How do you make friends


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Comments (24)
Ari S.

I’ve been trying to decide between Dallas and Houston! Whenever I ask ppl that either live in Texas or have been they either go hard for Dallas or go hard for Houston lmao. There is no in between

DarlingDarri M

I'm moving to Texas in like 3 months so I'mma slide in your DM lol

Megan Stigall

I can’t wait to move to Dallas, I’m open to meeting new friends and this new journey ???


I would love to move to Dallas with a new job. I’m in the DC, MD, VA area and I don’t have friends here and I’m from here lol I can only imagine how lonely I would be if I moved. BTW, I’m a Leo as well 8/15. I Love other Leo’s!

Diamond Monee

I just moved here a month ago, I’m scared to do things alone but I guess that’s what I’ll have to do to be more comfortable meeting more people!

Aliciaa Zariahh

I’m moving to Dallas next month & i definitely need friends ?

Shay Lynn

The more you put yourself out there the more comfortable you are socializing and talking to people. I am a shy introvert .. I just turned 35 years old on NOv 7th and I am still working on my social skills. I was like this ever since I was small and I’m just now as an adult trying to open up which to me is sad lol I always ask myself at my funeral and wedding who would come because my circle is very small ?

Tyjhe TV

I moved to Dallas this year with no friends or family. I’m always home I definitely need to get out more! ?

Keith Coye

I’m new to Dallas too lol ig is @svgkiid if anybody wanna be friends lol


Just come 30-45 min out to Tarrant country and do a Tuesday night at Boomer Jack's. Plenty of people to meet and talk to ?


You have to jump out your comfort zone. Very True

I'm a true introvert myself.. you right about practice talking to ppl.

Eventbrite is good to use to find stuff to.

Ima sign up for a networking event one day


I really needed this video ? I moved to Dallas from Houston and literally don’t have one friend ??‍♀️

Lauren Nelly

Love this!!

Miledy Trujillo

Ok but you’re so pretty ?

The Golden Hour

Dang its crazy I came to this video just scrolling not knowing everybody here is about to/ has move to Dallas too!

Shay Lynn

Great video ??

J Chocolate

I’m actually moving to Texas next month, keep this energy sis cause Ima hit you up!

The LifestyleGenre

I am new to Tampa Bay, anyone here from Tampa?


I'm coming hopefully in February...I pray I make some real and loyal friends.

Negro Neutron

I really moved at the wrong time

Mike Wilson

When r u coming to.houston

Joeee 1 Mommm 2

I don’t mean state I mean country

RettaJ77 TV

Yesss..I can't wait for my new start explore my new surrounding

Ashya Brooke

I just moved to Dallas last month. If you wanna be friends just dm me on ig ??

The One Thing That Will Make Everyone Like You

The One Thing That Will Make Everyone Like You18 Aug. 2018
790 074
Improvement PillSubscribe 438 721

Welcome to Lesson #3 of

Welcome to Lesson #3 of the BeeFriend Course. In this video we're going to talk about the one thing that will make everyone like you. It's a concept that is often referred to as the golden rule of friendship and it's the deciding factor as to whether or not you develop friendships with others or make enemies.

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Comments (100)

I've got lots of friends !!! I don't know why am I even watching this video ? ???

S Raghul 1064

Tanks for the golden rul?

Adrian Maglaque

i've started making friends thanks to this video


This giving me anxiety

Rahul K S

Listen idiot eyes, and lips are not a person smartness

Nocturnal Gacha

Bro my resting face is what most people would call a bit**y face so I put on a happy face whenever people are around but deep down in my heart, it feels so fake when I do that.

Sunny _Girl

Wow a lot of my friends cut me off- 0.O


Before I watch this, if it means I have to go talk to HUMANS it is not worth it


Eating lunch alone at our school's cafeteria is the most awkward feeling that I've ever felt as a student with no friends.

Big Chunges

I searched this up but when I think about it I don’t need this

odhora madhury

I don't have any friends too

Suga's fakeu sweg

I don't want to change my personality for people to like me..
It was just in my recommendation


I broke all these rules :(

Pranav Praveen

Think if Kanye West is watching this......?

