How to squirt by yourself

Squirt - Extras | Dir. @ReelShootas

Squirt - Extras | Dir. @ReelShootas27 Jan. 2021
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Ryan Real

Ryan Real @SquirtTheFlirt

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Vegetaking 4

Long live huey

Darius Lipsey

Long Live Huey

GQ The Fool

Long live Huey! #RILEYHOE ????


Dope video bro


snapped on this one ? #LLH ?

Mac Williams

??????? #ALLDAT

Watch Jimmy Ball

??? Best Video Yet Bro ??‼️

The Maggot Experiment

The Maggot Experiment31 Jan. 2021
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And it’s not one I’m

And it’s not one I’m going to repeat in my lifetime.

It started with the idea while eating some prawns on Australia Day.

Not even the Kookaburras were interested in the heads. I threw a couple down which they ignored. I thought to myself that will bring the flies. And with that an idea grew.

I’ll put the rest in a bowl with a T Towel over it for a day and see what happens. That’s when the rain set in. It didn’t stop for 3 days.

When it eventually stopped, I went down to check it out.

I lifted the towel. When I woke 10 mins later, what a success.

I set up Heidi, my GoPro to capture, what I was expecting to be, a mass flocking to this smorgasbord of nutritional goodness.

So, all day I sat on my veranda 7 meters away. Gagging, with remote in hand, waiting for this flood of birds.

After being ignored all day, except by Squirt, overcome by fumes, I had the great idea of setting the bowl up in the Wrens Splash Pool at dark for my new frogs. Surely they’d love a fresh maggot?

The Wrens Splash Pool is only a few meters from my air-con unit. Burning incense all night did nothing to mask the smell. I now thinking of selling my air-con cheap if any are interested?

Anyway, lights set up, both Hedley & Heidi in position, I started recording at 9pm. 5 hours for Heidi & 4 for Hedley of recording time. And in all that time NOT...........ONE..........FROG.

So, no. I won’t be repeating this experiment again soon.

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Gary Webb

Everything has a purpose. ?


Gross but interesting!

Lhmcd 55

I hope it was far enough away from your house and the breeze was blowing the smell away from you. I commend you on your experiment. Not something I could have done. ?

gaz ferg

no magpies or blackbirds around?