How to stand out to a guy

How to stand out from other women

How to stand out from other women20 Dec. 2017
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laurel wright

Funny, this is actually helping me when it comes to my new job. Just today, I considered quitting, but you nailed it. I need to DIG IN so that I can improve my skills and stand out at work. I think the potential for a new relationship will fall into place naturally as a result. You ROCK, Chazz!! Thank you for your wisdom! ;-)

Maria D Garcia Toscano

All-over, one of the best and well-put videos I've seen. Thank you


To be set apart from other women is to be a woman after God's heart. You will shine brighter and more beautiful.

Lisa A.

best thing i heard in a while ...thanks chaz

Lady Q

I just feel like, I just may stand out from other women, sure! Kool... but a man that’s immature can view me and all the other women THE SAME. And the same as in Objects to use!

Kiki Grant

?u might b right

Peaches Nicholson

I just hope you’re not gay! You’re cute! ?

Lizzy Darcy

MINDSET! This video is so empowering. From what l got from it... It really means stop taking things personally and it doesn't mean chase men.. Just means u also av to realize your agency and control over your life.

Ashley Victoria

You have to play the game to be in it


if you looking for Undercover fuckboy some of his videos are starting to seem real low-key manipulative

Shawna del Nae

Mad I just now found your channel! New subbie?. It's nice to see a guy's honest perspective. I have been guilty of just walking away from things just because I'm not the only one during the "talking stage". Now the last time this happened, me and the guy were getting close and I thought a relationship was close until he basically told me i wasn't the only one he was spending time with. I definitely sent that "have a nice f#@%%ng life" text!!! You're right. You have to know where to draw the line in order to not be played, but go for what you want... if that makes sense lol.

Mommies at home

Cheers for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you thought about - Ianabriely Bewildering Idea (Have a quick look on google can't remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind guide for becoming an alpha male and attracting the opposite sex minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my good mate called Gray after many years got great success with it.

Julie Deschênes


Lady Q

The plot twist is jacked up immature people look for good things(people) to destroy! As long as a person views you as an object or something to use and mistreat.... then what you do, to make yourself look valuable or become more valuable, won’t matter EXCEPT RUNNING FROM THEM !! To be honest ! So don’t waste time ! I’m not doing all of that. Because You have to give something to have something !

Astr A

Enjoying pragmatisme more than ever in my mice lately. It makes you feel safe again


How do you age in reverse?

Katie Sheehan

I can't tell you how much I needed this video!



child bye

Stop assuming and actually articulate your self before you get in your emotions.

Be open what he might be feeling about the relationship and other things

Give him space don’t hound him or smother him 24/7

Lakeisha Frazier

Thanks for the message be bless.

Jennifer Clark

What would u do if u loved a man using drugs and knows he's cheating, but denys it, says he loves you and wants to see u at his convenience

Miss. Fuck, Your Opinion

i'm so sorry but real love comes naturally not competitive. if you feel you need to compete with love he probably isn't worth it

Keisha Foster

Hi I just started watching ur videos and am loving them, I just wanna say thank u I appreciate it a lot, but here is a question: coming out of a relationship, how do u know when ur ready for another one


Excellent advice!!


Lmao. Yasssss

Carmen Hayes

Good morning Mr. Ellis

OMG...This was the most informative and inspirational YOU TUBE video I've heard to date. Your words were truly to encourage someone. Whether it be man or woman, we need to focus on improving our standing in life to bring about a positive change. I think we ladies get so caught up on the man we love that we forget to focus on bettering ourselves. The alpha male I care about is working very hard on his PURPOSE. So in this quiet time, I'm focusing on mine. A new PURPOSE. He has always encouraged me to return to school and listening to you has confirmed his caring words for and to me. Changing ones mindset is key, but leaving ones place of comfort is hard Mr. Ellis, but I believe I'm ready to step out on FAITH and try something new.

Thank you so much Mr. made my day?

ThatNurseMoun ,SN

Great video!

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Under what circumstances you must be willing to move on if necessary.

J Jo

Subscribed. Valuable information.

