How to get rid of neck hair

BEST Way to Remove Underarm Chin Neck Leg Ingrown Hair Cyst or Lumps NO LASER HAIR REMOVAL

BEST Way to Remove Underarm Chin Neck Leg Ingrown Hair Cyst or Lumps NO LASER HAIR REMOVAL3 Nov. 2016
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How to Get Rid of Ingrown

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs on your Leg, Chin, Neck, Face, Underarm, Bikini Area and more with Wow Hair Vanish Removal Cream.

** WOW Hair Vanish For Women - Best Hair Retardant Shave less Ingrown Hair cream - **

** Nair Hair Removal Cream - **

HOW TO: Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs with Hair Retardant Cream and Nair Depilatory Cream. Suffering from ingrown hair or considering laser hair removal for your under armpit ingrown hair, cyst or hair bumps, try this first.






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Christina Austin

do u get paid to review?

Thats Just Karin

This is what worked for me, not sure if this will work for you, but it worked on 2 different occasions after shaving using BOTH products, not just one. I now use Veet, which works compared to Nair hair removing cream. I no longer shave due to the large bumps that develop under my armpits. Anyway, I hope this helps someone who is seeking immediate relief from this.

Mark Torrez

im a guy i have that lump so i wanted to say thank you for the info you have saved me from having more pain that i do now. thank you so much.

Stacy T

i use a 3 blade razor on the regular. they last longer and are easier to clean the hair out of. sorry those dont work for you. nair doesnt work for me even when i double the time. i am glad you are sharing your experiences and providing a level of education to use all. i have had a cyst which i had cut open and drained from my pit.

Mia More

I got a burn too

Timeless Resonance

I've had a random hair bump under my armpit and got rid of it with aloe vera gel.

sonya griffy

Great vid.

Saima Yasin

and one more thing wt to do together lil confusing pls can you write down 4 me.pls it will thank you ingrown hairs for chin?


I found the video now, I have the same problem, does it work if you wax?

Leticia Resendez

I have to try this! Thank you.

Val Shelby

Me I got scared of using lazor hair remover! And I shocked myself that I gave it to my grandma!


your channel is so informative?

Harley Quinn

thank you so much I hope this works for me


Going to purchase this
NOW ??. Thanks so much dear!!!

Leta Robinson

That sounds like an interesting product. I could never use the depilatory creams because my skin is sensitive to the ingredients, and it doesn't remove my hair. The underarm bump problem somewhat reminded me of a staff infection that might have resulted from bacteria getting trapped under the skin that grew over the hair, and you know your arm pits produce sweat & bacteria. Boils are another bacterial form of staff infections. I keep Tea Tree essential oil as a staple, or sometime 4 Thieves oil works to attack the infection. If you got activated charcoal or kaolin clay to make a paste it helps to draw/& dry it out the fluid. I hope that your better Karin. :)

Hasan Murtaza

I have that large red lump right now on my thigh near the knee. Any tips how to get rid of it coz i can't even move my leg

Jonathan Coleman

so which one help for the lump?

Natalie Mackenzie

Just found you & I'm seriously loving your videos, keep em coming ? btw, Your eye makeup looks bomb ?

ps s

Very beautiful eye makeup!!


Lord in heaven thank you for this Sista doing this video. I pray it works for me like it works for you!

queenita osei

Thank You, i’m gonna try it

jennifer honeygirl

love this video, im gettin some asap, oh and by the way my 10 yr old daughter claimed the shea moisture i won in your give away! lol gotta love her....


I have it on my face

S Ezell

Home remedies for Boils.

Gretchen Hurst

I'm gonna tell you what right now.....omg thank you for this video! You make a girl feel like she IS NOT ALONE in this mess. It's like you said everything that goes through my head. Thank you for doing this video...and I LOVE the way you are!

Polly Belli

I am in so much pain omg

Chavelle Vlogs

If you're growing facial hair
You should as your Dr to prescribe you spironolactone it helps alot


You should have gone to the doctor for that bump. I had it in 3 separate occasions in my teens the first time I said nothing and it took forever to go away but the next time I had it I went to the doctor. You think it hurts before try getting it removed with no anesthetic.
Anyway I might just try this product.

