Future baby daddy

Dear Future Daddy - Meghan Trainor "Dear Future Husband" Parody

Dear Future Daddy - Meghan Trainor "Dear Future Husband" Parody17 Jun. 2015
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Dear Future Daddy, a parody of Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband - because sometimes we just need to dance.

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Dear Future Baby… (Meghan Trainor Parody)

Dear Future Baby… (Meghan Trainor Parody)20 Feb. 2015
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Dear Future Baby… (Meghan

Dear Future Baby… (Meghan Trainor Parody)

We are currently on our adoption journey and decided to try something a little different by writing our future baby this love song! We have always dreamed of becoming fathers and hopefully this video will help make that dream come true by connecting us to our future birthmother.

Thank you for watching our video and please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE this with your friends and family.

You can follow us on this adventure by LIKING our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JoeandJoeyAdopt

Special thanks to Meghan Trainor for inspiring us with her song, Dear Future Husband. Also, BIG thank you to Atomic K Records for producing this very special song and video for us!


Dear future baby

Here's a few things

You'll need to know cause

you're gonna be oDear future baby,

Here's a few things

You'll need to know cause

you're gonna be our one and only all our life

We won't let you cry

Always keep you dry

Even when ya diaper makes us wanna freaking die Cause We will treat ya right Give you the perfect life Buying what you need Buy-buying your binkies

Sleeping 3 to 5

Then baby so will I

So don't be thinking Well be sleeping while We let you cry Well let your baba cook And then sing you this hook Sing along with me Sing sing along with me (hey)

We know. Just how to treat you like a baby Even when Your acting cranky We'll make everything alright

Dear future baby,

Here's a few things

You'll need to know cause

you're gonna be our one and only all our life

Dear future baby

You will never feel that your not loved - cause You're gonna know we love you each and every night

Please don't scream and fight

Well teach not to bite

And try to raise you to be kind funny and polite We promise you our world If your our boy or girl Takin care of you It's what we gonna do

We know just how to treat you like a baby Even when Your acting cranky Well make everything alright

Dear future baby,

Here's a few things

You'll need to know cause

you're gonna be our one and only all our life Dear future baby Make time for you Won't leave you lonely And know youll always be our baby for all time

If you need us well be right there in a flash Well be putting all your artwork on the fridge Well Help you get good grades And go to all your games We promise you We we promise you baby

We know. Just how to treat you like a baby Even when Your acting cranky We'll make everything alright

Dear future baby,

Here's a few things

You'll need to know cause

you're gonna be our one and only all our life

Dear future baby

You will never feel that your not loved - cause You're gonna know we love you each and every night

Oh oh future baby gonna love you right

Comments (100)

Cuteness overdose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That baby is coming guys!!!! Keep on it!!!!


This is beautiful! You guys are beautiful and your child will be too. :)

Alexander Martin

I teared up about how amazing this is.

Colleen Ehrhart

Good luck ❤️❤️❤️ Well done!!

Shelley Stone

My heart just melted into puddle.... That baby is going to be the luckiest little kiddo! ❤

baz chasemice

you two are gorgeous - I'm kinda in love <3

Katherine Bernardo

This is amazing. I love that you did this & I think you guys are adorable..dimples, voice & all! Good luck & God bless in your journey! If any couple deserves a child, it's you two. ❤️

Morgan Alty

Love u 2 death sorry the comment got cut of

Chloe Foster

This is awesome! I love this! God luck getting the baby!???

The Randoms

soooo cute

Jean Hanvik

Congratulations on your successful adoption! XO


This is so amazing! I hope your new baby does great! I love you guys!

Linsey Matthews

So sweet!

Ana Is

Awww, I hope you guys find your baby soon!  This was so sweet!

Raye J

This was so sweet! And you guys are very cute together, and I'm sure you'll make great dads.

Carys.JT. JT

This is soooo cute??

Weronika Sweetie

totally AWWWW

MikriLulu- -LittleLulu

Watching efforts like these makes me wonder how are there people who would actually stand against same sex parenting.Good luck guys, best wishes!

Dejah Thoris

Great job, guys. Good luck on your parenting adventure!

Bernie Keating

This video is everything! Congratulations!

Ryoko Trinidad

Aw . so cute . :) @John Louie Trinidad  listen ..


Everyone deserves parents who loves them like these guys probably will :)

Becky Wyffels

Awesome! Good luck on your path to adoption! ❤️❤️

Tamara Drummer

Cutest thing ever.

Bethany Brindley

Ohh this is so cute! <3

TriTri Dreamer

a billion times better than the original

Tessie AntiqueCoffeeCat

This is the cutest Ive ever saw. Go boys and luck with your future kids!


love love love love love love.  that is all.  love.