Lisa Quaye

The guy Im seeing and I had this conversation the other day. I was a lil frustrated bc he hasn’t been putting efforts into going out or planning dates. Truth be told, he asked me out few times and I didn’t feel like going out at tht time. His frustration was why would I cont to do something if the other person doesn’t even act as if she’s into this. You barely call or hit me up and when I do, it takes u forever to reply.’ I was annoyed at first and thought he was playin this blame game. Thought abt it some more, and said to myself, he’s right. Would I cont I continue to put in efforts with a guy who barely calls or me and take hrs and hrs to respond to my text?’ Probably not. Truth be told, this human isn’t perfect. Not even the slightest, however, he has been the most patient with me bc God knows how many times I’ve tried to breakup with him and he stills comes bk and say, let’s talk abt it. Deep down I know the things I do or say has absolutely NOTHIN to do with him rather everything to do with how ‘I feel abt myself’ at this current moment. Once again, this is real talk. You gotta change how your mentality in order to find success or happiness in any situation bc at the end of the day, everything comes down to how you feel abt you

Lone Wolf Business Concierge

Trying to be valuable to another person before you're valuable to yourself only makes you a FUCBOI magnet. You are who you attract. If you love yourself, those who can and will love you will be DRAWN to you.

Ms Fine Wine

Love it

Ry T

This video is excellent life advice thank you I just subscribed. I love your positive attitude and encouragement! You give us examples that resonate really well.

tina weddle


summer time

This is only useful if other bitches aren't watching it lol


Straight to the point ! Thank you ?

Janil Isaac

Stand out by being yourself and the right persons will be attracted to you. As opposed to getting into a relationship with someone you thought you knew only for the relationship to fail because someone has changed.
And if you're very serious about being in a relationship then the advice from this video is worth accepting.

Sage Healer

This was the best advice


Thank you. You are educating your followers. I appreciate you! Keep up the good work.

Neon Brasian

I give up. Found out that the guy I'm crushing on is dating other woman ???


Lmao love you ... “have a nice life you are a LOSER” ??????


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Stephen Coleman

She's a natural.


One of your best videos and topics. It’s the secret juice women who have a man don’t tell. Exactly what they did to get him.


This is why men are not standing in their power. We gotta collectively do better ladies. Even if many refuse to lower standards, men can just move on to the others desperate enough to be willing to put him on a pedestal.

Mimi B


Hey Monda DIY Art & Crafts

100% True

Kesha Kellogg

I love this channel, Chazz! I love your comparison of dating to doing what you'd do in a career. Thanks for giving women such square advice!

Masa Music

Great!Thanks! :)


Awesome, Chazz! Thank you for the great advice.

Yolanda Aguirre

We dont want to hear about Michael jordon ,really .get to the point about what ur teaching.


Be the person you want to attract in your life. Be positive, be bold and confident. Walk in the door as a winner.
You will attract people with those qualities in your life. Positive energy always attracts.

Bethany Sims

Great advice Chazz!

Alisha Conn

This is the best advice ever!


I like that you applied it to business. Yes, personal experience. Yes, my value went up in most aspects and getting better in my life. Thank you for reminding me and confirming that! Nice! ✌️

Monica C.

You're funny! I think I wanna try a few of your tips!! They make a lot of sense!!!

Little Mom Pasadena

Old school advice from a happily married woman. How to stand out - 1) Do not give up your body so easily. That's what all the other women are doing. Be affectionate, but leave something to look forward to, be a challenge, and it will drive him crazy because the modern man is so used to getting sex right away. If he leaves because you won't give it up, you will be able to get over it very easily because you did not get used. 2) Speaking of your body - work out regularly! You don't need a perfect body, but be happy with the best body you can have. If you put in the effort to stay in shape, men will look at that as huge positive for a long term relationship. The confidence you will gain by taking care of your body will be also be attractive far beyond the physical. 3). Cook him a homemade meal. Nothing fancy, just some every day food your mom made for you that was comforting, like spaghetti and meatballs; mac and cheese; potato salad, pork chops and yams, a sandwich with all the fixings. I have a daughter in her early 20's and I don't see her or any of her girlfriends doing this! You will stand out so much amongst your peers that he might ask you to marry him right after the meal if he hasn't fallen over in shock.


Damnnnn chaz a smart man. I like this dude. Hes putting a great spin on explaining all of this to me, man hes GOOD.

Maya Stephens

I don’t understand. What’s the advice? What’s the mindset you should have with this man?

Uyen Le

11 year old me over here ???

