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Is Durex's "Fundawear" the FUTURE OF FOREPLAY? NSFW!

Is Durex's "Fundawear" the FUTURE OF FOREPLAY? NSFW!26 Apr. 2013
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Condom manufacturer Durex

Condom manufacturer Durex have developed Fundawear, a high-tech vibrating underwear that stimulates at the touch of a button, meaning long-distance relationships have never been easier (or more fun). Tweet:

Would you use Fundawear? Can you see something like this being the future of sex online? Let us know what you think!

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Chelsey is so annoying please get rid of her


That's ok. There's too many people on earth anyway.


That really isn't your business is it? You wouldn't go telling that to a person that you don't really know.


I dont ´´follow´´ ppl.. I have things to do:) no offence:D


Haha, I like Chelsea, she's like comedic relief. But, when you think about, she does have a good point. Calm yourselves, don't put so much on the style she expresses those ideas.


OMG! My girlfriend is at home whilst I at work, I'd bet you if I wore this 80% of the night she would be playing with the app lol

Rose Holder

Hahaha oh my god as an Australian I literally almost peed myself laughing when they tried to do the accent and mentioned boomerangs. Like seriously people, unless you buy one on seventh grade camp to Canberra no one owns a bloody boomerang!

timor musik

Wow boyka


Chelsea gets paid for this shit?

Andrew D

Hahahaha man i just realized that is still Chelsea in the middle. No wonder i was like she is acting weird bla bla. Seriously why do you keep her around. She is kinda a moody contrarian. I watched a lil more of the vid...... shes an IIIIIDDDDDIIIIOOOOTTT

Lunar Brain

I'm sorry did you just compliment Chelsea? You must be new here.

Tyler Trent

No... NO!  YOu are SO wrong it's damaging to my health!  This does NOT bring people CLOSER WHAT THE FUCK CONTRIDCTION omfg... anyways... this will help separate mankind even further than family & friends.


Foreplay leads to f*ckin. Duh. Bad idea for long distance bc theyll just get really yurned on for nothing! Or theyll end up cheating like everyone does nowadays anyway

Gabriela Gagnier

Hahaha--Your mind. :)

Hal Howard

the site at the end of the durexperiment ad is durexperiment. com .au


It would definitely result in a charge of some sort.


Why did you write it then, if you feel bad about her seeing it? You should have thought about that first before being nasty.




Fucking assholes making fun of Australians :/


I still prefer Chelsea over Lisa.

Mathew Jorgensen

i can see some crazy games at parties spawning from this.


Wow, there was no need for such a rude and condescending reply. I was only asking. I wasn't trying to be mean, or "nitpicking" I was simply wondering why some sentences were spaced, and some weren't. No offence was mean't to be created. Also, I don't need to worry about other people to feel smart, my grades speak for themselves on that department, just for your information. Far out, next time I want to ask someone something, I'll make sure it's not you.


this is creepy

No life loser who spends huge amounts of his time posting comments on YouTube

I bet that dude got a boner when he touched Chelsea's shoulder. I would love to see Chelsea and Ana hook up. I'm not always a perv by the way...well. 

Kara Jayne

I'mm gonna go get a booomarang! Haha, you guys... 


Anyone else google the 5 points of contact after this?


Demolitionman isn't far away...


Where do you get these!?!?!?

Ian Tester

The people in video did sound Australian.


why is everyone here picking on poeple... Bro, just go pick on yourself..

Lucy Sanchez

Chelsea has alot of growing too do ..maturity wise


Durex's " Fundawear " caused the extinction of the human race remember the virtual sex scene with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man. Yeah That.

Dub Crep

this is a joke i think, soon, we'll all socialize over the net, work over the net, conversate  over the net, human interaction is getting less and less, were kinda disconnecting our selfs from each other, if ur other half wants to get pleased and u aint there, she can finger herself or use a vibrator, i couldnt be on the end of a camera holding my fone  pressing buttons watching my girl get aroused, it'll make me feel like a fuckin idiot, 




Hilarious. I know one of the guys in the vid. It doesn't surprise me at all that he's working on this haha

I Samoe I

If you kidnap a hooker is it kidnapping or shoplifting?

Danielle Thomas

Haha, by the way, those Australian accents at the end, sounded like English accents...

that guy Last

I can see this being used at public events, formal dinner stuff like that lol


she's one of the most ignorant people i know.


the fuck


all of them


The person on the right?

