How to have a good first time

First Time Out

First Time Out25 Oct. 2020
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In today's vlog, poor Owen

In today's vlog, poor Owen had a time out, and it wasn't easy for anyone involved!

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FIRST TIME DRUMMERS (and some really good drummers)

FIRST TIME DRUMMERS (and some really good drummers)27 Jul. 2019
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Comments (100)
Aliyah Jade

4:46 my grandma has a carpet like that i love it

Fer Abra

2:25 "How do you do the Phil Collins...". Yeah...a good place to start...The best drum fill ever...F paradiddles...

Alex Devlin

Coop 3 R, drum 3 R, please tell me no one has ever called you that


The “killer drummer” nick was the least impressive to be honest. Sure he was good but steve... damn

geometric art

Bonecutter: this guy's ancestors back in the day must have had an interesting profession.

Davey Skinhead

Jacob ASMR playing drums xdd

#dinosaurus 724

Not to be a downer, but... please don't tell me these sales engineers work in the drum department...

we are the pulse of the MAGGOTS!!

I am getting a electric drum kit just to goof around and practice druming to me favroite songs


Loved the video..well done everyone..?

Thr G

The Casey Cooper guy looks exactly like John krasinski and kinda sounds like him too. 1:00

Kim Sarah Stechert

I would love to play the drums, but there is no space in my flat for a drum

Great Gig

the mindfuck i had because i have the same name lmao

Rafael Gomes


Lorenzo Medland

Am a drama to good job


Not quite my tempo

Nabil El-Geziry

I'm new here, and I love the guy the just looked up at the camera while playing? OH! And I subscribed cz I'm just sick like that elegant dab ??❤️

Marlee's Music

4:16 this dude reminds me or Garth from Waynes World

Gardeners' Farmacy

Aces to the young guy in store area.


We found Nester Lozano ladies and gentlemen!

Ethan says Fk you

Wait! Is this the guy that was at that massive band thing? Where there was a ton of people playing music together?

Anna Green

i got a drumset today and every drum on it has a huge echo can soemone plz tell me how to fix that?

Lau G

These people have at least seen people drum


3:00 The Superstition groove is too iconic to not recognize. It's so tight and in the pocket but loose at the same time. If you know you know


are these first time drummers that have never seen or heard drums? It seems like they don't even know what you should primarily use in drums



Majik YT

I love how no matter what they all end up smiling and having a blast, regardless of the talent! Everyone should have a set of drums to cheer them up on bad days, it works!

MyKoL & Those Other Guys

High hats need more space.

Voltage Flamez

When a beginner drummer becomes a sales engineer

I am inevitable.

David Kosek

11:00 he can start career on comedy with drums... u know what i mean huh? :D

Wave Function

Isn’t it strange that practically everyone does that same beat when they try drums the first time?

Alan Allen

Clearly, the best thing you can do to help your drumming is to be named "Nick".

Kid Dangerous

I’ve been playing the drums for 10 years now, and I’m still learning every time I play so all y’all beginner drummers, keep pushing yourself to learn because it really pays of!

Nekoda Haltom

this video makes me want to be a sales engineer

A Completely Normal Youtube Channel

Snare time infinity.

Imma Leaf

I'm actually surprised at how good the people that had never played were.
They were decent

Dorothy Nemeth

consensus: not enough women play the drums

EJ Alibut

Drums love it.. from ph

Ciaran Brock

Nick goin off

K N Grow

Your video realy inspired me now i have the police on my door

Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

I want to play drums but my mom won’t let me get any because she’s says I’ll be too loud


13:00 "The most ive ever done is Band Hero on my Wii" don't worry brother i feel that.


15:08 hmmm, that beat is so familiar

Jazmine Sanchez Meza

the casey cooper guy sounds like mrbeast

Guenther Steiner

Teacher: Ok, time for music class.
Girls: can't wait to sing Billie Eilish
Me and the boys: 18:38

LZ 22

Far from Bonham

Indiana Diecast Racing

@ 10:00 sounded strikingly Zeppelin-ish

Charles S

If someone as good as Neil Peart could continue to learn and grow at his craft, up until just before he passed away. It should show all drummers for one, your never to old to learn new things about playing. Second, if your willing to put in the time and effort. You will get to where you are going. As for playing, Freddie Gruber said it best, ( speaking of keeping it fun and relaxing ) " Drumming should be like a soft shoe dance. A fluent motion across the drums." Keep Drumming On !! : ) ~

Luke Argyle

13:50 Happy Song by BMTH if I'm not mistaken? Great video guys!!