Erica Hyler

God bless you


I like the Michael Jordan analogy. It’s about mindset. Regardless of the situation

Shining Star

That was explosive and mind provoking. You made so much sense. I have never heard anyone explain it the way that you have. Thank you. I think I'll check out a few more you videos and hear what you have to say. It made me look at myself in a different perspective not just the other person.

Jennifer Violette

You provide great advice, thank you!

Tee b

I'm confused... so ur saying stay in the situation ??? Why wouldn't you leave a situation your not happy with . Or dont want. Wouldn't staying devalue you

yeet queen

I dont need to compete with other women if you dont see my value you can go to hell. Im not gonna change for a man, im gonna change for myself. Micheal Jordan didnt change himself and his skill set for a woman he did it for himself. Im not blaming anyone for my misfortune in love, but im not gonna kill myself for a man who aint worth shit.

Lady Q

Don’t be part of the “game” folk like to play.... that’s a definite way to stand out. And be about things that go against the grains of what society or the hype tries to normalize that isn’t right or normal. be about what pleases God. ✊?

Gods kid

How can a woman get at you? ?

Cara B.

Why didn't I discover this 2 years ago! Thank you!


You won me over man! I subscribed.


so anyone learned anything from the video? Waste of time! He's manipulator, I thought he was pro


Thank you

Claire C

That’s amazing advice work on yourself and you will get better results out if life!!!

Jasmine T

That intro is so damn sexy

Cecilia Dale

It’s good to hear stuff from a man’s perspective

DJ Is Divine

Chazz u single? I want u not these other losers lol???

Michael Simon

How to stand out from other girls

Carla CC

Can you tell us specifically how to respond to someone's text that playing hot and cold. Do you tell them it's ok and just causally text or tell them how it makes you feel?

Desiree Haoses

You teaching us to stand out look at it as a business but how?


I'm trying so hard to figure out what more I can do to improve myself. I keep getting in these worthless dating or relationship loops and really don't know why they are failing:
I go to the gym at least 5x per week. I work hard and make the same if not more than anyone I date. I speak 5 languages fluently and learning Chinese now. I'm not needy or clingy. Not vain but I am considered pretty.
...i keep getting engineers doctors business owners etc who act like loser cheating corner thugs. So sick of it!

Miyuki Fields

I like your advice!

bre marie

This advice is for a certain type of situation. like if you trine be with a celebrity, man with money, or high social position. basically a man most women would openly agree to be with. or a guy who might not be those things but thats the kind of perception or pedestal you put them on. so if you happen to run in this situation where you feeling him, you want him but he has other options, then you gotta stick out. this is depending upon the type of men you date

LLanne G.V.C

1. Change your mindset (make yourself more valuable to stand out from the rest ).


This advice is tight but it's right! Thank you!

Maggie Ortega

Good point of view! If you apply this, you eventually will won in life. Regards! :)

Lil jeffy

I look at relationships like a card game ?


OMG! Do u have to use sports analogies!

tracy donald

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Why Me

Some can’t just admit they hurt him more than he does . He is a human too.
Great advice❤️

Christina Thembisile

Makes perfect sense thank you ??

C. W.

I was just thinking how what I’m in now is like a business lol thanks for confirming that it’s ok to think this way.

Bradford Cook

Takes you WAY too long to get to the POINT


He gives good advice

Shelly Shellz

Ok you never said how though hun lol

You Tube

Woah this is really good advice


The sports analogies....

Emily Mckissack

This guy has my number still I haven't heard like in day or 2 but block me on Facebook?

Debra Sellitti

Sir, you are a wise man! You are kind, sharp, smart, and very handsome. I have taken the control back from people who want to control, knowingly or unknowingly, all parts of my life, And most definitely in my romantic//dating relationships. You are the trill!


Thanks for the videos they are really good.


Good point... i should start looking at relationships like a business... like it's a job. Will keep you posted on how this goes

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How to Stand Out on Youtube | CHANNEL NOTES2 May. 2017
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channelnotesSubscribe 438 721

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Comments (100)
Aliex Folgueira

Love your channel

Fitness as Philanthropy

YAY! I love your channel. <3

Sirian Grace

You’re literally saving my life with your videos ? I am about to start vlogging you’re giving me all the tools I need??

Company Of gust

i really like how your channel looks
and i enjoy your videos alot


What song are you using in the video?