Jai Grant

Can we never have this Chelsey girl on the show again, she's crude, unintelligent and ridiculous.


Geez! I love her long, white legs!

Devil's Advocate

American guy, English accent talking about Australians.

Tyler Trent

Oh... my... fucking... God!  The world will end... sooner than expected.


I can't really bear any of them except John, but yes, she's really terrible. Very pretty, which is a good thing for her, all things considered, but not talk show material. I really wanted to find more tyt related material to watch, but anything featuring these three panelists will have to go into the 'No' column.

Kyra Davis

This is so stupid. --_--


Well, now I remember why I don't watch any of the TYT spin off shit


anyone mention the iTouchU pun yet?


machine washable ???

ieva benedikaite

XD id tickle my brother to death with this :3

Ryan Cooper

Im in a long distance relationship and honestly this seems really weird. Also, there is no replacement for actual contact. Nothing is more arousing than actually being there with the person.


what if someone managed to hack into it?

Diz Ynf

I'm in a long-distance relationship.... Can we? Lol.


You wouldn't necessarily have to be long distance... You could use it when you're out together




Australian isn't a race, he's a comedian - it was a joke. Stop being so butthurt.


Terrible cockney accent Brett!


Good, hopefully others do not get a rude comment when you ask and you only are saying that because you did not expect someone to bite back at your rude comment. Any who, do not get your feelings hurt, just know that if you want someone to be nice, you be nice yourself, Have a good day, chau bela!


that is obvious with this face:D(u asked for it).)

Icy Spicy

τηατ Ψηελσευ Βεχ ψηιψκ ις α βιτψη

Porn Show

That would be a amazing prank on someone

Andrew D

very well done sir, i take my hat off to you


Don't see this working for men


Because that would stop us guys.


It's called a vulva.


No, very much Australian. Source: I'm Australian.


1:30 chelseas totally zoning out

Elisabeth Fröberg

chelsey is such a bitch


Question: Why does she NEED to be mature?




What a fail Aussie accent. Like seriously, we don't sound British...

Chelsey B

it's okay. she has a lot of learning to do ..grammar wise. ;)

Bella H.C.

We so don't sound like that


One, why are you even taking the time to look at how someone else is typing, two, why does it even matter how a person is typing, as long as the point is across, and three, to answer your not quite thought out question, to get my full point across I needed more than 500 characters, hence the reason why I capitalized the words that I had to stick together, so people can see a space between the words, to understand.

carson ludt

Nat J

I can't wait for people to start hacking this.

Darth Zed

there's an app for that...

Jessica Herrera

I love the durex fudawear I would u se. Bit every time I have the chance to


"I'm gonna go get a boomerang!"


wow! that last part was so racist. Way to show love for your Australian viewers.


The girl in the vid within this vid has a nice bod


brett is hilarious


...because Australian is a race. Was it racist against women as well?

Niall Mc Shane

Lmao you could have it like guitar hero if you put a tutorial. Red. Blue. Green x5!!


chelsea is so fucking annoying omg




Fuck no, she's hawt. The other girl isn't half as funny/interesting :).


If someone hacks your fundawear does that count as rape?

Muhammad Ali

the girl in the black and blue is stupid af and chelsey needs to get fired.


wow, very cool!

SkrrT MasterZ Gathering

brett, that guy to the far left: you sir, are my hero haha


I think its going to be crap, but worth supporting so the tech can advance.

Andrew D

within 1:46 you can see the one in the middle of the couch is full of shit, her body language and way she is reacting to people sharing their opinions is pretty clear.


Maybe you should go read a book, or learn something new, that way you can make yourself feel better, instead of nitpicking other people to make yourself feel better, or smarter. Focus on yourself and stop worry about what other people are doing. ^.~


I love Chelsey Bex style. She's pretty sexy!

Nicole Bigford

I think this would be much better used as foreplay on a date. You know your out to dinner or movie, ect and he can start the vibe at anytime. Illicit and sexy before you head home. I can't imagine this alone will get someone off, but since girls on average take twenty minutes to warm up this could be a good starter before you get home and want the real stuff to start.


no man STD's would be all through the office if that happened.


Who would press charges?


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Great video guys

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