Improvement Pill

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the material that we cover in this lesson. I will do my best to answer them right here!

To sign up for my mailing list:

Default Drippy

Not true in my school everyone who is a AssHole is popular so ya them me and a few other shy nice kids have like no friends it is very sad for me pls give me some tips so I can stop being a shy lonely person ??

Pingu Pinga

I genuinely don't do any of these things and no one will talk to me! At uni, I talk and smile and I love listening to people too - but when I talk they don't respond and act like I am not there. Girls who I have never spoken too spread rumours that I was stuck up and a whore but I have never had a boyfriend even or anything like that. I hear them whisper about me and I've never even spoken to them even though I tried. Confusing. Does anyone know why this happens - and when I say everyone doesn't talk to me I mean it - even back in school this happened and there were many rumours since I was 14 and I am now 20. But all these people don't know each other.

Money ShotX420


Kak Inah

thanks to you! now i have moouuurreeee friendsss :))))

midevil falcon

Poor kanye

Rhyse Oakes

Hey, I've got a server for lonely like me people who are looking for someone to talk to or online friends anyone is more than welcome to join

Rzaoui Hanane

Who want to be my friend ? :)

meh meh

Bruh I just change my personality with different people. So they like me.

Carrot Obtimist

Me and my friend either meet up or find a place where no one else is, and we just rant to eachother about everything? it somehow cheers both of us up :)

Mina Nasrallah

I love this story nice

Rimuru Plays ML

Yes, thank you. I will now make my classmates mad.

Ahmad Aminullah Akorede

I actually have that problem about what to say when I meet people, how to keep the conversation going and i run out of ideas so easily


I’m watching this bc my friends don’t like me

Rahul K S

The one thing my friends don't like me bcuz I'm a stupid

Epic Person

Stacy didn’t have that many long lasting relationships hmm sound like my mom

Chickenrunner34 Curtis

I have like 16 friends. Wait never mind I meant HAD. Now I have 3 friends...

- ͜ -

Wow. Even youtube know's what I need.

Smashed Egg

Felt unimportant. Went black for a while

Money ShotX420

How can someone who struggling with understanding and picking up on these social situations I genuinely mean well and care but I just honestly don't understand how to know when to....I really want to learn how to connect with people but I'm very lost on how to even Begin

Carl Johnson

* everyone watch that z

wode tho

I have 1 friend i’ve known for 7 years, everyone else either doesnt like me or just leave after a couple months, and I’m barely talking to my 1 friend. Thinking of just jumping off a building, any tips?



Lea Wilson

So your telling me I broke all 3 rules?

tv producerssuck

Just be a nice guy


ive broke all those rules now ill obey them

It’s Her

Hint: be kind and ✨ walahh✨


when most ppl in my new class does these 'mistakes'
so i thought the problem was with me

Henry Baite

Who ever watch this video are all friendless... Even I myself ?

Nils Nord

Imagine Stacy watching this video


I keep on screwing things up with my friends and I don’t know how to keep a stable friendship so I think I’m going to binge watch some of these videos haha

Bhisham Garraway

Stacy looking at this video :????

Hannah Ngoa

So we all here right now


This video is a lie because if it was true then reality would be a lie

Lemme explain

Not everyone can like you for you

Bihung Hazowary

I can relate to none bcoz still I'm a loner:-)


I’m the Most popular why am I watching this

Danny Bondo

You don’t need everyone to like you

Max Mac08

People fight over me?

edom mulugeta

I don't think that i HAVE to listen to a boring story to make them fill happy

maya Suitor

Although these are great tips and I will use them this is the type of stuff that is feeding my caring about everything to much and worrying about 10 different things and how I need to do them .

Funny videos

YouTube knows too much of me

lazy potato

So I am a part of a students group in what's app, but whenever I write something no one says anything related to that they continue with there topic. It is so depressing ???

I don't even have have any friends ?


Bro, you keep advertising your stuff :(


How to fix bad body langauge when you have autism?

Bad Girl

That's my daily face and one time my classmate told me that I was like a robot I didn't think much of that until now

Bloxxy Gabby

Fun fact actually really really sad fact, I’m lonely. I’m literally lonely ?

