How to speed up period to end

How To Deal With Prolonged Periods

How To Deal With Prolonged Periods1 Jan. 2020
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Prolonged periods is a

Prolonged periods is a common problem that a lot women face! Learn how to deal with it with a few tips!

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Comments (100)
Savage Suga

This is really helpful. Seeing other people smiling makes me smile throughout this hard time.

캩킫 Kitoo kido

I feel very bad with Pads?

Cyrill Sanidad

I just got my period today-

shia-mira ash

I can't take contraceptive pills also... becoz of my mood swings.... i am getting depression after taking this medicine for 3 days.. but i dont have over flow...

mumma slim comedy

It has been over 1 week now and still it won't stop I'm 13

salma salma

I hate it


I dont like being a girl.... but i dont hate myself neither

naomi oba's

about two months I have not see my period I'm not pregnant please what should I do


I have not got my periods from 2 months I am worried about it ??

Kiwi Vlogs

UGH i have a tournament this weekend and i was SOOO looking forward to it. Now its gonna be miserabel.

Amber Street

I've been on my period for almost 50 days. My doctor didn't help me at all, and told me to come back in a few months if I'm still on it.


I started my period last week and it’s still going on and it’s my first one idk why it’s so long ?

Benjamin Nyongesa

Lovely Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Yonlijah Seyatalie Release (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive guide for getting rid of uterine fibroids minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 after many years got cool results with it.

Ur mom

Hi this is my 7th day of my period and it seems to slow down but not too much. If this had happened to you please reply and tell me how long you had you period for once and if I'm going to die. I don't think it will be save to go to the doctor at these times but please reply if you can. :)

Narahari P

exercises is one of the best idea for prelonged bleeding .


I got my periods on NOV 1 and today is NOV 9.. I still have it.. it’s 8 days.. the blood flow is light but it’s kinda irritating having periods for more then my usual as I usually get periods only for 5 days,any ways to stop this?

Vruddhi Parab

I am so fed up...i get very very heavy bleeding continuously for 2 months and then no periods for next two months. Even the ultrasound is normal...its difficult to manage??

Anagha N.J

I started my period 9 days ago.And,8th day,it stopped.but,Today (9th day)it restarted.It's having covid always.I am scared to go to doctor.Hospital is really far and far away.what did I do?Is it normal because it is first time.?

Sumaira imtiaz

Hey. I am 29 years old and I am having continuous periods since June..

Rukhsar Siddiqui

All bloody restrictions, not wear what u want , not go out, not playing outdoor games, all these happens 4 a grl nd still I'm happy bt I can't tolerate this bloody cramps, I wanna be a boy or die

Majesty Ideas

I'm 14yrs old nd my periods are continuing over many days
Today's 15th day

princy mishra

hey glamrs can uh tell what shd we do in dis case ...m 28 yr old nd my period was right .but dis time my period has gone 10 12 days ago nd again it started 2 days ago nd dis time its flowing wid very little lititle amount not like dat ....what shd we do in dis case when it again started after 10 days of period wid little little amount

S T A N E XO & rEaD wAtTpAd

My period is already 13 days long and I'm starting to get very scared. It's not even that heavy.

It actually already stopped on the 15th. Now I'm expecting it again on the 30th.❤

Nanda Ballabh1970

I'm 14 and my periods are not lasting from 1 month

Lee Ray hyung

I feel embarrassed to ask my dad for pads and other stuff. The reason i ask my dad is because my mom left us but thank god that i have my friends who help me

Rupsa Mondal Mondal



Periods are an synonym to nightmares :))


I’m always bleeding, I hardly have a weeks break. I have normal period blood for about 10 days after that it’s continued spotting until my next period. What is this? How can I treat this? Please help if anyone knows anything about this condition, the continue bleeding is usually in jelly form, or like mucus it’s not runny like normal blood.

Moises Robles

I’m a boy?

