Girlfriends vagina smells

what should your vagina smell like? ✨mines salt and vinegar crisps ?

what should your vagina smell like? ✨mines salt and vinegar crisps ?10 Apr. 2020
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Comments (100)
Precious Playz

Iam suffering so bad!

M!key Lacey

is there a video on what you could do to make it smell better IF there is any because i’d trust your comment on it over anyone else x

Shiddharth shankar malhothra

Mine is smell like 2016 Expired peanuts butter piece.???

EmmaClaire Bear

Mines ✨ salt and pepper missed with sweetness ✨

Whiterun Guard

You are such a minga.

Nhu Ngoc

Is my is my mother goose club out.

Cinco Baby ThaDon

Girls Be Stankin ??


I want to be guy now

Anna-Lisa Bourgeois

Please do a podcast! It would be eye-opening for everyone, you could talk about sexuality, beauty, veganism!

Liv Your local gamer

SAMEE I kinda like the smell ngl! Salt and vinegar chips lmao

Love Alicia Renée

Lmao you are hilarious ?

i Like kush420

This is so fucked up

Melissa Thompson

? ? I take my pants and bra off as soon as I get home idk how anyone could sleep in them

Skrt Skrt

Is it normal for my vagina to smell fishy after my period ends? I’ve dealt with this for a while and no matter how much I shower, the smell is still there and I feel really uncomfortable. The smell lasts for about a week then the smell starts to fade away but this happens after every period I get.

geefer soldierboy

I love the way salt and vinegar crisps smells. Sweetest smell ever in the whole wide world.

يوسف أواب

هلبدك ان تقوم باطالة العضو الذكري لديك ؟
يمكنك القيام بذلك الان مع دهان تضخيم القلم الافضل في العالم العربي ?

احصل على انجح كريم اطالة الزب عبر التواصل تطبيق واتساب على الرقم
0046700245948 ?

Shaan Biva

Clean ur underarm hair

Victor Chinedu

My vigana smell like fish and my boyfriend suck it so much

Bac Lang

ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

Anthony Baker

Drink water cleans your body.

Gokkle of Geer

Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch ?


this is a very informative video✊??but for those who want to get straight to what's on the thumbnail, she starts talking at 5:18.

Mario Tacoma Upgrades

Just douche!

i Like kush420

7:44 you need to shave ur armpits


Kipper knickerssss

Bla Bla

What the fuck. I did not search for this

Boh kambuuk

I like u no bra sexy


Ketchup! ??

Lien Kim


toxic candy

I don’t have a smell, expect on my period it smells...i dont really think that’s normal and it’s embarrassing.


Who came up with the idea that vaginas smell like flowers. Like seriously, how could someone come up with that idea.? The closest smell to flowers is a earthy smell.


this video ruins the illusion for all virgins who like vagina,
but have only ever seen pictures and videos of them.


Why do girls smell their popoo

Mike Rotch-stinks

@toxic_todd Did they love your grandfather long time baby?

Hung Phung


Dan Jackson

your nasal accessory makes you look like you're suffering a winter dripping nose. its only when i looked closer that i saw it wasn't a watery drip. its not a good look. the only thing that looks half decent with a ring thru its nose is a cow.

Happy Theraccoon

Love ya videos

C h e e s e C a k e

Bruh my vagina smells like a butt is that normal?

Bn Essa Alhwaity

I love your armpits

mike trimmer

they all smell like pee unless you've just recently taken a bath and have not peed yet, if that's the case they smell lightly musky which gets stronger the more they sweat.


Omg ur hair is so fucking georgousssss ?

Ethan and Jess _ YT

Mine smells like my wee and like metal XD

alejandrina hernandez

Great Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Tarbbatigan Dominant Rotator Tip (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one off product for finding a solution for vaginal odor and yeast Infection without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my close friend Aubrey after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

Hugo Ago Go

Well I love the smell of a ladies foo foo


I am boy why i am watching this

sen pai

no cap i searched for this

Big Depression Josh

why am i here

FriendlyParasite Hello

You skipped salami...


i smell minty


Is it Like normal For It to smell Sour? Not like overpowering sour But Like Yk.
Bruh idkdkdkdkdk
I’ve been like paranoid with All this Stuff On the media talking abt like how we should smell and stuff

Ricardo Best


soufrin fr

I guess i have the same smell and taste as yours. Also i used to go pantyless in the past but like you it gets everywhere and it just doesnt feel good to wake up to every morning :")

Sender Cano

Gueboam sklfxs lvavams


awwww it made me so happy the intro you called my eyes beautiful???❤️

Lu Lu

I just found this channel and I appreciate your honesty so much! I love the humour! ♥️?


She makes me feel so safe and happy. I love women


I turn 12 in 3 days and I havn't had my period yet my discharge smells kinda like wine or a skunky ish oder it's not strong it anything but I'm scared to go to the doctor and my mom keeps bringing it up Infront of her boyfriend and it embarrass me please help ??

i Like kush420

7:46 why tf are ur armpits so hairy

Thabo Prince

Just looking at comments and I’m like this what girls talk about when they alone


I love you so much thank you for the help ?❤️

Imani Chatelain

This is the best comment section I’ve seen in my life


praised be the magical scent of a vag

Alyssa Bradshaw

mine smells like salt and vinegar crisps xD

Stephanie Jordan

Mine smells like rotten eggs and vinegar. What should i do?

Melissa Mcglinchey

Mine smells like chicken nuggets ?

Alexis Martinez

idk if you have it, it’s probably more of a big thigh girl thing, but i think it would be very helpful if you did a video about darkness on your inner thighs as well as sometimes the vagina, it would mean a lot!! im very self conscious about this

pablo escobar

how the fuck did i end up in here????

Brandon Baker

Girl your talking about cleaning but ur arm pits ewwww. Get a razor girl 4real

Jojo Diaz-parra

What if it disharge smells like the 1st one but you dont smell till you like dont smell till you bend down to smell your under wear


Aewsome sauvce


As a man. This is good to know


When you’re too petrified to go to a gp or mother or sister or absolutely ANYBODY to help so you’re just stuck here ommggmgmgmg

Tran Quynh

Que Dios nos perdone.



Vanessa Otor

Why am I here, I'm a guy. why is this in my recommendations, I have so many questions that need answering

Paul Sklar

For everyone saying "I like the way I smell"... yeah, most people don't mind the scent of their own farts... because they're your own.

The most common smell I've smelled is a very specific "cheese" smell, but like, a definite "inside" smell, like you can tell its come from inside somewhere. Like if you put parnesan in a sweaty sock and left that sock under the seat of a hot car for a day. Its... its not good and a lot of times, you don't smell it until you pull your dick out after that first thrust in. Then it hits you. Ive had women slob on it, with that now cheesy smell all over me and nothing is said. No Bueno

Hettie Petra

i date older guys as they understand that pussys smell and aren’t afraid of it


Girls wipe back to front the mingling of poop and vaj bacteria is very beneficial for health


Thank you for this! I legit was eating a bag of salt and vinegar crisps today and wondered why the smell reminded me of my vagina ??


If I want salt and vinegar chips I’d go buy some. Grind on a bar of soap and holla back. ?. ☣️??

Joseph Macias

As a guy watching this, this is something all of us humans should know

Melissa Thompson

You need to drop a hair care routine because it looks so soft and shiny ????

chesca gervacio

Your hair is so beautiful ? just like strawberry and blue berry ? A perpect combination ?

Shaan Biva

Mine it smells like fish market???


Due to my vaginal odor i wear a panty liner everyday

Happy Ngulube

Girrrrl, that was so hilarious and informative.....keep it up

Patricia Elizabeth

Thank you for this video my boyfriend keeps asking me why I won’t let him go down on me and I never really give him a answer but it’s because I’m so worried about how smell/ taste


Mine smells good but testes sour

Muumin -H


Chloe Devine

Mine tastes/smells a little sour, is there any particular reason why it might be a little sour?

reaper the floof

i’m still kinda uncomfortable talking about this stuff, but this helped.

