Flirting is cheating

Is Flirting Cheating?

Is Flirting Cheating?28 Mar. 2017

Dr. Levak Mind Matters on

Dr. Levak Mind Matters on is flirting cheasting?

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The Thin Line between Flirting & Cheating

The Thin Line between Flirting & Cheating9 Mar. 2012
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When does flirting begin

When does flirting begin to cross the line? Watch this video to find out what we think, and how thin the line between flirting and cheating really is! Send your questions to [email protected] and we will answer them in an upcoming episode!! Rememeber to Rate, Comment and Subscribe and Let us know what you think.... It's Free Yall :)

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Camale Bell

flirting. is. cheating. god. know s. best.

Musical Angel

Men do it so it is cheating

Kallihan Kokernot

Just remember ladies. If he cheated on her what makes you think that you are so god damn special and won't get the backlash of karma?


i agree!


I am so sick and tired of mere humans dictating how consenting adults, married, in a situation or otherwise, not to flirt. We are God's creatures and we were given the gift of love and the power of free will. I am married but I flirt and get flirted on all the time. So what! Flirting is fun and it makes us feel good and desirable. My wife knows I flirt and she's pretty cool about it. She flirts, and I'm cool about it. The flirting never leads to anything---although I am keeping an open mind. Come on people, we all know that we cannot live on bread alone. We all do it. Admit it. To deny it makes us Hippocrates.

jarvis hughes

I completely disagree. Grown, unmarried people can do what they want. It's up to you what you decide to LET happen or accept. Folks should view people as PEOPLE. Flawed, Beautiful creatures.

Danielle Diedra



I think it is all about intent. There’s nothing wrong with being nice and giving compliments, but there’s a thin line between that and flirting that’s separated only by intent.

Musical Angel

My man flirts with a lot of woman then he will add them to his Facebook page most of them are young woman and single

logan cody

great advice i'm dealing with this now but i think my bf cross the line!!

Is Flirting Always Cheating?

Is Flirting Always Cheating?20 Mar. 2015
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When it comes to playfully

When it comes to playfully flirting, the hosts have mixed feelings for gals in relationships. Check out their thoughts during this Girl Chat.

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......? watching this after finding out Freddie cheated and had a baby on Jennie.... I can’t

Al Wa

It truly depends on the couple and id they consider it cheating.


I never liked when my man has complimented another woman in front of me but we were toxic too

Mario Ajanel

Loni looks like her inner karen.

Junior Ordel

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Jenna Kaufman

I love Loni’s hair ?

Juicy G

These girls are worse than nazi Germany

Juicie Nyad

Majority of females are either 19% bisexual 50% bisexual or 100%

19%... Get tispy look at woman with thoughts that u will never reveal...
50%... Get tipsy and will kiss a female in the MOUTH and love it..
100% sober or tipsy u love females equally as men and love sex with females too...

This all means that Jen tamera and Adr dont MIND because they justify those feelings they feel about females!

Stephanie Duncan

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Ice Fleura

Loni about seeing vince part ??????????? that was too funny.

Sama Sama

I miss this


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Kyleigh White

Nope. Don’t compliment the other sex if you in a relationship. Don’t even tell me she looks cute. You better not even be thinking she looks cute. Nope.

Kayla Varela

Women complementing women is different from men complementing women. It feels different. Women spend so much time putting each other down that when they bring each other up it’s beautiful.

Tifah Boyd

it is

Jenna Kaufman

I love Loni’s hair! ?

Stephanie Duncan

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Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo

Am I the only one that ever wonders what is off limits when it comes to Jeanie and her husband? Because I feel like nothing bothers her.

On another note, God speaks about lusting. Even with the eyes. I don’t want you to be checking out other females and telling me they look good. I’m not insecure, but it’s something that I don’t want to hear.

Judith Ansley

Loni just had to let Tamar know Vince said she looked nice. Why act googlie eyed over another woman's man. Desperate women are so annoying

Sahil Moella

Poor jeani

Jody Real


Guido Feliz

Flirting leads to cheating.