Craft with Abhi & Adu

Hey team glamrs ... Can you please make a video on how to deal the periods if you are a sportsperson & use pads .
Especially how to prevent leaks because I play Karate and I have a white dress... And I can't quit my sports for this much long time

AR Aravindharaj

I got period my after two month... but it continues for more than 15 days.. it doesn't stop... will it stop normally..

banothu amulya

I have very less bleeding but it is staying for 1 months completely wat yo do

Tiawna Patey

I've had my period now for 10 days. I am on the depo-provera shot, and very rarely have mine. I'm worried ☹️

Faheem husain

I really like this video

deepika star

Can u pls suggest home remedy for prolonged periods its so stressfull

Micol Curiel

they last 3 weeks at a time and I honestly got lucky in June because it was 11 days and it can again so I’m hoping it less than 2 weeks

OBangTan ArmyO

I'm only 10 but I've had my period of a year now and this is very helpful

Victoria Gonzalez

I hate the menstrual cup, they get stuck ??


Hey can I ask your name
But sorry if it bothers ??

Rupsa Mondal Mondal


Chiara Casaccio

what if you have your period and you are twelve my friend got hers at nine

Triggerd MSP

Im litterally going to sleep on the toilet, i have none of this.

Anu Saxena

Hi have been spoting brown discharge for past 15 days though not very heavy also I had a miscarriage cleared by D and C around 3 months back I always had irregular periods. Please help what to do with this discharge
Also I cannot go to hospital due to covid thing and I am also new to this city please help me


I have period in 11 years old


What if you have a prolonged menstrual cycle but barely no flow? Also PMS lasting way longer than before...

sc motivation

Every period I think if I was a boy ???????

Katelyn Deblock

I got my period Tuesday and I want it to stop like ASAP please help

Arushi Dangi

I Just Love the way you Speak..❤..And Thanks For the Information Dear...✌✌

belles own world

Ok little thing over 13 well if I have a period younger am I qualified still? I JUST HAVE TOO MANY QUESTIONS

Konoe Miyazu

i hate being a girl :(((

iiWxnterPlayz YT

Why a girl?

Anusha Neymar

Plss help me


I got my periods 3 days ago
Still my bleeding hasn't stopped

Pls reply

Brittney Potter

I have the nexplanon implant and I’ve been on my period for about 2 months. It’s the same medium flow, just constant. I can’t go to the doctor so I’m just watching videos to try to figure this out......

Shreya Nandeshwar

My usual period span is 5 days ... But from last two months I got my period for more than 10 days ,... And it's not that heavy it is medium flow... But I m worried about it ... Can you help me about it

Bernice Goh

is it normal to have irregular periods during puberty because normally i have mine for 7 days but now it has been 2 weeks im scared

varsha bharti

Why am I getting periods again and again after washing hair......I washed my hair on fifth day so I got periods again ....then I washed hair on sixth day...again I have periods... and it continues till 10th day ....please reply if anyone knows about ....I need help


I had it in school and im only 9!! D:


Im under 13 but i really need it bc i hd it today

Remy N.

Peroxide is also good in a pinch to get rid of those spills and their is always a bottle in the bathroom. For large stains let the peroxide soak overnight and the stain will be gone in the morning.

ლFNaF _fanლ

Bruhhhhhh....I'm 10 and i have period because of puberty and i hate it

The world of Stars

I used to have prolonged periods now my good friend does and we are watching this together (i am sharing screen) she is saying this will help so i want to say thanks from my side and yours having periods for a year and one month...

「アシュ — イト」Ash Ito

Ahhh tysm! This will help me so much!

Prova's dream.

I am 13

Chey West

This is kinda embarrassing. Idk if anybody will reply but I need an answer bc idk when I should tell my mom. Today is 4 weeks since I’ve been on my period and it is still heavy/medium and I don’t know when it will stop. Should I be worried?

sophia easel

I was soo worried I won't be able to do yoga -_-" turns out I should

Sharmila Mahimkar

But I can have a doubt is 13 years old girls can use menstrual cup . Please reply Glamrs

Jenna Nash

I want to try cups but I bleed so heavy and pass many blood clots so I feel like cups wouldn’t work. I always have to use two overnight pads. I always leak. It’s annoying but I just deal with it.

Sonet Rege

I missed my period for 6 months. But there is nothing seen in my ultrasound. But the doctor says it is hormonal imbalance and now I am bleeding for 23 days. I feel anxious about this.

Lola Peddle

I’m planning on keeping my period secret when I get it but only from my family because I have 3 brothers 0 sisters 1 mom 1 dad

Gay Panic

This is perfect for me cause i just started mine!!