Ghosty 13

Why dont u shave ur armpits


I get bv a lot and it’s so annoying because when I get it it’s horrrible. People use to pick on me because of the smell but I’m controlling it more and taking probiotics and washing without soaps and just water. I still get it every couple of months but I JSUT call up the doctors.


mine smells like salt and vinegar chips and I thought I was the only one! And I even if I wash it up everyday in the shower, the smell still comes back

Paris Lol

Mine smells like sour dough pasta and like armpits ??? Idk it’s weird hashahah. I personally don’t mind it but I’m scared someone else might be disgusted about it when I’m older.

Van Nhi

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

jess greenash

the video you never knew you needed during lockdown? ? WHAT DOES YOUR POONANI SMELL LIKE? ? love you all dearly ?

Tianna Albertson

Oh my Jesus. My vagina smells like vinegar and pretzels. Or so my girlfriend tells me. Bc I have no sense of smell. So I can't smell it. Ok.

Claudia Juarez



Mine smells like expired cream cheese✨


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Sammiee SosaSubscribe 438 721


HEY SOSA SQUAD, I am back with another hygiene 101 type video. Hopefully you watched it until the end because I feel it very lengthy but informative.











[email protected] (yes, one "e" on sammie)


Instagram: __sammieesosa

Twitter: @sammieesosa__

Snapchat: samantha0051



*comment SOSA BABY if you read the description box

Comments (100)
Di Lan

Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

Libra Rising

Lol...U are hilarious???

Savannagh Mcg



She so fun wish I had her as my teacher back in the dayz?❤️❤️

Ryan Spangler

Just take a shower. What the fuck is wrong w people?

Mayan Rosez

I was watching anal bleaching how did I ended up here? ? that thumbnail tho lol
Wiping part tho

Justin Gonxkiluea

This is not mature at all ;-;

lydia kristine

I love your energy! You kept it real and you also entertained me! ?❤️

Teresa Ann

Probiotics, cranberry supplements first thing in the morning on a empty stomach and then a green smoothie with spinach, mixed berries and a banana. Also fragrance free wash cotton underwear and a detachable showerhead! Summers eve has a fragrance free wash now! But yeah Dove unsented is ok and yes NO DOUCHE! I bought a electric men's shaver and shave all hair off.

Vanessa Cruz Pagan

Clean and sparkly ???

hood barbie

Thank you for this!!!! My mom never gave me these tips and I wanna smell Squeaky clean for school and because some girls stank and I don’t wanna smell fishy??

Bree Bree


Lucy Shepherd

i cannot stress enough that some people really don’t know how to wipe ...

C Hope

Lace catfood HAHAHA

Royal Blue

I put broccoli in my drink before hee hee ???

fhmrhnrhrn sfnegnegneyj

sosa squad❤️!!

Shan Misa

???? you have me cracking up girl ??


SoSa squad new subscriber love you



Niklas Neubaur

Bruh fucked a girl who smelled like that, was fucking disgusting.

Itz Caitlyn

Sosa squad ?honestly idk why I am watching this I kinda fell asleep and woke up on it?

Isabel IK

Omg good thing I looooveeee kombucha ahhh!! Hell yeah

Periodtpooh95 _

You funny asfff???☠️☠️☠️

Roscko 562

Lmfao when she said when the whole town can smell it somethings wrong!! ? reminded me of my first time in L.A. County jail!! Packed like sardines getting searched with a bunch of different females for many different reasons!! But I will never forget the horrible smell some females had!! I literally almost threw up! And since time is very limited in the booking process we had to be so close to each other that we were literally touching each others arms. I’ve always heard of hot ass but never smelled it until I went to Jail! Fish, ass, and underarm sweat combined!! Poochie!!!! What I learned? Stay outta jail!! ?? Antibacterial soap is great also lady’s! As she said any soaps with moisturizers in them isn’t good for the cootie coo!! Vinegar is good too when taking a bath! It’s not good to take baths cuz all that nasty crap goes in the cootie so if you must take a bath use vinegar. Basically nothing scented near the coochie unless you wanna be labeled Ms Poochie!!! ????


girl you are famous and too much

Franny Fran

You're the coolest. Haha love your personality. Serious but hilarious. Thanks for the info.

