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How to set up fuck buddy relationship

How to set up fuck buddy relationship23 Feb. 2016
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There are several ways

There are several ways you can set up an Fuck Buddy relationship,

The "Worst boyfriend" talk is just one very powerful way to set up an open fuck buddy relationship. Whole step by step ways on how to set up an fuck buddy relationship, and how to maintain it

1) First sex

It all starts on first sex, do not make love, but instead have sex with lots of passion. Sex should be good. really good. Since fuck buddy relationships are all about sex, make sure sex is amazing

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2) Be busy

Don’t get her used to see you more then 2x per week. Be busy, have

a life, girls don't like guys who are too available, and as well you do not want to get her used to see you more then 2x per week. More then that is a boyfriend relationship, not an fuck buddy.

3) Stay away from Emotional attachments

You do not want to get emotional attach, as well, you do not want her fall in love with you. Be careful on sex positions you choose and how do you maintain it.

4) Be ready to replace her.

Fuck buddy relationship is not forever. Girls come and go, be ready to lose them, and replace them with new ones.

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S⃠e⃠a⃠n⃠ ?

da fuck did i watched

it's payday mother fuckers payday 2

to make fuck buddy you need to be very good looking ather way nothing

Marcus Aurelius

Good video with very helpful tips! Thanks Badboy??

Сергей Панин


Baby Cheesa


Tracey Costantini

Classic....i love this!! ?.. I think someone just did that to me ?

Jean Naimarre

Why lie about being a bad boyfriend? Just be honest and tell her you will see other girls. Making yourself a project is manipulative, whereas being honest about your desires in itself already shows balls. This vid teaches you to be a player, but not a mature sexually active man.

Z Breaux

This is exactly why I stay away from "build a bum's"

bey raider

Milfs are best fuck buddies isn't it badboy

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the way he says “birthdays” is funny af

Rawdog Thunder

why does this guy look like pitbull?

pfitzzzer ginne

Guys, please do not listen to Mister fish mouth....DO not subscribe.....dont be stupid .....

Whale TV

LMAO. He's right.

pfitzzzer ginne

This is such a pile of rubbish he says......he has no idea what he is talking about.....he looks like an Idiot and probably never had a fuck buddy! He says to say AT example that "I am a bad boyfriend, the worst boyfriend ever, I smell bad, I WILL CHEAT ON YOU, I WILL FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY, I WILL TRY TO FUCK YOUR FRIENDS, I am on the pills...... .......WHAT????? HOW EMBARRASSING..... What kind of girl would fuck with a guy which says that?? Especially Mister skinny fish mouth with the pink shirt...who wants you???? Boldie!!
Is that for need to treat a fuck buddy very well, be HONEST to her, smell good, be a gentlemen, buy her flowers, take her out for beautiful dinners....fuck her brain out, treat her like a bitchwhore in bed but also like a queen , say never something bad except in bed, be smart and dress smart these and much more you need to do to have a great fuck buddy relationship. This bold skinny dummy with that stupid fish mouth has not a clue - if you want to have a great fuck buddy which will love to fuck with you then follow my words.

Merovingian V

this changed my whole game! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!
I say this from the very begining of the interaccion so it sets up the fuck buddy relationship since the start. IT WORKS LIKE GOLD.

pfitzzzer ginne

Oh I just see Mister bold fish mouth calls himself "Badboy........HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

GrahamthomaZ VEVO

i got this going on with me atm, Im with this girl and I dont want to hurt her but I just got out of a really bad 3 year relationship with an ex gf, and anyway we been fuck buddies for a little over a month now and i got so many girls hittin my line up atm about relationships as well but some want to just have fun. This girl on the other hand has feelings for me and latley acting weird like jealous when I hang with a friend like I told her before any of this started I wasnt ready for a relationship but every girl i ever get with this happens my ex for example lol

Valerie Miller



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JinBo Himself

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This guy sounds like Jose Mourinho

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ever do this by text before having a date with her?


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Dutch Lockdown Advice Says Find a Sex Buddy

Dutch Lockdown Advice Says Find a Sex Buddy20 May. 2020
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The Dutch government have

The Dutch government have issued advice for single people to get a sex buddy for lockdown. In this video I compare it to the UK advice about relationships, and that of other countries in Europe.

What does your country advise about sexual relationships in lockdown? Leave a comment and let me know.

Guardian article:

Dutch RIVM (public health body):

Terrence Higgins Trust for Public Health England advice:

Irish Sun article for Irish HSE advice:

Thanks for watching!

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Real Hookup Apps To Meet A Fuck Buddy : Legit Hook Up Apps ???

Real Hookup Apps To Meet A Fuck Buddy : Legit Hook Up Apps ???9 Sep. 2019
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? the recommended site =

? the recommended site =

Real Hookup Apps To Meet A Fuck Buddy:

this video discusses the top apps to find local fuck friends. Best hook up apps for Android and iphone explained here.

share video - #RealHookupApps #HookupApps

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Josh Bry


kung Few

Are there any hookup or dating apps that are actually completely free without having to pay to see who likes you or don't require a credit card for the "free trial period"? The last one I tried like that kept billing me after I canceled the so called free trial period, thank you for the video and by the way Hitch might not be the best one but they don't charge you to see who likes you and they give you 10 free likes every 24 hours with free messaging with the people you meet.

Floyd Bratcher

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