Aayushma Sapkota

Helped lot?❤️

Faheem husain


Samarpita Dhal

I am 13 and I it's my eight day and I did not skip any periods so it's it important to concern a doctor

Zeenia Saeed

Im 11 but i somehow have longer periods, about 8 to 12 days long, is that normal?

God Bless

God bless

Awrin Mohammed

I dont agree with the fact you have to be 13 to watch this people can get periods at a young age im 11 and its only my 2nd time but the menstral bleading is endless

Siri Sunkam

Hlo..what u kept...what are u saying...

Mae Macabacyao

More than a month bleeding here ?

Its Kailee

This is my 9th day having periods, last month it's just 4 day, and I'm really worried, pls reply


i am 12... and i've started my period.... this video helped me a lot ...but was just thinking about the disclaimer

miraculous Lucy

I'm a 13 yrs old girl and dim fat can't do exercise T-T

Jam Frias

Having my period for a month now! How to stop it?

Tn Pathak

Its my 6th day i don't know why usually my periods end in 4 th day and i am free 5th day. but now i just hate i am not bleeding in 5 day its 6th day again at afternoon my periods starts i just want to die????

Amy Vianney

I’m watching this and I’m not even in my period but I know it’s coming

shobha bai

Hi mam. Am 29 years old, we tried for second baby but got period after 35 days. But not stoppong from 15 days, but not more bleeding, little amount of bleeding. Wht i have to do pls reply me

Sidia Heath

I've been bleeding for over a month now..?

Liviya & Judi

I always get red discharge and a little blood whyyy...

Rachel Nelson

i've been on mine for a month and a week, and if that wasn't bad enough, i'm transmasculine, so dysphoria is killing me

gonna have to see the doctor abt it :(((((((

Sarina Fattahi

I've been on my period for over 6 months without stopping well I stopped for 2 weeks three times during this course and been back on for the rest

Aditi Jaiswal

My period started on 25th of april and today is 9th may....its been 15 day but it hasn't stopped yet.. The flow is still on
I am so tensed... Is it normal?? What should i do?

A. Mandakini S. M. MUNASINGHE

Dear I have period for 17 days now. Is it a serious medical condition?

Melissa OcanaXD

My period stops like for 9 months and then when it comes I get alot and alot of period blood sometimes I only get very a little of it like it would barely come out but most of the times I get alot of period blood it is sooo crazy??


people may have many kinds of wishes but all I want is normal menstrual cycle??

freedom Uk

Omg do u really know what heavy period and pain is

Ci Yasmeen

My period Are 2 weeks bleeding Now! IS IT NORMAL?

Sakshi Sondkar

Hey....di ......what do I do for very low bleeding..... I can't understand...... I am just depressed by this very low blood flow

just joshi

Can menstrual cup use by a 16 year girl, coz I'm 16 nd have very heavy bleeding(my mom scared of menstrual cup).... Please anyone tell me...

Surekha Katare

Mam mera peroid 25 din se aa ra hai band nii hua....mam please help me


But I have got my periods at 8 years old so should I watch this or not
And one more thing that your voice is so much soothing
Love you a lot??


i am 17 my periods where absolutely normal earlier but its first time they are lasting for 11 days they are light but how can i stop them ? is there any natural remedy for it ? or it will stop automatically and if yess how much time will it take please someone help me

Help Your PERIOD Come Faster with Reflexology! | Part 1

Help Your PERIOD Come Faster with Reflexology! | Part 120 Feb. 2019
653 572
Michelle RogersSubscribe 438 721

In today's video I talk

In today's video I talk about how you can make your periods come faster with a combination of hand reflexology, foot reflexology and a couple of other tips.

If you suffer with irregular periods/menstrual cycles due to hormonal imbalances such as PCOS or for other reasons, it can be frustrating when you don't know when your period will come. Especially if you are planning to go on holiday and don't want to be on your period!

The techniques I show in this video can help make your period come faster.

Listen to the following track whilst doing the Reflexology points:

Please let me know how this works for you and if you have any other tips to help!

DISCLAIMER: Reflexology is intended to help promote balance and harmony within the body. Reflexology does not claim to cure any disease, illness or condition. It should not be used in place of traditional medicine. All information and techniques are used at the individuals discretion and risk.

