How many times can you donate sperm

Sperm donor plans to father 2500 children | 60 Minutes Australia

Sperm donor plans to father 2500 children | 60 Minutes Australia18 Feb. 2019
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“Joe Donor” travels the

“Joe Donor” travels the world impregnating any woman who’ll have him, and proudly boasts he’s already fathered more than 100 children. Australia is his latest stopover, but instead of welcoming his helping hand, fertility experts here warn that Joe is a potentially dangerous public health risk with questionable motives.

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What does it mean to become a bone marrow donor?

What does it mean to become a bone marrow donor?26 Mar. 2018
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One man opens up about his

One man opens up about his journey and decision to become a bone marrow donor, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton appears live on "GMA" to answer questions about what becoming a donor involves.

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Do they pay you? All i want is a stone oven sandwich

Luke Editx

My sister had leukemia 6 years ago. And was just diagnosed with another form of leukemia. She was treated without a bone marrow transplant. Now that she has got leukemia a second time. The doctors believe she needs a bone marrow Transplant. I hope I’m a match.

Space Catboy

forget the bone marrow, what about that yummy blond nurse at 044, i want to be her donor

Erika Gutierrez

Sent in my swab kit just two days ago. Nothing on this blue planet will stop me from donating if I match someone and get the go ahead. If I get matched with someone, then to save their life is the reason I was put on this floating marble.

Haille Jackson

I just found out that heart transplant patients can't donate bone marrow, so unfortunately I can't donate. But hopefully more people decide to do this!

Eva Ramirez

Going to register

Lauren Frost

I just got called because I matched a patient, still in the early days. But im passionate about of saving a life. Ps i signed up 9 years ago and completely forgot I signed up lol

Thank you

Would being anemic with low vitamin D count disqualify my application ?

Jamie Malacara

Just signed up to be a donor last week watching videos about this made me go ahead and sign up

Selena Wright

Honestly I always thought it was a surgical procedure to remove the marrow to be donated. I didnt realize it was just like giving blood. Definetely more excited to get my call now.

Chase Vlogs

I signed up to be a donor and waiting for my kit !!

Triple H

About to mail my swabs in today ?


I didn’t realize how easy it was to donate. I’m so glad they are educating us on this

David Robertson

I've gotten to donate twice. First time was the old way where they knocked you out and drew the bone marrow from you with a long needle. The second time was the newer procedure and took 3 days. I'm hoping to be a match for a third person which they said is incredibly rare.

Leonardo Gutsali

I just got called about a patient with leukemia. Im nervous but i think im going through with it..

Asclepius Ahumada

I wouldn’t mind all those injections and minor side effects if That means I could give life to someone

Matt Walker

It’s been almost 3 years since I was called to donate for a patient in need. All this time later and I am so glad I stayed with it. Not only did I save someone’s life, but I got a lifelong friend as well.

Fleshia Biazo

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Felicia Bliss

Can u smoke cigarettes and still do this???

Vicky venegas

God bless you all....

Janet Vasquez

How often can you donate?

Honey Maple ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Uhhhh ... I didn't realize you weren't given anesthesia for this. I just got my kit today and I'm gonna send it off tomorrow but this is kinda scaring me now. I read somewhere they DID put you under. Does donating make you feel lightheaded at all? That's what I'm scared of the most, is getting faint and passing out. Does anyone also know if you can still donate if you're anemic? I'm anemic, and I've read you still can, but now I'm doubting that bc of the differing info on what I've read about the donation process.

Lante Yigezu

Oh what a greet thing i didn't know anything about this before do you guys believe i can do this wile i am living in ETHIOPIA ?

Prettily Yours

Can i ask help regarding bone marrow transplant.


I just signed up yesterday for BeMyMatch .

Today they emailed me and said the cheek swab kit is being mailed .

Vim LA

I want to register and help someone with cancer or whoever can be helped with marrow. Kick cancer off the face of the planet!

Christopher Higgins

I pray I am chosen. To be able to help someone is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Sam Haji

You’re a he, not a she

Miranda Holloway

I had leukemia twice. Second time I had a bone marrow transplant. It saved my life!!!!!! It truly is a blessing!!!! My donor was from Europe. It’s amazing how selfless people can be!!! I am forever grateful because he or she gave me life!! So I can be here with my son and watch him grow!! My son was only 1 at the time!! He’s now 4!! I’m forever grateful! If your able to donate please do!!! It was my last option! You can literally be some ones saving grace!!!

