Fun places to have sex

The BEST Places to Get It On

The BEST Places to Get It On27 Jun. 2016
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When it comes to sex,

When it comes to sex, it’s all about location, location, location. Find out where Tamera would love to “travel,” during this juicy Girl Chat moment.

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Ajok Neya

They are so amazing ?


Eww someone else has to clean the hotel

Michelle K

Loni!!!! ?


Am a v so lol


Tamara you are gonna slip off hahahaha


I love Loni hahahah

Eleanor Miller

These girls had me laaaaughing at the end there. They're reactions were so good

Joseph Lenehan

Jose and toady ???

Alex Ibarra

Adrienne can get it all...

Christina Mary

1:21 my boy had to breathe there ??

girl in blue

Loni is like your older sister that's probably thinking "and here I was thinking I needed to guide you and now I'm feeling like a prude."


I’m gonna burn even hotter for this...a church-idk about y’all but pastors be getting younger these days, nice cars and single

Yoli Triviz

I agree with tamera?. That's been a fantasy for me forever, but none of the guys I've been with have ever gone for it?‍♀️?

Hard knocks Montage

Random bar, in the bathroom, on the toilet, with her riding cowgirl. The best.

lovelyleighquol love

I knew jeanie was a damn freak lol


freaky asians!


coach billy from all american

kaiineldie x

Billy Baker✌?❤️

David T

Is that the guy from all American

Miriam Atieno

Jeanies reaction is just a whole mood

john needy

Like the RV✌

Noena Bici

adam meanwhile taking notes

shamim kagere

My Tamera!!!! Will miss her!!!!!!!!!

Cam One

Sanaa Lathan's Apartment by the bookshelf :D

Kaleeb Blake


Alyssa Britz

Me sitting here and correcting Adrienne on her terms, if that doesn't tell a person how freaky you are I don't know what is?? Jeannie is a exobitionist,the people who enjoy watching are voyeurs?

Rachel Felix

Damn Tamara ? and Jeannie is jumping from her chair saying that is amazing wow?



shy fox The gamer

Tam has the same as mine but it has to be a red mustang


As someone who had a roommate that had a lot of sex.... I agree with Adrienne, it is a turn on sometimes

Layla Green

Fifty shades of Tamera and Adam ?

james perreault

iv'e seen so many video of girl squirting in bed and cum all over the pillows


“On top of a car in the rain on a hot day” ?

Green Eyes

Beautiful ladies love you honey ??

Denishea Bates

Who is that next to Tamera !

LaLa 1

Adams at house like baby really?


I’m side eyeing Jeanie here alongside Loni lol ?

Perseverance Mazuru

You're doing a great job to maintain our marriages and I like your show it's awesome

Vincent TuffGong

I love this episode

Rohid Nablayy

Tamera is literally the cutest I can’t!!?

Abbie Whitehead


andrew dominguez

I love tamera she is so relatable, I love it. Another positive thing too is that she showing that mothers could be "freaks" too and it doesn't stop when you have kids

Liz Mugabi

Loni's cards?


yesssss to the parents house

Mason Perry

I like to do it in a lush forest at dawn or Twilight, by a wide open spring lake. That or in a lake side house on a cold winters night in front of an open fire on cozy fur rug, surrounded by candles and food.

Jay L

The bed an car

Harry Miram

Tamera gives NEW daffinition to "Car Sex!"

Prudence Gazu

CHILD Tamara

Ruurd Woltring

For those who sometimes (whether willingly or accidentally) misspell Adrienne's first name, here's how you're supposed to spell it correctly: A-D-R-I-E-N-N-E

kym williams

Tamera, that was classic! I laughed so hard I was crying! ?

Rose Belizaire

Its November 2020 and still laughing

Harry Miram

Two suggestions...
1) On open deck of sailboat, out in the sun OR under the moonlight
2) Cruise ship room balcony or in cabin w/balcony door WIDE OPEN

April Jackson

Loni's reaction throughout this segment ??


Mariah Elizabeth

1:16 You has entered the chat

Johnson Thoudam

Wow that's amazing.....

Mia GW

Jeannie: th3reS sOmetHinG iN My minD

Me: ??????

Jorden Payne

Loni had me dying when she threw them cards like geez loni how many cards you have ?????????