PERIOD PLAYLIST (All of my Period Videos) :) -

Comments (100)

ima do this cause my period late once again and im getting pre cramps and its annoying id rather have it on so i know but im gonna try this because it usually starts on the 23-26 ill update tmrw morning or when it comes on it 2:45 am right now

Currently 11am and it came on and now that’s it in I don’t want it to be ugh

Raheen 3636

I m so scared I m going to try this my periods r 2days late i wish this works??????

anila ben


Roegin Mae Escaner

I tried it this morning cause my period is late and hasn't come yet, I've done it for every 20 mins. every hour then this afternoon I'm so happy that it finally came

Cathy Tee

This method actually works! I got mine 1 day later I tried the method!

Tia May

I kid you not it worked! I’ve never had late periods apart from this month and I was 10 days late but had mild cramping the passed few days, I did the wrist exercises and felt more intense cramps shortly after and put a hot water bottle
On my lower stomach while I slept and got my period the next morning never been more happy to have a period but not happy about the cramps ?

Sriya Banerjee

Thank you so much ❤️ This works every time ❤️

phionah Namala

Hello everyone am here for the updates i carried out this three days back because i was sacred my p's was 1 week late and i had sex but thank you Lady and God i got my p's today

Raji Swaminathan

It really worked for me .. you should try this if only your periods are due but did not get even after 30 days .. this is for sure works and balance your hormones

Sakshi Gosavi

i hope it will work for me:(

rosie X

I’m having a massive pregnancy scare rn me and my boyfriend are freaking out. I normally do have a longer cycle but it’s normally around 30 days, but I’m on my 34th day rn... I have had ginger tea and some massage stuff but didn’t rlly work. I’m gonna try this and hope it works, PRAY TO GOD PLEASE PLEASE COME, DEAR PERIOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I WILL TREAT YOU WELL AND LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE HEART???

Jemy Ben

I didn't get my periods for last 4 months and I was so worried.
After doing this for 15 minutes, I got my periods the very next day.
This really works like a magic.

savitha bimalm

It really works. Thankss dr this superb idea.

Nivedhitha Thiagarajan

Believe me it works

Bengg Yebona

This works my goodness I was stressed out about late period. Got mine the next day after trying this.

Mekaila Poonsammy

I'm for sure gone try this out n I hope it works?

Neelam Mandowara

Let's do this. My periods usually come in 35 days. But its been 50 days now. I hope I'll get my periods after doing this...I'll update soon.

Leda Navarro

Y'all im watching this, im gonna update (edit this comment) if it work.

First day of trying:does not work

Emma Mccrea

There's no possibility I'm pregnant but my period is 4 days late but it's probably just irregular.

Jessa Christy Hedocil

let us see if this works. I'm 6 days late.

Violets Crazy World

Trying it so I will keep u guys updated!

Aradhana Yadav

I am 20 days late... Hope this works for me. Will surely update if it works or not.

Cristel joi Estolonio

i did this on saturday like for hours and until i woke up sunday i did this i got tired cuz im lazy but tuesday came boom period . ! but im checking on it maybe it could be just an implantation bleeding ??

Shreya Biswas

I was a week late and i was worrying about it.. So tried this reflexes n after few hours I got my period.. I have drink apple cider vinegar and ginger tea .. Both of the drinks help me a lot

Mekedes Heruye

It really work thanks

khrystal duarte

ou girl you need a pedi mama ;)

Thagnar Manjiri

I saw this video 3 days ago....
I practiced reflexology continuosly for 3 days and there came my period today.... It really works.... Gotta support this lady for such an useful knowledge... She deserves a lot❤️ Thank you Michelle ❤️?


Her: so another think to do is drink a lot of water...
Me:grabs my waterbottle and drinks like never before. ?

Adrija Paul PVM

Hey u! Scrolling down there!?? just wanna say IT DO WORKs?? I was,late by 18days...yesternight I did it for 7-8 mins, & today morning I got my period??....Thanks♥️♥️? love you!♥️♥️

Alica Dovalovská

did not worked for me :(

Kate Dungca

I wanna have my period. Hopefully it'll come. Will try this one later before goin to bed. Will post an update. I am almost 1 mnths late

Morium's world

Ma'am my age is 12 and in 2021 i turn to 13 but my period Isn't start? can I do this ma'am❤️

Sophia Ruaya

Veryyy effectiveee!!! Thankssss ❤

Yorleny Bello

I have not have gotten my piriod

Manpreet Jaura

Hello man...I have polycystic ovaries so my periods comes late every month this time 12 days are already gone i haven't got my periods please tell me solution for that.

karie _

I will try it and update tomorrow or whenever it come ?

