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Pro's & Con's of being a Female Metalhead!! AlexDeathWave

Pro's & Con's of being a Female Metalhead!! AlexDeathWave9 Oct. 2020
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In this video I talk about

In this video I talk about the pro's and con's of being a metalhead girl both within the metal community, in society and on social media.

If you have any opinions be sure to comment down below!

I hope you enjoy the video!


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Outro music by: Gabriel Gozzi

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Joey Taylor

In the beginning, I always feel I wasn't female enough because of listening to metal and being more masculine (personally and clothing wise). Now being in the metal scene for a year now, I proud being a metalhead who is masculine.
Also, do you have any recommended for Black and Death metal bands?

Ms. Crazy Cyclone

Hi I'm Also a Metalhead Girl, Can we be friends ???

ashsoulreaper \m/

I love being a girl in the metal community. I've never had anything bad happen to me, everyone has always been nice and cool about it. However, when I wear my battle vest and stuff out in normal public I still get weird looks. Or people ask if I'm an egirl, which no I'm not going for that. I also love moshing with the guys at concerts.

Andrew Apollyon

I personally love female metal heads in the community and love female metal musicians. Here in Texas and Mexico there are tons of females at concerts and at times they out number the guys which is really cool. They love dressing up hardcore with sick evil shirts and sexy clothes wearing jackets with patches and boots and exotic beautiful makeup ?. Most of the females in the scene here are definitely Latin/Hispanic/Mexican type females. Most of my friends are girls but of course I have a few select guy friends. Great video my dear and I also enjoyed the last as well. You are just so adorable and interesting to me and I always enjoy when you post something new. If I was on social media I’d definitely try adding or following but silly me I’m still abit oldschool and don’t have any social media other than YouTube lol ? Thank you for the video and hope you are healthy and safe from your sore throat ?

heavy metal music of destruction Aidan french

I think female metalheads are cool the metal community needs more of them

Jimmy The Clown

How old are you?
You seem pretty badass
Metalheads Unite ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ♥️♥️♥️


All of this (the attention and free stuff) is cause you're attractive :') I've had no such experience...lol

Marshall Lee

your voice is very beautiful, I'm Brazilian and I love your posts on Instagram.

All Girl Mosh Pit

All Girl Mosh Pit28 Jul. 2013
1 136 645
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Mayhem 2013 at Tinley

Mayhem 2013 at Tinley Park

Attika 7 Devils Daughter

Comments (100)
Skylar Dion

This makes me sad

leo cruz

This how satan loves to destroy these young people with this demonic sound may the Lord help this girls find the truth

Alfredo Bertot

1:57 man she weak

jt 1

did she get knocked over by a jacket?


Im just passing by reading these comments at work....

strange lil las

Id love to do a all girl one

Michael Streich

Trans gender girls would've knock them out!

420DaTKuSh's YT

The walls needed to be closer


Not a very good song to mosh to. I think it's be better if Arch Enemy played End of the Line or something

Nathan Fair

Idk why this is so funny, but why is it so funny when a girl has that tiny kind of bookbag on her back, its just so ridiculous


I just have 2 complains
1. The song is trash
2. Wtf are they wearing

Todd P

Bunch of pussies. Pun intended.

Ronaldx_x regaN

I bet all the guys there have major erections


1:36 that is legit THE DEVILS DAUGHTER

Nick Gregorino

No karate in the pit


2020 and still in tears over the demon and those damn flying pants!!!! ????


Jerry springers tour bus arrived!

Hide Matsumoto

Não da certo isso não em kkkkk


1:36 Watch Backpack girl in .25x speed. She’s wicked!


What the fuck am I watching ??


So this is what happens when a brother and sister have a kid??

Alfredo Bertot

3:05 THEY WHERE TEAMING,unless I just don’t know anything about mosh pit ;-;


Roughly 1/3 of these females are probably hurting a young fetus inside of them.

charlie doll

1:36 this suppose to be a mosh pit not a karate match lol

Tilly G

Before you mosh, fix ya tiddies

moz ard

Damn those boobs in the red top at 3:13

Joseph Thorpeus

Must be a nickelback concert

Pharaoh Of MK

Boys locker room: Brittany dumped me.

Girls Locker room: @1:35


1:44 hey, hey, hey, WOAH BITCH. No Karate in the damn pit.

Mauley G

Aweful pantera rip off

Agoraphobic Adam

Looks Like Black Friday At Wal-Mart.


why not just strip more fun


Shout out to my school shooters...

MT Infinity


Propano Prime

Ay weona mis tetas!! Jajajjaja


The mosh pit is a strange thing too watch

west 1

Id pay a dollar for that


Proper mosh with boobs is impossible, change my mind.

Mateja Jakob

No fuking karate in the pit

Dan M

Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey
Venusaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey
Seaking, Jolteon, Dragonite, Gastly
Ponyta, Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Butterfree


1:36 she was just holding it

Richard Babor

That's not a Mosh pit,you are just pushing.

