Girls getting finger banged

How to Finger Bang like a PRO

How to Finger Bang like a PRO12 Mar. 2011
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how to make your hand's

how to make your hand's finger's hands clap

check this out its awesome

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Cate Skye

I think i need some finger lube :/


only 2 min sigh


haha it's been a while :)


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I wasn't understanding anything 'til I tried to do it myself! LMFAO


I'll never look at my hands the same again...O_O ohmigosh! NOICE WORK!!!! :3


How the hell did I find this again


i felt really stupid while doing it


@SxyBeast360 could not find your account name and now i have it


lolz I love it.


OMG you have a mullet! D: Now i've lost all respect for you.


Whenever I watch this video I giggle like a 10 year old... You totally needed to know that.

ady gombos

Wow Onision, thanks!


LOL! That was funny :) FINGER BANGING! haha

Nicole S

and this is why i subscribed to you (:


Hahahaha that is the coolest thing ever. I don't know why I'm so amused BUT I am (: Subbed (:

Eoghan Dwane

Did anybody else try it

Conor Lynch

you should be studying xD

Megan Conneely

I watched this thinking WTF. . . . ?? (and laughing) But then I tried it and holy shit my fingers banged!! (bung? banged?) My chin hurts but it was worth it for the hilarity :D


Good to see you again. You have not lost touch with the kinds of videos you do. You are really maturing. Your voice is deeper and more.


My hands feel dirty now. Now I need to go wash them obsessively.


This video is just so sexual.. haha XD

Ed Shaw

turned on the "Transcribe audio beta" and laughed myself silly at what they thought you were saying


You have been eating those forrest mushrooms again, haven't you?

Charlie Tanev

My little cousin is dead now ^_____^

Luigi Cadorna

What the fuck accent are you trying to speak in?


lol you're funny


You look like a hybrid between Silas and Shane Botwin! So you're kinda like the prodical son of Weeds! xD


I wonder how many people actually just hit themselves in the face i did ...

Freya Carroll

Man, I have a friend who is going to LOVE this...Im excited for school now. Thank you.



She Said She Got Fingered, But I Know She Got FUCKED.

She Said She Got Fingered, But I Know She Got FUCKED.13 Jan. 2012
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From Haggard: The Movie

From Haggard: The Movie (2003)

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Freddy Dominguez

Lolol, man RIP



Cinnamon Roll

Great comic delivery by Ryan. He was the best actor in Haggard. Bam sucked. He was also naturally funny and had a talent for comedy. I could have envisaged him in bigger comedy film roles playing goofy characters similar to Zach Galifianakis.




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TODAY ON NIRL: I get fingered, then get some gainz. We draft players for our second Fantasy Football team, and I shoot some stuff with Just Kidding News!






SNAPCHAT: nikkilimo




Nikki Limo

11271 Ventura Blvd. #159

Studio City, CA 91604

Thanks for watching my stupid youtube channel. I make new videos Monday thru Friday. Subscribe so you don't miss them!

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Brian Timothy

Trusting someone with your lady parts while discussing your weekend! LOL!!!!

Jenica Ann

Just kidding films!!

Eric Sclamo

Nice squad got Gronk on all of mine

Ariel Harmony

I would like to suggest getting fingered by a lesbian and I would like to volunteer as tribute.... Sex is better with girls... If your a girl ... Do it

Grace H.

My gynecologist likes to talk about her kids and what I am studying in college during my examination......They try to make it less awkward. It really does not work.


they should make that calendar room a real set in a comedy, that was pretty funny.

Jaxxon Balboa

so you hate getting fingered and going to the gyno sooo much that you make a video and put it on youtube so the entire planet knows.....does that seem logical to you??????


can you please give us the link to the workout plan you use???? plz ;-;

fabian albor

Why is she so pretty with and without makeup!?

Sergio Martinez

I just skip through for cat footage, definitely disappointed on this one..