Halos and Horns

A compliment is not flirting, its stepping out of yourself to uplift someone else. FLIRITNG IS YOU TRYING to ADVANCE on someone regardless of wether you actually plan to get to second base.
Say what you gotta say and keep it pushing.

Ally Joe

I love how tamera used to look at Tamar everytime she talked. ❤️ so cute

Lynnsie Lawson

I'll blind a mother effer just?


Kind of dumb question is that. Of course it is. I have no damn reason to flirt with no other female than my own.

ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

Loni looking like Missy Elliot

Jaap Van dijk

okay they didn't answer the question.
a compliment is different then flirting. come on don't look for excuses

Victor Jones

If I am out with a woman, I am not checking others out, she has my undivided attention, all others are wallpaper; I expect the same courtesy. Once I took a woman out, had a drink, then I had to use the boy's room, I come back a couple of minutes later, to finding her dancing with another man.
Rather than make a scene, I just left and went home. At 1:30 AM she calls me for a ride home, I told her to get a ride with the ahole she was dancing with, I hung up and never saw her again.

Alma Arines

When Freddy was low key complimenting Lindsey ?

Nathaly Acevedo

Jennie says that and that's why she got cheated when a men gets comfortable that's what u get

Saba Gul

Yeah tell me she is hot not hot

Janell Hihi

Jenny’s over accommodating ass got LEFT by Freddie

Sweet Kat

Oh Jeanie...? There’s such a thing as too much trust. Now he has cheated.

Amy Vue

And that's how jeanie got cheated on.


If you wouldn’t do it in front of your man don’t do it.

Nombuso Mabuza

Adrienne looks great

Rita Eshiet

Adrienne be giving me vibes like mehnn! Love u gurl!

Penelope Wilson

みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Elly Anderson

wtf Adrienne it would be more beneficial to the woman than to you

Robert LaPorta

My wife says to you look all you want just don't touch .


No way. Complete fidelity from my man. No need to look at others with lustful eyes. Just don’t do it. Inappropriate

Micheal-Codi Wellington

Adrienne looks amazing here.

marlin gates

Nothing wrong harmless flirting depending relationship.. Now if there's unnecessary touching then no.
I don't want in sexual way if there like damn she's so hot she sexy etc.

Dajahia Cunningham

Us Scorpions are very flirtatious..


I bet Jeannie thinks differently now ??

Mr. Teen Executive

I love it ???


Y'all know a good flirt reassures you you've game even if you pretend to ignore or be disgusted by it. Don't lie. Without attention women end up dressing skanky in desperation to get noticed. Don't pretend you're dressing up to only get compliments from your girlfriends.

Siddeeqah Isaacs

love tameras top

Denise 1101

Wait hold up! In the beginning Tamar said Adrienne got a man the clip of an NBA dude asking for her # oh it's ok then for her to have friends? Tay tay tried it!

Alan Samuel

Jeannie seems like she wants to have an open relationship.


I like how Tamar would raise her hand lol

Mahalia James Marzucco

Why would you let her husband tell another woman she is hot very disrespectful.


I wish I can be as secure and confident as jeanie so my man can compliment some girl respectfully and J wont get offended or jealous. Thats quite mature.

Its true, people need to share more compliments to one another. Just today someone caught me off guard by complimenting me, J was having a real shitty day, it brightened me up a bit.

The two best sisters Rimas & Rama


Tabitha Peter

tamar think everyone want vince fat ass ?

Jaylon Sharp

This is why I don’t date. I’m not somebody who messes around either cause there’s nothing about bein with somebody whether it just be messin around or dating that interests me at all whatsoever


I don't want my man to tell me about how another woman looks. I think it's okay for him to tell a woman she looks nice but not in a flirty way. I wouldn't tell my man another man looks good either

Nunya Business

1:20 Tamar looking like animae

Tangiia Enjoy

Loni such as fool ??