Today is tomorrow and I still haven't got my period yet. But I do feel some slight cramps any once in a while.

(2nd day)

I feel more cramps today but still no period ?

(Day 3)

Finally have my period yehey but just a little. Barely even going to the pad tbh KSKSKS. I'll update tomorrow about it, thankful still ???

(Day 3 same day)

My period came and is normal :)

Sukriti Jamuar

Thanks a lot for this's really helpful for me?

Emaan fatima

Hi everyone! My periods are not late but have a family vacation on 9 and my due date is 8 . Don’t want periods on my vacation so trying this and today is my first time trying it and I’m feeling slightly cramps. Hope this works for me
Will update you guys

Aditi Salve

Did it work for anyone with PCOD?

Shobha Reddy

I swear to god... This really works..!!
I din get my periods for 2 months...!!
I did this part 1 and 2..mrng n night. Widin two days I got my periods..!
I'm so happy and I'm vry thankful for this video...!!

Jayashree Mandaokar

Thank you so much !!! It really helped me , I did this for 2 days and got my periods thank you so much!!!! Everyone this really works ?

Michelle Nyanjui

Im here to say that this video works I was 5 days late did the hand exercises yesterday and my period just came!

Christian Matos

Did NOT think this would work. Did it yesterday and got my period today even though I was due on the 31 on Jan ❤️❤️❤️

Ps my son changed my account name but yes I am a woman ???

poonam Gautam

thanku so much hope my periods comes regular always

Yaniee 227

I've never posted a comment in any videos here in Youtube.
But now here I am typing 'coz it really works. I did this in the morning then I got my period on the next day in the afternoon.
Just continue doing this for several minutes, and always pray that your period will come. Godbless! ❤

Veronika Janáčiková

My period was late for abt 2 months...i tried what u sugested and the next morning i got it, thank u!

Emily Buck

Omggg I did this for 2 days. morning and night, and my period came after a couple dayssss ahhhh I love you I love youuuu ? thank you so much beautiful!

Emma’s World

Doing this becuse I have blood in my urine and I don’t want to have an infection so let’s hope

Loey Park

I am 8 days late and I am so scared rn and having an anxiety thinking that I am pregnant. Praying that this will work ???

afreen begum

Yes thanks mam it really works last night I tried and morning I got the result


Trying this today, haven't gotten periods for past 1 month, I am 15 years old. Wil update..

Update- Got it withing 2 days..
Thanks to you

Roop K

I think it works I got my period on 3rd day


Thank you for sharing this video. It really helps me a lot. I got my period today. ????

Kainat Khalid

it really works i tried it and after 2nd day night i got periods??


I just did this last night and then got my period this morning! WOW! Thank you so much ❤️ I was 14 days late btw

Danielle Riggs

YALL THIS IS A HOLY GRAIL? i was having a TERRIBLE pregnancy scare because i was 3 days late, i’m never that late so i tried everything until i found this miraculous video. let me tell you i was just doing this for 10 MINUTES!!! and bam my period really said hey ? bitch u thought ?

I also drank lots of vitamin c & ginger tea so maybe that helped too! THANK U SO MUCH?? i am manifesting that u will all get ur periods ?


I haven’t got my period yet so I will update:
Today: I have had some cramps

Courtney Collins

OMG this really works. I was worrying because I am a day late for my period then I stumbled upon this video yesterday around 6pm and started doing this for 20 minutes altho im bit skeptical it will worked but I still gave a shot then the next day around 10 am I had my period. I also take 1000mg of vitamin C for 2 days and I drink a lot of water throughout the day

I hope this will also works for you all ♥

Roshani Singh

It's miracle I got my periods as soon as I did it

Perry Winkle

Knowledge is power ladies, and so is reflexology!

Aria Milk

1:57 start

Gunveen Kaur 9012

I m so worried about late periods...could u tell me what should i do?


I'm really fucking scared I've done this since yesterday along with drinking high doses of ginger tea and vitamin c. Taking a hot bath on top of that. Theres no way I can be pregnant but I am so scared, I've done this since yesterday and still no period. I prayed to god today that I will get it TODAY, I hope this works I will update if it does. I really envy you guys that got it within hours or minutes.