Extremely helpful

Celizda Figueroa

I like your tips and suggestions I have tried many but I think that personality is the most difficult for me To bring out in my videos


Michelle is literally a lifesaver. I used to be such a lazy, unmotivated, unhappy person, but then I discovered her and her main channel and my mind was blown. She even motivated me to start YouTube when I discovered Channel Notes. So yes, you really changed my life forever, Michelle, thank you and sending much love to youuu ?


Thank you!! :) I agree - it's so hard to turn off my "youtube" mode, especially since I speak english on my videos (but my normal conversational language is Filipino-English), so it's something I have to work on. Salamat! (Thank you!)


i love how you cut the bullshit and get to the point! SO SO SO HELPFUL! #girlboss


Your videos have literally helped me so much with my channel, Muchelle!
I'm really working on the whole being "brutally" myself thing (I like the way you put that btw ?). But like you said, sometimes I feel like I lack the proper energy or start to sound rambley when I relax into my off-camera self too much. It's all a balance I guess. But yeah, thanks so much for these tips! Super helpful as usual!

Nejma Ismail

Thank you


I totally agree with doing things differently than others in the same community. You're amazing thank you for the tips


Thanks for the tips love your video I had to subscribe will be using these tips to help my channel grow


Very informative and I love how your videos flow nicely. Very straight to the point! Finding a niche is something I’m having a hard time doing. I haven’t uploaded just yet, I’m still trying to figure things out. I made a banner and I have an avatar so far. That’s always good. Lol thanks for the tips.

Robyn Dalton

I am watching this video because i am stick of how to stand out on YouTube

Vladimir Garcia

all of your videos are so useful, I really love them


Yes you really do have your own awesome twist on these types of videos!

We Are One

Thank you so much you are amazing ❤️ you truly give great advice ? please keep inspiring and helping people! Have a awesome day as well as everyone watching this?

Natasha Williams

Such god tips. It is defo difficult to get your personality across in 5 minutes!!! But I think as you become more confident in front of the camera then your personality will come through... I think I have finally managed to get me across in my videos now.


This is literally my official go to channel when i reach a wall or need inspiration
its so so helpful xx

Fit Pre Med

I appreciate you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Samantha Ramirez

I really think of this every time and think constantly on how I can be different. I really try to get my personality across because it is HARD. I feel stiff sometimes ?


thank you! ♥

Alyssa Weyland

I LOVE what you said about being an interesting person! I love that you encourage us to be ourselves even more. So inspirational! Thank you ?

Veni Vidi Amavi

2019 is my Year To Narrow My Niche. But I LOVE doing advice, aviation, adventures, vlogs, travel, fitness. My channel is so very much Lifestyle, how do I define my life when it's all over the place and sort of wild? ??

Yume Kumo

ooh you and Rachel look a bit related


Omg have to revamp my channel. Thank you for all the insight

A.MaRee Beauty

thanks for the tips! I have power director 15, how do you do intros with moving objects or like your skies? do you have a video on intros?

Precious èt al

Your channel is so helpful and I'm a little obsessed ?? as a small YouTuber like really small , this is motivating and I hope you get bigger ????!!!


Nice Tips

Fathom Soaps

So so sooo helpful! Thank you

Mo Calderon

I love your channel! All your videos are SO helpful! I really think that you should start a Facebook Group/Community based around Channel Notes! I'm a part of some great Facebook groups for female entrepreneurs, biz owners and bloggers but I have yet to find a well-organized, informative (not spammy) community for female YouTubers on Facebook!

Uncharted Atlas

I can tell this video is going to be really helpful later on with my channel, thank you!

Mascara to Midnight

Helpful stuff. I think having 8 kids makes me stand out. I"m a beauty channel. And not only is 8 kids uncommon but certainly in my niche.

Stacey Ghel

Thank you, Muchelle ?

olivia vlogs

thankyou for the tips x

SheSo Styles

Thanks girl, some helpful tips here x


Interesting, I have a lot of the blue and purple feels on my channel, its my favorite colors and I am also a makeup lover ? I will see what else I could do, I add music to my videos, thank you so much for your advice, I found your video and thank you so much for the advice you are a life saver!!!


i try to make sure everybody knows how i am by my channel

OMG it’s Whitney

This channel found me while I was doing VEDA for the first time. I'm working at re-vamping my channel so I'm happy that someone like you has made videos with tips and tricks.. Thank you!

Katie Lee

Thanks for these tips! Love this channel❤️


I am so glad I found your channel! Thank you xx

Rachel Kowalski

Hi Muchelle - Please can you confirm - you use a Canon 80D DLSR camera with the Sigma 18-35mm lens? I love the look of your videos, and how you edit. This second channel is so inspiring and helpful thank you.

Birgitta Denver

This is so helpful!! What’s the background song used in this video??

richard kuda


Candela Devesa

Your advice is so useful!!! Love it?


5:43 LOL


tnxx for giving us these tips it’s sooo helpful ??

Viva La Gina

awesome tips! thank you.

Ester Si.

huh, such informative video. I love your channel!


Could you make a video on how to get your first 100 subs? I'm at 19 right now, posted 4 videos so far and I just don't know HOW to reach people! I don't want to post self-promotion comments like I've seen people do, that just looks rude to me, haha :)

My Digital Log

Mike. Falzone. I love his editing style so much.


You are so motivating!! I literally decided to quit youtube just because i uploaded 4-5 videos but got no views!! And then one of my friends recommended me to watch your videos and now i feel inspired !!Thank you so much!!

amaiya nichole

new to YouTube ?? anyone wants to be YouTube besties ?

LydiaIsaac Tv

Hi love your video. I just started my channel but the app I use in editing always appear at the end of the video. Please what app can you recommend. Thanks

Ms Arketha

Loving your channel, needed a little motivation ?

Ann Liu


Nikki Finn

this was super helpful thank you! :)


Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing ??

Aliex Folgueira

Yeah when I turn the camera I go into YouTube mode

RaedAcc 11

You really helped me alot to start Youtube, I always wanted to start a youtube channel since 2015 and with your motivation a help i finally started!!! thank you!!?

Maria's Video Project

Hi Muchelle, before you switched to intentional living what was your other channel about....was it something similar?

Andrea Brito Ali

Your videos are always so helpful! Thanks and congratulations on the quality of your content! ♡

Joyous Hair

YAY!! dude your videos (on both channels) are hands down my faves

Ashley Murphy

Yes #femalecreators #createHER !!!!!!

James Bavolacco

love you

Patrice Lim

thank you so much for sharing your know hows! it helps me a lot as a beginner in youtube here ?

Christine Maggi

Great content! I haven't seen many YT help channels where you go really into the aesthetics and brand and being yourself, very helpful content. Thanks :)

Ally Marie

I've been binge watching your videos & taking notes!!! I feel so motivated & inspired by you.

Thom Long



It crazy to see see how much you've grown! I started watching you back when you had 16,000 subscribers and look at you now :)

Daphne Xplores

Your channel looks like a really nice instagram feed ^_^


Awe I love Rachel Aust. I love your channel too you're so helpful

Christian Lamb Inspires

Good stuff!!❤❤

Rebecca W_Artist

all your tips are so helpful : )

Sharifa Grace

Which 3 people disliked this video????

Holly Rae

such a useful video :) i just did a video on my channel about how to get the confidence to start youtube! the whole topic is so important xx


what is that weird different youtube layout? ?

Miss Jayne

Because of your tips I'm now inspired to start my own channel. Thank you for being such a great guide to people who'd like to grow on youtube. ❣️


Thank you For sharing this video, this is awesome ??♥

Danson for Joy

Thank you for the awesome tips! As my channel is quite new, I was wondering if my content would be of interest to only a specific audience...but I appreciate your reminder that that's not necessarily a bad thing. ;)

Robyn Dalton

you are so beautiful

Smile In Style

Please tell me what app you use to edit your videos ?


Thank you! I love this!

Bree Nicole

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so helpful

Eddie Jaoude

Awesome video, thank you. I need to stop making excuses & start soon!

Jennifer Wasylenko

❤️ great info! You're going to be so much help to me :)


These were super helpful tips!

Hitesh Bhatt

After watching three consecutive videos, I subscribed to your channel. You are unique and your suggestions are different from all others.
Thank you :)

Lissethe Baranda

Hi ? I just found out your channel and I am loving it. I have one question : How do you edit the color in your videos ?


