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Helix Studios Presents Alex Riley

Helix Studios Presents Alex Riley18 Nov. 2019
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For his "Introduction"

For his "Introduction" scene, gay male model Alex Riley was interviewed by Jacob Hansen.

Presented by Helix Studios

Comments (29)
Amanda Payne

Doesn't Alex Riley look like Louis Tomlinson?

Carlos Eduardo


James Archie98

Ngl Alex getting his feet tickled was the most sexual thing I’ve ever seen.

Jair Junior

Nossa sao lindos. Love

Versace Florin

Alex. & Jacob sunteti f.faini.
Va mai vreau !!!!

Shane Geczik

fake alex riley he wasnt called a-ry once

Dakota Winchester

Alex is so cute.

EgnoLoona LOONA


Frank piknimena II

This is the new generation, whether were used to it or not, these people it's almost always about them, yikes

Jess star

Wait , did he ask if he was straight. Jacob if he was straight he wouldn’t be there . But still love you both .

Mukund Sontakkr



Helix my favorite channel

Envoy of Anguish Blade Lord

Those brats that attacked his lil brother are so gonna get their own wreckening in due time.
Alex has a nice deep voice and could so play the protagonist in a movie or show with his hot little self.

Chris P. Bacon

I don't like being choked but everything else sounds hot!

Rio Adhyatama

I like luke wilder ??
Dimana sekarang Luke Wilder ❤??

Karl Purvis

This is so awkward.....cringe


His deep voice kind of resemble to Sean Ford voice....and both are hot ??


Alex is a damn stud.

Joshua Jesse Chetty

Awesome.He is a cool guy.I spoke to him a few times.He gave me some advise when it came to wrestling.

mikey John

Alex knows how to fuck he is amazing

Diego Kyler

@Helix Studios TV where can we get that Velo movie or Watch it at?

mike sharkey

he isn't interested in a femboy

Alaa Md

احلي اليكس

Momma Beast

My baby Alex ?

Catspiracy Theorist

The dude on the left definitely would go for the delicate fem twinks.

M Johnson

Texas does have some decent beaches - Port Aransas / Mustang Island and South Padre.

John Harper

Alex is so damn fine. I want him for at least fifteen minutes.

Eric Matthews

this is a great (support system). Alex I'm proud you told your sexual interest and fantasies to the world. It puts others at ease and makes them realize they aren't alone.

James Davis

Helix: you are my favorite

Helix Studios Presents Kane Fox

Helix Studios Presents Kane Fox23 Nov. 2020
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For his "Introduction"

For his "Introduction" scene, gay male model Kane Fox was interviewed by Jacob Hansen.

Presented by Helix Studios

Comments (20)
Nancy Borden

A little shy, makes him so cute.

Trippy Trellis

This interview was absolutely rotten.?


Here I’m ugly lol. Ugh

Brandella Chong


c s

still shook y’all made it to my tiktok fyp

Joaomello Valdomiro

Hi love


Hello Kane! Lol. We,come sexy

Gatos Gamatos

Love you jacob ?????????????????????????

Craig Moir


Chris P. Bacon

Welcome, Kane. Congrats for making it. I'm very capable of bottoming. lol

Eric Matthews

thats really hot you wore dress clothes to your job. They can discomforting and irritating. Hopefully your bf can undress you and comfort you after a long day!

Joe Bennett

The guy on the left is cute




They are good looking


Please tell me Kane play League of Legends

Pierren Clarissa

Yoo welcome cuties

Ivanildo Bezerra De França


Anjo Sayong

I like Kane fox

Purple Fuzzy

Very handsome

George Toomey

It's very good to get to know. I wish all the best Kane. Fox. The interviewer is cute.

#Helix: Evan Parker, Finn Carson and Tyler Hill

#Helix: Evan Parker, Finn Carson and Tyler Hill31 Aug. 2017
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We asked our friends from

We asked our friends from Twitter what they wanted to know about Evan Parker (left), Finn Carson (center) and Tyler Hill (right). Here are their questions:

Presented by Helix Studios


I'd like to know Evan's workout regimen, how Tyler keeps his butt so shiny and Finn's hair secrets?

Blake Mitchell

What made Finn want to be a model?


Will we ever see Evan bottom on camera again?


What are your day jobs/school etc.?


How many times a week (or day) do you guys jack-off?


What's the most beautiful thing that ever happened in your life?


What's on repeat on your iPod?


What are the favorite scenes you have done?


Question just for Finn: Have you ever bottomed before?


What's it like to work in the porn industry?

Tom Dillon

Will we see Finn as a bottom?


Who's the hairiest without any manscaping?


What's your favorite movie?


Would Tyler describe himself as the Ham or the Turkey in today's sandwich? ?