Juliana Delgado

My period is a little late and I don’t want nothing to be wrong with me and I’m not pregnant so I’ll tell y’all soon if it works

Jasmine Richards

Me doing this so I can start the pill

Srishti Majumder

Ok so I never comment on videos but I had to today. This technique is magical. My exam date is near and it is a very important exam so I wanted to get my period asap. And I landed on this video last night and did it for 15mins before sleeping and boom. Woke up in the morning and got my period. Thank you so much for this video. It is magical and it really works guys :)

AJ Manuel

I didn't have my period for 2 months and then I found this. I read similar comments saying this is very effective, so I tried it myself. And after 2 days, I got my period. This video's very helpful ❤️

V i b e C L U B

My period is 1 day let and I have a hotel party to go to and I really wanna go swimming! I’ll keep you all updated

Tiffany Dsouza

Just don't want to be bleeding on my wedding day. Trying it out.. let's see the magic work

Jocie M.

Umm I have not started my period yet and I will come back when it does

bruh Ellis

Does this work for the first time?

That one Big simp


Muskaan Shaikh

It's been two days I m trying this out
It hasn't worked yet
I m 3 months late and a virgin but mind be like you are pregnant

I'll keep you guys updated

prajeesha umesh

Thank u so much mam.. It's really effective, which helped me a lot..

bangbam 0_0

Mine was late for 5 months ☠️?

Dipti Chauhan

I haven't had a period for 3 months. Will these tips work ??

pinky min

Everyone:Let's pray that I'm not pregnant ???
Me:Doing it because my birthday is literally next week let's pray that I don't get it on the 9th Feb cause my birthday is on the 12 I just 4 days of period thats why???


i need mine to come before my bf comes over next week ?‍♀️

Sara Bajgoric

I hope this works for me
I have to get it this week ?

Please enter name !!!!!

I just want it to come for I can go swimming without tampon !

Aradhana Yadav

This doesn't work for me.

Sumitra Behera

This actually works!!! Thanks a ton ?

Shruti Salve

I have started doing this today let's see . I really hope this works, m so nervous I'll update tomorrow to you guys ?


I really don’t know if this thing works for me. I was 8 days late and it scared the hell out of me. I was scared that maybe im pregnant. But guess what? I sneeze and my period just got started. I tried doing this with drinking vit c. I ate ripe papaya. I also tried ginger tea. And lastly i prayed a lot. Hope u all get the test u wanted. Either positive or negative

Apoorva Tagaray

Let's just support her??

Nitya Soni

Omggg!! It works!

Caroline Strigl

I’m literally 18 days late ? Still a virgin, so no pregnancy scare ?? Anyways, I’ll update when I get it

Edit: OMFGGG IT WORKED! It’s less than a day later, and I just started
For anyone wondering: I only did it on my wrists, not my feet, I did it about 15 times total; while watching TV, reading, or on Zoom!

Another edit: I don’t think it will work for people who have never had a period before, I’m pretty sure this is better working if you already have a cycle ?

family vs fun

i need mine

Kirsten Atieno

Is it possible to be one month late?

Ara Goldamir Singson

I am currently 3 days late
I am claiming that I will have my period today!!?????

Akshita Thakur

I'm so scared my periods are 2days late tried it yesterday in the evening but nothing happened still waiting.
Will update you guys

Rupali Gengaje

I didn't get my periods from last 5 months..? I hope May be it will work for me ?

Dambuand panat

Hi guys im from philippines im taking birthcontrol pills and my period was delayed for almost 2 months
I am so afraid thinking that i may have problems in my ovary and then i saw this video
I did this for 5 days morning afternoon and before i sleep ,i also drink ginger tea and do spot jogging but since i am heavy i can only do 3 min.?
On the 6th day when i wake up my period came
It works for me thank you very much michelle
Now i will try the reflexology in losing weight thank you again????

Gurleen Kaur

Last month I got periods 1st january my cycle was running properly but today is 30th january i have no periods I'm so worried bc next week is my marriage

The Sophinator

Is it safe

Khushi Chauhan

Ok guys so please ans me, if you're pregnant and do these exercise thousand of time, u don't get period na? Please ans me


Me a day late (I think) and I’m freaking out

demy vdr

My period was 7 days late, so i was kinda in a pregnancy scare. I found this video yesterday and i got my period today!! This really helps, thank you :)

Sanjana Acharya

My periods were delayed from one year so I tried it yesterday at the night I was so happy because I had my periods today at afternoon thank u so much . Love you !!!??❤❤❤❤

Kata Muik

i think i have to comment something or it’s not gonna work
im 6 days late btw

5 Ways To Make Your PERIOD Come Faster!!!

5 Ways To Make Your PERIOD Come Faster!!!8 Mar. 2016
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5 ways to make your

5 ways to make your period come faster! How to get your period faster was the most requested so here it is! Hope you guys like this vid on how to make your period come faster! PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 300K SUBS: ♥ PERIOD PLAYLIST (All of my Period Videos): Thumbs up for more videos on getting your period for the first time, how to make your period lighter, how to make your period end faster, Period life hacks, Period hacks for girls, & period life hacks for school!

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Comments (100)
Tulip 337

I want to start now cause then text mom hey this this and then all good stuff after that

Oren Guary

Me im 10 i hope it works

Leona Saipi

I dont


Bro I’m just here because my period is almost 2 weeks late and I’m 15 and have had it for 4 yrs

Laylah Athalone

Parriott economy nine years old and I don’t know when it’s gonna come

Leah Playz TOO


Caitlin Bellemey

I want my period so baddddd

Yorleny Bello

I want to get my period


Anyone here in 2020? No just me? Ok

Angeline Moss

Can ur period skip sometimes to?

A Donais

I'm 11 and my mom thinks ima get it when I'm 12, I know all about periods and it doesnt sound to to bad. I feel sometimes I wanna have it so I can be apart of it. Anyone with me? Anyone feel they wanna get it to feel like ur not the only person who hasn't got it yet?

Royal Riley シ

Is it just me or does she remind me of the NERP owner that haley works for (forgot her name) from Modern family-

Like her voice ✨

Marli Reynolds

I’m allergic to most of the things she said ??

Chelsea Joseph

My period is every 21 days

Mica Cablay

Who's here because in just 2 days going to a pool party..

Naa Dede

Can it make ur first period come faster

sheila c


QueenAB Gaming

It doesnt work??

Potato Planet

I watched this video becuase my friends have their period and I don't have mine, I drank some pinnapple juice like she said, then I finished it after that I feel a little weird down there and I was like :OH GOD I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!: I checked and I was fine phew

Honey Bunny

I’m here for one reason and one reason only... I get cramps every month but no blood soo yeah...

Tanisha Morales

I'm 9 years old and I want to get my period now at school

Delisa Valving

Is it ok for your period to be late when you just got it...??


I need a period like I’m having the symptoms and it’s not happening

Helena Strickland

Im actually gonna supposed to get it on christmas eve and i fr dont want it for christmas ??

Angeline Moss

Ik my period is coming but I don't not have last month

Tammy Hardy


Lillian Hurst

it works i starded be carful girls the cramps hurt

Aiyana Smith

I already have my period but I'm still watching this lmao

Desiree Miramontes

Here for Christmas

Parker Aronson

does PEACH or CRANBERRY juice work?


Thank you I love your types I don’t have my period yet but those are good tips.

Zara Mendes

When I was younger I wanted it so bad!!
Now don’t want it for the second time??

Donna Hall

Bruh I love you so much

Ava Brown

This might sound weird but I’m a girly girl and I have a lot of hair on my legs and I want to shave and my mom said when I start my period I can shave haha


Me to

Susan McNamara

I am the last to get my period I want it so bad

Rosy Lanky

Can this be for first periods?

Princess A

whos here in 2021

Frankie H

I love Marissa. She is very kind and does period vids I’m at the age for it I haven’t got it yet

Autumn Teddy Bear

I want my first period to come, I k ow it will suck, but I’m ready ( mostly thanks to you)

Jennifer Terrell

Can I take a hot rag and put it on my lower stomach for 30+ min each night to help my period come ?

Looking for Ibf

I’m here because My period coming and I don’t want have it in Christmas


Where’s the “5 ways to make your PERIOD come slower!!!”?

Ilinca Diana

Am I the only one who wants their first period faster just because my friends have it and they are treating me like a baby just because I don't have it...?