The Quality of this video is so good I feel like I can reach out and poke you lol - not to be weird aka its weird . - Love your channel! I just started YouTube and this channel is one of my go 2s, Thank you! (:

Nora Csiszar

Hi Michelle! Thank you for the new video! I am so glad that you have started putting up more videos to this channel as well after a long break! I have binge watched most your your videos here and I have learned so much, thank you! :) I am incorporating the things that you have talked about, your insight and ideas are great! Keep up the good work! :)

WideMoney Glenn

I love your style

Jerry & Linda's Place/Everyday Living

Hello! Linda, from Michigan! Thank you for helping us Newbees! ?? Just subscribed!


Thanks for this. ???

Lucinda Adams

Michelle thank you so much you have helped me and inspired me to start YouTube . Thank you ?

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Ugh I'm so close to 100 subbie ❤ lol I have a long way to go? thank you for these videos they give me hope!

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You are so right . Your tips makes a huge difference


Your channel is so useful

Stand Out From Other Men

Stand Out From Other Men31 Aug. 2018
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If you want to stand out

If you want to stand out from other men and raise your value, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, you need to avoid making the same mistakes that other men make. Second, you must always maintain mystery and challenge. And third, you must never be too available or responsive.

If you want to maintain attraction with a woman, right from the moment you first meet her all the way through to a long-term relationship, then I highly recommend you get a copy of my book Atomic Attraction.

Check out the Get Her Back (Action Plan) for the best way to get your girlfriend back if she's pulled away from you or left you.

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Trust yourself and trust the process,

Chris Canwell

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Manuel Ubaldo Ochoa

Be you don't try to be me


Really enjoy your videos! Short and straight to the point yet still very informative.

Sheckem Chakawa

I love your teaching man. ...kip it up!!!!



Japreme Magnetic.

She is not my only source of entertainment. ☝?

Spectacular #RGM

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dope vid

Saikat Dutta

If I don't say that I like her , then how will she know my intentions?


facts broski

mohahaed Sitili

because most man like sex lots

Luciano Ribeiro

"when shit hits the fan" definitely for me

Dazzle Gamer

Does this also applies to long distance relationships? specially the one's that you haven't met each other yet>

Umer Hayat

Great work sir


Good stuff talking right at me thanks for makeing. this video you have a great week



Shreyas Srivastava

Thanks for reminding

Feng Shui

You are Amazing.

Sulman Raffique

So after so many days our coach is here ?. Happy to see you again.

Rama Hosseini

chase a woman, never chase a h===e.

Rychu Beta

99% of man chase woman and they are in relationships with them . I dont give a fuck about them and Im alone :)


If i'll not chase how to contact and connect.

Patricia Earney

Your good at this!?

Tactical x Recon

I find it hard not to be busy because I have so many dreams and ambitions. You do the same! Always stay busy in your life! You were born with a hunter's instinct. Use it. Hunt for your passion. Hunt for your project. Hunt for a promotion. Hunt for knowledge. Hunt for your life.

Hamza Fiyarhi I حمزة فياغي

The price of gold go up when it's unavailable

Evan Block

Took heed to all of your advice, storytime- short version- she was pulling away hard, admitted she had lost love and affection and was texting exes. (I am extremely attracted to this person, she is beautiful- like everyone, including her knows it) anyways I was making all of the classic mistakes. About a month ago I thought it was all over. I convinced myself to back away and stop pouring myself into the relationship. A week later we miraculously meet randomly. I explain that I am ready to find someone better for me and that if she really wants it I’ll give it a chance. Put all of your words into action, ex. mirroring, and worked on myself. Invested in myself and learned to be happy on my own. Then I went to her house and we had a lot of fun. I continued to do what has been taught. And meant it. Next thing I know, she is all over me lol. She fucked up again on little things, I pull away, then she gains respect and honestly changes her behavior. It went from no respect to her treating me like she can’t live without me. Texting me today stating she is completely in love with me and that she will do anything to make this work. Your teachings are miracle makers and you deserve more. Thank you. At this point I don’t need your book but I may just buy it to support you anyways, cus you know what you are talking about. Women are fucking weird creatures but I completely understand them now and I will have an awesome time being with them and having her (or anyone else I want) holding on to me like their life depends on it. Thank you

Moses Melo

I practice semen retention, NoFap to raise my self value. This separates me from the rest.

Half Blood Prince

My ex is having health problems. And she is going on a surgery. Should i contact her ?

