How to put on chastity cage

CHASTITY for beginners

CHASTITY for beginners6 May. 2016
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One of our most requested

One of our most requested vids to date, chastity, cages, belts and more! There was so much info we tried to lock into one episode, if you have further questions on chastity play, let us know! Make sure to share with someone you want to lock up *evil grin*


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Hayden Foxx

I don’t have a dom so I bought my own at work tonight lol. It’s metal and super heavy but it looks hot.

Caribou Toasterbomb

I feel silly now that I’ve seen actual ones, but whenever I heard people talk about chastity cages I always pictured like a box

Steven Lerner

thx for these videos

Danielle Mack

Well, mild pain is to be expected and makes things more fum.

Jin Xing

Throw that key into the sea after locking

Princess LB

hahaha y'all are hilarious together yet very informative! can't wait to put my subby in his first chastity device! :D


I'm so glad you all made this video! I'm trying chastity for the first time tomorrow and I'm so excited!

Such A Geek

I feel like you guys need Lavalier microphones.

Pup Shepard

How do you regulate body temperature while in a heavy bondage seance?

Jennifer Hergert

I don't know why, but every time I watch a kink-explaining video of something I've known for years, I get inspired to try it out with my partner. Poor him *evil grin

g welch

Cool. Just bought my first cage and... apparently I’m too big to fit. Fml

Alfredo Aguilar


Gavin McNair

That keyblade though.


I clicked on this video so fast. I couldn't keep my hands off it. ;-)


Great video! The devices that crack down the middle too easily are counterfeit products we are fighting to eliminate from production by bootleggers. With that said, authentic devices are made to do split in an emergency to prevent permanent damage to the penis. Thanks for featuring our products!

Avery Hawkins

Liked the vid to do my bit to get bolt locked up. Could Bolt do a chastity vlog to record his experiences with it? Would be great first person experience. Using public bathroom, going to the gym, work, leisure, etc. So many opportunities for awkwardness.

Great vid as usual guys. Thanks licks and nuzzles

Mr Black

I have no idea how I ended up on this clip. But you guys are awesome! <3

Desiree Macdonald

I would like to see a special about women in bdsm ,most of your topics cover both sexes but it would be nice if you had a domme come on and speak about that side of the community, specific concerns for women , etc. PS You guys are great and super hot!

Gary Hull

Only 144 likes out of 1,035 views! I'm disappointed! #LockUpBolt!

keney lawrence

I met a mistress on Tumblr who changed my life forever and I'm here to tell you about her... message her on Hangouts [email protected]

Der tsm-6795

Do you practicize this also?


I had a substitute teacher with a red beard and brown hair like the guy shown here, very unique looking.


Chastity is a virtue and a word. To me, the virtue of chastity is a word people do not understand. Chastity is a virtue. Is the virtue of purity and true love. It is the virtue where two people decide to wait and get to know you as a person and soul before they want to uncover more of you. A soul mate is not found but created. If a man truly wants you, he will say yes to protect your dignity. Hopefully he is romantic and loving with you. May he be gentle and sensitive to protect the woman of his future children and his future best friend.
In my opinion, a chastity cage is not important. He should not be manipulated with such object because in this case, a woman is treating him as an object. He is not an object but he is a human with emotions and a soul. If he is not loyal to you with his body, he cannot be loyal with you with his feelings. Indeed, a chastity cage is not necessary because this does not prove his love for you. I hope you find the man who cherishes you and loves you with all his heart and soul. Someone who is intelligent and patient to see the worth of you and make you his wife. ❤️❤️❤️?

raymon kravagna

I have to object to one thing he said. Girth is more important than length. I'm a grower not a shower. I'm just over 7 but I can be short at times flaccid. But I'm much thicker than average. So I had to buy a longer cage just for the diameter. The shorter cage I just could not fit into it thickness wise. something to keep in mind if you're looking for a cage.

Nikki Fennel BabySteps Vlog

There's a very good porn movie called "The gift" by Roberto Valtueña, where a dude who is about to get married passes the night with his mistress (not the fiancee) and the next morning he discovers he's wearing a chastity device and she has the key and has disappeared...


Like the video, come on guys lets get Bolt in a chastity device ;)

E. Math

Loved this one.. you guys should do a video about kink for girls

Such A Geek

Would make audio easy :p

Aimée Zoë Walst

Thanks for showing telling me about this video on instagram it will be really helpful in the future.