Sadaayah Brown

I will update you guys this is day one I drank a kiwi drink from Starbucks and ate some carrots I had cramps yay

Queen Billionaire

Please please can anyone come back and let us know if it worked for the?

Jonathan Crocker

she is pretty

Khanya Mhatu

Late bloomers hi

Angeline Moss

Do fruits make ur period coming faster


Mango juice anybody?

Cutefruitx _x

Ok who is the only one that wants there period but your like 9 or 10 and you trying to get your period but you kind of little

LeAnn Aspinall

2021 anyone?

Haleigh Smith

I just want to get it over with

Gracie Head

I’m here like 2 weeks before vacation and my period is supposed to start the day I leave. I hate being a woman.


Umm this is on my for you page @yas

Griffindork S


Mixed Clay

Not so sure but a few days after drinking mango juice my period come, yesterday already end :D

Ana Bojórquez

I'm here bc I'm getting my period late and I'm stresseddd and I haven't told anyoneee

chixm3n bugs

Who else wants ther period but hasnt got it yet their FIRST period

Syd’s Reborns and ASMR

I have PE class and I’m on my period it’s in 2 days so I think it’s too late :(

Shayla Eatmon

How about apple juice?? Does that make ur period come faster?

Mariah Rodriguez

Can u use green tee

Haleema Kawu

My best friend got her first period yesterday and am 2 weeks older that’s literally why am here?????


I love Matcha tea
And plain black tea

Holly Bear

Ok I know this is weird but of else is sitting on the toilet and watching this hopping for something

I'm a Person

I have really bad anxiety symptoms with health and rn my brains telling me I’m infertile and I have cancer down there so I’m trying to make my period come faster so I can feel relieved

Kayla Gray

I want mines before Christmas because i am meant to have it during Christmas and New Years


To anyone who wanna have there period faster, just wanna Say..enjoy being Free. When you get Your period Its me

Bulldogs 246810

Me and all my six friends watching this video so we don’t get our periods at camp: ???


If there's a boy here, what are you doing?

Comfy Monday

Im going to try this

Cora's Creations

Who is her to try and get there first period because thay feel left out....just me

Lilly Waters

Me: watching this so I can not do theses stuff


I don’t know why I’m whatching this because I’m 7 years old

TrendyTV NetflixDisney

Can anyone tell me if this works cause I wanna get mine during quarantine NOT in school

Rheanna Samuels

I’m due on my period tomorrow and it’s my first day of collage, I’m really not trying to bleed on my self the first dsy

Eliana Harding

1st one is good for me As my mom keeps Pineapple and orange juice in our fridge! Anyone else here desperately want their period to show off to the other girls in school xD



Helena strickland

im actually about to cry...i don’t want it for Christmas last year i had my period for Christmas and it wasnt fun whatsoever..i was so uncomfortable and i was in such a bad mood ??

Say something aldc’s Biggest fan

I don't want mine over Christmas! im 3 weeks late tho :(

randomness tv

If it hasn't started yet how to make it come faster

Janoy 21


Averie Stephan

Has it worked for anyone

potato_owo_queen_ _

I’m always in cold

Alley R

Me and my dog got our period the same week? I got mine like 3 days later??

Ernie Says

Updating everyday till my period comes.
January 18th 2021: nope

heaven haylemariam

i like ur veideos


My friend hade her period in Florida ??

farida hashim

Help i drinked ganger and cinemen
And original ganger
And hot things
Im 13 and i dind, t get it plz help me my freinds are laughing on me plsss i wanna get it plss help in comments ?????plz help me i need your help ❤️???

The life of Bella

Me girl duh

Jaeci Hall

I'm trying to get it now so I don't have to get it on my birthday

Alanna Ward

It's not working and my sister just got hers 20 20 her

NamfonRose Lindgren

Who is watching at 12-14 years old and you haven't got it yet? Not even your First time?

molly yucupicio

I remember when I was 8 I searched this I just wanted it so bad, now I don’t even want it I just want it to go away it feels like someone’s stabbing my stomach



My EXO's Eri

I am watching this to postpone my period by not doing what she said


Me: Hmmm look in fridge** OMG WE HAVE ORANGE JUICE also me: hates orange juice ???


I got my first period when I was 7 or 8. Is this bad?

Ruby Rat

Does this work to get your first period?

Re Re

Thank you