Cringy but crunchy.

Taz Saunders


when did i ask


i have never seen anyone play drums in a suit before

Moh shii



"Is that all it does?"....well yes if you set your hihat to only open about 1cm...none the less, they all did great and had good fun.


man that guy is really good with carrots!


1:40 you can tell he's a really good drummer because his clap sounds like a metronome


Who is Casey Cooper?


Teak Teak

nik d’virgilio what a legend

Finnie Boo


Did she just say ready freddie

E: Okay wow i missed 3:58



Kyean Torresss

It is fun trust him


Ме: try to play some thing in drums for one week

Any black guy: see drums first time and just do the groove 0:38

Ben Tarter

Nolan Dye. That was sweet! 14:55

Samantha Zúñiga

8:43 that was sooo cuteee


I have playd drums for 7 years and I'm now 14 but I can't play at school bekouse I get so nervous. Dose somebody have tips on how I can be more comfortable to play in a group. I usually play with my brother who's a basist. I'm pretty good at drums


Very cool!


“And next is Tom with smoke on the water!”

SMK Taman Serai

how are these guys so emotionally supportive

R p

I bought this for my son and for a beginner he sounds awesome playing.

Logan Schroeder

Sales engineer could be in a band

CURTIS Stapleton

ok Natalie on the tour bus you go


Why does all Nick in this video are good at drums?!??!?!?

Maks Pokój

People who play drums for the first time sound like jazz drummers

Wakesho Neema

Job applicant: fails every question asked by sales director
Also Job applicant: I play drums
Sales director: your hired ???

Eli Fairchild

there’s 2 types of beginners,
i have no idea what to do
i have this shit i’m gonna be amazing

Waylon Random

Want to be a drummer? Become a sales engineer!

Raze Ben

For all the drummers out there the pain of seeing people miss the best but it's fine their beginners

Dan Ta



I want to intern here jeez


3:46 I swear he was trying to play Mind Mischef by Tame Impala.

Matt Bowman



Hi I'm in a high School drumline and hellllllllll no

Jessy Ruel

It's funny how first-time drummers are all about Linear tends to disappear the more and more you practice. And then you need to start all over again to learn it back ! :)

Christopher Bako

This is Amazing!!


Person: Hits a tom

Crazy_killer 1112

15:07 listen to this with speakers it's so weird compared to headphones

Therese Adams

This is what happens when I let my friends play my drums

tB Audio

Loved Nick D'Virgilio in Spock's Beard. Great drummer, guitarist and singer. Happy to see him at Sweetwater now!

Bich Phuc

I legit love drums, never had the chance to get behind one, air drums is cool... hahaha


Best Guy at: 0:51, 8:40, and 9:08

Azriel Ackerman

And not a single traditional grip user T_T

Nachiketh Rao


Tom Davies

...."because playing the drums is fun"

Samantha Zúñiga

4:45 that made me feel uncomfy

No One

Sorry but do the toms sound like absolutely trash??? Not tuned or just junk heads??? Or maybe the mics they use? Wow yuck


sales engineer


That red haired girl suck


Kenric knecht did some classic Bonham triplets there. Respect.

Bob C

Drumming looks easy until you sit there and realize you have no idea what to do

Voltage Flamez

Son why can’t you play the drums?

I’m not a sales engineer

Pistols And Petals

Don’t be a digital sales intern, or else u suck at drums

Doing My Own Acrylic Nails! *first time*

Doing My Own Acrylic Nails! *first time*16 Mar. 2020
2 231 346
LuhhsettySubscribe 438 721

♡ I N S T A G R A M:

♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette

♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty

This is me doing my own acrylic nails for the very first time! Do you think I did a good job?! Thumbs up for more nail videos!! ??✨



U S E D:

Nail tips-

Nail glue-

Nail brush-


Acrylic Liquid-

Nail Dehydrator-

Protein Bond-

Nail Drill (similar)-

Gel Topcoat-

UV/LED Light-


F A Q:

Name- Lisette

Race- Black & White

Height- 5'3

Location- LA

Age- 23


Not sponsored.



