Female vulva

Real Women Talk About Vaginal Health

Real Women Talk About Vaginal Health18 Feb. 2020
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Yeast infections, UTIs,

Yeast infections, UTIs, and BV–oh my! Real women speak up on camera about their experience and advice on vaginal health.*

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*This video does not contain medical advice. If you have concerns about your vaginal health please reach out to a gynecologist!

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ESTHER ASARE - Food & Agricultural Specialist


Cindy Dow

Doctors and hospital laugh and smile on there face when female patient comes in with abonormal cells and HPV on cervix from pap smear. Next step were put bit vinegar on cerix to see abonormal cells and HPV on cervix, shows cancer, doctors and hospital laugh and smile on there face when they burn abnormal cells and HPV on cervix using leep procedure, doctors and hospital removed to much of female patient cervix cause problems libibo, orgram function, sexual function, shorter cervix, harder to get pregnant, nervous around cervix damage by treatment of leep procedure and listen to doctors and hospital what should be putting inside of vaginal area.

Shubhangi Sharma

Soo good! And relatable ?

Fatima Harmi

Love how candid you all are about it !

Cindy Dow

Abnormal cells and HPV on cervix, CIN 1 2 3 not cancer, had high grade cerval cancer CIN 3 and HPV on cervix. Used Eschorotic treatment were put tampons with medication on them put in side of vaginal area yourself with doctors. Normal pap smear in year, still got pregnant, did not hurt sexual function this is natural ways to heal abnormal cells and HPV on cervix.

Schneider Marvin

The other symptomatic half experience mild symptoms such as a mild irritation during urination and some itching on the outside of the vagina. The signs are mostly evident in the vaginal discharge, which turns grayish, gets thin and watery and attains an unpleasant smell that is described as ‘fishy’. Fix the Root Cause of BV in 30-60Days See Here=> BacterialVaginosisCure.4HealthCare. Info (remove space and open the site)

Cindy Dow

Embarrassing part of pap smear, doctors laugh and smile on there face when they putting fingers in side of vaginal area before and after pap smear is done, pelvic exams are not useful screening for healthy woman and can be harmful especially when women been sexual abuse, pelvic exams are not effective way to diagnose ovarian cancer STD HPV. Pelvic exams are so anxiety and inducting or painful that they can even cause healthy woman to avoid medical care altogether bye there doctors.

Development of External genitalia/Development of male and female external genitalia

Development of External genitalia/Development of male and female external genitalia30 May. 2020
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In this video, I have

In this video, I have explained the embryology of male and female external genitalia with related clinical application.

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paddington togara

thank you so much maam ,because of you reading embryology has become easy

Areeza Ahmed

You're so great and I love the way you teach!! ♥️

Reania Francis

Thank you so much????

ub star

I love your represent style n clearly mentioned this

Kartik Chhabra

U explain very well. Plz explain upper lower limb nerve in a video.

sawaira bhatti

Mam plz plz upload head and neck development ❤️

Anshika Singh

Awesome mam
Apki insta I'd kya h
I want to follow you as you are my best teacher ?

External Genitalia - Human Reproduction | Class 12 Biology

External Genitalia - Human Reproduction | Class 12 Biology16 Dec. 2019
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Class: 12th

Subject: Biology

Chapter: Human Reproduction

Topic Name: External Genitalia (3.13)

Points covered in this video:-

-What do we mean valva, uterus, and vagina in female reproductive system?

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Abhishek Chandankhede

Nice explanation of sir all doubts are clear

Basharat awan

Thanks sir thanks a lot

Varsha Ambegaonkar

nice explanation my doubt is also clear ??????

Himani Chaudhary

Plz sir

satyam priyadarshi



Sirf note acha hai lekin apka lecture acha nehi hai kion ki aap khulke nehi batate ho .....☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Basharat awan

Sir pls give the lecture no.

Pratyush Ilme

Sir what is the meaning of labour??

Anushka Kulkarni

Superb explanation!!
Concepts got cleared!!

Khushan Preet

Sir, plzz mention part numbers
for the videos so that it will be easier for us

Magnet Brains

Previous Video: Human Female Reproductive System:
Next Video: Patterns of Biodiversity:

Anurag Yadav

Sir aap lecture no. Dal deya karo

Pragya Pramita Parua

Thank you so much sir

Suersh Suersh

Nice video

Khushan Preet

Thank u sir ?

Himani Chaudhary

Sir plz ap yeh bhata dijya ki apke notes kha pr mile ge

Vijay Lamba

Very nice explain

Rekha Sarawade

Sir,labia majora is homologous to the scrotum of the male...Right?But you have written that labia majora is homologous to the scrotum of female..

Syed Kaif

Sir Your explanation is very good?. I am thankful to you for such beautiful explanation?. But Sir I having difficulty to find next vedios of this chapter ?..?

Divya Nikki

You explain amazingly

Kedar Gaikwad

All doubt cleared sir....???

Rupesh Deore

thanks sir..helped a lot ..god bless you sir ❤?????

Jaichand Lalsotiya

Upload with sequences of lectures

rohan kishore mishra

what is the function of clitoris

Prince kamat Prince kamat



Sir apka notes to allen ke notes se match karta??

Surya Mack milan

Nice explanation sir

Prince kamat Prince kamat


bhat Sarwath

Bst explanation

Ramart Kashyap

Bahut badhiya h sir??


I have one question .
My question is
1. In External Genitalia" what is Hymen? "

Himani Chaudhary

Aur sir the bhtana ki board se related important topics konse h plz sir help us