Ashley Foading

One word: Be yourself.


i smiled once, everyone said i looked like i sell drugs


I think you guys know why I’m here?

Karl M

Stacy's mom has got it going on

Healthy Kris714Nx

I have an online friend like Stacy. I don't see her body language, but the way she talks, sound like she is annoyed, complaining or uninsterested. I would like to help her somehow, but I don't know how. Can someone give me advice, please?


I’m not like Stacy and people still don’t wanna talk to me ?

Kobee Brooks

My best friend sents kindergarden became come my bully in the 7th grade.

Hai Wo


nagitos right hand

I’m just trying to befriend my among us server ?

Nimo Sayeda

Great video! Just a bit video says we should be open and non-filtered, but when I filter my feelings, I filter all my negative feelings...So if I had to be open, then I'll turn into Stacy...AAAHH!!


Who needs friends , my PC is user friendly !


A Boys best Friend is his Mother

Jaxon George

I don’t try to do anything wrong but I can’t do anything right so yay lucky jaxon

Mira Akasuki

so it has come to this

sharmila sayeth

Watches This Video.
Confidently Goes To school.
Goes up to A person
Me:Hi i am
They:Ok Bye.
Sad Music Intensifies.

Juju Loaf

Don’t be a Stacy!

Underdavid Official



hey bro u know what? i think u just aaved my life in only 5 mins rather then these other 30 min video's ♥️


...and SUPER Social shy/Awkward, i so really care about how people feel, 1 of my friends said: wow...People really need to get to know u better...
So id rather go online and find friends there, because i dont have to Speak, i only speak when i feel safe around that person

Red eyeZz

I don’t even know how I have friends I have the first problem on this list and I don’t speak I just sit there and everyone wants to hang out and vibe

DmolitionMatt Matt

Well.......I just propose them friendship. Straight forward


I am so Hardcore introvert that YouTube knows it too and suggest me this Course ?

Lomso Ntebe

Why yeezey's face tho???

Lindsey Clark

Is it bad that I keep the golden rule with everyone basically but one girl? Cuz she breaks it all time and brings me down for I kinda return that but idk

Hanada P / 花田 P

I don't know why YouTube recommended this to me, however I have no friends


RIP Stacy



Sam Iko

don't interrupt, don't just moan, don't be all about yourself, pay attention to how you look...

If you have a resting bface... Don't rest 'at' people and if you don't find them interesting maybe they're the wrong people?

Tried summarising to use as a reminder but ended up thinking

Shankar Sharma

So what about Stacy's mom?

ells 2304

Actually i have friends but i distance myself when i feel like we're too close .

Bhelle Erese

Wow... Just... Wow!

Amit King

i mainly just scared to talk to people xD


I don't want friends nowadays because 3 of my friends already betrayed me it the real story that why I use messenger or discord to chat with the unknown person just for fun

Sydney Lusk

Lol I am Stacy

Sandra Elevado

It's my normal face

Jefsfwin Jazob



Its sad how im crying while im watching this remembering how people i loved were toxic and how i tried my best to keep them and thought that i was was the bad one because i started to hate talking to them and i didnot see the way they really treated me like now they are happy and having friends even when they r so unworthy of... feel pity to see my like that


pill over here having no mercy on stacy


society is fucked now u have formulas and courses for making friends. we are living in dystopia 4 sho


I just don't know how I'm supposed to speak... People always say insult things that intimidates me and Idk how to respond to it

How To Make Friends When You're Shy

How To Make Friends When You're Shy11 Feb. 2019
74 436
BRAINY DOSESubscribe 438 721

If you want to know how

If you want to know how to make friends when you’re shy, the following tips should help you start building new friendships more easily. And don’t worry, we are not going to tell you that you need to become more outgoing… Meeting new people is not about trying to change who you are as a person.

Of course, working to improve your social skills is always a good idea. But, when it comes to making real friends, you need to adjust your approach. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can start bonding with others (including strangers). And in the process, you will start to overcome your shyness and become more confident.

While it may seem scary at first to make friends as a shy person, with a little bit of effort, it is possible to reach out to others, and build new friendships.