Johnny Proctor

Wow...chicks really don't mosh decent, do they?


Females throwing down.


The mens watching thinking why do not bit

Nicko Jo

Ive seen people at the apple store act crazy then this ?

John Methvin

That has got to be the most mellow mosh pit I've ever seen

Michael Mills Lynn Mass

This stupid and those ain't chics


Rumor has it that the girl with the backpack is Techno Viking’s sister.


I was really expecting "Comments have been Disabled for this video" as soon as I saw the title.. lmao

Zachary Powers

This isn’t moshing but okay

Yelhsa Snave

"Girls"... that's questionable.

kayla laskey


Browar Perun

How many boys sucks this girls toes?

pancho villa

Wow I never understood misogyny until just now. Fuck everything about this.

Rafaello Nieto

2013. Pure metal
2020 it offends me

cernat cornel


Erik Strasmann

1:34 1:51 2:19 3:33

Elric Newby

Super cool to watch. The girl in the red top has some serious Mosh Chest Protectors

James Johnson

GIRL POWER!!! Hahaha!

Jon Murphy

What a lovely smell that must be...


This is what I call girl on girl

Waseem Ullah

All that creepy rock stars ?✨?
Tell What they're actually trying to do? Are they pushing each other and that what it's all about....?!
LOL its cool!

Sophia Sandoval

Dam the female in the black shorts that’s right


Id fuck those silly girls in a store

But in all seriousness, wtf is the song? Not moshpitable at all



the metal viper

1 this is no moshing song
2 you have 1 or 2 beasts, but the rest is mild.1:03 that girl in the jean shorts and black longsleeve just smashed through the entire pit like it was nothing.


It is kinda cute at the beginning.

Florida Boy

Idk kinda lol


You see the sun flower girl, ohh she won’t do anything she looks innocent when the vid starts... I change my mind

Martin 73

Girl with the back pack was straight moshin. Whoever you are mystery girl ??


So okay, it's definitely not the craziest pit I've ever seen but it goes 12,500X harder than ANY pit at a rap show. Seriously if you want to see lame pits look up travis scott moshpits, the fans there say "they're lit af" and "literal warzones" when it's just people bouncing up and down at the same time. No horizontal movement whatsoever, zero shoving?¿??¿, no one knocked to the ground, nothing. It's embarrassing

doyle white

Toxic femininity


It was like moshing to someone reading a book, holy shit. That girl with the backpack is the only that actually waited for the breakdown lol


Its not even song for mosh wtf.

lorne Armstrong

Dork pit.


As stated prior, how the fuck can you mosh to this song? None the less...still lame.

Krystin Grant


Brooke Hamblin

The fuck was this?

cream cheese


Dragan Buhanovich

It’s good cardio

Martina Axén

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbsOouWdlIY History Pogo :)

João Hellder Ay que ravia

So Bored

Zellodine !

The song was way to weak. Not %100 their fault.

Michael Menges

The first rule of mosh pit is, never offer help to the fallen down in mosh pit (1:45)

Der Zerspaner

0:47: The fat one going all in...seems to get crushed from every corner...1:05: Comes up unbeatable like Bud Spencer.


They don't know what the fuck they are doing...smh!!

Stephen Lopez

Fuck th thats hot. They ran outta steam quick though, effort is on point!

Dari henzel

1:57 a calça derrubou a mina? dkjskska

Cook Coke

I used to love white girls.


this is god tier cringe.


Y'all babies in the comments "it's not mosh, too light" blabla let them enjoy


I smell axe and energy drink!

Mister Cannoli

Lots of boob elbowing

strange lil las

I used to go into mostly male moshpits and punch dudes in the face then run away lollllll

Turd Ferguson



oh i broke a nail


Loved seeing the douche that wore that Cunt shirt get BITCHED OUT THE MOSH PIT HAHAHAHA

XDG BombyBear

There’s so much aggression right there

bilal Labiad

Airbags ?

metalhead lookbook [2020] | metal fashion

metalhead lookbook [2020] | metal fashion1 Sep. 2020
1 243
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LADS ! i hope u guys

LADS ! i hope u guys enjoyed this!!! pls comment what u think because i love fashion & lookbook videos !!!!





ig: @fatherkatsu

Comments (8)
Diego Umanzor

Nice video Katy ?????

Benjamin Wallace

Yay a new Katie video btw the 1st one was great!!!


constantly reminding me I need more fitssss


loooved this video omg also the fave was edgy year nine lmaoo the skirt is so cuuuuuute

Luis Vids

Damn you’re lucky I heard that Doc Martens are better in the Uk than the USA still hoping to buy some soon hopefully. Nice video by the way


What bands u like

carpe diem


katie canavan

i received my spike bracelet in june 2020, not 2018, though 15 year old me would have loved a spike bracelet