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Gay Loneliness & The Grindr Hookup Culture

Gay Loneliness & The Grindr Hookup Culture9 Dec. 2019
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Today on the show we’re

Today on the show we’re discussing what makes gay and lesbian people feel more lonely than straight people and what makes our community fall into a culture of hookups and one-night-stands (using apps like #Grindr) more often than our straight counterparts.

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Season 2; Episode 29

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Comments (64)

Sucks to hear your 2nd ex was abusive as shit. Sorry. Stuff like that often doesn’t get talked about


Got rid of all dating apps months ago. I've never felt more free ☺

Hudson Martins

still don't think the apps are the problems at all. the problem it's the gay community itself. most of the guys I knew had this crazy ideia of deserving a really handsome guys with muscles, great body and masculine even if they self are out of shape, were ugly or toothless so they will probably finish up their lives alone for wanting people much over their league. anything less than this is just for hookups, never for dating. So I'm taking a time of this gay life to work on myself (gym) so in the future I can find someone special. gonna spend some time alone and also improve my mental health and them maybe my chances of luck will increase. wish happiness for all you guys. XO

Hudson Martins

great advices

Ash Lawrence

I personally believe that many gay people are lonely because many of them just want sex and don't want to stick to one partner.
Many gay are also into good looking guy. They kept saying that "Oh I'm not really searching for a handsome guy" but we know the fact that that is what they are looking for and this is why they can't find a stable partner.

Ben Z

Fall in love with this video ❤️

Chris Baines

0:01 Why do we feel lonelier and fall into a pattern of hook ups? Not all of us do.

Luis Gracia

This is creepily accurate.

Michael Collier

Really great video! I think you got the loneliness and isolation of growing up gay 100% right. And I think not having healthy relationship rolemodels and not being able to be ourselves until we're much older has a huge impact (and not in a good way). While straight people are busy experimenting with dating and sex, we're usually still in the closet terrified that someone else is going to find out and utterly ashamed of ourselves because we're taught to believe that we are not good enough and that something is wrong with us because of our sexuality.

My question is - how can we use the dating apps (since there doesn't seem to be many other options for gay men) while also protecting our mental health and well-being?


I feel so much identified with you, with the things you said about gay loneliness. I guess it is so true for so many others too.


This is why heteroromantic homosexuality exists

GK Davis

Right on man! Your analysis of the situation is BRILLIANT !

The Sugi

very insightful

Zero Zero One

I'm bisexual, and tbh i 100% understand the loneliness gay men are going through

Kyle Bustamante

This deserves way more attention. Thank you for this. ❤️

Matthew Askaran

I couldn’t agree with you more on this. I experience depression and loneliness because of these apps that houses these superficial cruel men. I’m usually sad and constantly stressed out because of it. It’s sad that these developers only pushed for one night stands and not building relationships and friendships. I just hope it becomes a thing of the past and people like us can heal properly and find real love.

Joey L

The sad thing is that, it seems that the gay community doesn't really like to talk about the problems we have within the gay community.

Greg Flury

Very well done.

sabby matters

Men, at their core, are "seed spreaders". In hetero relationships, the female is, technically, a barrier to this, in more ways than one. I don't doubt some of it has to do with culture and loneliness but i think its inherently just dna mire ths anything, sadly.

Isaac Antonius

Very well done video, this channel needs more subs

Ryan Black

I wish there were apps for gay men looking for more than just sex.

Aaron Bear

i hate gay apps, i want a boyfriend. i don’t like multiple partners ?

Josh L

Everything is fucked in the sense they couldn't make apps that facilitate pleasant interactions, they have to make us cranky, separate & isolated from one another. Ive even heard of grindr moderators storing nudes etc through messages that were supposed to be between 2 people


Wait did you say he hit you when you tried to kiss him?

openroomxyz openroomxyz

Hi cutie xD

c ljenkins

Very insightful man ??

Priyankar Majumder

Even though my loneliness issues are still strongly there, I still feel more happier now for NOT using Grindr over a year. While I was using it I felt like a freely available prostitute standing in a faceless dark crowd begging them to be my life partners. And that feeling was horrible.

Chris Baines

The whole video reads as a well-meaning vlog of your own experiences as opposed to a detailed critique of the subject. Inoffensive. Probably useful as a pep-talk for age range 10-15.