Music: Epidemic Sound

Visuals: VideoBlocks / Adobe Stock / Pexels / Pixabay / Other

Voice-over Recording, Audio & Video Production by Brainy Dose

For any copyright related queries please contact us directly at [email protected]


Comments (100)
GoongGoong Ginga

I'm really shy but I'm lucky because every one of my friends I've met in a class when they start the conversations

Sruly Mandel

I have freakin two friends and I can only text them so I really need some more ??????????

Escobar nicholls

My friends get pissed off at me because of my music obsession


I have 1 friend and i am Charlene ??????

Alexis Starner (Student)

Excuse me you forgot about something on numbat 1. Coved-19


Idk y but when I involve myself into something, I always overthink about people assuming I’m just an extra and that I’m no help to them ;:/

Starlight Royale Games

Um what if your just horrible at talking and explaining EVERYTHING!

Cute Rose

I am a shy person

TherealestEdwin Heart

Bro I hate being shy I get so nervous when I talk to someone so that’s why no one talks to me- I’m always alone it sucks.. all I want is friends )/

David Romo

If your looking for a tall dark handsome man to be friends with or more, you better be a young 20 y/o and a size 4 or smaller and a model in order to get to know him. Otherwise men that type will always shut you out and not interested in getting to know you. Looks do matter more than anything to a guy. We girls always PRETEND to other girls we really don't want the tall dark handsome man but we really do. Guys if you want to be friends or more with pretty girls, then have your wallet open because it will cost you.The honest truth. Good looking people always seek each other as friends or more.

Jimmy Estillore

so am using my grandpas phone and I transferred to.a new school and I still don't have any friends ;-;


Me a shy person with no friends:interesting


Anybody notice at 5:16 she’s holding her phone upside down

Fox Esport

My name is Roger. I am appreciated to see a kind new friend who interest on my. Intense to have s6x together or just online chatting on my bed.

Hydrateurself DEV

All my friend’s hate me and I’m to scared to make some they allays leave me out. Now I’m kicked just for my body

Neerjra Kumari

I am in 8 class and I don't have any friends ? cuz I am too shy to talk to anybody I just want some friends in my life?❤

Mikaela Macaranas

Hi everyone. I am very shy and I am afraid of being alone and have no friends in school even in classroom. When I came to them and talk to them they also talk to me then afterwards they ignore me like im a stranger? I feel like im not a good at socializing and communicating in people?

park chaeyoung

The most depressing thing about this is that some people search up for this like me

Not Zendaya

5:15 why tf is she holding the phone upside down???...

I am also chef Ali

That's true if you want reaily good partner in your life b honest and respectful with him

Diana Velazquez

I’m going to try my best to make friends for the second grade of high school when school starts. (If school will continue) I’m going to be real honest in first grade of high school I had friends but I also felt they weren’t.


This is my story. Im from Korea. I live really far from the school I go. I have been going to my school for just about 1 month and Im kinda shy so at first I didnt have any friends. And then, friend A liked BTS and asked me about Korea so we talked a bit. But that didnt go far. We did talk, but were so awkward because of my shyness.
Few days later, I got suprisingly friendly with A, and she had some other members in the crew so I joined in.
In Korea, I was always good at sports, so I expected I might be able to make friends out of that reason. But here, I was really bad at sports. By the way, I did feel that my sports skills got worse.
I did have other talents, like playing the piano, gymnastics(i know its a sport but ONLY gymnastics om self taught btw?), and drawing. And math..but you know when other kids get really rude during a game, like I know they are trying to win, but they put even MORE pressure on you. And that happens especially from A. She sometimes is kinda rude, and there is another asian, B in my class, so we always get left out in PE. btw, I dont even like B. And because of that, I get really mad thinking about it. Is there a how to make friends even though youre asian?

Escobar nicholls

I'm really quiet and don't talk at all

Love Hearts

Main things to consider: move out of your comfort zone and be more exposed to social interactions


I want online friends too lol


I want to make tons of friends before I graduate middle school. That’s my #1 goal.