Eumorphia Artemiou

What about onion smell down there ? I have it since i am taking Zoloft i think. I don't know what's the reason


soap outside not inside the hole, your body cleanse its self in the hole. no douching, or suppositories at all

Sammiee Sosa

Heyyyyy everyone. This is probably one of my fave videos on my channel and since then things have changed a lot so after your done with this one, check out my latest v care video. Sending love and good vibes ❤️❤️

Jerome Golden

Yoni steam that coochie

Natalie Leite

Sosa squad!


Sosa squad


I'm freaking dead on the wiping part ?

Olly Falcon-Lang

thankyou for this video!!! i learnt a lot of stuff i didnt know before!

Jenniya Milton

Sosa squad

Tanyah Hart

This is my first time watching you & I enjoyed your video even though you were being real you were goofy with it. You didn't do tew much at all lolll frfr

Teresa Ann

You are hilarious ? ? ? and speaking the truth!

Sjourney Jenkins

I cracked up this whole video???

lydia kristine

“Don’t use bath and body works down there or it’s gonna burn”
A few years ago I got a peppermint bath and body works body wash and I used it down there and it burned so bad, but at the time I didn’t know what a vajayjay was or about periods or discharge or any of that, so after I washed down there I put the shower on cold and just had it running on it because it hurt SO BAD!!! And if you’re still reading this have a nice day

Jae Jamieson

I have been experiencing this thing where my armpits smell like onion.... it’s been going on for over a month and it’s worse AFTER I shower... now my coochie is starting to smell like onion too and I’m gonna lose my shit and I don’t eat onion like ever so wtf is wrong

Brian Andrew

This was great, I been tryin to find out about "causes of a smelly vagina" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Gansaiah Genrianna Eradicator - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )?

It is a good one of a kind product for saying goodbye to your vaginal smell and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.

Safora Yssel



I'm a teen and this was legit super helpful. I would be way to effing scared to ask anyone, so things like this make me want to cry because it feels so nice to be able to properly take care of myself without worrying about having a panic attack. Thank you. ❤️

B3autifu! WeirDo785

I DIED!!? Wen u got up on the stool to demonstrate how to wipe. And had me lmbo @the start of the video wen u was talking about ppl smelling like tilapia,dog food, ect omgosh???all jokes aside these are serious points and I enjoy your humor.

Nikisha Esperance


Haidee Navarro

You are too funny!!

Katherine Yang

“And if you put an onion in yo smoothie, yA nAsTy” ????


this title had me dying ???

Luke gamer boy Luke

Even though it’s a long video it’s still interesting to watch you get it fun

lydia kristine


Shania Maria

“I recommend , 2 dollars and 57 cents— no lie.” Lmaooo , girl! ?

Periodtpooh95 _

“The zooo”???????

Nahji. Thejit

2:cranberry juice
4:apple cider vinegar
4:synergy drink
5: Natural soaps (African black soap)

Lani Beth

sosa squad bb?

Natalie Leite


Stephanie Austin

She funny lol

Rosanna Wong

Omg I know this video is old but I JUST found this. And I WISH I found this sooner! You are SOO funny and SOO informative. If you see this now RHANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO AND I LOVED IT ,YOURE AWESOME!!

Shania Maria

I know I’m late but I watched the full video, you’re so funny and I love your personality , girl! You’re very informative as well! ??

Luke gamer boy Luke

And I’m a girl long in to someone els account

Katherine Jiménez

So appreciate the realness of it all! Lol ;D

Seattle Seahawks

'Sosa squad'

Tokarah Tabron

I drink coffee everyday ????

Qa Fan

0:11 xx

Hannah Fullerton

I hit like as soon as she said leave if you gonna be immature ? YAS SIS


So many ok's

lydia kristine


Periodtpooh95 _


Marjae 292

Safe guard antibacterial soap has helped me a lot !!!!!! It gets everything literally’ I use dove unscented bar soap rinse thoroughly, then antibacterial soap rinse then smell good for my chest legs and arms !



