Find nudes of people i know

Teens selling nude pics on social media

Teens selling nude pics on social media15 Apr. 2019
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The Local 4 Defenders have

The Local 4 Defenders have learned young people are sharing explicit photos and content for cash. Most parents are unaware of the site.

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srt hellcat

Beat your kids dont abuse em but beat em


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I love this movie.

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When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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Jeannie Russo

Save your time he talks to the whole damn video.✖❌✖❌

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if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.


Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

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Very nice….

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Lets be honest. We all searched for this???

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He's still replying to comments even after 10 years

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When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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Correction :. Through the whole damn video

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if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

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Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

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When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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Man this video is 10 years old and the quality of the video is amazing

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Enderboss 2019

Man, youtube has changed so much

My Nudes Got Leaked...This Is What I Did

My Nudes Got Leaked...This Is What I Did26 Jul. 2019
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Annika BoronSubscribe 438 721

Thank you for taking the

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and hear about my company. I'm so excited to see some of you angels in the jewelry. Love you guys always!

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ps in the video I made a lil mistake. The Chain Earrings have been renamed to Link Studs! xoxo

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Molly Linford

I've been through this 2 years ago.
Remember whoever has sent it, it's never your fault. You are strong !!!

M Ali

He is also blackmailing me rn and I don't give a flying fuck why? Because I don't care seriously at this point like i am numb from inside

Truongminh Tuyet



I am going thru it atm??


I'm going through this now ?I need help


My nudes got exposed but I didn’t really care much in fact I got more respect lmao, but I can imagine it’s different for women at least I’m guessing

Dorian Baba

Your body amazing

Katelyn T

I’m a minor tho I’m terrified

Kristen Swanepoel

Ok this is what I think:
You're are beautiful strong woman and I think yes bodies are beautiful and like we humans before we evolved like this we didn't have clothes we use to go hunting and stuff naked so why do people same someone when this happens and like when you trust someone to keep your stuff safe they should keep it safe and not leak them idk why people have to hurt,pressure and blackmail people it's so sad?


I send sum to a guy bc I felt pressured Nd now I got a text saying that they are going to post them on sum site. This video really helped Nd the comments are so nice as well?❤️

Yuri Ruiz

I need help , I’m scared he’ll leak them and what do I do if he does???

Rossela Keputa

This is happening to me and i’m shaking

Shanero Aiko

Thank you so much for sharing this. I shared my private photos to a boy I thought cared for me and he ended up screen shotting them and he keeps sending them back to me and it's so tormenting because I am so insecure of my body

Annika Boron

These comments are overwhelmingly kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Love you all beyond words. And sorry about my notched-looking eyebrow HAHA idk WHAT is going on. I cannot wait to see you guys looking BEAUTIFUL in the jewelry. Dream come true ❤️❤️❤️


Even tho I was young I grew up with thinking it was okay, but when I took them I never showed my face and I did cover some of the photo because I also was pressured and also I had insecurities.

Dole Levy

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.


This happened to me... But would anyone know if it's your nude if u didn't show your face?

D'asia love Austin

Guys do not need to be asking for nudes period it’s not your fault guys love to push girls to send them and even threaten them like what’s the point like and then they just use u by saying they are going to post on the internet like girls are not a object we are humans too and that’s just embarrassing to post somebody’s private parts everywhere people are just sick social media is dangerous I see why my dad don’t want me on my phone all the time now because scary things happen

Megija Lapiņa

What do I do if boy leaks my ? pics?? ?


I’m just enlightened that I’m not alone with this situation. Good luck ya’ll

Jon Huber

Omg that's so terrible. Where did they get leaked tho?

Jennifer Hallas

this vid made me feel a lot better about the whole situation now.

Patience Katter

my nudes are getting leaked. my boy “best friend” payed the guy i sent nudes to $60 to get my nudes. i really thought he was my friend.

Jessica Bryant

This is happening to me right now but I regret all of it I really don’t know what to do

Nguyenle Phuonganh

Yang pilih allah like.

Jaxson Dunn

Guys I’m a situation rn this girl said she would leak my nudes if a don’t break up w my girlfriend and I’m fucking shaking rn like I don’t know what to do pls someone help me

Phamnguyen Phat

0:11 xx

kell lee

Hey, yes.. i am having constant mental breakdown.

bitch no

Ok I’m late and this is just my opinion sharing nudes come with risk if you are smart enough then you wouldn’t send them to anybody and ik people say oh you can trust them and I’m not saying it’s ok but at the same time if your a minor you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place and if your older if you take the picture and send it then you are putting it in someone else’s hands and I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it because you are putting it in someone else’s hands and they could easily expose you don’t do it and if you get hacked idk that’s just something crazy in itself if you are scared and thinking about doing it you most likely shouldn’t be doing it just my opinion on it

Phamnguyen Hoangtam


Lorelei Amazingness

How long did it take for people to get over this??


Someone wants to leak my image and spread it everywhere man im hella fucked oh well they say they gonna spread to News papers so sucks

Nicole Miracola

This video really helped me feel about what I went through thank you so much because I felt so used and so invaded and this helped me realize that I’m not the only one


This is what happens when girls are to horny

Mango Chann

Hi everyone...I’m a minor and I’m really scared...I didn’t really want to send those pictures but kinda did.. someone please talk to me..I feel I don’t know. They didn’t get leaked at least I don’t know yet. Please talk to me..


I’m so glad you faced your problems people suck but it all comes down to self love to secure happiness?

• s y d n e y •

my n*des almost got leaked...luckily it was just a girl trying to stop me from sending pics im so thankful for her ♡

Izetta Champney

i got my sex tape leaked by my ex i didnt even knew he recoreded us and it just sucks.

daniele cerino

how much do you earn for this videos?????


This just happend to me and she sent it to my friends I can’t trust them

Mr. Squirtle z

I'm young and this happened to me but he said if I didn't do it he would kill himself, as weird and messed up it sounds I did it and he screenshot it and was gonna send it on all social media. I don't know if he has or not but I haven't got any messages about it. But he said he wouldn't send it if I send him another one. ( the nudes weren't complete nudes everything was covered up.) I didn't send him another one but I said I would if he shows me that he deleted it all, and he showed proof but I'm still worried he somehow still got it which is very unlikely. But I reported him blocked him unfriended him deactivated my Snapchat account and made a new one. I'm still worried though.

Manrakhan Hoshmund Kavish

So true!!,nobody wants 2 see u on the top,any possible means 2 humiliate the person!!..Fucked up world!!


idk what to do, im muslim i made a mistake and my brother is going to find out and tell my mum

Chiquita GoneBananaz

Seriously wtf man. To do this is evil and cruel and should be SUPER PUNISHABLE

Libby Woodstock

This is happening to me rn they haven’t been leaked but a lot of people know that I did it I’m only a teenager and I hope everyone who reads this knows that you’re not alone and it’s never your fault, you shouldn’t feel bad I love you all so much I hope you’re all ok if you’re going through this just like me ?

Sashagay Holness

This is happening to me rn ? I don’t even know what to do ??‍♀️

Andrew L

Nudity exposure causes woman anxiety, depression, being blackmailed , reputation damage and life ruins is an OLD WORLD EVIL, should have NO place in new world. women should get inspired by Grace j power who done number of nude demo educatuonal video with her own body with proud and she stand tall in her life will never get hurt by such old world evil.


This has just happened to me I’m a minor I got texted by a guy and he sent me a picture of myself and he said if I didn’t send him my chest he would leak vids of me getting dressed and I refused so I got a ton of texts from older men say this you if you don’t send me some I’m going to leak this to everybody and I refused so it’s going on and on I’m really scared and I’m nervous to tell my parents

Kaity P

Going through this now and I am so shocked that someone would do this


I’ve told every boy I’ve send or showed to that if they expose me that they can go to jail for CP (I was very stupid and young) and I haven’t been leaked but I am afriad that I woll

Destanai Tanaira

Mine too?I’m not telling my mom cause she gone kill me so

Gretchen Link

this just happened to me and I feel like my life is broken.

Klaudia Koka

this happened to me yesterday and idk what to do..does anyone have any advice for me bc I still haven’t told anyone..

patrick jensen

I'm sure there beautiful


I really feel Sorry for what you've gone through

Glad that you shared what you've experienced.

Geoff Blight

Your email comes available when police access your phone number if they have been monitored you can find out for what reason if you are receiving Centrelink payments they can access for social security fraud i bet and people want to know what I have backed we were born naked don’t worry about too much I didn’t get any I missed out I good sorts often get spied on the police are known perverts

apology girl pearl

my nudes just got leaked and there on so many stories i feel so alone, i feel so violated. people keep telling me it’s just a body but it’s so private to me and so many people have seen. no one is helping me i feel so discusted and dirty like a whore. i feel like no one feels this way and no one carss


???? ???
???? ?? ???? ???? ➜

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ดูมันเกิดขึ้นโดยบังเอิญ และโดยปกติเมื่อถ่ายภาพ
ผลเอ็กซเรย์กลับตำแหน่งของรากเทียมจะเปลี่ยนไป โดยทั่วไปจะมีการทำรากฟันเทียม

Rick Steavens

time for google

Katelyn T

Someone please help I am a minor please I don’t want my life ruined please please please help

S Orr

214 people who disliked it has posted other woman’s nudes

Huynhngoc Vananh


Charlotte Blakes

contact the right hacker to help you erase your leaked nudes online. reach him via whatsapp +19402092085. He is a great guy, He helped me wipe out my leaked nudes online.

Ali Fort

Im watching this video because i'm going through this rn and i don't know what to do

Lucasfamdec 315

As a guy it’s really a weak move to expose a girls nudes even if she broke your heart That’s a maturity level between a boy and a Man and vice versa for girls.

patrick jensen

Get the mil for going into Playboy your young enjoy it later in life you seem like you would tell yourself that


Doing this to women needs to be considered a hate crime because of the gender specific consequences it really has.

This video made me feel very sad and then angry. As it went on I only feel inspired now. I know I am quite late to this video, but I found your channel yesterday and loved your personality so I subbed and watching them all ❤

Nguyenthi Songhuong

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Paige Elizabeth

This happened to me a few months ago and it’s just so overwhelming, I just need someone to speak to because no one understands... if any of you want to talk I’m here ?

Sammy Middle

These comments are making me feel better This happened to me a month ago and they still wont stop bothering me so i am changing all my socials and luckily they only have my nudes and a separate picture of my face so if they tried i don't know what people would think but its very heart breaking people have to go through this i haven't told my parents sense im a minor and im not supposed to be texting strangers and my lessons was that you should never send something you don't want others to see. Advice i would give to you guys is be careful to who your sending them to even your closest freind will stab you in the back 2 if your a minor you can press charges against them 3 act calm don't freak out like i did i actually even begged them but in the end i told them to do what they wanted and they haven't text me on any other accounts 4 Block them i know its scary thinking they will post it after when you block them but. I promise you they wont 5 there in the wrong i know you might have sent it but there in the wrong for asking and threatening you 5 tell someone i told one of my friends and they ended up helping me so much and im so happy i did 6 take a break from socials i know it can be hard but try and have a little break they have not posted mine yet and if they do i will press charges knowing that they did this to other girls/guys to plus im a minor they can end up in prison with the screenshots i have and if you want to press charges make sure you have evidence and someone who knows about it pleas take care of your sel King/Queen im here if you need me i promise ?

Salma Winnie

Thank u so much for sharing this experince public ! It is literally happening to me right now long story with my ex bf, unfortunetly he is in germany and i am in indonesia so i cannot really do anything about it but still I FEEL LESS ALONE HERE ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EMPOWER! i wish i could talk to u in person about it in real life or email or chat.