Herbivore to the Core

Holy Trainer!!! My favorite day to day cage for my slaves?

Charlie Johnson

Love the channel!!
I'm into the Chastity but have been through so many. Just haven't found the right one. I would be nice if I could go into a place and be properly fitted for the cage and ring.
Any ideas?

Shane Sloan

I have a problem when trying to find a cage to properly fit me. I have large balls and when soft a small dick so I find it hard to find a cage to fit for both. Do you have any tips and suggestions?

Andrew Inman

Nice. I think Bolt actually likes the idea of being locked up.

Trevor G

You forgot the most important part ..hitting the dislike button enjoy

lady boywonder

Love the Sesame Street reference
I wish there was more information about shrinkage long-term usage

Luis Kemmler

you are schwul

Char Flopp

I have questions on chastity devices and what i should do for a proper fitting one. HolyTrainer being one i have questions on before i can make a proper decision. Any help?

sloops _brain

bolt has such beautiful eyes damn


Hi Amp and bolt. When is the next bondage games. Keep up the great videos. Love them


When Amp yawned I yawned right after him and now I can't stop! I love Bolt's history lessons though, he does it so well and really does his research (or does Amp do the research and Bolt just rely the info to us)? Either way great video as always!

Alan H

Another great video, guys -- and I'm really looking forward to Bolt's "My Week In Chastity" vlog!

queer person


Finn H

Has nothing to do with a Nun who teaches Bible Study, but I've been locked in a Holy Trainer for several months now. My keyholder had me locked in a metal device for four years but it was too much hassle for him to keep letting me out when I went to the courthouse, to go to the airport, or to visit someone in jail. So, he got rid of the metal cage and locked me in the bioresin Holy Trainer. He insists I WILL be wearing this 24/7 for AT LEAST ten years. I'm allowed one hour a month out of it to clean myself more thoroughly, and to clean the cage. Only been locked in it seven months so far. Hate it but getting used to it. Guess I have to. My keyholder is slightly more than twice as strong as me, and he wrestled for four years, so I'm totally helpless against him. Already been on two flights, had two MRI's and been to the courthouse twice. None of the metal detectors found this plastic cage with the built in brass high security lock. Looks like he might be right. I very well could be locked in this thing for at least ten years.

Alan H

Bolt and I share some of the same musical tastes...

Stu Ox

It's at 720 likes

Rose Juliette

I would be a terrible key holder. I have enough trouble not losing my house keys...

Daimon Amasio

I love you guys. Bolt i love your humor. love both of you's humor. just finished watching all your videos back to back. would love to see some unedited videos of your vlogs at the conventions if you are allowed. Keep up the videos. glad i could see a new video as well. will definitely keep following you guys.


You spoke about nights... Is it safe to wear a chastity device during night? If yes how do you handle nocturnal erections? And if you get an erection it stops because the space is limited or it's better to remove it?

Alexey Romanov

Do you really lose size? I heard that's not true.
I also heard that no ball-trap ring device is truly secure, and you might want to get a PA or some other genital piercing to have no chance of pulling out.


Bolt, I can see more than 500 likes... it´s time to get locked up

Pup Shepard

wags wags fun episode as ever, arf arf :)

G. Elliott

Very punny; loved it!

Ryan Aun

I really love that you guys research the ancient history of these kinks!

bobby jones

I want a video of bolt locked up. I think he likes that idea

edward arsiaga

No demonstration?


I liked. Does it make me a pervert or a sadist? ;-)

Miss Heather

This video has over 850 likes now. Did you guys do it? :D


Hello, I have a question about chastity. :x
Not knowing if my bf likes it we ordered a cheap metal cage and tried it. It's one of those small ones that is connected to the ring via two rods left and right and the middle piece for the lock. Since the ring and the cage don't fit perfectly together they can move around and sometimes some of my skin gets stuck in the holes where the rod goes or in between the parts of the lock frame.
Jamming some skin there obviosuly hurts and I wanted to know if quality products don't have that issue and if they do what else I can do. I really like chastity but I can't afford ordering a high priced cage only to find out it causes the same problem.

I asked multiple Manufacturers but I always good default quality assurance responses which don't really help. Hoping I can find some help here. :)

Gary Stevenson

The colour saturation seems a bit off in this video

keney lawrence

I met a mistress on Tumblr who changed my life forever and I'm here to tell you about her... message her on Hangouts [email protected]

Василий Зайцев

О , мой бог! Они такие лапочки!))Мало что понял, моего знания английского недостаточно,особенно для осознания шуток. Но какие же они класиные !! уф!

