Hate date app

I live with my parents, I'm broke and I hate dating apps.

I live with my parents, I'm broke and I hate dating apps.3 Oct. 2020

I live with my parents,

I live with my parents, I'm broke and I hate dating apps.

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Leon Barren

Hi coach Mac . I have a question can you please answer it .
I was in no contact for 40 days then my ex reached out because it was my birthday . It was normal .but then i started to persue her too much again and she said to leave her alone . Should i do radio silence for the second time will it be sucessfull ?

Leon Barren

She wished me twice . As i never seen the first message on my other phone .

Why You Hate Your Dating App

Why You Hate Your Dating App1 Aug. 2020
Robert RichmanSubscribe 438 721

You know an industry is

You know an industry is ripe for disruption when everyone hates the experience but still does it anyway. This explains why it's happening to dating apps. - Robert Richman, CultureHackers.com

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F**k DATING APPS | This is WHY I HATE DATING APPS | #1 DATING MISTAKE Men Make | Mayank Bhattacharya

F**k DATING APPS | This is WHY I HATE DATING APPS | #1 DATING MISTAKE Men Make | Mayank Bhattacharya15 Jun. 2019
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Gentlemen, in this episode of Men's Essentials, Mayank shares some advice on why using dating apps will devastate your Self Esteem and Confidence that every Indian man must know.


#MayankBhattacharya #MensEssentials #DatingApps

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Santosh Kumar Netam

Right bro...??

Sambeet Mohanty

Suit fitting is amazing.....please make a video on suits how it should fit. And what to ask tailor for getting this kind of fitting.

Vaidik Vashistha

Thanks Mayank you always show the reality ?

Rajasthani Khabri

Thanx bro can u make this video in hindi

Rohit Rajbhar

#NotificationSquad hey mayank please make a video on ur shoe collection. Pls bro?

Himanshu Pratap Singh

Loved it bro... I am doing it everyday...??

GameBred Gaming

Fuck man!!! That suit is sweet AF!!!

Rajveer Sinha

Intro bruh ????

nitin jain

i was in a mall aproached a girl to click my pics intoduced myself took her number then we went for coffee and spend half hr togather ?

Shubham Verma

Amazing Video Brother ...Much Love


Its all about putting yourself out there so that you can grow more stronger and longer and more healthier...then you can most probably think off....

Aditya Chaturvedi

I love the way u speak nd love the way u Dress

Pankaj Singh Rawat

You are a source of inspiration for us.

Jeet Jaiswal

Content, boy oh boy ? hacking amazing brother ❤️ , I've learnt many things from you. Love to watch ur videos bro. Just one suggestion plz make some changes in into ?

Anirban Dutta Gupta

Brilliant advise Mayank. As usual, a brilliant video message!!!!!!

Harsh Verma

So Valueable ....for almost every one not only for boys ....content is much more than about dating .....it is about being your True self ...it is About about being Better Socialize Human Being ❤️❤️❤️...till then dress sharp stay stylish ...cheers?

Pawan Verma

Hindi ma bnao bro ya video

Rishabh Grover

Plz make a video of ur favorites, ur collection and the amazing stuff u love to wear and plz provide their links too so that we can built our wardrobe ?


The idea you have is appreciative.
Approaching girl in reality and starting conversation is much better than dating sites.
Because points you mentioned social dynamics and social intelligence is really very important to understand humans behaviour specifically to girls.

But for me approaching a strange girl required lots guts, because I have fear she would slap me. So What to do?
I fu**d tinder this app destroyed my valuable time.

Leander Baruah

You are right sir, today all humans are totally based on technology . Even marriage are fixed online. It sound strange that how a man or women can relie on these apps . Thanks for the video hope it will change the peoples mind..

Worth video.



Rahul Richard

My name is mayank bhattacharya

Aditya Markande

One of the coolest ? video of mayank Bhattacharya.

Naresh Kumar

Bro in suit.. looking good
But shart tooooo fit and huge tightly....


Till now I was angry for why I'm not getting any matches on tinder. Thank you for opening my eyes !

Nihal chaudhari

Bro suggestion for U...
U should develop your own app about style, grooming, colour combination, dressing etc...
Believe me it will working..

Ankit Bundel

this suit is just ??????????

Arnold Sourya Sarkar

Mayank you literally look like a Kingsman in this video. Hats off. The work you're putting into yourself is giving you results. You look like a Mordern Magnificent Gent.

Ravi ekka

No one
Literally no one
Mayank bhattacharya : using same thumbnail girls over and over again by the years??

Krishna Stha

Your video are extra ordinary? just keep up going
But stop putting girls picture in thumbnail? that shows a low character.

krrish thakor

stay real Bro everything like you

Hope b2W Hope

Much needed!!

Rahul Richard


Deven Satam

The suit looks dope.

Ritwik B

This guy has gone through the mystery method pretty thoroughly.

Robin Costa

All that apps are fake really it make sloppy

Rosario Rock

Can I get the intro song link

da rocco

My name is mayank bhattacharya

sai raj papanore

Much awaiting for TMB basics

divyavadan mate

Bro you are looking like one of the character from peaky blinders


All your vedios are worth watching?❤


Thanks for speaking about this. I think a lot of our Indian bros feel so negative about approaching random girls and actually making a move. They "claim" that the girls will slap or create a huge scene if one simply approaches. That shouldn't stop anyone