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Prostate Massage, Prostate Orgasm, and The P-Spot

Prostate Massage, Prostate Orgasm, and The P-Spot31 May. 2019
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Real Sex Talk With Dr

Real Sex Talk With Dr Rylie and the Prostate Massage Therapy Expert:

I'm Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions. This is my prostate care video series with Dr. Rylie. She is a YouTuber, and she's at Real Sex Talk. Dr. Rylie also has a Prostate Cancer Prevention Awareness Foundation.

Prostate cancer occurs in many men and can be avoided with prostate massage. We will talk more about prostate massage, why you can't do it to yourself and how you can give yourself prostate massages and why they're not only fun but so good for you.


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Sullivan Gabel

Yes you made the video! ?

Iva Stewart


Edgar Mendoza

What would happen if your having a prostate massage and you cume in her? Only asking because she said it was like Water and oil then they mix. is there a difference between them or is there any risk ?
O by the way thank you so much for these videos are really helpful ?


I am interested in Y'all's recommendations for proper lubrication. I know Susan likes coconut or avocado in many applications, but I'd like to know about this particular one. Thanx!

Cliff Sullivan

I recommend every other day, and twice on Sunday, just to be sure. However I am going bald! My wife abandoned me sexually several years ago by announcing the I was too big an axxhole to have sex with, but see's still hanging around, what's up with that?


Okay - I am 65- but had a vasectomy at age 34. How do I tell that I am achieving the desired results? My ejaculate is always clearish due to the fact the sperm doesn't mix and turns it milky.

Guillaume Maurice

Thank you for the video....that was really important advice there.

joseph millett

I need one from any female do ctor.

Bob Kob

Great video, great info on important subject.

- just curious, after using the “ back & forth “ method how much is the amount that is released ( I heard a tablesoon is the common amount) but getting the old fluid should it be more ?

Allan Richards

Susan, Question: I was fixed about 12 years ago. I noticed very soon that my ejaculation fluid was much less. My sex life has been very active these past 12 years, but it seems the fluid is very low. Could this be corrected with Prostate Massage? Plus my fluid is very clear the majority of the time.

Michael Legna

How about men with no more prostate? Already operated? Still need tonmasturbate?

Donald McKeeby Jr

Where can I get this treatment from a trained person in the Rochester NY area?

R Brooks

I like it alot. My Wife does it to me while I Masturbate and does it work GREAT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS I LOVE THEM.

Daniel Eyster

Is she located in Carroll county Maryland area? I didn't know you could go somewhere and get this done.

Susan Bratton - Better Lover

Pump guide:
Get hard instantly on command:
Prostate Massage Tools:
Real Sex Talk With Dr Rylie and the Prostate Massage Therapy Expert:

Bill Weeks

So when you get all that fluid all mixed up was that due to the taste of your semen?If you had a partner giving oral

Harvey White

<*QUESTION > Should people consider a mild enema before inner-anal stimulation { to avoid poopy messes during sex and or prostate massage ?? What do you do for your clients to keep it clean during your therapy sessions !?!

Spedro 125

Is there penis stimulation same time with prostate massage when going near to orgasm, or is it just prostate stimulation? Thank you!

Umar Abid

were is the external p sot I want to find mine but if you can show us were it located.

Edward Hoggard

My ex years ago did this to me while giving me head.Omg!It was the best orgasm I've ever had!Guys don't knock it til you try it!

William Ross

I’ve tried this purely for health reasons and an increase in sexual function. The problem is every time I get the opposite result. There’s a very noticeable lack of feeling in penis for weeks afterwards. It effects my sexual function negatively. I’m 100% sure I didn’t over do it with intensity and didn’t cause any physical damage to nerves or anything. I tried to continue but the negative effects were too much and I stopped. Any idea what’s happening?

Christopher Anderson

Do you think pegging is good for prostate stimulation?

Farrah M

I have a medically diagnosed non cancerous inlarged prostate im massaging my prostate but cannot feel any pleasure at all would i be doing something wrong .thanks please help with some advice

Cully Schmetterling

Interesting video.
I bought a prostate vibrator about six years ago.
Even with a toy, it was difficult by myself.
I have to do everything solo.
There is no female partner. Nobody wants me.

Ron Atkinson

I have tried the Aneros prostate massager. And a few other toys. I have been trying to have a prostate orgasm. It's my understanding that they are very healthy for you. And it is about 50 times more intense, than a normal orgasm. I have never been able to reach this pinnacle.
What do the both of you think, about electric stimulation, with a anal probe. It would help with your PC muscle. also many people that have tried it, milk their prostate quite a bit. And usually have a prostate orgasm without an erection, or ejaculation. What do the both of you think about this type of prostate massage and stimulation?

Harvey White

Dear Susan, My over-all body therapy is high quality Marqui Spa Hot Tub Jets on full power mode. Over a year ago at age 71 y.o., I began aiming one powerful well placed jet straight at the center of my scrotum hoping to massage my prostate. My prostate symptoms have favorably improved and are more stable than before this therapy ... driven by my instincts. What do you think?!?

Bob Kob

How often should a man whos 34 (or in his 30’s in general )do the prostate cleansing procedure?

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