Victor Cazares

I just try to sign in at “BETHEMATCH” to be a donor and they charge a $100 dollars just for sign in, thank you,but no thank you!!!!

self love

I’m about to mail in my swabs. Not gonna lie, I’m nervous but this did reassure me.
The chance to save someone’s life trumps the discomfort I may feel if I match.


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Clean World

do not make peoples fool. once you give away , means you lost your 25% percent. worst thing is , some donors couldn't toll it and becomes sick like a skeleton or zombie looks like. do not donate but charge heavily for it if you have to really.

Cinderella UK

I have a random question, if I donate mine to someone and now they are fully in good health, can they donate theirs?


Do this right now. Through Be the Match. Covid has changed the process a bit. I will say the side effects are discomforting but it's worth it to help someone.

Clean World

half of the donors not exist now. if still living then hit on like button. who receives can comment if they still within touch. more than half of donors died within 2 years after donating.


hey everyone, I left a comment around 2 months ago explaining my donation to my brother but I wanted to go more in depth with explaining it so here it goes,

At first you’ll be getting a LOT of blood tests, and I do remember one quite vividly because it was a lot of blood, I do not want to scare you but I did nearly pass out which was terrifying to say the least, recovered in a few minutes though but you will be having a full medical essentially, from ECG/blood work/blood pressure anything of that nature, also you have to be in extremely good mental and psychical condition, I suffer from low vitamin d levels because I don’t exactly live in a warm location (Scotland) but you’ll get medicine for that anyway.

Here comes honestly the hardest part, which is the injections, they are HORRIBLE. I cannot emphasise how bad they were in my experience, they were nippy, left a very sore mark and bruising took a while to heal, I’m telling you now, those things are probably made in the Bermuda Triangle they are so painful and I cannot explain how bad they actually are.

Now enough of ranting about that, the actual donation, oh. my. god. I stayed in hospital overnight for mine which was pretty annoying but your situation most likely won’t be the same, I was on that machine for 5hrs in the course of 2 days, so 10hrs in total, it wasn’t painful but it was just so boring and trust me here as someone who’s been through it, it’s very strange to move your hand where the needle is inserted, yes it does not hurt but I didn’t eat anything for those 2 days, even when I wasn’t on the machine I just did not want to eat, I’ll be honest and say my mental state was destroyed during it, then again take that with a grain of salt as i have struggled with my mental health ever since I was born, but what you can be assured on is that it doesn’t hurt it’s just really boring and extremely long.

the aftermath, you recover in like a day, but you do need to go back to hospital for check ups (most likely more blood tests, what a joy that is) and currently as I’m writing this, I need to go and get a blood test on the 6th, so to answer the obvious questions if you don’t want to read all of that.

Does it hurt? No.

Is it long? Yes.

Is it rewarding? Well, yes.

Would you do it again? Personally no, it was really hard for me to do with my mental situation, but you do save a life but would I do it for anyone else? No, straight up no.

Any words of advice? Before you go ahead with it, you have to know it might take a long time, it might be painful at some parts and the procedure you might be recommended might not happen, nothing is guaranteed with this procedure at all and that is what puts most people off.

Do you get compensated? Well I’m from the UK and no you don’t, besides why would you want compensation anyway? money isn’t everything.

Is there risks? Wouldn’t say there’s risks no, cannot be certain though.

Lastly, is it something you should sign up for? If you are 100% committed to it then yes, you could save a life but remember, if you’re like me and have a rough history with mental health, please for the love of god do not get yourself into a situation that will send you into a complete panic attack, do it when you’re ready.

I know this is a long thread but I needed these questions whilst I was going through it and I would like to imagine there’s someone like me out there feeling the same way, if this answered any questions then your welcome, if you have any more questions ask below, thanks for reading and goodluck to anyone who is donating!


I'm in preparation to receive a bone marrow transplant for my AML , and I'm beyond grateful for my donor and for all the amazing people who are on the registry to donate. From donating your stem cells to just donating blood at a blood drive, my life and countless others have been saved many times. So thank you thank you. :)

Sundas 91

Would the side effects go away after the donation? Are there any long term side effects to this?

tapanjeet roy

Thanks a lot for uploading it

Tails A1919

Im really thinking about this. Does your health insurance cover it? How does that work?


I just got a call. I am going to do it. This total stranger needs help. I wont let them down!


