with a guy from TikTok!?

James Charles speaking about hooking up with a guy from TikTok!?19 Jul. 2020
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I wonder who it could

I wonder who it could be!? What is your opinion on this? Please let me know in the comments down below please.??????☕️?

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Alex Harbula

I wonder if one of the sway boys have onlyfans I heard Noah Beck doesn’t but does Blake does he gives me bi vibes


Noah beck doesn’t have a link tree or only fans I just look at his ig so it’s not Noah

ChiaBee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Excuse me the fawk ?

Sarah Ross

I know who it is .


it’s @boynamedluis

hola.soy. dora.

nick austin uhmm???

Jorell Hammond

He’s definitely talking about Gage Gomez


Ok look, I’m cool with like bi, gay, lesbian, all that stuff. Like you be you make your own decisions I don’t care. But James went into more detail than he should’ve. So now my dirty minded self has to go watch little kids Netflix shows to clear my mind. ??‍♀️??

MidnightsunsX Vlogs

James could of kept that to his self

It’s just zak935

Noah beck

Emma Yendrey

i think he is talking about Lil Nas X


He loves the DL/straight guys. He really says things that don’t help his case.

Mother Goddess

Has anyone found out who it is??

Nate Workman

Def Noah Beck

S u r f s U p

Is that Jake pale

sallie shahinian

pj tomasi

People Reveal How They Hooked Up With Someone Much Older or Younger (AskReddit)

People Reveal How They Hooked Up With Someone Much Older or Younger (AskReddit)16 Feb. 2020
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People share the juicy

People share the juicy details of how they fooled around with someone with a big age gap.

#reddit #askreddit #redditdaing #redditcougars #redditstories

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Joey Schuchardt

Was 19, she was 49. She used just right amount of teeth on my blossoming manhood.


My ex husbands mom got with a guy just few years older than her own son i was with.

His father in law is only 3 years older. They went to high school together and were friends. He would come over and game out with my ex. My ex thought he was just a older cool friend. Nope he waa banging his mom. And to top it off while banging the mom he takes the sister to prom.

Yeah when that wedding took place no one believed it would last. Has been 10 years and they talk of divorce commonly.

The guy never grew up. My ex did but his father in law mentally just stayed the same. My ex's mom was the dudes wife and became like a mother at same time.
Things have gotten bad since she cant have children anymore but now he is thinking he wants kids.

It still feels weird. No one understands it. But its been long enough now that eh. Dont really question it anymore

It felt really weird meetings my ex'smom then see step dad walk out. Like...

....i guess he likes them looking old as fossils. Hey she get actionn you go you couger you....
...yeah we still dont know who started it how it started and when.

Just Drew

At 37 I dated a 19 year old girl.
She was attractive. We worked together at a convenience store. She started flirting with me and I flirted back.
I flirt with all my female coworkers but have a strict don't actually screw coworkers policy because of bad past experiences at a different job. We kept flirting. I thought it was all harmless. Just a game to make the day go by faster. Any ways it got to a point where she started texting me and sending me pics. I responded with approval but also told her that I didn't sleep with coworkers. She quit messaging me. A few weeks later she quit to go work somewhere else. She told our other coworkers that she wanted to F me. All of my coworkers are female. They joked about me robbing the cradle and didn't believe we hadn't yet done anything. So now I'm being accused of something that I hadn't yet done despite not really having a relationship outside of work. I decided to send her a message asking her if she wanted dinner. She said yes. We dated for a while after that. She moved in with me.
While dating a few of the other women at work were becoming more flirtatious with me than they had been. My 19 year old girlfriend became jealous. I decided to quit and to go work in a factory because of there being less women and more men to ease tensions. It didn't really help though. She called me on all of my breaks and right after I got off work. She became controlling but I put up with it because I was in a relationship with a 19 year old girl who was infatuated with me. The novelty of having a much younger live in girlfriend fades quickly when she turns into a psycho dictator. I later found out that she was cheating on me while I was at work despite us having what I thought was an active sex life. I guess not enough for a now 21 year old. I kicked her out.
As far as I know she didn't have daddy issues. Her parents were still married and didn't have a problem with my age because her mother was 15 years older than her father. They had started a relationship when he was 21 and she was 36.
I don't talk with her now. She ended up working at a dental office as a dental assistant.
Shortly after kicking her out I went back at the convenience store. I still cut up and flirt with my coworkers.