Tanisha Person

Lmbooo that girl said “lace cat food “

Raven Pierce

Sosa Squad ❤️

Luxury Dior


Sarah Hogue

Clean ??

holy_moly.donutshop Sparks

Clean at 7:47


How do I make a smoothie without a blender

Adela Garcia

I can’t work you lmao I’m dead ???

Tokarah Tabron


ivania gomes


Lexx Lexxi

???? glad I watched this I learned and laughed so much

Karina Sosa

I knew it, you are this crazy because you are Sosa!! Saludos desde Republica Dominicana


When I shave it itches

Elita Samuel

Lmao. To da left to da left! Take it back nah y’all!!!!


Sosa squad??? Thank u soo much needed this vid fr

Yolanda Pena

Sosa squad




I'm a 18 year old male, why I'm i watching this at 6am ?

Ryan Spangler

The fact u need to make a fukkin video, is a HUGE problem. Are people stupid?

Myasia Walker


always diana

No more broccoli!

Queen Esther

Soso Squad Nov 2019

Queen Jessica


leslie smith

I wish i knew this in 9th grade

jhamirah Moore

Thank u so much i been struggling with this ☺️

Karma Roze


Roscko 562

Lmfao hahaha Idk how I ended up here but you had me cracking up!!!! Good tips!!!!

African Sista

Lol, love your video. Very informative. Thank you very much for sharing.

K&C 4Life

Baby you talking with ya head in the air

Black Adam

Every girl I’ve dated always started out with good hygiene, but after a while being in a relationship they get lazy with the hygiene.

Luke gamer boy Luke

Sosa squad

stammy's tv

Sosa squad !! Thank you for this video ❤️new sub

What to do if having onion like foul vaginal odour? - Dr. Sangeeta Gomes

What to do if having onion like foul vaginal odour? - Dr. Sangeeta Gomes29 Aug. 2016
28 348

The vagina has a balance

The vagina has a balance of healthy bacteria called as the doderlein’s bacilli and natural secretions which maintain the pH of the vagina as 4.5. The bacteria, the fluid, all produce a natural odour which is present in the vagina. Sometimes onion like or fishy odour arises from the vagina associated with burning, itching, redness and pain. Now what are the causes of the abnormal odour? Eating some pungent foods like onion, garlic, asparagus will increase the risk of bad odour. Therefore you need to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself wherein the smell disappears in a week or so. Next cause is excessive sweating during exercise. So changing clothes regularly, having a shower, wearing lose cotton underwear’s. Avoid excessive use of panty liners and pads. When you are on high doses of antibiotics for certain illness, these antibiotics can also kill the natural flora of the vagina causing the overgrowth of the harmful bacteria like the vaginal candidiasis. Also use of antihistamines during cold and cough can dry up the vaginal secretions. Use of some essential oils near the genitals can alter the vaginal flora. What is bacterial vaginosis? This is a condition associated with fishy odour, thin grey runny discharge from the vagina. This is aggravated following intercourse as semen can exacerbate this condition. Change in the hormonal levels can cause change in the vaginal odour. During puberty during menarche and when the person is on contraceptive pills etc. Also forgotten tampoons can lead to foul smelling vaginal discharge. So how do we manage this? Don’t do vaginal douching as this can wash away the natural bacterial flora. Don’t use excessive antibiotics, excessive soaps or disinfectant solutions near the vagina. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid having pungent foods like garlic and onion. Use of probiotics, that is good bacteria daily in small quantities, then they can colonise in the vagina, thereby maintaining the pH of the vagina and while using the washroom, wash from front to back as washing in the reverse direction can push in the infection, the E.coli and the other bacteria from the anal area into the vaginal region. Meet your doctor if there is some local cause like cervix erosion, polyp which is leading to this vaginal discharge.

Comments (7)

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Lynette Ward Pro Americans —Montezuma County Co

I needed this

Dr Johnson Hungwell


Nina Marie

Im here because i was looking for answers on what the white milky substance is when cutting an onion. And it brought me here. Thanks youtube. ?


oh grate

Courtney Turner

Don't eat garlic or onions

Carl Chandler

read more off the screen to the side of you