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Geese Mating. (And Eggs..!)

Geese Mating. (And Eggs..!)28 Mar. 2017
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We would love to let the

We would love to let the geese sit on their eggs. For one thing, they’d do a much better job of incubating them than our dodgy incubator. But, sadly, we’ve had so many failures over the years we just can’t risk it any more. Dogs, foxes, rats and crows, all take the eggs or the young goslings, despite the geese – and us – doing our best to stop them.

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A gentleman doesn't squawk brother. Just saying.

Samer Bako

Hi Tim and Sandra what breed of goose are they


can you candle them to see if they are growing inside?

Joske Tobben

He looked very proud and satisfied, didn't he!

Asa Lowe

I am so excited! I can't wait to see what happens. I wish I could get a goose but not allowed. So I live vicariously through people like y'all That get to have geese. ❤️


I can't wait to to see the little goslings!


How many eggs were hatched in the incubator?

Candice Christensen

Will the goose not sit, hatch, and raise her own goslings?


Goose porn


"Goose Style"

Making It Through

In Ontario, Canada . . . I was watching a Canada goose couple on our neighbourhood pond yesterday. They were doing this ritual sipping dance out in the water. Then they mated, the poor female seemed to be submerged in the process. I hope she took a good breath before she went under! Anyway I think that is what was going on. It was fairly far away. Thanks for sharing a little bit of an Irish spring with us all.

oliver mansfield

20 second sex

Mike Jose

Do your geese ever get frustrated with your rummaging through their nests and build new ones?

Ruby Gray

And I thought this was a family show!!!


I didn't expect this at all


Some more goosey porn, please!


Those rabbits and daffodils make this video look like a shot from Teletubbies!

Valerie Beaver

do y'all have problems with mosquitoes? how do you handle it? we have them bad! why I cringe to have ducks/geese requiring water

OG Fight night

He looked proud that he lasted 3 seconds ha what a simp

tras h

why was this in my recommended

Kolya Clayton

I don't think I've ever been this early to one of your videos!

Ella Gibbs

Can you eat the goose eggs that aren't fertilised?

Mazhar Abbas Bukhari

I have geese too,watch their affection


We will cross our fingers and hope for the best!!

BlaK Swan

I've worked on a waste water plant for the last 13 years and the geese are everywhere. This is the 1st time I've ever seen geese mating. I actually looked it up because it's such a rare thing to see.


Didn't think I would find a video titled Geese Mating in my subscription box this morning. A little concerned of my maturity for laughing about it for so long...

Big Sad

Gimme those eggs I want omletes

ChoCho Productions

Why would u touch the egg the mom will abandon It because she smells the egg and knows someone touched it and the baby geese will die

Amarildo Kupi

Wonderful video . Just like my geese ! You are the best ! Please keep posting new videos with geese!!!

James Boyle

Will you let the goose clock on some eggs her self

Pauwer Woman

What a lovely happy film and a beautiful place for you and your geese to live ??

Lloyd Mullins

0:22 and doing yoga...


I dream of having such a farm, he could be very happy with one like this. I love this ?



Beth XX

Why can’t u let the goose clock her own eggs

dav snow

We had half a dozen similar-looking geese in Western Australia 30 years ago on our little property and we all loved them. They have beautiful soft warm necks that the kids enjoyed stroking, just like one does with a cat. They were our watchdogs and always warned us of unusual movements near our horses that they thought we should investigate. Thanks for reminding me of good memories.

Nijat Jane Korar

this video will get million of views

Jonathan Gonzalez

What type of geese are they? I have one

Jithu Kk

How amount

John Chikalimba

Oooo great to watch this video clip cause I am one of the geese farmer.

Jithu Kk

Pls contact nmbr

some random dude on the internet

I just liked the fact that another goose watched them do their "yoga"

Pretty Bird the Pet Goose

You've created yourself a little slice of paradise. Hopefully we can do that forourselves one day too!

Jamie Byrd

was that incubator a bought one or a homemade one? i love seeing what you guys are up to, and cant wait to see what you guys have coming next, especially after the few days of sunshine we got. great video :)

Leah 2604

Lovely thank you!

K.pamchingla Khangrah

I have a pair about 6 month now, just curious at what age do they start mating?

funny goose biting on his penis

funny goose biting on his penis4 Oct. 2016
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