Brian another God Damned Socialist

I'm totally old now but I met my 18 years older girl friend when I was 19 back in the early 90s in a newspaper personal ad. We dated for about 2 years. I've been Happily married for a long time but I always wonder what became of her after she re married her ex.
My wife who I didn't meet until after we parted ways refers to her as my geriatric girl friend or my nursing home lay ?

sjonnie playfull

So only guys hooking up with older ladies? No older men stories? Or any girl stories at all?

Henk -

watching a republican debate for president. How romantic!?

Omar Guerra

The “really bro” i can only imagine lmfao

Truong Thanh Tung

lol 4:17 im not going to tell anyone

Gary Sprandel

August of 93 just a few months from my 32nd birthday I stopped off to burn a few quarters in the last of the old school arcades in the area after work.
On leaving the arcade decided to check out the comic book shop next door and checking out there's a young lady of 23 years grabbing her weekly pull list and I overhear her asking the shop owner if he knows of any Japanese animation clubs in the area and not aware of just how momentous that moment would be in my life I spoke up to tell her about the one I belonged to.
She was a hardcore tomboy and would have been the first to tell you she wasn't exactly girlfriend material and neither of us had any romantic intentions but were cool to geek out on our mutual geekdoms as friends and convention buddies.
We were at a convention in February of 96 when something went click and all of a sudden she wasn't just one of the guys anymore and after 3 weeks of agonizing over if I should risk the friendship by saying something I broke my change of feelings to her and apparently she'd been feeling similarly a bit longer but also didn't want to risk our friendship.
Considering we'd hung out constantly and shared rooms with our crew at conventions things really didn't change much aside from a whole lot more kissing and such it should be no surprise 7 months later I proposed to her and we married a year and a half after that.
Wish I could say we were going strong and looking forward to our 24th anniversary in May but in that way fate seems to have a sick,sick sense of humor shortly after my 52nd birthday the young lady that nagged me about my smoking and eating like crap and took care of herself collapsed and was gone 14 minutes later from a sneaker pulmonary embolism at 43 7 years ago.

Sbro Cali

Wait, Sarah Silverman looks like a 61y/o Sarah Silverman. You slept with Sarah Silverman!

Dustie Marie

Im 38. Boyfriend is 28, also father of our 2 daughters 6 & 4yrs. We met 10 yrs ago. Both had just made a myspace. connceted. Met up. been together since...

Fucking myspace ???


September 2002, started playing on a different team in my dart league (co-ed). Several weeks later another lady starts playing with the team. I'm playing the jukebox and she asks me to play Aerosmith. We stat talking about music, I mentioned a local band nobody else seemed to know (first heard them in 1985) and she knew them as well, then said she saw them at a few clubs I knew weren't around anymore. I thought she was 32 ( I was 28), she was in fact 41. Been together since, married almost 15 years

Claude Baron

I’m now 53 and single, but for whatever reasons , I really don’t get it, most of the times I end up with girls in their 20’s or very early 30’s,
Ex : at 38 my girlfriend of the time had 24, at 42 my then girlfriend had 23, and .......... the oldest girlfriend I’ve had was 35.
Oh yeah a details i forgot to mention, it’s that every times, I’m not the one who instigated the relationship it’s always the girl that throw herself at me, kinda I’m at dinner with many friends and they’re friends of friends, and a friend of one of my friends girlfriend told her friend not to loud that she would jump me, and the girlfriend of my buddy who known me that I was single, said to me , hey since your single here’s your chance my friend is into you, so everybody’s at the table had a good laughs, ( because she was obviously much younger than me, and was very pretty ) so I just replied yeah in what dream kinda getting the jokes go on, then the friend in question, look at me right in eyes with the most seriousness in the worlds and tell me, I’m so serious about it, that if you ask me to get under the table right now I will do it and blow you off !. ⚡️?✨???
Talk about a minute of silences, I had the impression that the whole restaurant had shut up the sounds, you could have ear a fly from far-away.
What do you expect have happend after that !? Of course I end up dating her. ???

Aleksandar Vil