Alien System

So basically if you don't give a fuck you should do ok

Armando Corona

Texting an ex happy birthday a bad thing is you broken up a year ago, but there's no bad blood between us.


His audiobook is out! Buy buy buy


I wonder if every man would do this then no man would stand out anymore. Right?

pickup artist academy

buy the book it's an excellent read!!!

Shawn H

Thought you broke up with us for a while !


Been doing no contact for more than 2 weeks now. Never felt better!

PS. I want her back, and I'm itching to contact her but I KNOW she will initiate contact firsttt

funtv 0987655

Does it work in India?

Mallwin Nicholas

What if the other man is also less responsive and attractive..?

Rasta Fonz

1:04 reach up and grab, he'll stay.. for awhile

Jay Santos

hello! my ex went over to my house to pick up some stuff. she didnt show any emotions at all. she was in and out in 1 minute. barely any eye contact. barely said anything. i think she is done for sure. it doesnt help either that she is talking to someone else. Also she is coming back Saturday with her mom to finish picking up their stuff. People are telling me to just let her in my home and tell them to pick up their stuff and lock the door when they are done and leave. I'm not sure that's the right way to go. But I also dont want to stay there looking at her just ignoring me as if I didn't exist. Any advice?

Stefan Ross

...... Absolutely phenomenal video mate! Grade:. A

david alen

absolutely the best. and the book is superb...


Hi how can I get your book I’m in Kenya


She knows I’ve got nothing going on because of Corona...

Fuad Ahmed

Show her some interest after u see her showing u 75% of interest. Make ur move by clearly stating u like her and would wanna get to know her more and set the fucking dates. Don't over text. Don't over call. Let her reach out to u 80% of the time and give her a surprise call or pic once in a while to just get her excited. Be straight forward if she tries being bitchy. Let her know she got lucky to have u coz u have women lining up for u, just do it indirectly when she sometimes pulls away. Let her know,u ain't gonna sit down and wait for her but rather keep it moving if she tries funny shit. Be real always and NEWER keep grudges against women. It's for the women to keep grudges and have feelings men. Don't wait to say shit she has crossed u so many times, talk the first time I BET U she won't fuck up again coz u gonna keep moving as usual coz u have plenty of women who wanna get down with u, who is a real motherfucking NIGGA

Ian Harkin

By far the best on here!! I need to speak to him. Bloody women!!!

Anotha Black Experience

So what do you do when they call, text or FT? to appear unavailable
do you ignore them or send a brief text??

Suhail Gul

Your vedios have given me new life


Even to stand out from a girl when she pull out i first need to get a girl. Thats the hardest part and depressing


Please somebody tell how can I seduce a women during this quarantine?


I got your book amazing amazing amazing


Best channel for this type of subject


It's funny how the few rare times I ever got dates, was when I was rude and I gave zero fucks about them (or I put them under so much tension!) - the moment I try ask a girl I was nice to out, things go sideways!

Elsewhere Guitar


Aston Adermas IV

All this shit juat to get vagina? Get a real purpose

Nazir Nazari

I fucking love you oumaigaaddddddddd

Arjit Sidhu




Braeden Duncan

This video is absolutely phenomenal!

Herns Mil

3:45 in the nutshell.

Jessie Hughes

Best thing is to just stay the hell away from broads, you'll lose your mind,money, time,an sanity! Be more into yourself an what you like to do.??

Koji Kuza

u got straight poker face, AAA badass pokerface..


Why does he always look like he's been binging on overpriced cocaine ?

Николай Милетиев

Great work, man! Keep on doing what you do and don't let us fucked up?.
Keep uploading..! ??


Love this video. I just got a girl's number from a smoothie shop a couple days ago. We're supposed to hang out tonight. :)


That was quick... just polled yesterday and we won!

paya cilveks

Really appriciate this dude, solid advice ??

Raj Chowdhury

This advice are life changing....i wish i know that earlier...i have done all the mistakes, and lose a girl?



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Superb bro

mama hen & her twelve chicks

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My gf broke up with me like 10 days ago... week ago she didnt even want to talk to me, talk about things we should have... later on she told me to give her a space, which i respect, then she made new IG acc cause her first account got hacked and i was one of the first who she followed xD Could this still mean she does feel something to me...?

Devang Somani

You are the bro man ❤️
Love and respect from all around the world ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????