Lizzie Timewarp

I love this! It brought tears to my eyes! Whoever becomes your child is going to be the luckiest kid in the world!

Norah Ghi

i live in the same state as them

Terri Durham

This is so special, good luck in finding your baby.

Mariapaulis Calloway

How sweet!

Michelle Heegaard

Amazing! And so catchy! Hope you find your child <3

lisa bot

My new favorite song, you both are amazing. I wish you and your future family all the best. 


Please take time to research adoption trauma. Adoptees are four times more likely to attempt suicide than those raised with biological family. "The Primal Wound" by Nancy Verrier is a great resource. She's an adoptive and biological mother and a psychologist. She does a great job of spelling out the very real losses and pitfalls of adoption. Separating mother and child has consequences. Please make sure you know the harm you're causing before you purchase a human being. Thank you.

kristina crawford

I'm planning on adoption... I wanted to pick a gay lesbian family but the agency I'm working with does not have any there working with right now. How can I contact these guys? There my dream come true!


Awesome song!!!

Sandi Shader

OMG!  This gave me so many FEELS!!!  I cried!  I sincerely hope you find your baby!  I actually have no doubt that you will!!  I am the mother of two adopted sons so I understand...  I wish you nothing but the best!  (and I shared this everywhere I could!!)  <3 <3

Jasmine Gonzalez

Dina Fleischman

All the best of luck to you both, I hope it happens for you soon.

Sarah O

It's not worth much if a person can't contact them.  I wonder if they've considered a surrogate mother.  I would be willing.  Only because I've got my kids and want no more. Seriously, I've got 2 already.  There are no hormone driven baby dreams in my head.  I'd happily help someone else's dream come true though.

bobbie dix

shared, good luck guys, best of wishes.


This is so beautiful -

ethan schammel

My dad just showed me this video and it is AWESOMEE!!!!!! I hope you two have fun with your new babyy. He/She is going to have great parents. good job and good luck.


This is so cool and so GAY :')

joseph lorenzo

Brought tears to my eyes! I wish you all the best!!!! I know you will be great parents!!!!! <3

Jasmine Gonzalez

This is sooooooooooooo cute wish y'all the best of luck.?

SnowWhite RoseRed

I'm crying. I am adopted and I'm sure you guys will be wonderful parents. Congrats on the adoption ???❤


Huh, my mom just texts me every now and then to ask if I'm breathing.


OMG I loveeeee it!! I sincerely hope you finally get the baby that so rightly deserves love from two loving daddies as you <3

Dana Salisbury

One thing about adoption, you've wanted this more than so many more before you. Cheers to the adventure ahead!

Reven Niaga

This almost made me cry too cute!!!!!! :')


Joe and Joey, I hope your dreams of having a baby comes true. It makes my heart smile knowing that there are wonderful caring parents like you guys out there. I wished all my patients were that excited and prepared for their baby as you guys obviously are. Good luck!!!

Ashley Britt

My kids & I STILL watch this! How is little man doing?!?! ?

Mrs Ramirez

This really made me teary! May your baby find their way into your arms!

Giao Vu

This made me CRY ?? because it's SO SO WONDERFUL I CAN CRY A RIVER ????

Yesmine Duff

Joe and Joey just like Rose and Rosie and they're fe==getting married this weekend ♥ ♥

Pamela Farías

Your child will be very proud to have such great parents like you. Best wishes to the adoption of you baby. From Lima - Perú. 

Jas L.

Give them there future baby!!! ?????????


I love babies ^.^ Cool parody!


This is one of the most adorable things ever. You guys are awesome <3

boo h

Joe and Joey.... Just saw yalls story!!! So awesome to see the love that you both have for a baby! Good luck and us posted! How sweet !!!!

George Van Winkle

I know your child will be raised in a home with love.  You guys NAILED IT!  Hope you post more once you become parents.

Just Hope

Cute idea! My husband and I have been waiting two years for a Birthmother to reach out to us.  Maybe we should come up something clever and original like this.  Now if I could just get my creative grove on or maybe ask friends for some ideas someone will listen.  Congrats!

Cecilia Winter

This is so precious I'm meltingggggg

jangmu sherpa

All the best ..

lanahlee clifford

This is soooo adorable


If I had a baby, I'd give him or her to you, assuming I'd wanna give my child up for adoption. I love same sex homes, they are so welcoming and so loving. Joe & Joey, I am rooting for you on your quest. Love is Love <3

Drawn to Trouble

Sending you every positive vibe I have ... and Joey, you seriously have to cut an album. I'm completely in love with your voice!

Rentastic Hammett

Too cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Enjoy parenthood! :D


Everyone need to stop adopting infants. Seriously. There are hundred maybe thousands of older kids and teenagers that grow out of the system and end being homeless. A large majority of the us homeless population were foster kids. Christ.


So great! Adoption is so amazing and important. There are so many kids out there that don't have a place to call home. Your kid is going to be part of a lovely family. :)

Batman nBeyond

Gay, Lesbian, Trans, whatever you associate with thank you for adopting and taking an unwanted child out of a bad situation and putting them in a loving home where they deserve to be!

Every child deserves a family, thanks for keeping the future of our society off the street and giving them a chance to truly understand what love is.

Morgan Alty

U r son will be 2 cute and

Casey Jayne

I love this so much, good luck with finding your baby, you guys will make wonderful fathers

Denki Kaminari

I swear to fucking god if I scroll down and see something like this is an abomination or gays shouldn’t have a babies or it was Adam and eve and not Adam and Steve I will scream at the top my lungs cause this is so good who the fuck cares if they’re gay they want to have kids they can have kids

Isabella Garfinkel

cutest video I have ever seen... :)

Aranda Smith

This is so amazing, so precious.

Rebeca Wilkerson

Good luck Joe & Joey!!!

Mitsuru Wolf

I wanna see their kid react to this song when their older. To know your dad's loved you so much, that they made a song for you, is so touching. :3


So freaking sweet, your future baby is gonna be so lucky! Best of luck on this journey! :)



Bangtan Humanist

↓↓↓ Brenda woman below me and Alexa is lucky I can't reply to her. ↓↓↓


Heard this on Kissfm! Ryan was talkingm about it

Carys.JT. JT

I heard this on 99.9 Ryan C was talking about it

Brittney Wilkins

This is amazing hope everything goes well! My mom was adopted and since then our family has adopted 3 brothers and 1 little girl. There will never be no need for adoptive families! Even my brothers my mom and my sister all have connection with their birth families. Even though we don't always get along I'm so glad that it's something I got to experience and even got extra family out of the deal (which means extra Christmas presents!) Good luck guys!

Jake Olmstead

fuckin' solid singing, hope it has all worked out for ya both

Eduardo Escobar

Buena Suerte.


If I was pregnant right now, I'd totally give you my baby! Serious though, I always said if I had an unexpected pregnancy I would adopt to a gay/lesbian couple. I know it must be hard because some people are stuck up about choosing a gay couple.


You sound like panic at the disco

Rae Baghirov

Fantastic! Parenthood should be celebrated just like this! You guys are going to make great parents! Best wishes!

John Burt

We became adoptive parents in 1988, thanks to the kindness of a very good woman.  In 1994, we adopted three siblings from overseas.  Our kids are all grown now, but we sure do love them.
Best of luck to you.  As my people say, I will hold you in the Light.

Carolyn Warner

love the art work on the.... fridge line!
Wishing you all the best, I hope your dreams come true.

Jennifer Hopper

I'm pretty sure they ended up adopting a baby boy. :)

Rexyto Lin


Camilo Calderon.

Desde Colombia total apoyo muchachos ?

sabian rocks

Who else went here because of ryan cereas

Lisa Whitehead

You guys are awesome.  Good luck!

Carmelo Vital

is beautiful ♥, soy gay o lo que mas deseo en el mundo es ser papa de dos hermosos niños :3

Who Is Alev Aydin, Halsey's Boyfriend and Future Baby's Father?!?

Who Is Alev Aydin, Halsey's Boyfriend and Future Baby's Father?!?28 Jan. 2021
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On Wednesday Halsey surprised us with the exciting news of her first pregnancy! And now, we’ve got all you need to know about her boyfriend and baby’s father Alev Aydin. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7UNv8bZf80&list=PLGiKo5lTqUGRGOIH8wmyc8MQFR2u5tOtS&index=6

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#Halsey #AlevAydin #HalseyPregnant

Comments (81)
Real Talk

I'm presuming you're Lebanese Australian (or something similar)??
Then how do you botch his name this badly?? You should know better.

John Lai

Congratulations to them.

Lily Yue

This is crazy

nataya litteral

Wow we the real bitchs



Latoneice Delisser

So happy right now ☺

Ceyda Er

she really said "aiden" smh... pronounce his name right, it's "uh-leve i-dune"

Can Ulema

Yaşasın ırkımız

Natali Angeles Muro

We got the beautiful Susan I’m so happy

Gofaone Motlogelwa

Yeah, I'm happy for her❤?


Baby will be half Turkish. I can cry my soul out ?❤?? Protect them ???

Heyecandan gebercem şimdi daha mutlu olamazdım galiba. Umarım baba tarafı olduğumuza bir gün utanmayız hep iyi geçinir ve güzel bir aile olurlar. Haa bide Türkiye'de düğün isteriz. Amin?❤


It's the Zendaya t-shirt for me

Maryam Abaspoor


Shaan Siddiqui

I love susan she is so sweet reporter?❤️❤️❤️❤️?

Derin Arslan

Im turkisshh and im very happy

Christine Chapman

Engagement marriage than baby,that's how yr supposed to do it ?

Me We


camEEla cabeYO



I'm curious about how they met each other

Moments Tv

?????????? ❤ ??????????


me abt to go watch small shots after im done me classes

shayla anderson


marlee wells

I'm so happy for her! ❤️❤️

Chloé Lanteigne

Hope they'll be together forever 'cause Halsey deserves everything ?

Azad 12345

Where all my Turks at? ??????

Polat Alemdar

Alev aydın turkey ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Aleeza Rehman

i needed this


I love her style

Ecem Kılıç

Yaşasın ırkımız çine bedel kırkımız söylenir türkümüz çağlardan çağlara ÇSĞSÇDPWĞSÖSLA

Knez Fikol

What a title... Had no idea Future is gay and expects a child with this man.

Tylr Swft



baby's father is turkish :)?????? (as bayrakları asss bts dayı oluyor QWŞLPKLWŞQEWŞPLKL (??????????????????????????????????????????)


They will be good parents!!!

Melisa Kaytan

Turkish name ????

T Chandra

Love the zendaya merch! ?

miss mia

Sorry g eazy

Yellow Garden

How long before he leaves her to become another single mum?

Scarzie1 O’Hara

I’m so happy for Halsey, she deserves to be happy ??

Destiny Brown

Yesss Halsey about to give birth to a king/queen


ive been watching clevvernews for years and i never thought i'd watch a video of you guys mentioning my country ay represent

Zachy Bitch

he put his seeds in her

Charlie Pechota

Omg he's hot! So happy for her.

Begoin La

Planing seed, Oke got it

Addison Rae Fanpage


• Ana • •

I’m so happy for Halsey! <33 • ♡︎♡︎ ㋛㋛ ♡︎♡︎ ☘︎︎☘︎︎♧︎♧︎♧︎ •

Sina Adam


Mr MakeShft

Everyone lets go support him

Megha Shetty

I just really need that Zendaya T-shirt ✨

Emir Akaydın

Yaşasın ırkımız çile bedel ırkımız söylenir türkümüz çaglardan çaglara ??

fhsjhd dhsj


Sandra Lujano

Congratulations ? to you both? You deserve so much happiness ❤️

Berke Güntürk


Elifnur Atas


precious payne

Im so proud of her I like her song without me love her

Alexandria Sidney

Omg I'm first

Nerdy Guy

No one mentioned that this baby will be a bastard (a child born outside marriage). I question what morale standards that people are living these days? Instead of feeling ashamed, they flaunted shamelessly the fornication life style in our very eyes.


She did say she was coming out with some surprises.


I thing a turkish father is the best choice, their genesis are very strong.

Nicole Caro

Yayayayayayay congrats

Collin Keyser

Dang!! Now Halsey Is Pregnant!!

Samiur Rahman

But my question is did he watch the official music video of Closer?


All the Best?a lot of Love, happiness, health and peace??


Halsey gelin olarak turkiyeye geliyorrr


Love how americans are trying to pronounce his name?? totally wrong but it‘s okay❤️

Deborah Hanchett

Tons of Love to Halsey and Alev!!! ???


Ya tamam da niye türk bayrağı atıyorsunuz çok saçma duruyor

s s

She will be a great mom, momsey(;

Aydin Almeida

When i got the notification i got scared because my name is aydin

Adhiambo Bernice

I know it was a surprise ?
But it's amazing for her ❤️❤️❤️

Harish Kumar Parmar

omg!! so happy for her, they're going to be great parents... ❤️??

Kayla Pekin_army girl

OMG!!im so happy?


I loved that purple jumpsuit type thing she was wearing at beginning wow she looked great. Not a fan of shaved head but she can def pull it off!


Çocuk hemşerim olacak

Mert Çağrı

As bayrakları

Selena Sophie

Is it me or he looks like G-Eazy

Mariam Abbasi

i’ve been a fan of halsey’s since i was 7!! i can’t believe it. couldn’t b more happier ? they’re gonna b amazing parents!!


Me: Accident!!!
Master Oogway: there are no accidents....

Emre Demir

Asın bayrakları

Damilola Zubair

Is that a zendaya t shirt

Soledad Limon

Awesome :")

Liz Najla

His face like Geaszy