Comments (100)
Kimberly Lewis

I just did my own acrylics for the first time this past weekend and why don’t my nails look like this omg ??. Mine weren’t bad but they were definitely a bit lumpy in some spots where I should have filed and smoothed it down more. Everyone’s first time can’t be this perfect right?? ?

Mobile User CCS South Burnett

U did soooo good

whateversclever man

when u dip the brush turn it upside down for a couple seconds dries out the bead some b4 u apply it wont be so runny

Lazaan Cupido

Thank you?? for the tips

Kyla Hutfloetz

When she says “go to” or “ i usually” it’s bc she had her nails done as acrylics at the salon and obviously she had the supplies.... u have to buy stuff before u use it... and she has done gel and poly gel before she said FIRST TIME ACRYLIC and obviously the product would be used this video is her doing her other hand..

Deniz Mason

Good job

Made By Taniel

Wow! Great job for your first try. Always file the nails BEFORE adding the tips and someone mentioned this already but don't waste your monomer by tapping it out on the paper towel. Tap your brush on the side of your dappen dish instead when you dip your brush so that the excess monomer goes back in the dish. Anyway, they turned out really cute and neat

Tiffany S

Buff your nails before you glue on nails

X. Pxstel Queen. X

Hey for better adehesive buff nails before gluing!!

Katie Mason

I really want acrylics again I am torn between two designs tho

life with gabi

Mi no ave dat

Nails by Amy


Percy Bruh

her: "this is my first time"
Me: "uhh....I haven't even gotten my nails painted"?

i'Shay i'Slay

These Are Cute Asf. Definitely About To Do My Nails Like This??

Lara co5000

I love doing my nails but the monomer is so smelly I can’t use it?

Justyce Ase

Love it and I just got my nail kit today I’m getting the rest like decorating stickers next week omfg I can’t wait

Kinsley Walters

Luhhsetty: "I dont want my nails too too long" then has frickin inch long nails
Me: "I think my natural nails are too long"

+I'm not hating on Luhhsetty! This is my opinion!

Fajar Hussain

Quick question is it important to have a UV lamp?

Claudia Sierra

You did pretty good! I loved!

Queen Renee

This helps a lot cause I just got my nail set 13 days before my birthday

World Around Molly

I love them girl keep going

Che Campbell

U said u don’t USUALLY use that drill head there for this isn’t ur first time doing nails


You should start your own business


Quarantine got me picking up all these talents. I bought a ukelele and now I'm sitting here thinking I can be a YouTuber and on top of that got me thinking I can do my own nails lmao

Annalise Byron

If your your in England and your in tear 4 so u can’t get New Years nails and your watching this … then me to

Jagielski Andrea

Nicely done but allow me to say, you have beautiful hands. Absolutely gorgeous shape of natural nails and fingers, and I hope you flaunt them "naked" sometimes. ?

Natasha Crawford

Awesome job ? ? did you speed this up how long did it take in real time

Oakley Franklin

Bullshit that was your first time

Angie Saldaña

Lussette i need my nails done by you!❤

Thandolwethu Sithole

In love????

Maiti Riley-Belew

These are really good but for your first time?! These are REALLY good

san dra

Ktoś wie co to za formy do paznokci?


Woolen watching on
Dec ??

Rian Torres

Im honestly glad to know i dont HAVE to have a nail drill

Adalyn River

I think they did more good than bad for my nails because acrylics got me out of my bad nail biting habit. The first time I got them, I tried chewing the acrylics without even realizing!

Nirvana Ghost

I might do a video on my first nail application now ???
Nice job for first time! I just bought myself a kit to do it on my sisters (I don't like it on myself lol) so I guess I'll see if I can pull it off as good as you did! ??


I have seen this same video like the same way but the way you talk and explain everything is really nice

sanya farooq

first time? my first time was a mess omg

Brooklyn Crosby


Elisha Garrard

Is the uv light necessary? Jw I want to do mine ?

Anna Rapp

For your intro and profile picture, how did you make/get the animated version of yourself? I really want to try it for my videos.

Also, just wanted to add that you did an amazing job! Unfortunately, I cannot have nails like this, but I did love watching you do your own nails!

raelanna benson

Next time use a straight finger nail clipers not with the curve

Malia Wu

I haven’t been to a nail salon since the beginning of quarantine ??