Mike H.

Hi guys! I am going to be in Seattle this weekend for the Emerald City Classic! It would be great to meet you if you will be out and about this weekend?

Alex the trash god



Love you for using a Keyblade in the thumbnail....still I feel its hard to get to know someone as a gay nerd...even harder if you're a gay nerd with kinks ^^


trying to avoid lock - ons like that but we like to use lockable bracelets chain type or flat metal type, belts given as friendship gifts with name on printed or engraved inside or outside even collars which should be able to be removable, just in case: here you can use leather collars metalor chain collars with a key for both the keyholder and yourself in case u need to take it off. even anklecuffs of steel are available.

Lau Gabriel

Really love you too video ,good job


Sorry Bolt, I've done all three so you can wear a chastity cage for a week.

Chris Green

Man bolt is sexy

Joshua Decker

the puns though lol. very informative

jamur jamur

Bolt is cute AF.

Pup E Languh

next time put your mic a bit up, its hard to hear some sentences


Balls deep by bolt the Remix ?

DBG Flaherty

You two must surely be most chaste...(chased about the bar by all) As one who was alive during the Elevenish and Thirteenish centuries, I found your expounding on the history of chastity very much...z z z z z z. Damn! From the very experience of the spiritual exercise to sleeping through class, this video brought back my Seminary days with a terrifying accuracy. Bolt's profound epiphany regarding the church's (Roman Catholic to a level one can't really even measure) ability to simultaneously work sex into just about everything while conferring crippling guilt...damn it, I had point I was going to make. Regardless, this point should be made no matter what...You two continue the excellent work with this moment of kink-BDSM-sacramental education! Thank you for your energy, solid information and visual experience that dares me to even try and go narcloptic on this class! Job well done. (Ret.) Col. DBGFlaherty, MOD,MD

Tom Servo

Why am I watching this when I won’t even have a dick before I pay $10,000 maybe ever

Mikah Thomas

Any trusted sites you would recommend :) and what does it mean if the site says it’s not waterproof?


Hi guys, always love your videos. Unfortunately most medieval scholars believe that the chastity belt didn’t actually exist during medieval times, but actually was a myth created from the 18th and 19th century obsession with masturbation as a societal ill. :)

DeMarcus Beckham

when are you all going have more watts the word shirts for sell.

Ken Duxbury

Can't believe you guys promoted the CB-XSHIT line. If you HAVE to go with non metal, go with Holy Trainer. The V3 is brilliant for a non metal, non custom.

Anything from CB-X splits after a couple weeks, and can possibly cause serious problems with potential of UTI/etc. Not to mention they are NOT anatomically designed.

My best was the Tube Jacket from I'm currently in HT V3 Nano (yes, I'm THAT small), and I'm exceedingly surprised at its comfort and durability. Also, it's very agreeable with my aggressive gym routines. It's not overly heavy, and doesn't make my jock or thong sag, and doesn't bounce around as much as my steel devices. Plus, no problems with busting at the seam and catching my dick in it (and consequently taking a chunk of flesh along with it - as happened in the one CB-6000 I tried several years ago).

There are several manufacturers out there. I would, if giving advice to newbies, recommend thorough research before purchase. Especially if your keyowner/Dom is fond of long term lock ups (like mine - this term is for 13 months, and then I have to roll chastity bingo to see if I get a chance to get out...if not, it's going to be at least another 10 months added onto the 13). $200 isn't much, unless what you end up with is thoroughly useless, as I have found the CB-XSHIT lines to be.

Zane Landin

I love this! And I clicked on the video so fast after seeing that Kingdom Key!!! :)


And yet Bolt is the one who seems to always end up in the muzzle...

miss unknown

interesting video they are both so cool


"Today's Safeword is Doge. Such kink, very consent, much Dom, wow."

Papera Di Gomma

'your dick may lose a bit of size'? WHAT. NO THANK YOU D:

Ken Duxbury

Oh - one more thing:

Mr. Ginger. YOU ARE FUCKING SMOKING HOT, DUDE. Good fucking holy shit. I know what I'm going to be thinking of tonight as my trick pounds away at me.


So, did Bolt do the week?