Finn do you like filming threesome scenes when two members are boyfriends? Is it ever awkward?


For all three guys: If I came to your house for dinner, what would you cook for me?


What's your perfect "pantydropper" of a date?


Who would Finn want to do a scene with next?

Hue Anh

What's the MOST NAUGHTY thing Evan has done for you Tyler? :3 love you guys


Are Evan and Tyler going to get married?


Who owns the most sex toys?


Do you guys have any pre-scene routines or rituals you like to do before shooting?

Comments (79)
π arch

Wats rong in been 40 look 33

π arch

U have baba

π arch

U were a a white box in airline

π arch

Kiwi orange in water entrance

Catspiracy Theorist

Its so easy to crush on Evan cuz he is dam cuddly n has a nice personality.

Loana Kh



they r so cute would love to give all 3 a spanking-- stingers on bum bum.

metris pradinta

Vidionya dimainkan lagi plis dong..

metris pradinta

Vidio ya dimakan lagi plus dong..

Tom Gray

They are so down to earth, love to meet them some day just to say hello. Evan, I'm from Ohio. :)

π arch

Varicella vacun

π arch

How is hgay

Brabus 32

Evan Parker is such a cutie ????

π arch

Or rigid escoliosis

π arch

20 box really

Pier Gaastra

Cute to know what it takes to get laid.

π arch

How is beer going



dbheisenberg 666

I'm a bit late, but Evan Parker reminds me of a young Bryan Cranston.

π arch

The female chaing the surname

Macky Mcdon

I am a big fan of tyler and evan. I really like the way evan look at tyler the wholetime.. He is proud boyfriend.

Sebas Dextre

I want a job interview, where do I sign up???

Lego Vende

Is Finn still in the industry? ?? .. I wanna see more of his scenes ❤

π arch

Well can u redo ur body by q44


Who the fuck trims their LEGS? Trimming pubes is bad enough, but that is just ridiculous!!!!!



π arch

In the sawer



π arch

How old is to me

Elle Joseph

How can you join

Raymond Kaminari

The Porn Stars Can Cook. Also, My Favorite Model Used To Be Angel. But, Now I Think It's Finn.

Archie Comics

I love tyler hill

π arch

Wats a real wear bleed

Cameron Williams

Evan has an amazing voice. He should do narration work

π arch

Is it there

darna boss chic

So evan and Tyler are dating a www ?? so cute

Antonio Cox


Cida Queiroz

Amo evan e tyler.

Вадим Маракулин

Привет! Приятно видеть таких красив юношей.

π arch

Laureano make me sad

Sam Hernandez


π arch

Why some guys look older jonger pp


Love you guys. The Madonna poster behind you. ??

π arch

A dog vacun u wen to the bet and u fall

Edward Wiseley

I love watching these guys

Andrew Sage

How old is evan parker now ??


Love when Tyler points out that he and Evan are a couple I could watch that over and over

π arch

How is too good to say I'm fron caregdge


I watched this for Evan, but totally love Finn's accent!

I see Jewelz

Wow they look excited

π arch

How is the naked statu

Evan Bastian

just a reminder... this is porn... just sayin ?????

Jaden Khor

anyone else think evan looks like connor franta?

crowe bobby

Would never in a million years have thought you guys would be porn actors. I'm old and have been "around" for over 60 years, including working as a call boy for a short time, but in the past no one as clean-cut, ordinary and non-street looking would have ever gotten involved in anything to do with porn. (I don't mean ordinary looking; you're all very attractive.)

π arch

It was so ocuard u turn me on as baby



Khan Khan

Good luck for Helix studios & it's bright future.

Ban Kinh te VOH

I love Evan and Tyler very much

Aurelien Vigeant

French Subtile please


Has Even left helixstudios?

π arch

How is Bosnia

Manuel Amezcua


Felipe Gomes

I miss Finn Carson

π arch

Can y become a president by sending hand lettet

ramon van der woude

i love Tylers smile

π arch

The TV was a bit weard Luis a

Miika Mäki

Finn looks cute until he took his shirt off. Now i know why he’s top ?

Md Manza


Jerick Vazquez

Needs more helixstudios stuff

Andrew Sage

And how long was he in helix academy

Emma Ison

When Evan said he didn’t really like the movie click I got happy bc that’s my least favorite movie with Adam Sandler in it

Princess Lollypop

Are Evan and Tyler still together?

Derek Williams

Lovely interview, great to see these actors totally at ease with themselves and this medium. Utterly different from my experience as a kid back in the 1960s-70s. How times have changed for the better.

Angie Cuveele



Kwstas argos


Makador Madar

helix please do more of these

π arch

The red wat

π arch

Why u scape of a home I made more money wen

Asim Chattha