Jacob Martinez

Wow !! This was AMAZINGLY said ... you literally took the words out of my mouth. This is literally how I’ve felt about Grindr even when I used to use it but I was in a dark place and these apps are not here to help us. I really wish the older gay generation took better care of the younger gay generation, but it’s okay cuz we learned and are now going to make a difference. Really happy I stumbled upon ur video?

Aaron Hubler

I completely understand how you feel when you talk about how sex is very heavily connected to love for you at 9:21-9:58.
I'm not the kind of guy who would ever be interested in hook ups or one night stands or friends with benefits or sex just for the sake of feeling good about myself. For me, sex is heavily, emotionally connected to love and so unless I already have deep feelings for someone, I'm not the kind of person who just wants to have sex for the sake of "getting off". I'm the kind of person who will only ever have sex with someone IF I already feel very comfortable around them and have known them for some time and have some deep, mutual, emotional connection with them. That's just who I am.

If someone wants to have sex simply to push away feelings of loneliness or simply for the fun of it and to get off, then that's perfectly fine. But that's not me.


Dude love yourself first and foremost! Love yourself so much that any guy that hits you would instantly be out.

Franz Llapitan

I'm tired of dating apps



Tiago C.

Great video, great channel! :)

Welcome to The Mlife

In my town, the majority of dudes on those apps arent even looking for hookups. They are just on there to show off or to see how easily they can get someone. Insecurities + anonymity= one big ego fest

T Lane

Amazingly said ☺

Ed Smith

None of these apps work for anything they are just horrible each one worst then the last.

Kohstt Amojhaan

No family, no friends, no great relationship, no hookups? Yah me neither. But we've made it this far without them. I say we keep going. Take care.

Jeremiah Taylor

Perfectly articulated what I couldn’t put into words. Thanks!


they can have 00 app's out there in cyber land, most gay men want to meet and and have a relationship or nite stand with a masculine person, easier said than done. you get 2 insecure men who dress in leather and meet at a leather bar trying to out masculine the other and both end up going home alone to their barbie doll collection and latex novelty.

Erick Z

For my lonely gays out there: keep going. Keep living your life, keep an open mind open, keep your eyes focused on what's beautiful about the world, but acknowledge the suffering of it also. My therapist from my past once told me made an analogy about hiking regarding my personal issue, "there's always going to be good berries and bad berries, always pick the good berries." ?? Hugs from SF ?❤️☮️


Is rejection such a special thing in gay culture?Isn’t rejection in every aspects of our life? We should try just think nothing when we are rejected by anyone, for anything. Nothing needs to be changed. Nothing I did wrong. Move on.


Great vid. You hit on a lot of truths and what you say is v authentic.

I agree with the comment above...Your content deserves a big audience.

Nigel Merle

These apps are fully responsible for destroying human culture...the government is fully responsible for allowing it

Chris Baines

1:29 "...the true problem with these apps is the sheer amount they are used...": use of an app is not a problem in of itself; what that usage can lead to may however be a problem.

penis paolo

Realmente me ayudó el video, gracias, no quería caer realmente me la hookup culture

Core Art Alex

I would add something, Grindr it’s a hookup app and it’s obvious, it’s on the name of the app itself grind it’s a form of say sex. We’re romanticizing a way to connect that it’s clearly based on looks.

David Paull

This is such an awesome and helpful video, thank you so much! I too have deleted everything and feel amazing. Life is too short to be living depleted, rejected and addicted to these apps. I want to enjoy my life and live with confidence and boldness!

The only thing I would comment on is the assumption that our feelings of loneliness stem from our teenage years not being able to have same sex relationships like other teenagers who have opposite sex attractions. I think this maybe an oversimplification and I feel we need to go deeper than this assumption.

I have some friends who did not develop same sex attractions until their early 20s, one late 20s and another early 30s!! Up until then, they were always attracted to and dated the opposite sex and developed same sex attractions later on. These friends also experience loneliness and the negative effects of gay culture described in the video, yet in their teenage years they were opposite sex attracted so there was not this 'fustration' felt in high school. Of course, these are only a few examples and everyone is different.

Sexuality is so fluid and everyone has their own unique journey with their sexuality so let's be careful not to generalise.

