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Get This Report on Best nerdy dating sites - Google Sites

Get This Report on Best nerdy dating sites - Google Sites20 Oct. 2020
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Geek Dating

You can create your own profile and based on that find a guy or a girl who you can hang out with. We give you more than other similar services: you can chat with other geeks 24/7 or if you want, you can use webcams and make a perfect visual contact! If you are a geek looking for a date with other geeky guys or girl's then the choices you have here are far and beyond what most of our members expect to see when they join us. Star Trek, X-Files, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons; whatever your geeky fetish is, our members will understand you! Be our guest, check out our exclusive club and you won't regret it! Come join us now because tons of Geeks are waiting for you!

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CPA Marketing Dating Offers via Google Display Network In 2020 | CPA Marketing for Beginners

CPA Marketing Dating Offers via Google Display Network In 2020 | CPA Marketing for Beginners16 Jan. 2020
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In this video, I will

In this video, I will teach you how to select and promote a dating offer on MaxBounty (or any CPA Network).

We'll go through the entire process of choosing an offer, creating an ad for it and promoting it on the world's biggest display network: Google Display Network.

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Guy Piret

What’s your ratio clicks/lead, becaus clicks are expensive when you only get 3,5 $

George Lazarou

Hello all, make sure that you set up a tracking system. tracking is really important and if you cannot track your results most probably you will lose money.

Sujon md.sakhawat hossain

Hey friend how are you! Need to talk with you, Ur skype please. my skype: sujon_cse

Affiliate Shasank

I liked the video .. but fell you haven't take us through the whole process as mentioned in this video introduction. What about the landing page?

What about the affiliate link placing in GDN? this is the place where 95% peoples fails .. Would love if you include these in a video

Steven Iannelli

good video. how many keywords do you recommend to have max in a keyword adgroup campaign?

Arifur Rahman

Thanks for video bro. Can you tell me, how i will landing page or best landing page site. Domain must be needed? Can i use google landing page


Hi James,

I have followed you along on this one for another offer and noticed something i didn’t understand i hope you can clear it up. Actually when i increase the bid the number of estimated of clicks go down. For exemple when i manually put the bid at $0.33 estimated clicks are 180-350 for my daily budget. However, when i increase to 0,55 the number of clicks go down to 90-280 ?. Shouldn’t be the other way around? Or am i missing something.

Thank you very much for all you do!

Night Life Vidz

Thank you. This is great for a dating offer I have.


WARNING! Quick Google search shows that Cindy Matches is not a real dating site but scam.. Be careful what you promote!

Lewis Green

Hi James, thanks for all your content! Quick Q- when you put the website as "" should you not put your affiliate link?


What is the problem if only just click that enters, whether from the offer link itself?

Jorge Gil

Hi James,

Thanks for your content is really good and enhancing. I have a question about this video. I tried to follow your steps but in Google Ads my ads were rejected for destination mismatch (I'm tracking with bemob), misrepresentation (use of the brand) and malicious or unwanted software (I don't know why)

I would like to know how you solved these rejection issues.

Thanks in advances,

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you are the pro <3

Rohan Bhandare

Bro cpa dating offer adword approved ?

Jorge Reyes

Hey James nice video! Do you think that promoting survey offer would be profitable with this method? for example inbox dollars or lifepoints?


This is awesome James! I will try google Display! Thank you for all step by step guide we need more videos like this ? ?

CPA affiliate

Bitte fügen Sie den Link für das Website-Design hinzu

the verified politics

Great Video!

Daily Coding

@James Hustle - CPA and Affiliate Marketing No! Google throws Destination MissMatch issue bcz of that affiliate link. Also no URL shortener!! :( Should we purchase a domain? Bcz if we use a free method like BlogSpot, WordPress or even Wix, clients/buyers may not show their interest. What to do in this case? Looking forward to your quick response!