Was that the Kayla Itsines bikini body workout you were doing?

kevin serrano

Did you go to college


Foosball is the devil <3

s !

all my comments are in the hate comments folder


lol bandade gainz . omg i can never un see your nose freckle.. your awesome go girl go.

rar nerm

|Ariel Harmoney no duh your a lesbian all about opinions

Justin S

Holy shit is that Bart Kwon?

Jenn P

nikki, I'm from Pittsburgh,huge Steelers fan glad y got Ben , not so sure how those draft work out, but hope he can do sumthing 4 ya, luv ur show


{Insert Vagina Joke here}.... Insert

Rnsjoshhaaa D

You look better when you smile??

HopOff Tha D

Nikki What's your snapchat beb?


Adorable gains.

Nathan Ascher

Do you not know how guys phisicals work? We know how it feels.

Angelica Griffin

Get Benefit's They're Real Mascara in the blue color for your look in this!! Gorgeous!

Jenii j

your eyes are so pretty ?


All your friends are asian ? Do you have yellow fever? .-.


I just totally don't understand fantasy football?? what the hell are you doing with that???


That's why I hate makeup. ?

julie w

is there a link to that workout you're doing? I want to try it

Shane D

Is it as bad as a guy having a doctor stick his fingers in your butt touching the little male g-spot?


why do girls have gynecologist but guys don't have penisologists

Brian Timothy

Friends don't let friends draft drunk

Noel Santos

Cat butt! You're a shoe in @ JKNews! Thanks again for the great video!


you and katy perry have the same hometown. grace helbig and katy perry are in a secret relationship. i also ship helmo. therefore you guys are getting married in utah and ill be there bc my favorite three people in the world you're welcome nikki i just made your future


Guys have proctologists. So, yes, we do understand cuz we get fingers shoved up our asses. At least for you, the hoochie coochie is meant to have something inserted into it.

Lily M

I enjoy seeing you on JKN!

Megan Chavez

Do you know the lyrics to every Eminem song?

Brothers Entertainment

You got a squad from your draft

Yuritzi H

I love it when your with jkn ?

Danika Young

Awww I love the JK crew ❤️


nikki,this is the best way I can communicate with u,u are so special without makeup on,having someone like you means a man have everything in a woman,and not even a fuckin blick of cheating,nikki find a look au like put it out there and see what comes back


tajín just as good as mex. candy =)

Marco Morales

That click bait doe

Tudor Necula

those SteveGreene.jpgs on the desktop. you dirty fucking stalker !

23 Savage

Nikki you have a great Kini Body!

Ali Salehi

Nikki it's me again but I just had a thought that you don't like getting fingered in this video because a gynecologist was doing it. I've never been fingered so I'm not sure but that might be the reason so I hope that helped! :) Also you called your workout gains results and not gains but I thought workout results were gains. If not then please tell me what are gainz because I can't stop talking about them and it would be nice to know what they are?!


You look beautiful even without make up.

Stephanie Gause

Would love to see some workout footage. As someone else whose trying get more fit its nice to see someone else's transformation. And btw you have been looking thinner lately! Congrats!




Where can I get me some dat spanish coffee!


Fucking sick draft. You got Gronk and AP. Nuff said.


Loved the intro, but then way TMI, ok you're still talking about it, still way TMI, please stop talking about this now... nikki please... enough already. More dots........ ok I think I've made my point by now. Cat butt. GAINZ ALL DAY SON! or daughter? I don't want to be sexist, sorry I don't know.. <3 Eminem, moms spaghetti for life. All about dat ass tho. Should've brought more wine, not like you're driving! Yahoo is fo shizzle yo nizzle. Snacks for days! Cmon girl... you can't talk about this coffee and then not show it to me, vlogging not on fleek. Ok nvm you showed me. I've BEEEN subbed. Ok peace late good night xxx

Lois Lane

Tasty garden!!!!

