Girlfriend wants to move in

What Guys THINK when their GF wants to Move IN

What Guys THINK when their GF wants to Move IN5 Aug. 2014
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Bass Ryu

nice pun at the end xD

t money 23

fuck your video btich ??????????????????????

t money 23

fuck your video and songs


I love her! She's funny!

Lets get Fizikel

I can't give up reading damn it

Daniel Rocha

The crazy eye tho haha funny video..

Reet Soni

A Love kiss I Have a Date too day

Aleen Medina


Edith Herrera


omfgggggg dying 

german rodriguez

t money 23

fuck your video and songs

t money 23

fuck your video btich ??????????????????????


Gosh David, your girlfriend is so cute!! hahaha xD

Luis Mendez

The last minute had me dying. "Or read... Watches Kim K. and Ray-J porno. Fuck that, I fucking love reading."

Franko Gonzalez

Omg you are are freakin hilarious!!!! Great video keepin comin!

David Reyes

shit ego the cholo responded I fuckin watch him all the time ego say I wasup to sleepy and david your awesome and funny

Organic Giraffe


Junior Espinoza


Suzy Gonzalez

Re watching this video & honestly I wouldn't of wanted to move in just like that with my husband:p i love My me time so much...

Darian Peelar

Fuck that, I love reading 

Junior Espinoza

Stupid autocorrect

WrathOfThe Hippie


Nat Way-Iero

My art teacher has that make art not love poster


This is so funny & SHIT!

Andreina Casilla


t money 23

fuck your video and songs

kim brid

She is good actress

Selena Letty Montes

Well my bf asked me to move in with him it work out great we had sex all the time I cooked and clean and he paid the bill I would drive him to work and pick him up he had him d friends come over it was cool ...(Tom Rader) !! It was a great party of a time !!

Jennifer C

No No no np

Chandi Marsh

The way she says SHIT is so funny!

Adriana Rodriguez

Dear David Alvareeezy make a dead boyfriend prank

EricK MaGsaNay

hahahahaha so funny. 

Amanda Hicks


Gilberto Reyes

I like you reading david

Guadalupe Diaz

Jajaja my ex gf name is kimberly abd mine is david !!!

Samantha Armendaris


Scott Duncan

Kim was a DZ!? @1:51 nice catch bud

Emma Lima

yaaasss keeping Up with the . Kardashians

the cupcake Girls

ilove your eyes

Luis Dej


t money 23

fuck your video btich ??????????????????????

Jarrett Hulen

Oh or naw

Marcus Romo

OMG That DBZ line had me rolling. Lmfao. Nice job on the video.


Shes so funny. keep her long time.

V. Jss1ca

Are they still dating???




Fuck this channel

t money 23

fuck your video btich ??????????????????????

Koy Sam

yay! new video!!!

Alexander Vargas

Great right when he starts watching porn my mom comes???‍♂️?‍♂️

savannah ortiz

Well then don't jerk off girls hate when their bf does that it just irritates girls idk y

Childish Rico

What song did you use for the ending?

irvingcortez _

Kim's face when David wakes up is the most funniest xc

Hailey Adams

the end I fucking funny dued


The entire video became irrelevant when i saw the last week video clip..."C'mon". WDF

Candy Man

Not cool

Junior Espinoza

Stupid autocorrect

Candice Rivers


Gabriella Dots

No one wants to take home the cow, when they getting the milk for free.

Bianca Mckenzie

lmaoo the intro is from Prudiental Showcase


in those hilarous video david, jorge, josh, ego all of them are like douches who fuck so many bitches and in real life they are the sweetest guys ever, they are just reallyyyyy good actors


Wats anol

t money 23

fuck your videos

Jarrett Hulen

Hahaha jinx has to watch dis


Lmao i do know people who this had happened to but in my case my man asked me to move in with him just under 2 months after meeting n 5yrs later we have 2 beautiful daughters.. sounds like a fairy tale huh? Well think again bitch!! We wanna gouge each others eyes me often than not! Lol jk... or am i?? =D

Leo Gonzales


Andre Bourke

Wtf dude hell nah mmm

reda elmazria

fuck that I fucking looooove reading

t money 23

fuck your videos


dat super thing

Bytch Where

you guys are Fucking funny as shit great couple

Kiana Johnson

Yo gurl is the female (& Asian) version of my boyfriend. .-.

Axel Santiago

No a super sayian kio ken her levels over 9000 bitch lmfao

analyssa tafoya

0:40 looks funny

LiL JoJo

So Is she your girlfriend

Anthony Coughlin

Lol sex all the time...thinks for a second IM IN

t money 23

fuck your video and songs


You're girlfriend is funny! Most girlfriend videos I've seen aren't that funny but yours is

Dan M

"Fuck that, I fucking love reading!" Lol

t money 23

fuck your video btich ??????????????????????


First vid & your gf is hilarious!

t money 23

fuck your videos

Emma Lima


this is me

Loving the DBZ refrence

Junior Espinoza

Fuck that I ducking love reading?


Your girlfriend is good at acting creepy.

t money 23

fuck your videos

Gomez heidi

Lol hella hilariousss

Kevin Lara


Eric Garcia

December 2017 and still funny


this video gave me cancer

Eddy Ram

Like a Super Saiyan, Kaioken, Her Level is Over 9000 BITCH!!!!

Lilianna Rios

Do you live by a lot of chinese girls??

Jacqueline Rico

She is me haha

John Terrazas

Wow i was waiting for her to say something about sex


Lol u guys are funny

Sarai castellon

kim is hilarious! !!!

davi Campos

dá Vi

el dork pistolero

lol funny video

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