Tha L&J

It’s sad how I tried to avoid my whole life and still...I’m scared and I need comfort Rn ?....he has my video and wants to blackmail me...

Comen tary

This is happened to me I don’t think he’s sharing them anymore but they haven’t gotten to my school but I’m still scared and I just had such a bad panic attack and I don’t even know why I sent them to him but I did and I can’t even take legal actions cause he used a fake name and everything

bingus slingus

This hasnt even happened to me, but I've been paranoid that they're out there somewhere without me knowing about it. Going through these comments I'm stunned at what a common experience it seems to be. It makes me feel less alone, though I hope I'll never have to suffer as so many of you have. The paranoia alone is bad enough.


I’m just a teen.

Geoff Blight

It is better to be looked over than overlooked!

Rick Steavens

what's with your ugly as shit boyfriend...those have gotta be the most disgusting intentionally leaked pics ever.

Jennifer Hallas

i literally wanna just stay here. i feel so safe in these comments.

9c Archees Tendulkar

For the first time a casual commenter gegs more replies than the youtuber that too in such a situation

Jack Miller

Ok... im gross but I wanna see those pics


This was so helpful, literally had a metal breakdown and needed this. Just happened to me recently. Hope I can calm it down

Kawaii Lyrics

Can someone help me? I am VERY underage and I was being really dumb and sent a picture of my tatas to this boy and he sent it to one of my toxic friends. My friend sent it to everyone and it spread around so fast. I was able to take my mind off of it because of quarantine so I don’t have to see anyone but a few months later my other friend who had the video because my toxic friend sent it to her, her mom saw it and she told my principal and my teacher. I having major anxiety about if they will tell my mom, when will they tell my mom, what will my mom think and u honestly don’t know what to do. If someone could help I would really appreciate it


how was she hacked?


Bla bla bla bla, any more.

Maria Veldhuizen

I am so happy I watched this. This happened to me about 3 years ago, but the photos were sent to everyone in my school. To this day I still believe that it won’t get better but after watching this I have hope. Thank you so much!

A thing

This happened to me as a male and it really sucks

El rancio De kokun

Is like I never understood why men (or women) do this kind of thing? What's the deal with them? Their parents didn't show love at childhood? I have friends who show (live from their phone, not send it) and I never catch the deal...I mean, why? There's something beautiful in having a private connection with intimacy and send/receive nudes that why ruin it? Love to you girl, you handle it as good as possible.

Shaylee Ruiz

Someone posted mine today and I'm so upset bc they blackmailed me and I'm so disgusted with myself and I'm gonna see how it goes and if anyone ik sees them I will be soo devastated and i have no idea what I'm gonna do

Kimberly Allen

Just an hour ago this happend to me I'm so lost I dont know how to handle it. ??

Nguyenminh Hieu

Is my is my mother goose club out.

Taylor 사랑해Watts

this is happend to me just now and i am so sick physically and i dont know what i'm going to do

John Tatembaum

you and your youtube channel are basically wack off material, the only shame in the situation is that you didn't make any money off of what got leaked. what a pretentious blonde fart.

Lexi Harris

i am going through it so thsnkyou

Generic Plot Twist

this happened to me yesterday morning and i didn’t know what to do besides block and deny people, go to my friends for guidance. And i Dont know if it was spread but someone random had them, my face wasn’t in it but im still very worried, currently im worried too. Thank god there is no sort of identification that links to me. And the whole time i didnt know it was screenshotted

Adonius Santiago

This happened to me I was crying all day

Phanthanh Phuongtrinh

Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

Loon Wick

I want to see them.

Jennifer Kim Meneses

Awesome video, thanks for having the courage to post it.

Jabo B

i don't know what to do, because my ex scared me that he will post our sex video, the most painful thing is i didn't know that he recorded that., help me?