Finger push ups benefits

How To Easily Do Finger Push Ups | Finger Push Ups Benefits

How To Easily Do Finger Push Ups | Finger Push Ups Benefits23 Jun. 2020
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How To Easily Do Finger

How To Easily Do Finger Push Ups For Beginners Finger Push Ups Benefits






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Narendra Singh


How To Do Fingertip Push Ups | Fingertip Push Ups Progression

How To Do Fingertip Push Ups | Fingertip Push Ups Progression26 Oct. 2020
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How To Do Fingertip Push

How To Do Fingertip Push Ups | Fingertip Push Ups Progression

Learn how to do fingertip push ups with this complete fingertip push ups tutorial. This is fingertip push ups tutorial video completely for beginners just follow the progressions properly.

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Don’t worry, by the end of this video you’ll know exactly how to do fingertip push ups.

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"How to do archer push ups"

"How to do Push Ups for beginners"

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Uma H

Sir please tell me diet plan


The rIght way to do Fingertip pushups

At 3:06 and 3:58 the fingers and the thumb crinkle. They must not crinkle like seen here. None of the limbs should crinkle, nor should the hand crinkle. If they do, it means they are still too weak to carry your weight in the position you are in and you will have to start with an easier variation on a wall or a bench for example. When you train pushups with crinkled fingers, you can do that to impress people if you think that it will. But you will notice that your fingers or thumb will start to hurt after a while; this can lead to injuries. To train the finger muscles up to the forearm the right way, the fingertip pushups must be really exercised on the fingertips (meaning the very ends of the fingers you would use to strike the eyes or the throat of an enemy with - not the nails and not the flipside area of a fingernail of the last limb of a finger which you would use to pet the face of your woman). The hands on the ground are like claws, and all fingers are curled and relatively equally loaded. To find the right position, put the palms gently and flat on the ground. Then raise your arms a bit while relaxing your hands completely. You'll find the right, natural position by experimenting a bit. You can do a set of 12 to 20 reps, have two to three minutes of rest and do one more set.

Fascia training aka stretching, massage and a plant based, well balanced alcaline nutrition with organic green leaves, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and a bit fruit are advisable to keep the joints healthy.

Much love



Desi Gym Rk

Good workout #Desi_Gym_Rk

Anurag Tripathy


Nitish Kumar


847 Abhishek Kumar

Very helpful and awesome content ❤️?

Jack Sparrow


Rahul Kumar


Athul Athu

The best fingertip push up progression video I have ever seen...❣️
Thanks a lot broo?

Vish S

Great exercise

Anand Kumar

Great job ????

Mina Devi


Sam Leroy


Sthx World

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Nitish Kumar

Great exercise but very painful too??

Jack Sparrow


vishal kumar

Killer workout bro??

It's Sunny


Index Finger Shaolin Strength Training Methods (0 to 1 finger handstand)

Index Finger Shaolin Strength Training Methods (0 to 1 finger handstand)3 Apr. 2019
178 159

2 fingers calisthenics

2 fingers calisthenics progression video


song: Egypt Central - Over and Under


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Vutrase 2005

2:10 nice

Tejas Deshmukh

my fingers are hurting just seeing this

วรินทร์ บําเพ็ญบุญ

I hate that song


What about the rest of his fingers

Gabriel Lu

I cant even do a one finger push up on the wall

Vic_Vu_ 17

Opsies I broke my finger


Is it possible to learn this power?

Oh Dae-Su

Will this change the anatomy of fingers?


i tried this now i have 8 fingers lol jk

need username

What about pinky fingers?

Hectic Official

im 15 i can do a push up but with my middle finger only

Monkey D. Mob

I’m here to master finger pistol from one piece


Haha I was just training my finger strength today haha


Just afraid that my fingers will break

Anish Srivastava

My finger hurts while watching


how’s there fingers doesn’t bent


Just drink sum milk guys to get strong bones

Talha Nisar

It's over 9000

Gamers place

0:41 כפר סבא?!?!?


step 1: don't have legs at all


Fake af u can see his hand in the shadow but not the finger cause its edited haha good editing tho


Lol who said u have iron fingers??????????

gabriel andal

I broke my index finger

Rich Elliott

There's always at least one human who takes the simplest thing to a unnecessary near disgustingly high level..

Gangsta Moose

im 17 bro and i can do 2 finger pushups im trying to do 1

Melvin Azor

This video is one year ago but looks like some golden 10 years ago video


Instructions unclear, finger got stuck in my butt

Kuba Izdebski

How long do you train to do handstand or push up ?

Ranen Loukrakpam

Normal people know what is very strong and hard

Eeli Määttä

Who also have pain while watching?

Ariel Lembong

gara2 CC


Me after i achieving this: SHIGAN

Nightcore Songs code6

His legs are helping him do you notice that

Weaboo Heaven

2:29 jesus



Sergey Rinov

You guys only have 10 attempts to train such a strong fingers...

Caleb Sully

I can do 2 finger push ups and I thought I was cool?

Capturethe Matrix

damnn dude impressive

XeneVEL Delicchi

How to master index gun, from one piece

《Jorden》 《de Boer》

I am looking for strengthen my fingers for playing the guitar. Does this also work with other fingers? Anyway amazing video man!

sir George

One Finger Man


Imagine his 2 Fingers breaking in 2 halfs

zbundak GG

אחלה גבר

Valeria Navarrete

Amazing ? lots of practice and super amazing people with super powers ??

Friendly Yt

Most of us are not mad to try such stupid things...


hmmm doing nukite should be easier with this thanks


Oh sikorsky training montage.

Mohamed Alzikra

I might do it on the middle finger instead. If you know what I am trying to do

SW -ParkouRandoMan

common question #1: Does the fingers suppose to hurt during training?

Yes, I think we can all agree that these skills looks painfull, so it isn't a coincidence that you feel pain while training to achieve finger skills. I suggest that you'll start where you feel mostly comfortable with it, and slowly learn over time your limits and increase them. Over the years of consistent daily fingers training I've got a much higher pain tolerance in my fingers then I had in my first month and first year since I trained to hold my weight on my fingers. The body and mind learn to adapt.

Hitokiri Battousai

Great video, straight to the point no bullcrap or excessive talking

TheGameGuin RS

Flicking boogers will never be the same

Alessio Belshi


Ynr RichPlayz

How to make full body iron?


I tried and I almost broke my finger haha ​​your wishes seem like metal

Maxim Bodishtianu

That's some serious finger technique.

Sandeep Tiwari

Nobody :
Anime characters training be like :


Your finger will fucked up. Trust me I done it before

your will, my hand

His fingers after 2 finger push up=|
My fingers after 2 finger push up=>

PeoDe Curanto

Ta difícil


me: broken fingers

Ren Eftyshia

Cynthia Candranaya wants to know your location


Yo wtf




Me after watching this: oh it doesnt look so hard
Also me after trying to do this: R.I.P. fingers

UnKnoN_ Gaming

his fingers almost broke


Challenge accepted ?? support me as well. Link here ??

Zhen EVD


Michele Grecu

how many push-ups on the wall should I do in order to do the planche lean?

Nature unlimited

That finger is double
Jointed and almost fully collapsed

Forever Master

Let's use Shigan now

Megat Afiq

Hi bro. Can you tell me in detail. How many months train it before you can do it. Are you train it daily? And how many repetition. Thanks bro

UnKnoN_ Gaming

mean while i cant even do 5 proper pushup with my 2 hands

DeJulies McCringleberry

Ok that's insane

M Robbani Ilham

I wouln't pick my nose with those finger if I'm you


Imagine this guy performing kancho ?

Lifes Fun

2:29 how his fingers bend like that tho?


How about people with more weight im 110 kg is it dangerous for my fingers

Klarence Bondoc

Is it practical? No

Is it badass tho?

Fuck yeah

yin chai

Are you human?

Maksim Aleksandrov

2:29 YOOOO this looks disgusting!?
Almost like your finger has broken


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Golden Pups • 78 years ago

I am comment #421

homo sapien

You would make a great proctologist


Zakrzew can do better


I don’t wanna play thumb wars with this guy.




Dude this inspired me and
Let's see if I can do this or not
See u again untill I get succeed

Talentless Commenter

Can you jitter click with those?


wtf is this 2:31 ?

MomChill Yordanov

wow you should try climbing with those digits my friend!

Lilia Chan

New bruce lee

Austin Jaggers

Thats unreal dude


I mean great job but what are u planing to do with only those two strong fingers

nik spogliarich

How da fuck
Edit: next ep be like : LiFTInG CArS WiTH mE ArMs

2Kawaii Senpai

At 2:30 this man’s finger looks broken

Illan Lifter

Thanks 's gonna help me a lot :)

Ug Buga

2:24 imagine going to the park warming up only to end up doing this lmao.


Just remember everyone, the fingers are NOT suppose to bend at all. KEEP THEM STRAIGHT DURING EACH PROGRESSION!!. That handstand finger tip on the wall looks painful. I am sure you can tolerate it but it might hurt the joint in the future.


Someone's girlfriend is happy


OVER 9000!!!!!!