David Johnston

This is excellent. You are unique in your insight, where as some of these other videos about loneliness are just venting.
Good for you for standing by your values. You have inspired me to take another look at myself : )

The Life of Kam

This entire video is accurate beyond words, and unfortunately I've found that it's difficult for straight people to understand this, as well as gay men who don't see hookup culture as an inherent problem. I wish that this wasn't such a taboo topic, and I wish more individuals saw the mass inability to secure a gay monogamous relationship within the community as a problem to begin with. Sadly, I think this issue has had some form of manifestation long before Grindr was invented. Grindr just amplified it. the idea of hookup culture has been embedded into gay culture since the sexual liberation of the 70s given that many interactions between men were largely micro and quick to avoid stigmatization as well as law penalties at the time. This carried its way into the present moment given societal marginalization and backlash. Existing within a heteronormative society for centuries is largely to blame given that the overwhelming forces of religion and bigotry. The "ideal" image of men being seen as largely individual, unemotional and stoic has woven its way into gay culture given the overwhelming drive for hookup culture and unfortunately I don't think most people realize this, and if they do, many don't care. If you throw in the basis of traumatic experiences, a toxic culture, and the idea of residing in a society that was never meant for you to exist in, it becomes literally impossible to find a closed, committed relationship. I'll admit that I'm biased but the preconceived idea of coming out to find a supportive community where I will eventually find a committed partner who I will fall in love with is the biggest lie that I've ever been told, and at this point being out for six-ish years, I get the picture. Relationships aren't cool. People don't want commitment, relational development, or a life partner. Sadly, people want sex and want temporary love. I'm really glad you made this video. I think it's really important to talk about this and it's always a good thing knowing that I'm not alone in this experience.

ANGELO54 fernandez

Very good video. Thank You.

Valentine Amartey

Smart, Articulate, Insightfull. I'm just about to take a break from the apps. My mental health is suffering. Thanks you!!

Mistress SuperBlaster

I'd much rather have the dating life of an attractive straight girl. I envy them. I do understand straight women have their own unique struggles in life, BUT when it comes to dating and finding love, I'd much rather be a chick.

Their dating pool is over 90% bigger than a gay man's, they don't have to make the first move and risk rejection (the onus is on the guy to make the first move) straight boys have been groomed from childhood to worship women and trip over their feet to impress them.

Straight guys are expected to pay for nearly everything. Notice how all of the female "empowerment and independence" chatter seems to go out of the window when it comes to who pays for dates and who gets screwed in divorce court.

Also, have you noticed how much easier it is for even the most AVERAGE looking of straight women to get cute boyfriends? I see average looking (and in some cases, downright unattractive) girls with cute boyfriends everywhere I go. The vast majority of cute straight guys are nowhere near as picky and shallow as gay men.

Straight guys will date/sleep with just about woman who is decent looking, not too old, not morbidly obese, isn't hypermaterialistic, has a down to earth, easy going fun personality and likes to have sex.

The only straight guys who are super picky about women's looks are super fit/buff jock dudes and rich/celebrity straight guys. Guys like that can get any woman they want, so they can afford to be picky asf.

Whenever I hear a straight girl complaining (unjustifiably) about her dating and relationship woes, I just tune her out. I don't want to hear it! Women have NO CLUE what it is to truly struggle to find love. If they had to live as a non wealthy, non white, average looking gay man for one month or longer, they'd be BEGGING to have their vaginas back.

The very same straight girls who complain about guys are the one's who could easily have a cute, loyal and loving boyfriend IF they weren't so addicted to dating jerks and douchebags. They don't want to be with the nice guy until they hit 40, have kids who are in Jr High school and they've been all used up.

There are so many cute lonely straight boys out there want love and are ready to give it to decent looking girl with a great personality. I have several straight guy friends, so I know this. I always joke with them if they could just be gay, they'd find love much easier, bcuz gay guys would treat them so much better than any women will.

You'd be amazed at how many straight guys are flattered by the attention they get from gay guys. They like it bcuz FOR ONCE they aren't making the first move (the way they're forced to do with women) It is a myth that straight guys are just looking for sex.


Thank you so much I’m happy someone talked about this

Steve Johnson

Very well said. This 15 min video summarized my dating history in 15 minutes. I too thought life would be very different. Thanks again for sharing.