Lea Bown

I pray this works!! I have cyst so bad I had to go to the doctors and get cut into... soooooo painful! im tired of ingrown hairs.. I literally stop shaving and everything.. ? im so bombed

Kristen Shelor

Just a little FYI from my own personal experience DO NOT USE Nair on your armpits especially if you have sensitive skin like me cause let me tell you I learned the hard way and never again will I try that and I wouldn't want anyone else to suffer the way I did. I decided to try Nair on my armpits one day because I was tired of still having evidence of hair under my arms after running a razor over and over again leaving my armpits raw with some nicks so I get the bright idea that hey maybe Nair would take care of the stubborn stubble left behind. Well let me tell you I rubbed it on and it was a instant burn and sting that I've never experienced I screamed so loud with of course lots of choice words along with screams that my neighbors probably didn't know what to think lol. So you feel burn like that from something you rub on your immediate reaction is to get a wet washcloth and get the product off as fast as you can to get some relief right...NOOOO!!!! The burn trying to wash it off was even worse than putting it on. So I repeated the screams, lots of bad words and probably a language not known to any man in this world along with tears of agony and fear of what to do to make the intense burning to stop. I literally had to just sit there pray to God for it to stop and cry my eyes out till the burn calmed down some. I couldn't wear deodorant, wash my armpits, move my arms or even let my arms down to touch my sides because the friction or just the skin touching was straight agony along with sweating there oh lord it was bad for days I think like a week and around 2 weeks of having problems from it but it wasn't as severe. Luckily at that time I was working at a Dermatologist office so I had it looked at by one of the PA'S his face said it all when I showed him and his mouth about hit the ground he said oh Lord girl you did it good and that looks so painful that its making my armpits hurt, he said what did you say you used again I said Nair he replied you know that's for legs right and there's probably a reason for that and one being armpits would be more sensitive to harsher chemicals than your legs wouldn't be as much especially when having razor burn but im sure you learned your lesson though I said what makes you think that lol. So I ended up having to take a antibiotic and using a steroid cream because I had a severe chemical burn, razor burn, chemical reaction and a infection all because I wanted no sign of stubble under my arms that I'm sure no one would pay attention to. Now it may do others different idk but if someone would have told me there nightmare like I had from using Nair on my armpits I would have never tried it. Just use caution I don't want anyone to go through what I did because it was really miserable and one of the worst ideas I ever had and had to pay for it.

Nibedita Das

hy... can I use this on my face.. and do I have to pluck the hair from face before applying this cream..


I’ve had 2 lumps for years near my bikini are they don’t hurt nor can I find any hair to pull out of them and I don’t want to get cut? I went to amazon but it doesn’t say it’s for ingrown hair bumps it just says hair removal and I prefer to get a wax at this point??


Anyone tried this cream ?? Is it still available on amazon??

Sudani Doll

thank you so much for this review am based in the UK I hope I can get it here xx

Courtney Hobbs

Walmart sells a thicker formula for Nair that comes in a pump (similar to lotion) and comes with a sponge. It doesn't smell, cost avg $9 and works great for me. Thanks for the vid.

Adrianna Davis

Is it sold anywhere like Walmart or dollar tree?

Saima Yasin

hey dis is very informative video can we use this in upper lip and side burn area too will my hair totally go away i gt ingrown hairs in my face wid d tweezing marks like round round ones go away i want to stop coverin myself wid make up thnk you :) ❤❤

Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair

Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair5 Mar. 2019
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Comments (100)
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I had surgery becouse of this it became pilonidal. Cyst it was painfull

Emi Ly


Cmdr Riotz

Boston Cream?


I thought i was the only one who noticed he grabbed her hand like that as if he wanted to hold it
I thought that was abnormal. Another thing was that pus looked like the Venetian cream inside the Boston cream donut; i wanted to taste it.


So he invited her on to mansplain and show how he knows how to do it to.