Marc Koenecke

I like this style of NIRL! Keep it up.

s !

goddamn jk news always eat at the best places

James Turner

nikki pregnant confirmed

Petite Poulette

I ♥ you working w. J.K.Films. Why a hate comments folder? I can't imagine. Is everything where it should be, down der...? All in good health according to the gynecologist, I take it. :P

dimitri delafield

does steve drive a mini cooper?

Rico Smilez

Enjoyed seeing more of your day. Hope to see more vlogs like this. Luv ya, Peace!

Alanis arriaga

Omg the whole fingernail dilemma is why I hate it too! I thought I was the only one..


Did you intentionally use the word "gynecologist" as many times as you could just to make the men uncomfortable? :Q


Keep on vloging

Alejandra Velez

Ur adorable! ☺️

Metoprolol Tartrate

I fuckin love u steve is so luck your his girl


Dr Redman? My wife is from SB and still drives up there to go to the vag doc...

Megan Chavez

Mexican candy is at walgreens for sure Nikki!



Eerie Spirit

can you link the work out ? pleasee nikkiiiiiii


I told my gyno if he asked me if I was ok one more time, I was going to kick him in the face. Good times!


My fantasy NFL draft QB would be either RG3 or Cam Newton* Someone fast that could rush a lot of touchdowns* I like Ben Roethelisberger but I hate Eli Manning*


I was like, didn't you JUST talk about going to the gynecologist like last week or
But then I realized it was Grace and I got confused because I probably just had it on in the background and you guys have basically the same voice :D

Ian Meagher

where you get that music at 2:25? sounds like some funny cheesy porno music lol

Indie Guy

Never heard a woman say they don't like being fingered.

Jeff Owen

About as fun as a what prostate exam. ?


Dang I need to start getting some gains.


terrible? you're my favorite vlogger girl what do you mean!!

billy chainsaw

this video was just all around good fun!! Got to see nikki, (the prettiest youtuber) hang wit steve green for a lil, Talk about football and got see your fantasy football team, and even hung out with Joe and Bart from ask the feel!

Ralph Dizon

Nikki, The Twin of Grace Helbig. :) I see a lot of similarities. I LIKE IT!!! I need to see more more more videos. :D Just subscribed here... how come, right? ILY Nikki!

Terrell Scott

ESPN's format is better than Yahoo

Robert Washington

You are so gorgeous.. # NaturalBeauty


Dear Nikki, your gainzzz are gainy af. Love your vids !

Rejean Robichaud

Happy New Year Nikki

¿Junior ?!

You looked! ??

Dorothy Freeman

Some people have the best jobs lets hope his fingers are clean


How the hek did you get both Peterson and Gronk, they fly off the board in the first round.


I honestly only could think about ask the feels, when you are in your car now.


After watching this vid, it's safe to say that lesbianism is NOT something Nikki will be exploring. :)


Please post about your color numerical for picking your clothes


Bow! bicka-bicka-bop-boom-baddah. NOT. TOO. DEEP...NOT. TOO. DEEP...WITH MY GYNO!!!

Josh's Journey

hi nikki, (punch in the face)... It's just a prank!! got YOU!!

Robin Lee

Wish I had Gronk on my team. Also, I love it when you hang with the JK crew :) :) :)

Thomas George

why the fuck was I watching this shit!

Alphie Wily

We should make a video togetha!! that'd be so rad! xD



Personal Masoon

I love a good fingering

James Turner

i feel like i need to know a lot more about the opening

Leo Martinez

damn your eyes without makeup. fuckin flawless

Erin Paige Calhoun

Where did you get your earrings?

Jayron Hardmon

i seen the McDonald's video with jkn


Hey Nikki. I live in Green Bay. Packers are life here. Funny story....when I went to the gyno, when I was in the waiting room Jordy Nelson and his wife sat down for her appointment. They were there when she was preggers with her first baby. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or starstruck. True story. I've seen players around town ever since moving here. A few rookies used to live in the same townhouse complex as me too. If you've never been to a game you should try and come out. It really is incredible.