Nikita Sharapov

You guys are so funny!

rico wolferink

amp end bolt locket up much better


chastity is fun o3o

Samantha Brown

Idk why it grosses me out so much that you have to wear it while you pee

andrew Williamson

i wish your videos were more trans men inclusive


holy trainer v1 or v2? curious cause ive used the v2 for 40 days

Julius Fuller

Had one that was the clear plastic and the seam would pinch

Yani Q

is there a channel like this for women? i find this channel very interesting even tho i am not male but i still learn allot thank you for all the information.


I love this and I really appercaite you talking about woman as well. You guys get better and better every video I see <3 Also, Bolt, hunny, are you okay? Your eyes are so puffy or like purple...... I hope you are okay boo <3


how does this work with a girl?

Papera Di Gomma

You mentioned "studies", link? Studies without a syllabus is kinda useless


liked :3 let's lock him up hehe

Ya Boi Gaming

Il have some chas-tities

Sam Sequeira

when you're a lesbian who isn't into any of this but love their banter and personalities

matthew mejia

500 lol likes for Bolt?! Buahahahaha

Chastity cage with new lock

Chastity cage with new lock11 Jul. 2016
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niao daSubscribe 438 721

Comments (0)

V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Cock Cage

V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Cock Cage31 Jan. 2018
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Mr S LeatherSubscribe 438 721

The Holy Trainer Cock

The Holy Trainer Cock Cage brought innovation to the chastity world with its unique padlock free design and unique material make up. Now for 2018 they’ve released their new V3 model which expands further on their innovative first steps. The new V3 model is even more compact so it offers absolute discretion in a stylish package. Additionally, this new version is available in three sizes: standard, short or maxi so you can select the one that fits your anatomy the best. You also have the option to purchase a different size cock ring (note: this product comes standard with a 45mm/1.75” cock ring). The V3 also comes with a stronger locking system so there’s no way you’re escaping!

The Holy Trainer is made of a bio sourced resin which replaces traditional petroleum-based resins. Besides being 100% natural, one of the major advantages with bio sourced resin is that the resin softens slightly upon contact with heat. Once the cage has been put in place and its temperature has reached 96.8°F (36°C), the user will find it incredibly comfortable. The device becomes slightly soft, to fit the curves of your body while preventing stimulation.

As for ergonomics, you just need to look at the ring to understand that its shape is perfectly suited to the male anatomy. Placing your meat in this uniquely shaped ring is simple and since the cage is placed in the middle of the ring, you won’t need to worry about any pinching of the skin.

Its locking system and its materials make it a product that is nearly indestructible. You can use the device during sports, sleeping on your stomach or attached to something. It will withstand everything you throw at it while remaining firmly in place. Plus, the bio-resin will absorb any shocks without breaking and won't cause injuries to the skin.

The design and materials of the Holy Trainer make it easy to clean and easy to wear. To wash it, simply use warm soapy water or sanitize it in the top rack of your dish washer. The material is very strong and will withstand exposure to alcohol or any other solvent. The air holes allow good ventilation so the skin breathes well. And the opening located at the end of the cage allows you to urinate comfortably.

Great for beginners or experienced users alike. The perfect option for long term wear since you have adequate ventilation and all materials are 100% hypoallergenic.

BONUS FEATURE: The manufacturer has informed us that this device, including the internal locking mechanism, has been through multiple airport metal detectors without setting off any alarms. This is great news. Now you don't need to remove your chastity device to travel.



Cock Ring Inner Diameter: 45mm (1.75")

Cock Cage Length: 55mm (2 .14")

Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 35mm (1.4")

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Comments (12)
Husband of Eiza

I have wear it. Nice


How do you get the sack in the ring. The rings do you have resin rings that connect together instead of one piece. I put the ring in hot water and stretch it, but it can’t get my sack through.

Wrestling Tracks

also good for no nut november

Ryan Wequ

Just got mine in the mail.

Kim Eliassen

Daym that was one of the cleanest most perfect infomercials I've ever seen. Idc what they pay him that guy deserves a raise

Laura Hahn

Can u wear it with a PA piercing? My boyfriend has one.

BHOP jae


William Pacheco

Ty i didn't no u had to submerge it in got water to get it pliable Ty I'm going to try that after I do my mistress


how long do you mean by "long term wear"?
or even years?

Adrián Röhm

Oh my, it's gonna be expensive at the beginning

Non Nomen

"The Nub" is No. 4 in the collection. It is really small and great for those with a very small organ.

Wayne Hogan

will the cage get soft in a hot shower