Tamar ??
@2:23 - 2:32

Jasmine Lopez

Nope ! If my man compliments another woman in front of me, He’s catching hands. lol

Shamia Jacobs

loni girlllllllllll that hair smh a mess

Ryan Williams

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Leo Lordman

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Please any ideas on the best decision to handle this? Should i accept or move on?
I'm glad i had a proven truth she was cheating.

Lilman Yellow

i don't see the point in flirting. all flirting is going to do is cause more drama. Jaennie is delusional. i'm not surprised she is divorced. in no way would i want my guy telling a woman she looks good, that is silly. and no, she doesn't need my man telling her she looks good. what is she supposed to think if some man tells her she looks good, but then she can't have him? it is misleading and big drama

Joanna A

Tamar straight looked like scream lol

Chantel Wallace

Jeanie: me and my man is cool like that
Tamar: dont do that in front of me


I would say "dont do anything u would find disrespectful if i did it to you".
My own standarts to my self is to not even complement anybody. Not even care about other men look. Ill just ignore everybody. If im busy with one guy and he satisfying me and we are good. Ill act like theres not even anyother men in the world. I woulnt even give them time of day. Im too busy With one guy to complement someone else. Again thats why i got to choose wisely. Must guys they dont deserve this queen to king treatment.

isaiah castillo

Tamar is crazy I’m definitely her ??


Flirts is seduction to sex then cheating what else would it mean!!!! women gotta snap out of these denial mentality and stop give their self excuses to put up with a man like that because they want him to stay ,regarding the originals it clearly if a man suppose to give to many women originally God wouldnt have created only one woman for him from his rip.these Alfa male issue is A Gorilla excuse not a human male ?? & flirting is part of that attiude then how come is just a harmless manner or being nice?!!.

Liane Layman

My old boyfriend was a public bus driver so he met a lot of women and he was a big flirt. But I just called it being friendly. That's how we met. We were together a long time and he never cheated on me. Now some people would hate a man flirting.

Rahrah Crisons

I like how that joke Loni started to tell almost made Tamar reach for something but then Loni ended up making her laugh? dey all silly



Sarah Alex

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THAIJohnson TV

Now they divorved

Britney Robbins


みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli


Jeannie is such a pick me girl

Bria Bree

Jeannie somewhere in a corner crying about this statement

Crystal Dating Coach

Your Man should NOT be complimenting other WOMEN. It's disrespectful!



Lamar Johnson

Alright, ?

Sir Mayse

Dudes will take that compliment and run it to the next level. If you are flirting and you have a man, you are out of line.

Mercedes Benz LIT

1:10 ???

Nmarmi 7

Ok looking back Now Jeannie has become so much better and smarter

Gino Cassano

It’s not cheating but it’s damn disrespectful imo

Queen Apryll M

Nothing saying someone looks good, compliments.

Jamesha pretty as Monroe

Now he gave her that compliment 8 years later have a whole family good job Jeannie mai

Bread & Butter

I complement guys in front of and in the absence of my husband and I am ok with him doing the same with other women

Fernando Azuaje

That wasnt the right wig choice for loni.

Gabriela Lyra

whats wrong with flirting? i love to flirt even if i’m in a relationship

Darrick Smith

Tamar’s whole life existence inappropriate!!!

Kavania Wilson

Agree. Its all in how you say us. When I was 15 working my first summer job the 40 something mail got called himself flirting with me. I felt uncomfortable. Talking about some I seen you at the bus stop in your pretty little dress yesterday.

Juicie Nyad

Correct... If you feel inappropriate in your mind... then YOU meant it and it is inappropriate out LOUD...LMAO


Tamar, nobody wants Vince. I feel like everyone of them that are married, married down.


I think let's both just "think" it.


Tamar & Loni together made that show. IDC WHAT ANYONE says. That's my opinion!!! I said what said (in my Nene Leakes voice)!!?

Sahil Moella

Yess jeannie
Look what happened

Diamond manou

It has alot to do with how you say things.

Candice Ramsey

みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli