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G Spot Link Cuffs.mov4 Jul. 2011

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Matty Workman

Wow this seems like fun! So did you google Colt Brondeck’s Fun In Bed? There are some dirty as well as sneaky techniques in there. Yeah, she’ll be surprised at first, but then is when she’ll start begging for more of you.

Sportsheets G-spot Link Positioning Cuffs - Described by Foreverpleasure.com

Sportsheets G-spot Link Positioning Cuffs - Described by Foreverpleasure.com29 Jun. 2010
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Dr. Brian Parker, sex

Dr. Brian Parker, sex expert for www.foreverpleasure.com describes Sportsheet's G-spot Link. For AMAZING SEX in the missionary position. These cuffs allow you to relax and enjoy the passion of making love. Take the stress off your legs with these cuffs, and let your partner take you for a ride. Easily adjustable for any size couple. Velcro closures with soft neoprene cuffs.

Find G-spot Link Positioning Cuffs at www.foreverpleasure.com.

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???Gourmet Yo-Cult by G-Spot Flavour???

???Gourmet Yo-Cult by G-Spot Flavour???1 Jul. 2020

Iscriviti per non perderti

Iscriviti per non perderti i prossimi video!!!


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con yogurt e una punta di freschezza.......

Andiamo ad assaggiarli insieme!! ???


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Mauro D'Obici

Grazie per il parere :) mi sono arrivati oggi, domani li preparo e poi credo dureranno molto poco :)