How to master ate ✅ Trolling Pro ✅ Trolling Pro30 Jan. 2021
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This is a gameplay of me

This is a gameplay of me trolling other worms in I will teach you moves to kill and headshot like a pro and also how to survive. is a game where you eat candys and desserts to grow longer. The fastest way to grow bigger is to kill other worms by making them bump into you, or hiting them directly on their head. Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe: thank you ??? #gameplay #online #game #gaming #slitherio #snakeio #wormmania #worm #snake #trolliing #pro #nohack #hacker #noob #tutorial #bestmoments #funny #headshot #kill

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Oyun Kralı

I am waiting for my channel ?

Narek Nagapetyan

How about you can play with Russian Flag in Tomorrow?

Vinnie Colaiuta on How to Master Odd Times

Vinnie Colaiuta on How to Master Odd Times28 Jan. 2021
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From a great interview

From a great interview with Nick D'Virgilio for Sweetwater, Vinnie Colaiuta explains how to learn and master odd times. Fascinating to listen to and just three and a half minutes long. ? Subscribe ? for more great drumming stuff. PS: Vinnie doesn't spoon feed the info here--try to imagine his level of understanding and the way he might think of this topic---you'll have to read between the lines a bit. But the info is in here! BTW, you can check out more great interviews from Sweetwater on their channel here:

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He's a monster. Unreal!

How to Say "I ate too much" in Casual English Speaking

How to Say "I ate too much" in Casual English Speaking29 Jan. 2021
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There are so many

There are so many interesting, colorful phrases you can use when speaking English casually. Today I'm sharing 5 awesome phrases with you to describe when you eat too much. Try a week of free lessons with Lingoda: and don't forget to use code: GABBY10

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??? TIMESTAMPS to skip ahead:

0:00 - 5 phrases to describe when you eat too much

1:34 - English Phrasal verb "to pig out"

2:26 - To feast on...

2:54 - English Slang "O.D."

2:48 - To gorge on...

4:11 - English phrasal verb I go through something

5:49 - Phrasal verb To put away...

6:20 - Phrasal verb To pack away...

7:00 - English speaking practice

7:46 - Get 3 free online English lessons:

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Rodrigo Fernandes

Great Video!!! I understand everything that you say! :D

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Hi gabby, I choiced your font picture tnx for acceptance

Jannatul Ferdous Rimzim

Their divorce finally has gone through. Here go through means to be approved formally.

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My favorite food is Fajita. Yesterday we all family overdosed on Fajita.



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Good evening, as your killer eye and as magical as the clouds in the sky

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Give me your whatsapp number please

Joshua Campbell

Hey Gabby, your content is always so useful and even i have developed habit of watching it everyday. Coz u really expand knowledge very well....thank you so much

Im A

Pizgerlate. To pig out on is like having a voracious appetite. Lol. I love watching your vids. I love how you stress letters and it's like you're eating some of it.

Learn English LIFE

I always overeat on Indian food. It's quite heavy but so delicious ?

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Hola hermosa

is Hak

Third comment from algerian guy, thanks for everything ?

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what's your favourite food

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Thank'am gabby...i learned something new again..?
Watching here in ph.
God bless

Jorge Chakr

Is it OK if I say ‘gorge on dainty sandwiches’ , for instance?


Thank you so much _ teachers

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Wonderful Gabby, as usual. Great ?

Amal Ahmed

Thank you so much that was really helpful and fun.....

Dionisio Sanchez

Hello my Favorite.teacher, from the ROCKIES

Jorge Chakr

’Go through’ sure comes in handy.

oscar rivas

It was another useful lesson for us, so thank you ever so much for sharing these phrases verbs. Greetings from Colombia. You have been pretty grateful.

anne sawadogo

Great lesson! Thank you so much teacher Gabby!

Trump Dong Agor

Love ?

Zakaria Omer

Thanks so much

adolfo morreria de farias

Go Natural is my favorite English channel on YouTube. I have no words to thank you for helping me improve my English, but I wish you much success Gabby... Se you soon next video ?‍♂️??

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I would like to know, what kind book can use a beginner

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Meat: chicken; fish and seafood: salmon; dairy produkts: curd; fruit and vegetables: oranges and cabbage. And mushrooms ofcourse. My favorīte food.


We're from the Philippines thank you our brilliant mentor. ?

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"Paella" is my favourite food. Thank you very much for the video.
I hope you are good

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Assalamu alikum
I am Bangladeshi

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Thanks a lot

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Mam I want to buy your book but in the amzone will be not a delviry opaction . And one more think I don't know English very well. So I do anything mistake in writing so I'm sorry. Please you do something for me. ??

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excuseme .do you speak Spanish a few ....?

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I over ate dark chocolate in the last few days because I was craving for chocolate and dark chocolate is favourite. Thanks Gabby for the fun lesson.

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Gabby love your channel. I watch it regularly even though I am a native speaker ?

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Hello beautiful teacher Gabby I love you !

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You'er so sexy?

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I hope may these times of evolution and life projections are according to your expectations.

Thank you for letting us know about your philosophy of life and healthy habits in your channel.

It is a genuine, hilarious and interesting content.

Goes a hug that aspires to know how to hug you, Gabby.


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Beautifull eyes

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I need more...Plz ??

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Thank you for video

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Ola Gabbi no Brasil estamos ligado canal .

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Excellent video in english teacher gabby

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You are amazing as the angel from heaven. You enchant my mind that does not understand a little English??

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I go through papers too cuz I'm a student ?

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Very good big teacher

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Hi Gabby I love you so much

it's just our Universe

Hi Gabby. I would like to ask you. What languages do you know at the moment and what languages are you going to study in the future if you plan do?

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I living in Italy and of course my favorite meal is Italian, past a with tuna and sauce

WooEnglish - Audio Stories with Subtitle

I wish everyone who is listening in 2021 will speak fluently thank you


I love the Pho.

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I wish to kiss this lips.

Julio Noe Castillo Medina

Maestra Gaby ¿Podrías decirme que significa la palabra "item" en español? por favor gracias.

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These kind of lessons are very useful ?

Freddy Pineda

good work teacher. .you're the best on YouTube l love your video

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Thanks a lot, your podcasts have helped me a lot especially on google podcast. thanks again.


Excellent lesson teacher. Hilarious form to say "gloton"piggish) in Spanish.

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Hello Gabby

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Qué hermosa chica

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Thank you so much Gabby for sharing.


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