Abdulmas World

I just love tamera she's so cool

Karina Flores

On top of a car on a rainy hot day? That doesn’t sound like fun

Sarah M

I work as a housekeeper at a hotel now I know lol I love tam funny. What you talking about there all freaks lol

Rutchina Jean

I was thinking the same thing as Tamera lolll

moon bear

See, I think it pays to wait for sex. Case in point: Tamera. She oozes self-respect, loyalty and grace. It’s almost sweet to hear her giggle and get embarrassed while being open about her sex life. While that may say a lot about her character, it’s worthy to note that a lot of people kind of lose that innocent, pure, delightfulness towards sex because EVERY person we feel chemistry or connection with, HAS to intimate moment from us.

But I mean, how intimate can a moment feel if we are sharing it all the time with a lot of people? Is a night out on a field looking at stars feel intimate if the field is crowded with people, elbow to elbow, doing the same thing?

My point is not to shame people (come on now), but rather to see if I could point out what so many people in the comments notice and may not understand why there’s that little sparkle in Tamera’s eye and why we find it so endearing when she talks about sex. I think because she chose to share with only one man. In my opinion, we all kinda desire on some level, to have still have that optimism, that innocence, that sparkle that we once had and lost it many partners ago. And probably continue that impatient cycle while desperately looking for the feeling again!

P.s, I don’t think she’s a freak lol. I think what adds to her charm is that she is just like you and me, not perfect, but her contrast between the innocent and “naughty” is adorable!!

Mrs legend Shadow

Tamera is the freakyest low key

Tonya Ward

Yes I am still at

Liah B

He sprinkled water on Tamera ??

Peter Northrup

Ray Ray is never going to pay for a room. Are you kidding? Ray Ray and Chad just got out of prison. Sure. They will hit it. Hard and fast. In the back of your car. And maybe after the 3 kids you have from different guys go to bed. Then it's the couch. Then he wants something to eat. The brothers need to eat. Sex is a lot of work. His next question will be. When is your next government check. He will need some play money. Think not? Then it's back out with his brothers. Then he will swing by and hit it 2 or 3 times a week. Pick up some money. Think I'm kidding?


Adrienne Bailon ??? OMG tamera is my favorite I’m so sad she’s not on the show anymore

Crystal Bennett

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Nadi hi

Jeannie is freaky lol

Kesandra Williamson


Denishea Bates

I maybe innocent but I do have a naughty side sometimes

Scarlett Kathryn Rose Vlogs


Dayja Love-Wharton

Tamers is so cute .....

Spoiled.kaylaaa Bush


Say Hi to Sam&Cat

Lmaoooo at tamera

Spoiled.kaylaaa Bush

I know Adam got sum that night .

Damien Garbutt

Is it just me or did you have to turn the volume sky high to hear Tay.

m yxcvbnm

Loni seems FAKE AS HELL

Eli Chavez

Who else doesn’t mind being watched??????????

Skyy Heart

Love Loni ???

Phuong Le

Lol ?

Karol 100

Loni face like i aint eating in your house

Chai Lyahyaoui

Well , If I ever have the chance it would be in a rollercoaster full of people is that weird?

Muhammad Imran

Iam now get one ...??????❤❤
I Am Single ..

Michael Streich

And people think Men are Freaks!
Listen to these ladies.

Braeden Millar

tamara was so beyond specific lmao

Antonia Trump Loves You

I here by say I Will Submit To God's Real Men. Thank You Yeshua Of Canby Oregon. Yes Be #Micah6v8 I am yours One New Man ?☺?


The quiet girls are the wildest!!
That's just the reality!!


Tamera is my type of girl, yes sis you creative af

Alicia Lozano

An Elevator guys??? That would be hot

JM Doromal

Swear this is one of the most funniest episode of the real ?

Priscila Estrella

Y’all need to get Tamar back on the show

Colin Lawrence

Tamera is like Muhammad Ali..."She shocked the World!" :D

Briana Deethenia

Tameras was the best answer


3:48 i bet adam was like “hmm bet theres a storm commin up we boutta try dat”

Asisipho Clay

Why was Harper here? ????

Loveyourz 03 Adolescence

Taye so sexy ?

Jorden Payne

Loni had me dying when she threw them cards like geez loni how many cards you have ????????? and Tamara face when she said Adrienne bailon ??????

james perreault

hotel rooms are nasty.. run a black light then get back to me

Ami Talati

Adam better be taking notes


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