Nathan billson

I was a curious teenager , I thought I was a gay guy , I was pretty feminin and I've always known I like guys and girls and I thought this is something abnormal since I live in a 3th world country , I've never known of gay guys or lgbt+ or know what do these terms mean , and as I started searching in the age of 16 and 17 , I thought I am bisexual guy who likes both genders .. but I wasn't . Now I fully aware that I am a pansexual guy , even I don't like lables and names .. I'm just a guy who would love a person for his or her or their mentality and attitude .. I don't care about gender , look , status , money age (but it has to be legal ofc) .. or any other material thing ..
My secret lgbt+ friends and my straight best friend who is the only guy I came out to 2 years ago beside my Lgbt+ friends and my Lesbian cousin who's in the closet like me and I'm the one who asked her and knew she was maybe gay and she said yes and we became more friends , all my friends say that I have a lot of "options" and people to date since I don't see gender or looks .. but the reality is I don't have a lot of chances or options with today's labeled , hard and delusional society . Everyone wants to be perfect or find a perfect person , I gave up looking for love or a partner almost 3 years now , and I just had sex 4 times in my ife so far and I'm 25 years old now , the sex was great once and 3 times were bad . Last time I had sex was almost 4 years ago and it was dissapointing and had no meaning and I felt used and disgusted while I was doing it with a big strong bottom that treated me bad and worthless as a 21 years guy , he had no respect for me as a human being who has feelings , he didn't even looked at me in the eyes or talked to me , he wanted just my body and that thing and he was savage and a little bit violent and furious and in a hurry in his own place ! he was older and stronger than me back then , so that made me hate hooking up since the guy before him (6 or 7 months earlier) was a top and lied to me also about he's sexuality and that he's open to anything , so I made him let me top him with intercourse for his first time , he was a top for years but not that day and not with me since he lied about being open and versatile , then after topping him , he toped me and we were both satisfied but I hated his lying for almkst a week about his sexuality and never answer his calling afterwards wanting to be verstile always
(A friend of mine had STD , he was a bottom and he did a lot of unprotected sex , yet he was a medical student smh , I was shocked when I knew he tested positive , I tested myself twice after last time I had unprotected sex with that skillful and savage bottom , I tested negative, I even donated blood before the virus and got new free test of STD , so I found nothing to worry about , and besides health problems , hookups could make me a sex adddict too , so I'd rather stay single and don't have sex than hookup and sleep with strangers just because they're sexy or skillful or something .. that's not what it's important in my life , I can work for skills with my future partner and teach each other and even glow up more and become more sexy that we already are and would be together.

And I have something else to admit , hooking up with girls or being a top is so much easier in this life and tiy can tell .. but I don't like that atmosphere either , I'm not into girls as much as I am into guys and I want to be equal with guys in love and everything , I mean not a top nor a bottom for me , I just want love.
Now I'm living my life not waiting for love and wasting my time in this thirsty world , but if it comes I would welcome it with open arms

Sorry for talking too f*ing much , my English is my 3th language and I found it a little harder to clear my message and vesion .. and share it here with you guys in this amazing educational video , greetings from Morocco to all of the nice and amazingly caring and loving lgbtq+ people in the world

Chris Baines

4:32 " teenagers turn to online resources...": yes, this would seem to be obvious given that the world wide web is today's de facto information resource.

Chris Baines

3:11 " men produce less of a hormone called cortisol...": while I commend your quotation of sources, the particular source that you quote, "Journals", like many studies conducted historically on the same subject, i.e., cortisol levels in homosexuals, included less than thirty five homosexual men: given that the global population of homosexuals is estimated as far as I have read at an average of eight percent, this sample size of <35 is totally unsuited to drawing any meaningful conclusions and definitely not any concrete assertions; and this would seem to be also the case even if the estimated homosexual population were at 1% of the general population wherever the same study was conducted.

Leon Edwards

The apps help discreet stiraght men

Chris Baines

1:03 "...Experts believe...": (1) What qualifies them as, "experts" and (2) "...believe": What is this belief based on?

Steven Williams

Hey there,, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, you?????

Antonio Perez

You did a really good job explaining this. But I believe it's far more wicked and sinister than we realize. I believe that you give away a piece of your soul with every hook-up and a lot of people know that the average number of partners a gay man can have could be in the hundreds or maybe closer to 1,000. I know my worth and this is why I haven't done anything for two and a half years. YES, it sucks, but I cannot allow myself to hand out my good services to people that don't deserve all I have to offer. I have always been attracted to women so maybe one day I'll get married to woman. I don't want anything to do with this wicked, evil life. Because people don't even know how to be people anymore. People are scared to talk on the phone, scared of any intense situation like they can't handle it and it's so weak to me.