Can you donate bone marrow more than once?

Rishabh shukla

I also want to donate , how to register ?

Lawn Guylanda

Please register to donate. You’ll be saving someones life.

Henry Miller

My mom just did a transplant and is still in the hospital and is doing good it looks to be a possative out come I thought about sighting up myself the marrow came from and anonymous donor may god bless this person who donated to my mom we will probably never find out who this person was but have no idea I can’t thank this donor enough it’s amazing what can be done these days with the help of all the ppl working together

Tommy or Nothing

Robin is amazing!

Vinod Menon

Is it done in sessions or 8 hours at a stretch ? I mean what if you have to go to the toilet in between the donation ?


My brother was diagnosed with leukemia last week...i hope and pray im a match.


wait... they don’t do the hip thing? it’s just donating blood?! i always thought they went into your hip with like an ice pick like thingy... omg this changes a lot wow

Ana Niazi

I m gonig to donate my brother. Plz pray 4 him

Hugo Stiglitz

Anyone looking for a boner donor?

Debtfreeliving4ever Steen

I’m on the registry for Be the Match, DKMS and the Gift of Life

Seth Showalter

I just got my be a match swab to day in the mail. I proclaim god going to heal somebody. Thrue me amen.

Brynden Whitten

Just registered

Mukesh Malooka

Great ?

Top Standard Videos

We want to donate our bone marrow but we need some money

Meressa Darling

I will be donating my marrow this May, just 2 years after being added to the list, I can't begin to say how honored I am to save my recipient!


Just sent in my swab... I hope I qualify and match with someone..
I know I'd be nervous about donating but I keep asking myself this question
is my temporary discomfort more important than saving a life?
So if you are nervous about doing something like this just ask yourself this question. It always makes me feel better about following through.

Debbie Cooper

My daughter and I both are registered.

Missy Richert

Anyone know if you can donate if breastfeeding?


I donated. Didn't hurt. No long term problems. All it took was some of my time. A small price in order to save a life. All I had to do was sit in chair for two days. Thanks to the medical staffs, the volunteers who run the registration drives and everyone else involved.


can you guarantee the swab wont go into a DNA bank/
this is where the problem lies

Little White Rabbit

I'm worried my mom might have a cancer in her bones, specifically her marrow. If she does get diagnosed I am going to get tested to see if I match. I don't care if it hurts, I just want my mom to be well.

Let's Make Fools Of Ourselves

I can't stand this liberal


The bad thing about having a minor heart mur-mur from birth is u can't donate. Even at the age of 30 I tried. If I ever needed blood I would have to pay for it. If you donate its a different story.

Nomiddlename Dawn

My baby brothers life was saved thanks to donors like this. So happy to see this ♡

Edwin van den Akker

My cousin has recently diagnosed with leukemia. I might be a match. I watch this kind of videos to see how it works and what is involved.
The list of sideeffects are worth it, as it might safe his life.

DD Bears36

My jiggly butt just signed up and became a donor took 10 minutes was very easy waiting on my Q-tip swab to come in the mail. I have an a negative blood type I don't know if that means anything but I know that they really want my blood at the blood center. If you have herpes simplex 2 could you still be a donor? Not sure my friend has it and wants to know if she should sign up even though she has herpes but it's dormant she doesn't get breakouts or anything but if it saves a life I think it shouldn't matter as long as it's not a death threatening disease

Henry Miller

She has or had hopefully mds

Candy Santos

I’m supposed to receive my letter from the Be a Match yesterday but for some reason i didn’t get it in the mail

Laurel Grace

I wanna donated so badly but I'm only 15.....


I just signed up, my swab kit is on its way! My blood type is O+ and I donate blood is often as I can. I’m more than willing to help any brothers and sisters out there.

Evangelina Crews

I just found out today my uncle needs one I’m 13 and I really wanna do this if he’s sister isn’t a match

Some Girl

i dont care how much it hurts.. i only fear anesthetic.

Heidi LARA

bless yoU

Top Standard Videos

We request all the people please show watch my video I am searching for job please help

Seth Gremmert

Got matched this week. Looks like I'll be donating soon

Me me00

I am a mother to two kids who need me very much. I was told a week ago they found me a donor after searching millions on the register for years, but one wasn't found until a few weeks ago. At this point in time, I can't know who my donor is, but I would love to thank her for making the decision to save my life. I will be going in for my transplant the beginning of November 2019 and coming out with a cure. Whoever my donor is, God bless you for taking the time and doing this for me. One day I hope to meet my donor and thank her. She will be family for life. xxx

Bruce Wayne

I just got called Monday after being on the donor list for 17 years, that I am match for someone I am going to do it, and already have the 1st step scheduled next week to test my blood.


