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Get Six Pack Abs After 40 - 9 Minute at Home Ab Workout

Get Six Pack Abs After 40 - 9 Minute at Home Ab Workout24 Aug. 2019
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Follow Along Workout

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Do this 9 Minute Ab and Core workout a few times a week for Six Pack Abs after 40.

Perform each movement for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

There are 6 movements in each round, and you will repeat for a total of 3 rounds. This is a 9 minute workout:

Weighted Russian Twists = 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds

Weighted Drag Through = 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds

Weighted Sit Up Shoulder Press = 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds

Weighted Side Planks = 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds

Weighted V Up Pulses = 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds

Weighted Alternating Squat Press= 20 Seconds

Rest = 10 Seconds


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Quarantine Dad

I'm going to try this today although all I have is a 20lb.

Lee Davison

You look great with your shirt off. You should never wear a shirt or undershirt.


Effective workout. What music do you use? I need this metal without vocals for my playlist. It's really engaging for me.

SriMaya Hooper


Get Six Pack Abs After 40 (Doing This!)

Get Six Pack Abs After 40 (Doing This!)13 Feb. 2019
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Six pack abs after 40 -

Six pack abs after 40 - hey man, do you want six pack abs after 40? Most guys our age WANT those kind of abs but don’t think it’s possible to get anywhere near six pack abs over 40. However, you can. In this video I’ll show you a few of my top six pack exercises at home for men, plus a nutrition approach that will help you get 6 pack abs after 40. Ready? Let’s get started.

It’s important to note that to get 6 pack abs after 40 nutrition plays a vital role. And at the end of this video I’ll give you my favorite nutrition approach to still enjoy the foods you love and not feel like a slave to some diet, while still giving you the abs after 40 you desire and deserve when combined with the 6 pack exercises for men at home I’ll share in this video. So keep in mind as you’re watching me perform this men 6 pack workout that it’s a two-way street to get abs over 40.

So the first exercise in this abs after 40 workout is the lying leg raise. This is one of my favorite abs over 40 exercises because when performed correctly you’ll not only target your entire set of abs, but especially those lower abs which are tough to develop. And with the proper form, you’ll experience no pain in your lower back. When some guys are figuring out how to get abs over 40 they perform endless amount of crunches or leg raises with form that wears and tears on the spine. Limiting their results and leading to injury. If you’ve ever wondered how to get abs after 40, performing mindless reps and sets is NOT the answer. Instead, follow the instructions for each exercise in this get abs over 40 video tutorial and you’ll start to develop six pack abs after 40.

Next up in this six pack abs 40 routine is the Russian Twist. Another great movement, however, when performed incorrectly will not make getting six pack abs over 40 any easier. So be sure to watch my demonstration as this can be one of the best 6 pack exercises for men at home when performed correctly. See a lot of guys make the mistake of twisting too much with the Russian twist. Leading to pain and discomfort in the spine. Again, if you really want to learn how to get abs over 40, form is critical. The wrong kind and you’ll struggle to get 6 pack abs after 40. However, the right kind of form, as displayed in this abs after 40 workout, can lead to all sorts of great development in your midsection so you can finally have six pack abs 40 years old.

Next up in this abs over 40 workouts tutorial is the reverse crunch. This is one of those abs over 40 exercises that get’s overlooked. However, if you’re seriously wanting to lean how to get abs after 40 then this is one to add to you six pack exercises at home for men list. So be sure to add it into you abs over 40 exercises routine.

Wrapping this up. To get six pack abs after 40 you want to be following a specific nutrition strategy so you can get after after 40. I recommend carb cycling with intermittent fasting. A powerful approach for men to get six pack abs over 40 without feeling miserable on another diet. Plus, it allows you to eat to support your male hormones, unlike the other exclusion diets out there that make getting six pack abs over 40 nearly impossible. So be sure to watch the segment of this get abs over 40 video tutorial to get all of the details on carb cycling and how it will help you get the six pack abs 40 year old men and above desire and deserve.

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Dano Pierce

I also do hangin leg raises and side leg raises having form the pull up bar. I used to hang for the cellar stairs which were floating stair with a large space underneath. I was always looking for creative ways to do things with what was available. I was familiar with all these and have used them except the Russian twist. I have started them but find them difficult at present. It's balance, I think or I need to rewatch you doing them. Back to abs, now you can do all the crunches in the world but if you do not do some kind of carb cycling or cut down caloric intake and still maintain enough protein and carbs, it just does not happen. I know this from experience. You have got to nearly eliminate processed foods, fatty foods, junk foods, snacks and cut back on breads limiting one's self to nutrient dense whole grain breads and even there do not over do it. I love bread and that is my got to stress food. Work the program now I am using almost no butter. Low fat or now fat yogurt, some coconut oil and olive oil but even there, not too much. I do not use dressing on sale I am making. I do a splash of my herb infused vinegars that I have made and a drizzle of olive oil plus my own dried herb spice mixture to give it a kick. You got to get control of your food intake and eat to live not live to eat. Stress eating I think is the worse because under stress you secrete cortisol the stress hormone which tell the body to make fat. There was a great ab twist machine at the gym I used to use when I had a membership, maybe you got one, if you got one at your gym - use it. It gives a total ab core work out. Work out hard, smart and safe. be well!

Live Anabolic

Here are 3 exercises to help you get 6 pack abs over 40... but be sure to watch all the way until the end because I have one more tip that will make or break your 6 pack abs dreams if you're approaching or over 40. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Biggz Smith

Once again, great video.....i'll definitely be using this....I think the nerds who gave this a thumbs down realized while watching this that they are ALIENS and they'll never have six packs

Peter Marthinus

Hi Gary how do I carb cycle and still hit my daily macros to stay in a caloric deficit if my daily macros is 180g protein, 180g carbs and 40g fat?


I train abs every workout session. This provides for me a strong core for the rest of the weights session. But I could do more time on them. I will incorporate these exercises as well as sit-ups.

Natbat3 Mrshanaphy5

Can I do this with apple vinegar for best results

Natural For Life

New to carb cycling. One question is, what percentage of body weight is best for the amount of carbs when cycling? I'm 165 lbs. and not very active during the winter. I've been doing a low, med, high cycle with 50g, 100, and 200g. Since doing this for a week and starting to do 5g.of creatine per day my bench has gone up. I've been doing 5x5's and had a hard time getting 205 lbs. all the way through. Last Mon. I got all of my reps. and felt good so I tried 225 lbs and surprised myself and got 2 full reps. That's the most I've gotten at this weight. The week before I couldn't even get 2 half reps at this weight. I'm doing 1750 cal. with 165g of protein and my weight is maintaining. I figure at age 65 and doing a bench at over 200 I'm not going to die too soon. I've been a gym rat for over 40 years at 5'6".

Just some Guy

I hav tried carb cycling when before i would just do 250cal deficit then 200 more etc for 6weeks but by far carb cycling was best i always had my strength and was getting ripped quicker..who ever reads the comments this guy knows his shit just try his advice and youll c for ur self.


Looove thissss! Many Thanks Gary!

How To Get Six Pack Abs After 50 (BEST Exercises and Tips!)

How To Get Six Pack Abs After 50 (BEST Exercises and Tips!)20 Apr. 2019
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How to get six pack abs

How to get six pack abs after 50 - In this video, I am going to show you how to get six pack abs after 50. You’re probably watching this video and wondering how to get six pack abs because you have tried so many workout and nutrition plans to try and get 6 pack abs, but you just are not getting the results. Well you are watching the perfect video for how to get ripped 6 pack abs. In this tutorial for ways to get 6 pack abs, I am going to show you different exercises and some eating habits to help get 6 pack abs after 50. Let’s get started!

The first tip for how to get 6 pack abs at home for men over 50 is resistance training. You need to lift weights with resistance, this is called compound lifts. Compound lifts are designed to give you a hormone boost and a metabolic boost, and those are 2 really key things when you are trying to get 6 pack abs at home. A couple exercises for how to get 6 pack abs fast at home would be squats and deadlifts. Also, dumbbell bench press and overhead shoulder press, and all these workout will help you reach your goal and strengthen your core. And that is a 6 pack abs workout with compound exercises.

How to get six pack abs after 50, well it is not going to be easy, it’s going to be a tough journey, but you can definitely do it. These exercises are a great start to help you get there, but you also will need to focus on the nutrition part of it as well. So, what kind of nutrition do you need to focus on? There are two things I recommend, the first is carb cycling. As an older guy, you do not need carbs every day. What I recommend with carb cycling is eat complex carbs like your rice and potatoes when you are doing your workouts. I expect you to workout 3 times a week with your compound lifts to get you all the benefits you need to get ripped 6 pack abs after 50. Just make sure are getting a day off in between your ripped 6 pack abs workouts.

On the days of your 6 pack abs workout at home, you want to make sure to eat your proteins, fats, and complex carbs. You want to make sure you are consuming lean protein sources, such as your chicken, turkey, lean grass-fed beef, things like that. And your complex carbs like I mentioned before, you can have sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red potatoes, and there are a lot of different options of rice you can eat as well. And fats, you want to make sure to get your fats in because fats are really good for older men, especially when you’re trying to get 6 pack abs after 50. Olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, those are good sources of fats for you to have in your diet. Egg yolks is also a great fat to eat, and can also boost testosterone levels.

Now on the days you do not workout, you don’t need complex carbs so I recommend eating fibrous carbs. Foods such as broccoli, asparagus, your green leafy veggies. Those are the only type of carbs you want to be having on the days where you are not working out. But you are still gonna combine those with your good fats and lean proteins as well. This is a great nutrition plan for how to get abs after 50.

So you have the 6 pack abs workout that I talked about earlier for ways to get 6 pack abs. And now you know about the nutrition plan that will help you see more results for how to get 6 pack abs fast. And that wraps the video tutorial for how to get six pack abs after 50. Make sure to focus on your diet of lean proteins, fats, and both fibrous and complex carbs as well as your compound exercises 3 days a week. If you have any friends or know of anyone that could benefit from this video on how to get abs after 50, make sure to share this video with them below:

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Robert Correa

Is it safe to workout your ABS as intense after you had 2 hernia repair in one year, I'm 60 yrs old and I'm also fighting cancer but your video give me life .thank you correacuda Robert

Erdogan Essat

thank you so much great work out tips.

Steve Papler

Can I follow another ifstng schedule? With work couldn't follow 1pm.4pm.7pm eating hours. Work 12pm-830 wdys,930a-530pm wkends

Jam Master

Dude is spot on with advice. Exactly how to do it. Might add some H.I.I.T. to the mix.


The damn weight does not come off. Done cardio, weights, fasting. Now what?


Alistair McDonald

Good one keep going

Pete Uthai

Thank you

The Beast

This is the fifth video titled this. I think YT thinks i'm 50. I'm nowhere close?


Why am I not eating before I train in the morning but waiting til 1:00?

Vialli Jacob

Thank you for the tips... ???



Gary Evans

Great video Gary I'm gonna start adding the wood choppers and overhead holds. I already love doing heavy farmers walks they are brutal on the full body.

Leonard Hill

I’ve never thought that I can get my six pack back because I’m now 49 and they’ve been gone for over 25 years. Gary could never know how this video literally encouraged me on the spot and tomorrow will end this chapter of my life and another one will begin. I am going to check with my doctor because of some underlying issues. Man I’m now seriously psyched. God bless you Gary, you didn’t need to make this video but you did and I can’t thank you enough.


Are you on TRT?

Rondie Rice

Diet and exercise ??

Jacques vi

Do you fast daily though? I used to follow 16/8 protocol found it hard to keep up. Could I attempt fasting on the days I am not lifting rather than do it every days. Youppi no crunches . Thank you thank you thank you. Cheers from Mtl. Happy Easter

Never Give Up

Enjoy your videos but how bout making a few demonstrating videos on what a typical carb day and no carb day looks like with just 3 meals? I feel that would help a lot of us out.

Thank you for your knowledge


Good advise again I'm just so limited as have bursitis in both shoulders so anything above head is out as well as Tennis elbow right side so again limits anything pulling toward me hands facing down is out. Had this problem for 3 months now ( couldn't do anything for ) really starting to p...s me off.

Amaniel Tekie

Brother the two racks in the back ground. Where can I get them

Pastor C. J. White

Is it alright to drink tea in the morning during the intermittent fasting?


Just curious, I’m new to the channel. So are you saying you only workout ?️‍♀️ 3 times a week?

Glen Risk

I was doing alternate day calorie restriction, [email protected]%-fast19-eat 8, averaging about 2200C while doing cardio every day and weight training every second day. It worked well for a while but started to disrupt my sleep. I was burning fat without loosing much weight. Lost a few kilograms over 5-6 months without sacrificing lean muscle mass. Doing OMAD atmo trying to average 2100C. I have increased my workouts to every day with cardio twice on upper body days. Think I need to get down to 1900C. I think the fat is still moving but slowly and I doubt I will be able to maintain this intensity for long?

Don Battista

Would you recommend super sets of these three exercises?

vasava rockrider

Guys i am starting my abs workout from 21 april 2019. Now i have a small tummy but i will be back after a month soo wish me good luck stay tuned for results


Great advice and demonstration of exercises as usual. Great channel

Stephen Briggs

First :))

Live Anabolic

Hey man! In this video I'm going to give you some tips on how to get six pack abs after 50 AND 3 of the BEST exercises for your abs and core! So be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video and comment below!