James Robertson

I do this but i have dystonia and parkinsonism so everyone looks at me like im a freak i have a pacemaker for my brain and no one want to talk w me.... So there's that im not "normal

Diana Velazquez

I’m going to try my best when school starts bc I want to have fun everyday going out with them

madison whelan

Talking is what i struggle with


how to make friends when “your” shy

Maryam Shareef

I am just so freaking lonely ?

Bub Zilla

I dont trust too friendly people

Escobar nicholls


Ashraf Abazeed

I have a friend in Jordan


The way how I feel is all my best friends are at different schools and in my science class there’s this cute girl that’s so nice and we are partners together a lot for projects, but I’m nervous to ask her to just have lunch with me or something. Anyone have some tips?

Fumanchu Tripitaka

So basically if you want to have friends and a life stop being shy!? That's right it is all your fault that you don't have any friends just get over it and don't be shy!!?? Well thanks for the absolutely profound thoughts and advice! I now know that I should just give up altogether what's the point!!


Another hard part is my brother telling ppl mean things about me. Even tell my secrets. Of course brothers do that. But I'm shy at the same time and I loove friends!! ??


All these videos are bullshit. Say hi smile and ask about what they wearing fuck you

It’s me

I don’t think I even have friends every time when I go out with my friends (or what ever) and they bring others they just act like I’m not there and I’m always in the back but I guess it’s kinda my fault cuz I’m shy and awkward af

its fahima

Here's the thing I am very shy and if someone says hi I say hi if they say did u put the book there I don't take I move my head

Fozan Hassan

I have friends but I don't think so they are my real friends ? they Are toxic i message them and they don't even reply me. I want to make new friends but no one wants to be my friend ?

Leonard Wilson

Talking to people

Joseph Bartolo

I am Friendly and one has to be open minded and hearted as every person is different, yet may have some common traits like yourself. Just being yourself is far better than pretending being someone else. Just be careful to whom you give your trust. Positive Attitude eventually brings Positive people, that same applies for the negative. I wish each one of you the very best in your lives as you deserve the best friends. Good Luck and Many Blessings. :) <3

concerning? lastname

I’m not shy I’m just awkward when I talk to new people

your local legend27

bruh literally in primary school how I made friends was sharing blocks with someone once


Only step to not be shy is to avoiding be shy

Gia Kiệt Nguyễn

I'm so shy,now I'm running out of friends

nurin aleeyana

im not that shy , i made alot of friends during the 1st day. but they all just made new friends during 2nd day and left me alone.

imani hoffman

Ok here’s my problem: I’m definitely not shy but whenever I try to talk around people I just mess up my words


Haha can you make a video showing me how to actually get invited to something?

Parsley The bunny

My geo class I don’t know any one and am worried about making friends I’m sat on my own I a corner

hinata hyuga

I need this cause won day long ago a guy asked me to be his friend cause he was new but I did not have an response cause I was shy and I still am bug I kept thinking he might bullied me and it did happen cause I gave no words ?

Kacey Equestrian

I’m going into year 8 into September and only made 1 friend for 1 year and I need to make more friend as we have no classes together


Thank u so much, im extremely shy, whenever i talk to someone i dont know what to do, the other day one guy from my tecnology class invited me to their group because i always sit alone, i said ok an smiled, he told me he was also in my spanish class, like he wanted to talk to me, i just smiled and said that i saw him too, and then i looked the other way, he looked at me like "Arent u going to say something?" it was embarrassing, but i cant wait to my next tecnology class and ask them if i can sit with them :) Btw they are the typical "nerds" so i think we can get alone.


5:14 that either knock-off apple or she is holding it upside-down


So here is how I made my first friends in my new school:
✨F o o d✨

Guess what? After 2 years we got new classes and then 'Corona' came-
And thats the reason why I can't make friends with my bootiful food ;-;

Ally Attack123

me wanting more friends
“ok i’ll watch this, see if this can help.”

“#1 get involved, join a school club”


Asrew Sarend

I'm alone

Fatima Mohammed

I am trying to do a new friend at school but l am the most shy person at school ?


The thing is I can’t go up to someone smile and then talk bc I’m scared to talk


Me:Boi I look like a donkey rabbit when I smile ._.