Hey guys Jesus loves you and your here for a reason. Repent by turning to Him and just accepting Him as your lord and savior for He is very real and wants you to know Him. Just take that leap of faith by letting Him into your life.? .


Dr.Pimple popper demonstrates how to smile and nod

Johnny English

God she’s so hot

Charlotte Florell

Mansplaining. Its rude and embarrassing. Stop it

Mi Ca

All this time I thought this was the chicken skin thing.

Eliza H

This guy is intolerable. Talks over her, holds her hand to walk her away. Gross!


All I learned from this video is how to be an unwelcoming host and talk over your guest...


The title to this video is a lie. She doesn’t demonstrate anything Dr. Oz is demonstrating it to her. Oz is showing Dr. pimple popper how to pop pimples. He is so up his own ass it’s not even funny. When he has sex he closes his eyes and imagine himself jerking off.

Ciara Eason

Dr. Pimple Popper: explains about ingrown hair and what to do

Dr. Oz: Silence Wench! I do not want to hear more of your knowledge anymore, I want you to listen what I have to say.

Honestly though, something about his behavior towards her and how he talks to her feels more like he's being a bit of a show off and is very overestimating her knowledge.. I might be wrong but some of the comments and with what the like and dislike ratio is looking like.


will ingrown hair heal itself

Matthew Stiegelmar

My anxiety went up so much when I thought he wasn’t gonna fully remove the hair

Jamie Logie



This guy is popping a five foot, fake pimple and these assholes clap.

Felicia raliae

Finally got cured from herpes after using Dr.ademise herbal treatment and i didn't even have to change my diet while using his medication

David Brill

When he lead her by the hand and she made that face....I felt that...

Han Bloxian


Ste Ven

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He is a selfish bigot.

Quelle, Tegan Legaspi

Rude much

Alexis Ford

You guys can use a glass beer bottle for get rid of boils.

Bad Bleep

He was just mansplaining the whole time?she knows what she is doing

Olivia Biggs

“The more superficial something is, the less likely it is to cause much of a scar.” That’s heavy tbh. Real heavy.

Ni Ke

I got rid of my Herpes virus after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. Umoru who I came across on YouTube.

Ralph Baxter

We like you showing the full extraction technique.

Gio Bianchi

I feel like HE was the ingrown hair in the situation, and Dr. Pimple Popper needed to remove him.
I said what I said ??‍♂️


Dr.oz is that one friend that invites you over to play video game but theirs only one controller so you only have the control in your hand like 1% of the time

Fabio J Pellett

I didn’t get it... he invited her and showed her how to do it?!? Why? Lol ?
He’s a clown, always been a clown.


I'm here screaming "TAKE OFF THE HAIR ALREADY"


He is literally insulting her format and insulting her viewers. What an absolute sellout, narcissistic, and ungenuine human being.

SlavicGirl BG

Popping real pimples isn’t as disgusting as this fake big cream ball

Thejan Ranathunge

Who is Dr. Pimple Popper here? Show off. "I can do that too". Then do it yourself. Why she had to be here? You needed to teach her how to do it?

Samantha Dalke

Jesus loves whoever’s reading this

Holly H

he grabbed her hand wtf

I am milan

God bless all dermatologists of the world.

Ross ellis

That was an Excellent video....One of the best have seen . Straight to the point... No Dr.? This is what you should do. Dr. Lee . Big respect.. I know the relief you bring people Dr. Oz very, very good home remedy video.

Colby Twiss

the biggest mistake folks r making?

they're lazy
refuse to change their diet
or exercise in order to sweat regularly the toxins from their body. this is what cleans the skin , not complicated.

James Matthews

Omg where can I buy this giant pimple toy?!! Just take my money

Janae Bailey

Umm I’m pretty sure she’s knows how to do her job. He didn’t even let her talk I hate him

April Love Self

Why does he invite ppl when he completely hogs the segment ??


I have Thai on my pup just one what do o fo

Iseng channel

Wowww the best,,
Don't forget to subscribe again


That pus looks like pastry cream. Not like regular boil videos lol.