AJ Interesting

I Exactly agree with you

Per technetyl

I barely know more homophobic places than grindr.............

If Gay Dating App Behavior Was Real Life

If Gay Dating App Behavior Was Real Life4 Oct. 2018
549 060
sampson247Subscribe 438 721

A parody that explores

A parody that explores dating app behaviors and how it would look if it were real life. No copyright infringement intended.

Directed by Aron Kantor.


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IG: sampsonmccormick

Twitter: @officialsampson

Comments (100)
Zandy Couture

May I know what’s the name of the Asian guy? So into him... ?

Silfredo Serrano

To be sure, most of these apps are not "dating" apps, they're for finding dick for the evening...


Masq for masq

Steven Williams

Hey there,, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, you????,..

The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

I'm asexual and I have no attraction to people. I don't like being hit on either. I'm also goth so I'm like why are ppl bothering me for..??

Denis Thomas

Wait wait. Where is the "role?, Location?, stats? Etc?
I remember one even asking for my teeth! Like "Do you have teeth?" Must have been a dentist, otherwise I cannot explain it.
We as a community are the most closeminded and downright fascist one. Prove me wrong.


The new one is “You fuck raw?”

Knico Paulo Buh

Haha lit?

Billy BP Parrants

love it lol

cinemaxxx movies

Very relatable

Aris A

Who's the Asian guy at the beginning? He's cute

Fierce Haven

So fucking accurate jajaja

Releavant GS

The “glamour” of depravity...


1:57 that guys stuck up


I loved this!❤️?❤️!

Bag Lady

Damn. It's so real lmao

Fahad Azam

Hahaha....that shits real!

Oh Shit

White guy walks into store says what he would say on Tinder to a black guy. If that's not the Oh Shit moment and I'll change my name.


Homophobic people: ugh. Be with a girl. You can't get a dickpic if there's no dick.
Me: So we out here promoting lesbians or-
Homophobic people: THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT


This is so true ??? especially the second one lol

Kenny Perez

I'm fat and caught between Masculine and Feminine, so I'm shyt outta luck ?????

Sam Leo

Their acting is really good ???


I'm screaming

cinemaxxx movies

Damn reatabe

Berat Berat

That was excellent!!

Santino Vergara Castro

Very original and funny !!!


1:09 that's a big mood, and I can definently see myself doing that ?


ahah that was good !

Sour Gecko


Sadie Owens

I'm so sorry, as a lesbian I thought we had it bad. Girls don't even exist online

Fat fuck who wants a 1000 subs without videos

Why are men so much hornier then women

Blake Virtonis

You had to include the "straight acting" gay guys lmao

Chris Perez

It's sad but it's so true. Most gay guys are only looking for sex and they focus more on the body than what's really inside, they forgot about , personality , manners. It's a sad world we live in.


??? so true

Kenneth White

The "Hi" bit ??

Kareem sean

And all of this for SEX : DICKS and ASSES

If you find love in these Apps , call me !


Remind me those weird people in jackd/grinder. Lol.


Love from Orlando

Stephan Gutsmiedl

So true! LOL!

music music


Aye Now

I’m a straight woman. This is 100% my experience, especially the. Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi?

Travis Whitworth

Wait tho ?, we just gon act like some dudes don't be wit it?. Because every guy is disgusted at random dick pics right


0:26 Did he seriously took off his pants and boxers in public at the park?

John Gates

harrassement . net lol

Yaa zhy

So much relatable boy ? oh by the way don't forget to pin your d#[email protected] pic ?

The Gay Expat

I uninstalled grindr and haven't looked back!

Alonso Solórzano

This happens also on Tinder which is not as sexual as Grindr but it still happens, I guess this is also an online representation of how flirting goes on, haha!

Izzat Iz


Blue Bee

The guy who keeps saying "hi, hey, hi" !!!


I'm not a gay man but I found this video quite ?


straight up, I would not get back to my book after that jogger dropped trou


This is actually sad.. as a gay men myself, it’s really hard to make a strong connection with another guy because insecurities in the gay community are so so big, they become a barrier. ?