Dobrinka Dobbin

Perfect for the Quarantine time...

charley platt

ama\ing you have made me want ti do my own

Rooda Ismail


Rooda Ismail

I love it so much is so cute



Krystal Vargas

That part where you said “ this is not a tutorial, so don’t be coming for me” ? okayyyy! People be quick to talk crap knowing it’s someone’s first time trying something new.

Yuni Torfs

you forgot a lot of steps

H May

how do we do our opposite hand???

Namjoon’s Man Tiddies

This came out this year?!? I thought this came out in 2015/16 lol

Ema Star

Ok i now im 8 but im douing my neals by ne sellf to in 29 or 10 mor days but im so exaided

Nmesoma Erugo

You did pretty good!!?


They came out real cute

Three Pretty Princesses



Not me searching up tutorials after seeing that painful tiktok video where they insert nails past the cuticle and I believed that was how nails were done

Melli and Issac Romero

Wow they turned out amazing girl!!!!!!!! Need to try this. This whole time I’ve been doing polygel and I love acrylic nails too period ;)

shelter gomo


Taija Steele

Nails is nice..u can subscribe to my channel

Mary Howell

My mom said she would maybe buy me some

ValeplayzYT Gacha,laughter,and more

My favorite yt using the same products I use ?

Allison Juarez

Her: doing her own acrylic nails
Me: can’t even paint my nails

Lady Style

oh so good

Asian mom teaches you French

You did all the steps correctly:)

Oneisha Jackson

These are beautiful ??

Ash Ross

It def helped me most out of all tutorial videos I’ve seen so far

Gen Jones

“Nail cuppy thing” ?? I love it

justina keel

Yes girl ? you did AMAZING. Trying this today ?

Cara E

Your first time?! Girl i cant even file them right wothout the file breaking ?


I'm going to copy this vid as I've been struggling to do my acrylic nails anyway and this was so informative thank you

Bertine Svendsgard

Why is acrylics wrong?

Lia Rios

this honestly gaved me a little starting type of thing but i really liked them your a begginier and im also gonna be one to so this video honestly helped me a lot.


if u can do it then so can i

Paisley Cosby

Omg those are so good !!!! My first time doing nails looked way worse than that lol! I will definitely try your technique! Great job! ❤️❤️❤️

dark night

I love doing my nail

Maria Cristina Martinez Perez

Your brush look pretty good what size is it and what made ? Maybe you already been asked I will check the comments

Christol Copeland

You have to tack the shine off your hole nail before you put the tip on it

Sylvia A

I’m 2m views ?

Acacia Green

U did amazing my first try went horrible

weezle nut

Oh dear you do awesome job but you use the wrong bits hun. Try to avoid contact monomer to your skin. It causes allergy.

Maddison Wright

Wow amazing job!

Danyell Diggs

Good job


i would never do this


How do you wipe you’re as*.


GREAT JOB!!!! I read some of the comments and it’s unfortunate that being able to provide a positive remark is so difficult for certain people. Instead they can only dig and look for ways to tear someone down (simply because THEY may not do as great a job the first time). But everyone simply isn’t artistically talented. Personally, I don’t care if it was your first time or your 15th time doing acrylic nails. Lol!! All that matters is that you put together a great video, showing the steps and sharing tips/techniques that have encouraged many of us to give it a try ourselves. Once again, great job!!!

Hanan Muhammad

She lives a barbie lifestyle


You actually did an amazing job. ?


Sweetie, do yourself a favor an go to a nail salon, this is BS .... and making a video on top of it, well that's the part I really don't get ... sorry, no offense, just my thoughts

Angel Rasmussen

Wow you did amazing!!!

Tylonda Maxwell

You did good! ??? Just here to take notes ?

Lizzy Renney

I like these type of nails

Melissa Barton

Those turned out really good!! I just got a nail kit and acrylic was in there u made it look easy

Simon Tetteh

Want to learn

Renee Taylor-Anglin

You did an EXCELLENT job..I'm striving to get better..when you can't get in to get them done, this is the next best thing and you can save money. BRAVO, teach me even if its not a tutorial it should be for us beginners. Wonderful ?.. ?


My first time the sti Cazzi

Ash Ross

Pretty I’m attempting my first try

Esmee Janssen

Wooow that’s amazing!! I buyed my own kit too. I start wednesday


Everyone commenting on the nails but her skin tho! so clear and bright

Jennie Do

so pretty maybe she can be nail art