Jesus loves you❤️

Jennylyn Pili

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Rob Rock1978

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Shane Flores

trash video trash show trash host, reeks of misogyny to say the least, at least a lot of people are reading that too

elias salas

nosotros papaya

Rinny J

That felt so weird lol why wasn’t SHE the one explaining that? ?

Jordan Amundson

Are we just all going to ignore that the mach abses was just a bag of mayonnaise?

G man123

I'm soo confused...let her do it..she is the doctor....jeez!

Migel Vazkez

Did he just nut on himself

amar Jeet123

God bless

jesse hutchings

Aw fxxx I think I'm gonna be sick

Watchwhereyourgoing youfool


?️ ͜ʖ?️

El Tercero

Awww. I wanted her do it.

surfings whack

Doc sure likes saying bumps and lumps in the beginning of the video there lol

Bruce Vulva

How the hell did I end up here. I was watching videos about night vision technology...

Jessika Piche

Those 'ingrown hairs', when they rise to the surface are the easy one. The ones people have trouble with are those who, instead, goes deep and cause a red, almost deep brownish bump and you can't see the hair AT ALL. Those are the real ingrown hair. What you show here is just a very simple pimple ready to bust, nothing difficult to "pop". I still like the effort he made to recreate one though!


God this host is a douche. Just let her speak you don’t have to hold her hand lmao


For what he invited he


Is that- is that mayonnaise?

Roberto pena

Dr. Brule sent me here

Brandon Fares

Very rude of you

Recheal j

Lots of folks still be thinking there's no cure for the herpes virus only cause they never heard of Dr.ademiso on youtube

иоятнеяи sтаяя

Oz is a liar he promotes whatever he's paid to promote

Carlos Krueger


Jayden Bais

Never disrespect my girl Dr. Pimple popper like this EVER again

Lincoln Bobbs

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Ni Ke

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Milly Monroe

Dr oz-??‍♂️

Carly Quinn

I feel bad for dr lee. He might as well have had her be on a video call

Fletcher And Junk

And this ladies, gentlemen, and gentlethems, is mansplaining

Obama Bin Laden

He's teaching someone who is known as Dr.Pimple Popper how to pop a pimple?



Joe Limbus

Its as if Everybody read the comments and said "imma say that too"

Spanish John


Beelow Beehigh

The green goblin has come a long way


What’s the difference between a cherry angioma and ingrown hair? I have a very red bump on my leg. When I swerved it it got bigger but i haven’t popped it it’s been there 2 months. It might look like there is fluid but not exactly pus. It has grown a bit over the 2 months it only hurts if I sqeeze it

Vim Mahadevan

So this is what they mean by mansplaining?

Isco Williams

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/\ WeirdoNation /\

Why does this have so many freaking likes?! HE removed it not her! And why is he explaining HER job to HER!? Just shut up dude

London lemming

Why bring her if you’re gonna do all the talking idiot


I think she was looking to demonstrate....


If it was only that easy !!

Acid Blood

So was he supposed to do it or was she supposed to do it??

Qwerty 84

Me : minding my own business
An ingrown hair decides to appear
Me : Are you serious..

Doctor Okoro

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This was just aggravating to watch. All he did was talk over her and show her how to remove a ingrown hair.

Way to invite somone on your show just to show that you know more.

jake hart

Makes me really uncomfortable that he held her hand to the table 5 ft away

Preston Garvey


William Davis

what is that, custard?

Justin Delacerda

I swear that was a bag of mayonnaise


That was more disgusting than seeing it done for real somehow


Lesson in mansplaining from Dr Oz, and in politeness from Dr Lee

how to get rid of ingrown hairs on face and neck

how to get rid of ingrown hairs on face and neck31 May. 2019
7 454

how to get rid of ingrown

how to get rid of ingrown hairs on face and neck. Here in this video i talk about how to get rid of ingrown hairs on face and neck

Comments (2)

a tip, put more effort, look at the camera, actually edit the video

M z

Use conditioner to shave