Allain De Leon

Omg Leo Forte!! ?

Lou Entertainment

Adam Ramzi is such a snack ?


Ayo youtube you recommended me the WRONG FUCKING VIDEO. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? @YOUTUBE


The “totes masc here” took me out! ?


I'm not really into the gay scene...but with my experience in bars and apps, this video is too good!


0:25 did he seriously took his pants and boxers off? In public at the Park? 0:25 you can see his but cheeks? lmao ? 0:27 you can see his butt cheeks? Lmao ?

Rodi Mousa



If gay dating apps was real you should shower youre butt and scream when the Dick Dick playes with youre Prostate


0:54 he’s a Pornstar, his name’s Adam Ramzi ;)

Typoon Magma

Both guys at :31 are cute

Oscar Monroy

You left out all the women mixed in with all this going on that are looking for men on here too ?

Scott W

Gay dating apps always make me contemplate conversion therapy.


LOOOOOOOOOOL Pure Human Being behaviour!

Maska Lagao


Alexandre Rodrigues

The socond one... OMG I would suck him right there, so hot


Weirdest thing ever happened in real life to me. Guy came Up to ne in a bar and told me "I don't like your profile". I was Like "...OK.... So what the fuck do you want then?" - "Well you got something." - "what?" - 'I don't Like your Profile butyou got something.' - "Fuck off If you don't Like my Profile Mate."

Yea, not the best introduction. Why wluld someone think that was a good idea?

Shane Sawyer

Nothing worse than people pretending to be more masc or fem than they really are. As soon as I meet you, I'll know what you're really like, so is there any point in lying about it?


The "Hi" guy is HOT!!!

Private Account

I would be the jogger... i dunno i would like to go like
‘surprise bitch’ ???

Real Change

DITCH THE APPS! They are messing us up! . Life has changed and we've lost our sense of community. I hit a point a month ago when I was close to suicide because I felt nobody understood because most think. We have it equal these days. Anyway part of my journey to happiness is to tell my story on YouTube which was brave but I wanted to open a conversation. I've also just started a facebook and Instagram page. There's not much there at the moment but trust me I want to start a movement, a movement of community and unity.

Leandro Garcia

Lol that's so true all of this that's why I got rid of Grindr


I thought this was pretty sad 0:56 cus I mean all those people didn’t even give him a chance based on his appearance. Maybe some didn’t consent just in general but based on looks is so shallow. Don’t live up to others’ expectations but be you.

Andy Adams

hi hi hi hi hi hi hI

Am fujoshi

Im a girl but iwant to be a man

Убежище в Испании #Политика #LGBT #Преследования

I want to add subtitles in Russian - open this opportunity, please.

Aly Fuentes

Missed the no trans.

Terrance Silvermist Benjamin

1:33 that speaks so loud! I hate that type of shit!!


Hot guy drops trousers and shows me his dick- not the reaction I would have

Matt Taylor

The masc for masc guy is brilliant. Love the fan. ? this whole video is so accurate. Brilliant.

lelouch lamperouge

These shit accurate asf

Michael Pendleton

Hahahaha so accurate and i lmao

lets paint kids

Very relatable ??? ?? ?

Shalonda Sims

You Are Number 1


it will be a kind of funny chaos, but also very rude

Labaron James

The sad damn truth omg ?

Samo Bn

Who’s the guy in 0:55 pls ?❤️

Kardarius Kannon

This is so true especially on Jackd.?

Lost Soul

'No fats, no fems, no Asians.'

Kim Chi crying in the distance

Angry Whistling Cock

You missed the part where a random guy runs up to your face and shoves his busted asshole in front of it. The guys most comfortable showing ass pics really are the ones that should be keeping that shit a secret with the lights off.

Naylay Karen Poe

This is so true ? ??


Yo who's the femme at the start?
I need him as my best friend.


Lmfaooooooo! So real??????

Daniel Hicks

That was amazing and a perfect example of the world we live in ??????

Critic World

?? ????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ???? :
???? ?
??? ?
???? ?
??? ??? ???? , ???? ?????? ?? ???? :
? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???????

Fabian Artist

True but at the same time sad reality lol

SanthoshKumar Sethuraman

Am I the only guy who noticed Adam Ramzi ???

Paweł Milewski

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This is too accurate and I love it