I want to sign up to be a bone marrow donor, but I don't know how. Anyone know a way?


I received a stem cell transplant last September for Leukemia, the month prior I had a brain bleed from low platelets. I had surgery with two burr holes to remove the blood. After the surgery I was receiving platelet transfusions often to keep my platelets up until I could get a donor and transplant, I think I received more than 60 platelet transfusions. I was lucky to receive a transplant 6 weeks later from a donor in Europe. I appreciated and was thankful of the fact that someone had gone through the process to help me live. I have not met my donor, but that donor saved my life. I am enjoying life 10 months later, I am in the process of tapering off my rejection medication. I have had the last 10 month to enjoy my wife, children, and my new grandson. It sounds scary but it is like giving blood. A few hours of your time can save a lifetime for someone else. Thank you for those of you that have registered to become a donor, and for those of you that have donated. Someone like me would not be writing this message if it were not for you.


Registered ?

Faisal Al khalifa

I am here to share my testimony to the world on how Dr OLANIWU helped me in curing my son's sickle cell anemia. It is well known that sickle cell anemia has no cure but I can boldly say there is cure to it because my son was cured from it lately October 31st last year 2019 when I came across someone testifying about how Dr OLANIWU also cured his own sickle cell anemia, at first I didn't believe because I was not so sure but I still went on to give it a try. I contacted the Dr and told him everything and he told me that he will prepare an herbal medicine cure for me which I will give to my son for good 14 days and on the 16 day I should take him to the hospital for check up. 3 days after we had this conversation, he prepared the herbal medicine and sent it to me through UPS DELIVERY SERVICE, I received the medicine and started giving my son the medicine and I followed the prescription and the dosage on how the medicine should be taken by my son.. After the 14th day of the medicine effectiveness according to the doctor, I took my son to the hospital on the 16th day and behold to my greatest surprise, my son was cured from sickle cell anemia crisis.Contact the herbal doctor via Email:[email protected]  or whatsapp (+2348102743287)


Gonna be donating soon to my brother who has lymphoma,

anyone who’s done it via blood, how was your experience, I’m kind of worried about it

Kakkala Durgarao

Good job madam


Very moving. I've donated my white blood cells twice to help fight cancer.

I can't imagine donating my marrow at this time. At age 50 suffered horror Google Dr Fagelman assault. My note to my MD stolen thrown away my attacker got my name and she violated my body started with assaults multi assaults not fired or arrested NYPD First Precinct corrupt joined in breaking laws because they did not like me. The video Everything you see was omitted from the police reports by verbally violent detective. See tje youtube with violent threat? I was threatened multiple times in the detective joint in threatening me acting on a threat I forwarded to him.

jacob willoughby

I've been registered for a few months now and I just got contacted.. I'm so excited and I hope I get to donate.

Daven Murphy

How much to sell my bone marrow?

Cameron sikes

I been wanting to but dont know how to sign up

Mc Laughlin

I’m a donor, I got a call, then an email right after. I’m in the beginning stages of the blood screenings to save a 6 year old little boy. If I’m a match, I’ll tell them to take as much as they need. I’m not afraid of anything but spiders. (Literally. I work in a prison, nothing scares me anymore.) I donated blood for the first time when that country concert in Vegas got shot up and they told me my O+ blood saved a life. So I feel really great full that I’m healthy enough to help others.

Suzanne Hales

My brother has Leukemia. I pray I'm a match ??? ?

Kasha Brown

I wanted to be a bone marrow donor & they said I was too fat?


Is there any financial cost for the donor?

Frank H

That’s it? What happened to the drill to the leg and the excruciating pain as they extract bone marrow? Some one educate me please

Araz Basmajian

About to search on how to register ♥️


Just requested my Be the match kit to join. I've donated blood plenty of times before and this is uncharted territory for me.

Saffia b


love story

Hello, I'm from Algeria and I want to be a bone marrow donor, can anyone tell me how?

How often can you donate sperm?

How often can you donate sperm?25 Feb. 2020

There are plenty of myths

There are plenty of myths about sperm donation. Fact is, you can donate every other day. Learn more about becoming a sperm donor at

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