Élifils Antony

Hi the kids want to be my friends but I am scared to talk to them

Nawab khan

I want to friend

Shooting Star

I really can’t believe i’m watching vids like this...

Eddy Kohlmann

I'd say give up Facebook altogether. I did & I don't miss it. ?

Jessica Cruz

Main key be pretty and skinny and you’ll make friends easy can’t relateeee

Lofi :3

Like when u met somone and their friends come and u r like ? cuz u know even she/he/them have friedns and u dont


I tried all of this and it made me look weird


Here is what I do if we are like neighbors I just say hi dude get to know him and play video game walllaa I have a new friend

Aysha Amin

Whoever is reading this comment may all your wishes come true...............❤️

james d

Hi. Do you wipe?


Kill me..

Musically 2018

I hate when you’re talking to them and they don’t care or when you say something funny and they react as it’s silly . I think there fake

Elianna C H

My plan: me at 4-h "hi I like your horse, what breed is he?" Or after I finish my barrel run, "Good luck" except that's what we all say and you can't really talk when they are running around the barrels. But I am not good at talking to new people so I will probably fail


I thought I was an introvert but after watching this I’m actually an extrovert


I used to have friends now I still talk to people in school but I dont play with them outside school


What’s even harder is when you have an accent ?

frishta rahimi

Yes I am shy and its hard to make friends but it's fine because I have my bestfriend so I don't need any friends

Agnes Tiongson

im always quiet but my classmate is extremely loud. ._.


I’m crazy shy I have not even one friend in highschool I’m 15 years old.

Escobar nicholls

I have a small group of close friends


So sweet information my dear thanks alot

Jade Blossom

Ur so pretty

Gilana’s World

I’m shy at school but at home and everywhere else I am very sociable, fun, outgoing, and all that good stuff. At school I am quiet and I made one real friend and she’s in a different class. Everyone says I am quiet and some say I’m chill. I wait for someone to talk to me but I guess I have to make the first move, but how? My mom has been giving me advise for school but I am always so scared to talk to someone once I do it, it’s not that bad but everyone else has been around each other for years and another new girl got friends from volleyball. I really want to talk more and let people get to know me. ITS HARDDDD


Sigh, this is helping me so much...

Bob Cat

1) No one ever invites me to anything.
2) I try to ask ppl to hang out, either over coffee or something. But they always decline..
3) As far as making new friends, I live in a small city with no social events.


Basically some kid who used to be my friend he took legit all my friends and I couldn’t even talk to them because that kid told bullshit about that isn’t true and I’m trying to make new friends to forget about them

Jefferson Domingo

I have friends, but we aren't friends enough to hang out during break time. Only in class

Dipankar Das

In a nutshell, read the book" how to win friends and influence people" and I guarantee it will change your life.

Jacob Marques de Araujo

I am Brazilian I am learning English and I would like to make friends - My Whatazap is 551195302-8583


if you live in florida and are a female & you’re 12-13 comment bc i need friends? (i’m 12, 13 december 13th tho & ima female... also gay?)


i feel like if i ask for someone’s social media they’ll think i wanna date them and im asking for that. embarrassing aaa

paul C

I just don't know what to talk about or even break the ice. Not having friends is affecting my marriage.

Ai-chan PlayZ

i tried and i couldn't ;-;

Sireena Bailey

I’m going to a new school tomorrow. I’m barely exited. I’m gonna pop. Idk what to do. I don’t wanna do this alone! I know ur like I’m overreacting but you don’t know how shy i am. I can barely say a Hi

hulk smash

These never works for ????

Because when you ask about something they just give short answer

when you ask What did you did this weekend they just say nothing just did boring things

When ask what are the boring things that you did they just ignore you


I just have fake friends.....


Feels kinda gay to invite a new friend for a walk


i am a lot different to my friends than to strangers. to strangers im so nice and caring and calm, but with my friends...let's just say i roast them (jokingly), and accidentally talk about myself a lot (im working on it), and being a bit craycray..but my 'friend' personality isn't that attractive to strangers, i have experience.

Randomin - Brawl Stars

No matter how much sports I do, clubs I join, outgoing as can be, I still have no friends, I guess I just don’t fit in highschool.